Saturday, 2019-02-23

T4<m_aurel> I managed to install Anbox on fp2. It works pretty good. I even could install the Pureapk Store and Fdoid. the indiegogo app is running fine for example.06:11
T4<m_aurel> Wbat is "Vince"?06:13
T4<Thinhx2> @m_aurel [Wbat is "Vince"?], Xiaomi redmi 5 plus06:14
T4<m_aurel> Ah, ok. Seems to be a quite current model.06:16
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mal@m_aurel what? to fp2?13:15
r0kk3rzwhich anbox... 'works pretty good' is not how i would categorise our one22:24

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