Saturday, 2018-11-03

T4<samzn> (Photo, 960x1280)
T4<samzn> @neochapay I am a bit rusty, how can I add the obs repository to rpm?00:59
T4<samzn> so I can easily download the prebuilt packages without needing to build one by one01:00
T4<samzn> I am rescheduling my days so I have at least one full free day for working on nemo01:00
T4<samzn> ah, `zypper ar -f`01:20
T4<samzn> [Edit] ah, `zypper ar -f `01:20
T4<samzn> [Edit] ah, ` zypper ar -f `01:21
T4<samzn> [Edit] ah, ``` zypper ar -f ```01:21
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T4<meierrom> I'll find more time starting mid January as well. Got nexus 5, fp2, etc. Will be so cool! :)02:34
T4<samzn> (Photo, 960x1280) Hello "Glacier Frost"02:45
T4<samzn> (Photo, 1280x960)
T4<samzn> Fwd from samzn: Also an idea I had for feedback in those03:18
T4<samzn> Fwd from samzn: The button gets a bit angled as pressing03:18
T4<samzn> Fwd from samzn: Not sure if that can be well seen03:18
T4<samzn> Fwd from samzn: @neochapay the old glacier branch had some alignment fixes for items, did you merge them over?03:18
T4<meierrom> @samzn [<reply to media>], Nice! 👍04:08
T4<neochapay> @samzn [@neochapay the old glacier branch had some ali …], Maybe I forget06:25
T4<akaWolf> @inkyfromthetape [if you run nemomobile, can you have sailfish a …], Yep07:18
T4<locusf> @samzn [<reply to media>], nexus 5x?07:19
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T4<neochapay> @samzn [<reply to media>], You push it to devel branch ?08:47
T4<FaraSahak> @neochapay [You push it to devel branch ?], О по русский разговариваем)10:58
T4<neochapay> @FaraSahak [О по русский разговариваем)], Только в личке10:58
T4<samzn> @neochapay [You push it to devel branch ?], Not yet :/11:41
inkyis the source of the bot which moves messages back and forth from telegram and irc room?13:28
inkyis it available?13:28
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inkykimmoli: thaaaank you.15:57
T4<meierrom> @samzn [Not yet :/], This would be the third truly oss nemo ui, right?16:17
T4<samzn> what do you mean16:17
T4<samzn> Well, there's nemo meegotouchhome, nemo colorful and nemo glacier, only glacier is maintained16:18
T4<meierrom> Glacier manhattan?16:19
T4<meierrom> Anyway, I guess it it's about time to get the switcher working. @akaWolf?16:24
r0kk3rzjust get glacier working well :P16:27
T4<meierrom> I basically agree but devs like @samzn come up with interesting alternatives. These should easily be accessible and inspiring.16:35
T4<akaWolf> Not sure how to implement that. Naive solution would be some binary, which starts another binaries16:35
T4<samzn> The plan is to just mainstream everything16:36
r0kk3rz@akaWolf you could start with a yamui screen -
r0kk3rzthe main hurdle i keep coming back to, is that you're screwing with your compositor16:44
r0kk3rzso there needs to be a fallback position incase the 'switch' fails16:44
T4<akaWolf> I will take a look, thanks17:11
T4<meierrom> Good luck! 👍17:47
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