Saturday, 2018-11-17

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Leif_Eri_Hello, I'm trying to install the manhatten branch on a developer device. Unfortunately I get a build error:
Leif_Eri_We would like to show and discuss the windowed apps as an approach to develop a convergence use case.16:01
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T4<OhYash> @Charlie (MISSING @USERNAME! [Okay. So what are your thoughts on Tizen. Why …], Even I don't understand tizen's direction. … They built it entirely separate from android. And even then they didn't have a single new design/idea for it. They tried to mimic android design entirely without using any of the16:10
T4Android's code. … Ok, understood, they wanted to put up a light weight alternative for Android. And they chose EFL. Great! EFL is VERY light and fast. … But, they used EFL only for the base of the OS to run a web UI atop of it, entirely. … Now, web IMO, Is not light! Web UI killed Firefox OS. I've never seen any webapp perform smoother on same hard16:10
T4ware compared to native apps. … Now I see they've shifted towards Wearables and TV interface. But the achievements there don't seem big enough to have another OS all from ground up. … Again, I just can't believe they made a full smartphone OS without a single original design/idea.16:10
malLeif_Eri_: is the file in te source rpm folder?16:15
Leif_Eri_No, the rpm folder is empty. The src folder contains a binary file named lipstick, but not lipstick.service.16:26
malhow can it be empty, it should have these
Leif_Eri_I think the rpm folder is empty because the build process was stopped because of the linked error.16:30
Leif_Eri_THis is the list of my build folder, that was automatically created by Qt Creator:
maldo the other branches build ok?17:10
Leif_Eri_I think so, let me check17:11
Leif_Eri_Not any more for the master branch either:17:19
Leif_Eri_cp: cannot stat `/home/mersdk/share/SailfishOS/projects/build-glacier-home-SailfishOS_2_2_1_18_armv7hl_in_Sailfish_OS_Build_Engine-Debug/rpm/lipstick.service': No such file or directory17:19
Leif_Eri_Do I have to add a repo on the build engine?17:19
malbut the source tree has it?17:23
malLeif_Eri_: anyway the manhattan branch is quite old and it's missing some build fixes17:24
malmaybe you can have a look at the spec in devel branch and copy it to manhattan branch17:25
Leif_Eri_lipstick.service is not in the src directory, only a binary file named lipstick.17:29
maljust adapt the devel spec17:34
Leif_Eri_Ok, I should switch to devel branch?17:36
maldepends on what you really want to build17:37
malif you want to build manhattan branch you might need to copy the rpm folder from devel branch (and maybe adapt it to work)17:39
Leif_Eri_I want to build a version with windowed apps. I think this is the manhatten branch.17:39
maldevel branch is the latest branch anyway17:39
Leif_Eri_Devel branch has the same problem:17:39
Leif_Eri_cp: cannot stat `/home/mersdk/share/SailfishOS/projects/build-glacier-home-SailfishOS_2_2_1_18_armv7hl_in_Sailfish_OS_Build_Engine-Debug/rpm/lipstick.service': No such file or directory17:39
Leif_Eri_git status tells me, that everything is clean17:40
malis the windowed support even available somewhere?17:41
malit's not manhattan branch17:41
Leif_Eri_It isn't.17:42
Leif_Eri_We want to discuss this approach with Jolla this month.17:42
Leif_Eri_It was only a local branch of a developer? I remember the Youtube video17:43
Leif_Eri_Building and deployend the developer branch was possible in the past. Something has changed.17:44
Leif_Eri_My Qt Creator anyway behaves strange. It tells me, that I should import QtQuick 1 instead of QtQuick 2 and that width is not a valid property of TextArea.17:45
Leif_Eri_Maybe I have re-install the SDK17:45
malLeif_Eri_: you are mixing devel and manhattan branches, very different things17:47
Leif_Eri_I tried to build and deploy the master, devel and manhatten branch. Each branch failed. In the past I could build and deploy the devel branch.17:48
Leif_Eri_I thought, that the windowed apps are supported in the manhatten branch. Therefore I tried a deployment today.17:49
malyou should have checked the commit history17:59
T4<akaWolf> I'm sure tge devel is okay18:03
T4<samzn> Manhattan branch is very outdated18:03
T4<samzn> Tomorrow I am going to dedicate time to upstream some good practices from it18:03
T4<akaWolf> I can check it in few hours18:03
T4<samzn> I really wish days had more than 24 hours 🙃18:04
T4<samzn> Last week I had gotten the dynamic “Glacier Frost” working with components underneath18:04
T4<akaWolf> Leif, what do you decide to work with?18:05
T4<NotKit> @samzn [Last week I had gotten the dynamic “Glacier Fr …], is it Silica replacement?19:53
T4<samzn> @NotKit [is it Silica replacement?], It’s one of the components for Glacier19:54
T4<samzn> It should override the Sailfish glass from lipstick as well, giving sfos apps a more comfortable feel19:55
Leif_Eri_We are not happy with Sailfish 3, the inconsistency and the focus on enterprise, that may breach privacy. We may start with Sailfish OS lipstick implementation and switch to Glacier home. Unfortunately I realised, that the Glacier UX quick settings from the top of the screen are not working. Also the Glacier settings app doesn't start. To deploy Glacier on a phone with pre-installed Sailfish will need some more investigation.20:21
T4<akaWolf> Ofc, but not much, really20:22
Leif_Eri_For now I would be happy, if I could install Glacier UX on a developer device, that could demonstrate the windowed apps. We will discuss the convergence use case with Jolla soon.20:23
T4<akaWolf> Afaik latest settings should work.20:25
T4<akaWolf> What do you want from Jolla?20:25
T4<akaWolf> You can start using Glacier without any agreement with Jolla20:26
Leif_Eri_We consider to license Sailfish OS because of stability and standard apps. But we may use Glacier UX instead of the customisation of the Sailfish's lipstick implementation. We discuss customisation and the convergence use case.20:29
Leif_Eri_Yes, the benefit of Glacier is, that we can start to implement our customisation.20:31
T4<akaWolf> I imagine you can build the same image as Jolla does but with Glacier instead of Silica20:34
Leif_Eri_Yes, if we could solve the conflict with settings, I think.20:39
Leif_Eri_First I would like to resolve the build problem. It worked several weeks ago.20:40
Leif_Eri_Then I will search for the windowed app branch. I'M afraid, It's not merged, yet. Isn't it?20:40
T4<akaWolf> I mean you can do that without Jolla20:41
T4<akaWolf> Not sure about that mr20:41
Leif_Eri_Yes, we need Jolla for the Standard apps. I think Nemo Mobile is not ready for a commercial product, yet. We may exchange the standard apps, which are not open source step by step with Nemo Mobile apps. And Jolla will help us with Hardware Adaption. Skilled developers for this technology are very rare.20:44
T4<akaWolf> Which device?20:48
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Leif_Eri_Intex Aqua Fish21:00
Leif_Eri_The build error is clear: lipstick.service is missing21:00
T4<akaWolf> I will check21:30

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