Saturday, 2019-03-16

Leif_EriksonHello Nemo friends. I made a factory reset of my Sailfish developer device and updated it to release Then I installed Glacier UX successfully. I tested phone calls and SMS successfully. After a reset this features a renot working any more, because the Glacier UX doesn't prompt a SIM unlock.10:13
Leif_EriksonI tried to install the qmlpinquery app form Github. Unfortunately I get an error "qofono-qt5 development packe not found10:15
Leif_EriksonI think I have to add another repository on the build engine. Does someone know which one?10:16
Leif_EriksonI tried sb2 -t SailfishOS- -R -m sdk-install zypper in qofono-qt5-devel but it doesn't work.10:52
Leif_EriksonI tried to duess the package name10:52
T4<ssrssv2ray> A silent onlookers eating melons passing by10:53
malLeif_Erikson: the package is libqofono-qt5-devel10:56
malyou know you can search for packages containing "ofono" with "zypper se ofono"10:56
Leif_EriksonI  didn't.11:02
Leif_EriksonI'll try11:02
Leif_EriksonThe correct command was: sb2 -t SailfishOS- -R -m sdk-install zypper in libqofono-qt5-devel11:10
Leif_EriksonUnfortunately I have build error. I think it is a very old project.11:10
Leif_EriksonBad exit status from /var/temp/rpm-temp.JqgLWD (%install)11:12
Leif_Eriksoncp: cannot stat '/home/mersdk/.../qmlpinquery.service': No such file or directory11:14
Leif_EriksonThe qmlpinquery.service file is part of the project. I assume, some build settings are wrong.11:15
T4<neochapay> Oh i think o need rewrite this :)11:47
Leif_EriksonIs there someone, who is using the Glacier UX? How is the SIM activation solved?14:23
T4<eekkelund> IIRC this could help …
Leif_EriksonThanks for your recommendation. This settings are available in the current dev branch?15:33
Leif_EriksonI think I have checked our the wrong git repository. I have switched to now.15:34
NeoChapayLeif_Erikson: settings in master branch15:35
NeoChapayglacier-home in dev15:35
Leif_EriksonOk, so I will build and deploy first glacier-home and then glacier-settings, right?15:36
Leif_EriksonUnfortunately I can't build the first ine.15:36
Leif_EriksonThere is an RPM build error, because lipstick.service is missing15:36
NeoChapayLeif_Erikson: if you use sailfish you can use
Leif_EriksonYes, I have checked out this repository before. But there, the SIM settings are missing.15:37
Leif_EriksonAnd I can't unlock the SIM on my device.15:37
NeoChapayi not use sim unlock yeat...15:38
NeoChapaymaybe on next week i start work about this15:38
Leif_EriksonHow can you make phone calls, if you can't enter the PIM?15:38
NeoChapayLeif_Erikson: disable pin on another phone15:39
Leif_EriksonI assume my english is too limited. I mean the use case, that you have to enter a PIN, if you start a smartphone. This is missing with the Glacier UX. So I can't make or receive phone calls or send and receive messages.15:41
NeoChapayLeif_Erikson: you can disable pin on another phone. pin is not support on glacier now15:42
Leif_EriksonHow is this possible? If I restart a phone or remove a SIM, I need to unlock the SIM again.15:45
Leif_EriksonI tried to install lipstick-qt5-devel on my build engine. But it was already installed. So this won't solve the build problem.15:48
Leif_EriksonWhat's about the post of T4. I conclude, that a SIM card is supported in the glacier settings.15:51
Leif_Eriksonlipstick.service is in the rpm folder of the glacier home project. So I wonder, why the build error occures.15:54
Leif_Eriksona pure build works, but I get the warning desktop.path is not defined.16:04
NeoChapayLeif_Erikson: yea we know about this issue16:07
Leif_EriksonIs that the reason for the rpm build failure?16:14
NeoChapayLeif_Erikson: yea...rpm build fail on sdk but in obs all is well16:19
Leif_EriksonI never have used obs. I will search for instruction at the Mer Wiki.16:22
Leif_EriksonThe Mer Wiki suggests to use the Sailfish SDK:
Leif_EriksonI assume, this is for the whole Nemo Mobile image, isn't it?16:23
Leif_EriksonIs there a simple way to install the newest devel version of Glacier?16:25
Leif_EriksonIf I follow the link for the obs at the Mer wiki, it's not motivating:
Leif_EriksonIt seems, that the newest builds are failing.16:26
Leif_EriksonIf I follow this instructions, I get an outdated version of glacier:
Leif_EriksonI think this Wiki page is related to the old glacier infrastructure, isn't it?16:30
Leif_Erikson  What do you mean with: if you use sailfish you can use
Leif_EriksonHow can I huse this link? Ot's not a link for the git repository.16:52
Leif_EriksonI can't find information about a build of glacier home with obx.16:53
vknechtLeif_Erikson, ?16:55
Leif_EriksonI mean, I can't find instructions how to create a build with obs. I only know how to create a build with the Sailfish app and platform sdk.16:59
Leif_EriksonYou suggest to add a repository on the device like the command in the Mer Wiki:17:00
Leif_Eriksonssu ar nemo-devel-ux
Leif_EriksonI think I have to remove this repo and add another one you mentioned, right?17:00
Leif_EriksonUnfortunatelly I'm not able to map these two information.17:01
vknechtit's not all so clear to me neither, I'd also like to build a Nemo image for my port...17:02
Leif_EriksonI need an armv7hl build17:03
vknechtthere's this reference, which afaik shows how to install latest & greatest nemo17:04
vknechtso yes, it has to do with ssu ar17:04
vknechtI wonder about line 6 in the ssu section, it's a partial dupe of line 7, right ?17:05
vknechtalso, does it mean one should add mer_latest target to one's port ? and I suppose remove all references to -jolla- packages in droid-config/patterns ?17:07
Leif_EriksonThe blog article is good. Unfortunately it's for Nexus5. We have 1 Nexus5X, 2 Intex Aqua Fish, 2 Accione P and 1 Accione as developer devices here, but no Nexus 5. I'll look at Amazon, wether I can get the old Nexus 5 device.17:09
vknechtit should work for other devices to an extent, was able to get it on idol3 at that time ; too bad I didn't take exact notes, tried recently and didn't go well but maybe not compatible with
vknechtor perhaps because the "latest" from that time isn't the same as today17:11
T4<meierrom> NeoChapay: do you have an idea why it fails on sdk and builds just fine on obs?17:56
maldepends on what the error is18:59
Leif_Eri_This is an excerpt of my build log:
Leif_Eri_You can see the error at the end.20:37
Leif_Eri_It would be nice to have a developer documentation for Nemo Mobile.20:45
Leif_Eri_At first I would welcome how to create a pure Nemo Mobile system.20:45
Leif_Eri_I assume, this instructions are outdated:
Leif_Eri_This Wiki page looks like a quick note, that requires a lot of background knowledge20:47
Leif_Eri_The better the documentation is, the more this community can grow.20:51
T4<akaWolf> you can update it20:57
T4<meierrom> I think @akaWolf did some updates to the documentation. It still needs more work.20:57
Leif_Eri_I'm currently try to follow the instructions of the quoted blog entry. I only skipped the deinstallation of Silica, because the script said, that the system would be broken.20:57
T4<meierrom> Another problem may be that various channels are used for documentation.20:59
Leif_Eri_Indeed, as soon I understand the process, I would really like to contribute to a documentation.21:00
Leif_Eri_I only know the Mer Wiki.21:01
Leif_Eri_Some parts of the Mer wiki about Nemo and Glacier seem to be outdated.21:01
Leif_Eri_Ok, my device is stuck in the boot screen now. I  think I need to do a factory reset. Then I'll try the steps, that are described in the blog a second time.21:04
T4<meierrom> I don't think NeoChapay uses mer wiki. He has other ways. Migration and translation of stuff may improve things.21:04
Leif_Eri_I only need to skip the parts for the hammerhead device. May this is the reason, that my device is broken.21:05
Leif_Eri_Ok, maybe someone can link his documentation. An automized translation would also be sufficient a first step.21:06
Leif_Eri_I referred exactly to this article. I followed the instructions, but may developer device was broken and is now doing a factory reset. This takes some time with all updates.21:15
Leif_Eri_I skipped step 6.1, 6.6, 6.7 and 721:16
Leif_Eri_6.1, 6.6 and 6.7 are related to hammerhead21:16
Leif_Eri_Next time I try to execute step 7 despite the warning, that this will break the system.21:17
T4<meierrom> It will likely be easier for you to get a hammerhead. NeoChapay knows this device very well.21:20
Leif_Eri_I'll check available devices at Amazon, but we already ordered a Necunos device with a pre-installed Nemo mobile. I just want to evaluate, wther Nemo Mobile supports the basic phone features like calls and short messages.21:22
Leif_Eri_Later we need to know, how to create a Nemo Mobile image. We will try to hire people for this purpose. But Nemo Mobile and Mer skilled developers are extremely rare. So we need a documentation anyway.21:23
Leif_Eri_So I see several needs:21:23
Leif_Eri_1. How to modify a Sailfish device to evaluate Nemo Mobile21:24
Leif_Eri_2. How to create a Nemo Mobile image and flash a Sailfish device without breaking the recovery partition.21:25
Leif_Eri_3. How to develop Nemo Mobile apps.21:25
Leif_Eri_I think the last part could be the easiest one.21:25
Leif_Eri_It should be similar to Sailfish apps. If Nemo Mobile will be our final platform decision, I could contribute with some tutorials.21:26
Leif_Eri_Last but not least, we would need a hardware adaption guide. I think it is similar to a hardware adaption of Sailfish OS.21:27
maldepending on which kind of image you want to build, the community type or the official-type i.e. lvm-based21:29
T4<meierrom> I believe you will find useful discussions we had a few months back in that regard.21:29
malanyway only difference is the ui packages which can the done in patterns21:29
Leif_Eri_Ok, is it possible to browse or search in the archive of this chat room?21:31
T4<meierrom> Eg. regarding mapping of lipstick silica and the ui switcher.21:32
Leif_Eri_Ymal, you mean the difference between Sailfish and Nemo Mobile? I was told, that Nemo Mobile is ahead of Sailfish because of a newer Qt version for example.21:32
Leif_Eri_I think Necunos has updated Nemo Mobile in this way. I'M not sure, whether they have merged their code.21:33
T4<meierrom> All IRC discussions are archived and available for research. Somewhere on freenode...21:34
Leif_Eri_Dou have a keyword to search for. If the discussion took place several month ago, it will be a lot of text messages to browse through.21:36
Leif_Eri_A lot of text file. I'll try a site search with DuckDuckGo if I have some keyword. I'll play around with some.21:47
T4<meierrom> At that time @akaWolf tried to push things a little. He has become a bit quiet since. :)21:48
Leif_Eri_Back to the guide in the blog of neochapay. Which Sailfish version is recommended? I assume it is some Sailfish 2 release?21:49
Leif_Eri_I just have passed the Sailfish tutorial after factory reset (if feels, that I have done that for 1000 times) and will move on with the update now.21:51
r0kk3rz[m]You know you can skip the tutorial21:54
malbefore doing anything else in the tutorial touch the corners of the screen clockwise starting from top left corner21:56
Leif_Eri_No. How?21:56
Leif_Eri_Ah, Thanks21:56
r0kk3rz[m]I'm quite surprised you guys are still struggling with this22:05
Leif_Eri_Today I learned, that the official project of glacier-home at can't be build and deployed with the platform sdk. This is only possible with glacier-home from But the last project seems to be not up to date. The SIM unlock qml page, that was linked in this forum today is not part of this release.22:05
Leif_Eri_It would be great, if someone can find a solution to build and deploy glacier-home and other glacier projects with the platform sdk or some can give advice, how to build and deploy the projects with obs.22:07
r0kk3rz[m]There would be builds on OBS already22:10
Leif_Eri_r0kk3rz, It takes so much time to collect the pieces of information to become productive. Therefore it would leverage the community, if we have a good documentation.22:10
r0kk3rz[m]You just need to install them22:10
Leif_Eri_It sounds easy, but one needs background knowledge. If you follow the instructions on this page, you get an outdated version of glacier UX:
r0kk3rz[m]Outdated? That's pulls it off the Nemo OBS repo22:12
r0kk3rz[m]If it needs triggering a rebuild then that's easy to do22:13
Leif_Eri_Yes. It is a version without the top pull down menu. If I build and deploy glacier-home from neochapays repository, I can see the top menu.22:14
r0kk3rz[m]Well that's neochapays repo22:14
Leif_Eri_r0kk3rz, I'm pretty sure, that you are right, but one need to know the commands.22:15
r0kk3rz[m]You can't do it, someone with access to the obs repo can22:16
r0kk3rz[m]Bit neochapay does all kinds of stuff, and he will submit it to the main Nemo repo when he is ready22:16
Leif_Eri_His code works for a platform sdk build and deployment. Hopefully his fix will be integrated soon in the main Nemo repo.22:18
Leif_Eri_However, one post of this chat linked to a SIM unlock page, that is part of the devel branch. Therefore I'm confused. It's not part of glacier, if I wollow the installation instructions of the Mer Wiki.22:22
Leif_Eri_I  mean "follow"22:22
r0kk3rz[m]Well yes, that's the state of things at the moment22:25
Leif_Eri_If we can't use obs, that we need indeed a solution to build glacier projects and finally Nemo Mobile with an internal build server.22:25
r0kk3rz[m]You can use obs22:27
r0kk3rz[m]Get yourself an account if you haven't done so already22:28
r0kk3rz[m]Setting up your own OBS is an epic journey on its own22:28
Leif_Eri_I'm confused. Some lines ago, you wrote, that it's not possible to use obs.22:29
r0kk3rz[m]You misunderstood22:29
r0kk3rz[m]Obs has different sections, each has permissions to access22:30
r0kk3rz[m]You can get an account, and have your own section for your stuff22:31
r0kk3rz[m]Talk to lbt in #mer to request an account22:32
Leif_Eri_I see, each user makes his own builds but shares the infrastructure to execute the build process.22:33
Leif_Eri_I will recheck the installation of glacier home following the Wiki installation instruction. If you are right I should find the SIM unlock, right?
r0kk3rz[m]Ish, you can link things from other people's builds, like the Mer project or other Nemo projects so you just build the stuff you modify22:36
Leif_Eri_I expected, that the status bar is the panel, that you can slide in from the top. Maybe this is my misunderstanding.22:36
r0kk3rz[m]That never used to be the case22:36
Leif_Eri_Got it. This makes sense.22:36
r0kk3rz[m]But these days is a quasi-standard ux feature, so even sailfish modified their stuff to work like that22:37
Leif_Eri_With your last sentence you mean: No one would build everything, just the modified stuff.22:37
r0kk3rz[m]Depends what you want to do22:38
r0kk3rz[m]Neochapays repos build everything22:38
Leif_Eri_Coming from the Java world, it's comparable to Hudson?22:41
Leif_Eri_Or like Nexus?22:42
r0kk3rz[m]No idea22:42
r0kk3rz[m]I don't java22:42
Leif_Eri_Would you recommend to install glacier-home on Sailfish 2 or 3?22:44
r0kk3rz[m]Always use the latest22:48
Leif_Eri_Ok. Thanks so much for you patient support. You make a great job. I hope, that I can give this support back with my contribution.22:56

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