Thursday, 2018-10-18

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zbenjaminhey guys06:06
zbenjamindid you guys file the issue ?06:07
zbenjaminor just coincidence06:07
zbenjaminah neochapay it was06:07
T4<neochapay> zbenjamin yeap :)06:12
zbenjaminNeoChapay: as said, I think your glibc is the issue.  How did you get the gdb to work ? I always run into  Could not load shared library symbols for , and can not create any backtraces06:14
T4<neochapay> zbenjamin i will fix it about 2-3 hours06:14
zbenjaminthe gdb or the crash :D06:15
T4<neochapay> zbenjamin gdb :))))06:15
zbenjaminNeoChapay: so I compiled the most recent libzypp/zypper combination but it gives the same error06:55
zbenjaminNeoChapay: a error that I do not get with the same code on my machine06:55
zbenjaminNeoChapay: so I'm afraid that its not the libzypp/zypper code here06:56
T4<neochapay> zbenjamin yea....i think it's gcc error....06:56
zbenjaminNeoChapay: i get multiple "invalid free()" errors with valgrind all of them related to std::string06:58
zbenjaminall of them06:58
T4<neochapay> now i update gdb to 8.8 and packaging it07:12
T4<neochapay> zbenjamin image with gdb 8.208:00
NeoChapay i can't create new project on gitlab :)))13:37
r0kk3rzdid you run out of forks13:39
T4<neochapay> i can't becouse so many patchs13:40
coderusYou should sacrifice some repos13:53
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