Friday, 2019-02-08

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T4<southern_dust> Does anyone try to port klte ?09:17
T4<southern_dust> I'm very new about that, but I had such phone, so wanna to have a try.09:18
T4<neochapay> just install on any sailfish device09:19
T4<southern_dust> What would you mean?09:20
T4<neochapay> @southern_dust [What would you mean?],
T4<southern_dust> I've had wt88047 and bullhead installed it. … Now I wanna try SFOS or NemoMobile on my klte 😂09:23
T4<southern_dust> @neochapay [ …], Also thanks 😂09:24
T4<neochapay> @southern_dust [I've had wt88047 and bullhead installed it. … No …], Omg ... Go to Sailfish porters channel09:27
T4<southern_dust> @neochapay [Omg ... Go to Sailfish porters channel], Sorry for that 😂09:28
T4<locusf> @neochapay have you had the chance to ever try sip with glacier dialer15:07
T4<neochapay> OMG15:07
T4<neochapay> i don't know15:07
T4<locusf> ok15:07
T4<locusf> its fine though, I was just inquiring the latest stuff you've done :)15:10
T4<locusf> Fwd from pavi4de: BTW what will happen to Nemo after mer merges with SFOS?15:10
T4<locusf> Fwd from locusf: nothing really I hope15:10
T4<locusf> Fwd from locusf: though I might take the issue up with jolla about having nemo as the FOSS alternative to sailfish and as a test environment for new middleware changes15:10
T4<locusf> Fwd from locusf: it now makes a lot more sense for both nemo and sailfish15:10
T4<locusf> Fwd from locusf: since its open sailfish core and open nemo ui15:10
T4<locusf> this came up during fosdem with abranson15:10
T4<locusf> to dig up this old topic :)15:15
T4<locusf> I never had the chance to get your input on it as a community, what should be proposed to Jolla on this?15:15
abransonyeah, i'm quite keen on this idea. I can't decide things but I can certainly ask and help with details. i'm fuzzy on where the line is between sfos/silica and nemo these days.15:16
abransonbut I found it very disappointing that more people at fosdem weren't really aware of the link between the two, and so didn't really pay either of them any attention.15:21
T4<locusf> indeed15:23

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