Friday, 2018-09-28

T4<meierrom> @samzn [Now that this is out, time to focus on nemo :)], Yes! 👍 😁00:03
T4<neochapay> (Sticker, 512x428)
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T4<faenil> @samzn congrats on the release06:40
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sledgesPSA: Sailfish OS community collab #mer-meeting in just under an hour07:03
T4<akaWolf> @samzn congatukations! which plans do you have in Nemo dev?07:16
T4<neochapay> (Photo, 960x1280) Oops09:34
T4<akaWolf> ?09:41
T4<neochapay> Android 8.1 for Nexus 709:56
T4<K31j0> oh10:46
T4<K31j0> grouper10:46
T4<K31j0> probably lags10:46
T4<neochapay> @K31j0 [grouper], tilapia10:54
T4<neochapay> with 3G module10:54
T4<K31j0> Mine has been lagging since the 5.1.1 update10:55
T4<K31j0> nvidia probably broke firmware on purpouse10:55
T4<neochapay> @K31j0 [Mine has been lagging since the 5.1.1 update], Oh....i build just for start of porting sfos on it and try hybris for android 810:56
T4<K31j0> Yeah, but you see my grouper has probably semi-dead flash since it's acting weeeird10:57
T4<K31j0> started dropping libc errors on 4.4.410:57
T4<K31j0> dunno what's happening to it :P10:57
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T4<akaWolf> «For build glacier image use Sailfish SDK and this nemo-clean.ks file.» … how to got prompt in the SDK?22:18
T4<akaWolf> get*22:19
malwondering if that means platform sdk22:33

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