Tuesday, 2019-01-08

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NeoChapayBest CoC ever https://github.com/shkolnick-kun/bugurtos/blob/master/CODE_OF_CONDUCT.md ^_^11:51
r0kk3rzi really dont understand why people do things like that11:51
r0kk3rzits like deliberately advertising 'this project is run by assholes, you arent welcome here'11:52
r0kk3rzif you dont want a CoC because you dont see the value, then like. dont11:52
T4<abhishek_0> It is hilarious tho ... Lmao12:02
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olr0kk3rz (IRC): Or they advertise that this project requires to be tough and strong to be a contributor. If you are easily offended by F-word, how can you withstand spaghetti code?15:21
r0kk3rzeither way its virtue signalling15:28
abransonaren't all CoCs just virtue signalling?16:52
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