Saturday, 2018-10-06

T4<akaWolf> Any news?)03:52
T4<samzn> gonna work on it this weekend03:52
T4<samzn> (Photo, 960x1280) maybe we can get a nemo port for this? :))03:52
T4<akaWolf> Sure. Just restart the phone and you will get it :)03:53
T4<neochapay> @samzn [<reply to media>], Which arch ? :)))04:42
T4<samzn> @neochapay [Which arch ? :)))], Armv7 now04:43
T4<neochapay> @samzn [Armv7 now], I think we can run Nemo on it :)))) just correct some in glacier04:44
T4<akaWolf> Some..04:47
T4<samzn> 84x54 glacier :))04:51
T4<akaWolf> B&W04:52
T4<samzn> Could be grayscale with a nice hack04:52
T4<locusf> 240x320 is possible04:52
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T4<faenil> can anyone give me an update of Nemo on n950? is it still running? is there any build around?13:09
r0kk3rz@faenil: ive not heard/seen anything about it for a long time13:10
T4<faenil> I see, ty r0kk3rz13:11
r0kk3rzits rare enough that anyone has an n95013:11
T4<faenil> yeah, well I guess even an n9 image would do, I heard there was some progress on kernel side recently?13:12
r0kk3rzno idea13:13
T4<K31j0> Somebody got mainline iirc13:14
T4<faenil> yeah I remember something along those lines13:14
T4<faenil> oh it seems it's still filippz hacking on it, well done13:16
T4<K31j0> But mainline is a mess, I respect those devs' work but the mainline devices are far from usable13:18
r0kk3rzyeah that doesnt seem to bother the PMOS guys too much13:28
Leif_EriksonHello Nemo friends14:50
Leif_EriksonI have tried the following approaches for a glacier home build and deployment after I've updated my local project to the current devel branch:14:50
Leif_Erikson1. Build and deployment from Qt Creator with the modified spec file from last with with an additional line %{_datadir}/lipstick-glacier-home-qt5/translations. The deployment faild with the following error cp: cannot stat `/home/mersdk/share/SailfishOS/projects/build-glacier-home-SailfishOS_2_2_1_18_i486_in_Sailfish_OS_Build_Engine-Debug/rpm/lipstick.service': No such file or directory14:53
Leif_Erikson2. Build and deployment from Qt Creator with the original spec file from the devel branch. The depoloyment failed with the following error: Error: nothing provides glacier-settings needed by lipstick-glacier-home-qt5-0.27-2.i48614:54
Leif_Erikson3. Manual build and deployment from the build engine with terminal commands. The error is the same.14:54
r0kk3rzyou need to add the nemo repos to the target device14:55
Leif_Erikson4. Manual build form the build engine and manual copy to the emulator vm. Then I tried to install the rpm from the build with zypper in lipstick-glacier-home-qt5-0.27-2.i486.rpm. Unfortunately the error is the same.14:56
r0kk3rzwhy do you think the error would be different?14:57
r0kk3rzyou're building it fine, the issue is on your device/emulator14:58
Leif_EriksonI just followed the suggestions of last week.14:58
T4<samzn> I was aiming to pack nemo with the mainline, but I had no time @faenil14:58
Leif_EriksonHow can I add which repo? Or should I build and deploy the glacier-settings project alternatively?14:59
Leif_EriksonSo first build and deploy glacier-settings and then glacier-home?14:59
Leif_EriksonWindow mode is not merged in the devel branch yet, isn't it?
r0kk3rzyou can do that, but it starts getting complicated the more packages you need15:02
Leif_EriksonSo, what is the best practice? Adding a repo link to the system? What is the command? I think a ssu command?15:04
Leif_Eriksonssu ar nemo-devel-ux ?15:05
r0kk3rzyeah like that15:05
r0kk3rzyou'll want to do a pkcon refresh after adding it15:06
r0kk3rzi find that method is easiest for packages you dont intend to modify15:06
Leif_EriksonDone. Now the build and deployment from Qt Creator and manually from terminal fails with th following error: Error: nothing provides nemo-qml-plugin-statusnotifier needed by lipstick-glacier-home-qt5-0.27-2.i48615:12
Leif_EriksonAnd a lokal installation fails with with the following output: PackageKit is blocking zypper. This happens if you have an updater applet or other software management application using PackageKit running.15:12
Leif_EriksonMaybe another repo is required15:13
maladding the repo was mentioned many times already, ssu ar and so on15:38
malbut you need to note that for building the package you need to add the repo to your target15:39
r0kk3rzthese are runtime deps it seems15:39
malit seems NeoChapay used some repo which is not in mer-core15:42
r0kk3rzyeah its a coderus special15:44
malnot very nice thing to do15:44
r0kk3rzit should be added to the nemo-ux repo if glacier wants it15:45
malit's currently only needed by devel branch15:45
malththe problem is not adding it, but the problem is that the source is from some "random" repo15:49
malwhere do we draw the line what kind of components we use15:49
T4<akaWolf> Ofc15:49
T4<akaWolf> We need to add that package to nemo-ux organization15:50
malsuch packages usually belong to mer-core15:51
malr0kk3rz: I'm trying to understand what that package is needed for15:51
T4<akaWolf> Or remove tgat dependence15:51
T4<akaWolf> That15:51
r0kk3rzmal: some dbus interface thing15:51
r0kk3rzmight be for the status bar?15:52
malr0kk3rz: just wondering how that fits together with lipstick notifications15:57
Leif_EriksonI have added the repo to the target deivce.15:57
Leif_EriksonBut it seems that was not sufficient.15:57
r0kk3rzLeif_Erikson: at least try and explain what you did, what the outcome was :P15:59
Leif_EriksonSo I need the repo of coderus to avoid the eroor "nothing provides nemo-qml-plugin-statusnotifier needed by lipstick-glacier-home-qt5-0.27-2.i486"15:59
malLeif_Erikson: I'm building the package now in nemo:devel:ux15:59
T4<akaWolf> Repo of chapay15:59
mal@akaWolf no15:59
T4<akaWolf> This package16:00
malwe can't just keep adding random repos16:00
T4<akaWolf> Why?16:00
T4<akaWolf> Ah ofc16:00
T4<akaWolf> Just as hot fix16:00
r0kk3rzi think its fine if you want to run NemoChapay Glacier16:00
r0kk3rzthen install all the stuff from there, and forget the nemo-ux repo16:01
mal@akaWolf read what I wrote a few lines back, the package is already building on nemo:devel:ux16:01
maldammit, stop instructing anyone to add more repos16:01
malthat's the wrong approach16:01
r0kk3rzsettle down mal :P16:01
malLeif_Erikson: refresh nemo:devel:ux repo and try to install the package again16:04
Leif_EriksonWhat does "NemoChapay Clacier" means? Is that a specific  branch? I can see the branches master, devel, gh-pages, manhatten and revert-65-master. I have read several times "manhatten" in that chat. I assumed, this is a special experimental variation of the glacier-ux.16:04
Leif_Eriksonmal: Thanks. I'll try16:04
T4<akaWolf> Oh okay sorry16:04
T4<akaWolf> I'm in subway :)16:04
r0kk3rzLeif_Erikson: that was a subtle joke16:04
T4<akaWolf> Btw what is Manhattan mean?16:05
T4<akaWolf> What meaning it handle?16:05
r0kk3rzwhat do you mean?16:07
r0kk3rzits just what samzn called his ux16:07
T4<samzn> Wordplay on Harmattan16:07
r0kk3rzno reference to the manhattan project? ;)16:08
T4<neochapay> @Leif_Erikson [3. Manual build and deployment from the build …], Do you create issue?16:09
T4<neochapay> @akaWolf [Repo of chapay], Neochapay!!!!16:09
T4<akaWolf> Sam, what kind of difference with master branch will bring us your UX?16:10
T4<akaWolf> @neochapay [Neochapay!!!!], Too long to type from phone ...16:10
T4<K31j0> Do @neochapay and it's easier16:11
T4<neochapay> One rule: if you have problem - create issue!!!16:11
T4<K31j0> And you automatically let him know you're talking about him16:11
Leif_EriksonOk, the deployment was successful now. Unfortunately I have a black screen on the emulator now.16:12
r0kk3rz@neochapay: no issue required, mal just fixed it :)16:12
Leif_EriksonThis is the output, if I build and deploy from Qt Creator:
Leif_EriksonIt seems to make no difference, if I build and deploy manually with terminal commands from the build engine with the green button in Qt Creator.16:14
r0kk3rzseems straight forward enough16:14
T4<akaWolf> Lol, not surprisingly16:15
malLeif_Erikson: that clearly says you already have a compositor running on the device, meaning some UI is up16:16
Leif_EriksonI tried systemctl --user restart lipstick on the emulator and got the error: Failed to get D-Bus connection: No such file or directory16:16
r0kk3rzLeif_Erikson: i expect its not running as root16:16
Leif_EriksonThis is my promt in the terminal: [root@SailfishEmul ~]16:17
Leif_EriksonI used this command for the connection as suggested in the Sailfish documentation: ssh -p 2223 -i ~/SailfishOS/vmshare/ssh/private_keys/SailfishOS_Emulator/root root@localhost16:18
r0kk3rzyes, thats your terminal login16:20
r0kk3rzwhich isnt what your sdk would be doing16:20
r0kk3rzand you cant restart a service which isnt running16:21
r0kk3rzso try tell systemd to start it16:21
Leif_Eriksonsystemctl start lipstick16:23
Leif_EriksonFailed to start lipstick.service: Unit lipstick.service failed to load: No such file or directory.16:23
Leif_EriksonHowever, this command works: dbus-send --system --dest=org.freedesktop.DBus --type=method_call --print-reply /org/freedesktop/DBus org.freedesktop.DBus.ListNames16:26
Leif_Eriksonsystemctl --user start lipstick? Failed to get D-Bus connection: No such file or directory16:26
Leif_EriksonIt looks like a contradiction for me, because I can list the dbus services.16:27
Leif_EriksonOne item in the array is: string "org.nemomobile.lipstick"16:28
r0kk3rzcheck its status16:28
malI think depending on the user it's either systemctl-user or systemctl --user16:30
Leif_EriksonYou mean with: gdbus introspect --system --dest org.nemomobile.lipstick --object-path / --recurse?16:30
r0kk3rzwtf? no.16:31
Leif_EriksonIf I use the command systemctl-user start lipstick, the system doesn't complain. My terminal just jumps to the next prompt and nothing happens.16:32
Leif_EriksonDid someone manage to install glacier home on the emulator?16:38
T4<akaWolf> I will try next week16:38
Leif_EriksonMaybe I should use the master branch for build and deployment? But I'm afraid this is not for Sailfish, correct?16:41
T4<akaWolf> It's for sfos16:41
T4<akaWolf> That exactly version16:42
r0kk3rzLeif_Erikson: what you have is fine, you'll need to learn the environment all the same16:43
T4<akaWolf> Repos builded against latest release16:43
maljournalctl output should tell if there is some error in lipstick start16:43
Leif_EriksonOk, how can I open this log file?16:45
r0kk3rzLeif_Erikson: mal just told you16:50
malit's not a log file, it's a command16:52
Leif_EriksonIf I just enter "journalctl", I have to scroll through a large log16:52
r0kk3rzlike most commands it has flags and arguments you can give it16:53
Leif_EriksonUnfortunately I don't know the flags and arguments16:56
Leif_EriksonThis lines could be relevant:
r0kk3rzmaybe you should find out ;)16:57
Leif_EriksonAnd here:
Leif_EriksonAnd here:
malit seems devel branch is now broken, it's missing this
mal@<neochapay your devel branch is broken it's missing which was added to master branch17:24
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T4<neochapay> @mal [@<neochapay your devel branch is broken it's m …], Yeap... need cherry puck17:51
T4<neochapay> Pick17:51
mal@neochapay yes, maybe I'll do that if I have permission, is that ok?18:00
T4<neochapay> Yeap18:00
mal@neochapay seems like I had permission so now it's pushed, rebase should be done at some point anyway18:03
mal@neochapay hmm, or should I just rebase the devel branch now and force push?18:03
T4<neochapay> Yeap it's devel18:04
malrebased, devel should work again18:06
T4<akaWolf> Force push?18:59
T4<akaWolf> Hmmm19:00
r0kk3rzyes, like luke and vader19:00
T4<akaWolf> Why rebase public branch ?19:04
mal@akaWolf why not? it's a devel branch19:04
T4<akaWolf> Because all who cloned before rebase will got conflict19:09
T4<akaWolf> That's not about purpose of tge branch,  that's about publicity. .19:09
T4<akaWolf> the*19:09
malheh, well I have rebased even hybris branches of android bases on mer-hybris :D19:10
Leif_EriksonThanks. I'll reset the emulator and try the installation later after the branch has been updated.19:12
malLeif_Erikson: rebuild glacier-home, after that it hopefully works19:13
malusing latest devel branch obviously19:14
T4<akaWolf> Don't forget to force pull :)19:20
T4<akaWolf> Why not just cherry pick? Why rebase?19:20
T4<akaWolf> Also wanted to test devel branch. ..19:20
mal@akaWolf because the devel branch is going to merged to master at some point so rebase will make the merge look nicer19:22
T4<akaWolf> You can rebase develop on top of master in similar way then :) if you care about beauty of the history and don't care about conflicts19:27
Leif_EriksonI discard all local changes and make a rebase19:27
Leif_EriksonI'M looking forward to the fix.19:27
malLeif_Erikson: what changes had you done locally?19:29
T4<akaWolf> Which fix?19:29
T4<akaWolf> Like some in spec19:30
T4<akaWolf> Which he describes before19:30
Leif_EriksonNothing relevant. I had a .backup file for the modified .spec file from last week and the .DS_Store file, that I've added to .gitignore.19:31
malthere was the dependency issue and version of one qml import was wrong19:31
T4<akaWolf> You are again working at Saturday :)19:35

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