Saturday, 2018-09-15

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T4<Marc (MISSING @USERNAME!> Soem news about the update of Glacier UX? With the help of the IRC community we could install the recent one two weeks ago. Some enhancements have been announced.09:53
Leif_Eri_What is the best way to test the nemo mobile apps? Checking out from Github, building and deployeng them with the Sailfish app sdk? Or are they available from any store?09:55
malapps are here
malalong with the whole nemo UI10:08
T4<meierrom> @Marc (MISSING @USERNAME! [Soem news about the update of Glacier UX? With …], @samzn?11:04
Leif_EriksonFor the nemo UI I used the instructions on this page:
Leif_EriksonHow to install the apps? The referenced apps on this page are not rpm packaged, aren't they?
Leif_EriksonIt's only possible to deploy rpm packages, which are a kind of installer like a dmg file for macOS, correct?14:34
T4<Marc (MISSING @USERNAME!> @meierrom [@samzn?], What do you mean?14:34
malLeif_Erikson: zypper in some_app15:14
Leif_Eriksonmal: With the installation of the Glacier UX I have already added the repo and can now install the app by executing the terminal command "zypper in glacier-camera" on the developer device for example. Is this correct?15:17
malas root of course, in sailfish devel-su is used to get root access15:18
Leif_Eriksonmal: Thanks15:18
T4<meierrom> @Marc (MISSING @USERNAME! [What do you mean?], @samzn is developing for nemo and glacier. I just wanted to ping him to help answering your questions. 😁15:28
T4<samzn> I have a Mer based phone again and my schedule is starting to free up, I've started to write my proposal for Glacier Manhattan15:29
T4<meierrom> @samzn [I have a Mer based phone again and my schedule …], Very cool! 👍15:31
T4<neochapay> @samzn [I have a Mer based phone again and my schedule …], Look on my last mr in devel15:34
T4<samzn> will do 🙂15:35
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Leif_Eriksonmal: I get an error output for "zypper in glacier_dialer" on my developer device: "bash: zypper: command not found"20:16
malLeif_Erikson: ah, forgot that official devices don't have zypper by default, use pkcon install some_package20:28
Leif_Eriksonmal: Thanks. So, in this case I need to install zypper with the command "pkcon install zypper", correct?20:29
malyou can use just pkcon also to install everything, or install zypper and use that20:30

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