Monday, 2019-02-11

T4<neochapay> @xreactx [I keep running into lipstick failing to start …], Maybe sometimes post error logs?03:14
T4<xreactx> It's the same stuff I sent to you earlier04:28
T4<xreactx> I sent you a PM04:28
T4<xreactx> (Photo, 1280x960)
T4<xreactx> (Photo, 1280x960)
T4<xreactx> @neochapay [Maybe sometimes post error logs?], Am I missing a repo? Your guide on your website has a duplicate repo (one missing "ar")05:16
T4<neochapay> @xreactx [Am I missing a repo? Your guide on your websit …], Hmmmm i think i not build some stuff...i recheck on this week.06:19
*** norayr is now known as inky20:58

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