Saturday, 2018-12-01

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T4<akaWolf> where came it from that package?
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T4<akaWolf> guys?10:31
T4<akaWolf> where can I find spec for thoose package?10:31
T4<akaWolf> can you give me a link to OBS?10:31
tbryou can see it from the URL which project it is10:59
T4<akaWolf> yeah I found thanks11:01
T4<akaWolf> can we move to as pointed in spec?11:08
T4<akaWolf> @neochapay11:09
T4<neochapay> We need all of that packages11:30
T4<akaWolf> I mean the link in spec is broken11:32
T4<akaWolf> 404 error11:32
T4<akaWolf> I think you wanted to move that package to nemomobile group11:32
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