Sunday, 2019-02-17

T4Dibyamartanda (MISSING @USERNAME! was added by: Dibyamartanda (MISSING @USERNAME!
T4<Dibyamartanda (MISSING @USERNAME!> Hi everyone I am a devloper (windows and Linux). … I want to work on a browser for Nemo07:46
T4<akaWolf> you are welcome :)07:50
T4<Dibyamartanda (MISSING @USERNAME!> Thanks a lot07:50
T4<neochapay> Yeeeeeaaaaa07:50
T4<neochapay> We don't have any webbrowser07:51
T4<Dibyamartanda (MISSING @USERNAME!> If I make a browser with qtwebengine , will it be fine ?07:51
T4<locusf> sure07:52
T4<locusf> we're just not yet there with newer qt5?07:52
T4<locusf> what do you think @neochapay ?07:53
T4<Dibyamartanda (MISSING @USERNAME!> I know mer project will update qt very soon07:53
T4<neochapay> @locusf [what do you think @neochapay ?], About what?07:53
T4<locusf> qtwebengine, is it in obs and built?07:53
T4<neochapay> Oh...i will check... but i think yes07:56
T4<akaWolf> what about updating qt and engine?07:56
T4<locusf> qt 5.9 is minimum version for qtwebengine07:57
T4<locusf> afaik07:57
T4<locusf> @Dibyamartanda (MISSING @USERNAME! [Hi everyone I am a devloper (windows and Linux …], thank you for this, browser is a pivotal application for the operating system which we've been lackign for a while now07:57
T4<Dibyamartanda (MISSING @USERNAME!> Isn't selfish web browser use some old gecko engine?07:58
T4<locusf> yes indeed :)07:58
T4<Dibyamartanda (MISSING @USERNAME!> Firefox 38 is no go I guess anymore. … Ff52 on my windows partition (windows XP I)is pretty dead already  … . Is it able to connect to internet on anbox ? Last time I tried it cannot connect to internet with WhatsApp , it just failed08:01
T4<neochapay> @akaWolf [what about updating qt and engine?], Look in my project mer:qt59 in obs08:02
kimmoli@Dibyamartanda fix you username please
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T4<DibyaXP> Done11:32
T4<DibyaXP> Look like something to fork  … https://www.falkon.org12:24
T4<Chipiguay> a flatpak is available … … do you think that could work on SFOS/nemo?12:52
T4<Chipiguay> [Edit] an appimage is available … … do you think that could work on SFOS/nemo?12:52
T4<Chipiguay> there are also flatpak12:52
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T4<neochapay> No we have only rpm ;)14:46
T4<neochapay> Like desktop linux14:46
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