Tuesday, 2019-01-15

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T4<neochapay> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n44qb2uJG9w10:10
T4<eekkelund> Does glacier-homescreen require accelometer sensor after that pr? If yes, can it be made optional as all devices doesn't have this kind of sensor? But thats really impressing effect, super cool, well done!:)10:37
T4<neochapay> @eekkelund [Does glacier-homescreen require accelometer se …], if accelometer not aviable effect not work. still10:38
T4<eekkelund> But wallpaper works just simple way? I was thinking eg. that devboard where you had sfos running10:40
T4<neochapay> @eekkelund [But wallpaper works just simple way? I was thi …], it have accelometer :))))10:40
T4<neochapay> Yea. As you can see https://github.com/nemomobile-ux/glacier-home/pull/90/files#diff-4076469a77966a10772f097939fc72d5R32 if accelerometer not aviable this signal newer will be called10:41
T4<eekkelund> @neochapay [it have accelometer :))))], Ah xD10:42
T4<eekkelund> @neochapay [Yea. As you can see https://github.com/nemomob …], Yeah true, thanks for clarifying :) great work as always !10:43
T4<neochapay> (Sticker, 512x512)
r0kk3rzwhat the elevator jazz10:53
malI small comment the Wallpaper.qml filename has a typo, now it's Wallpapper.qml, unless that is intentional?11:42
T4<neochapay> oops11:43
T4<neochapay> fixed11:52
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