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T4<m_aurel> Hello, I want to share some conclusions of our Nemo Mobile evaluation. Erik will ask a question regarding Messages later. We are interested in using Nemo Mobile for our product with a pre-installed alternative for Android and iOS. I'm afraid, there is much work to be done and we need the community beyond the employees, we can hire for thi15:57
T4s purpose:
T4<m_aurel> What do you think? Essential features and apps are missing. And we would need some basic Android support. We already send an RFP for Anbox port to poitential vendors.15:58
T4<m_aurel> Erik will ask some questions regarding the Messages app later.15:58
T4<DibyaXP> Getting upto date mer core shall be first priority15:59
T4<m_aurel> Althoug UBports seem to be the more modern and mature platform I tend to choose Nemo Mobile because of a much better system UX. A good job of the community!16:00
T4<m_aurel> I was told that the Qt release has to be updated.16:01
T4<DibyaXP> Not only that mer is way more stable and reliable platform. Not a wanna be browser on Linux platform16:01
T4<m_aurel> You mean, that the most apps of UBports are "fake apps", that are more or less a wrapper for web apps?16:02
T4<DibyaXP> Yes16:02
T4<m_aurel> Indeed16:02
T4<DibyaXP> @m_aurel  … Essential questions . Thanks for asking. Silica is closed source that's big problem16:08
T4<m_aurel> For a sucessfull commercial product, we need an app store. This could be the app store for But most apps of openrepos are mode for Sailfish with Silica. I assume, they will crash or just no run on a pure Nemo Mobile device.16:11
T4<DibyaXP> I am thinking of making a maps app for open-street maps / Bing maps /here maps16:13
T4<m_aurel> Is there a solution to write an emulator for Silica, that wraps the QtQuickControlls-nemo?16:13
T4<DibyaXP> I don't know if silica API are documented properly then it might be posy16:14
T4<DibyaXP> *possible16:14
T4<m_aurel> Does someone work of missing core apps like an app for emails, calendar and browser?16:15
T4<m_aurel> Type: I mean "work on..."16:16
T4<DibyaXP> Our QT devlopers left us whome we hired for writting a browser for Nemo16:16
T4<m_aurel> It is possible to use the Sailfish Browser as a workaround? It is published under MFL16:18
T4<m_aurel> It' the only Sailfish core app, that is published as FOSS.16:19
T4<DibyaXP> Silica dependency again I guess16:19
T4<m_aurel> I'M very motivated to see also some people working on a freshing up the UI. I can see an alternative font in the recent posts. Good job. Sometimes this cosmetic things are essential to make the system attractive.16:21
T4<m_aurel> The screenshot suggests also a blurred background. Very modern and light. Go ahead.16:23
T4<DibyaXP> Well customisation made CyanogenMod famous , anyone remember that?16:23
T4<m_aurel> Yes. And then they decided to go with Microsoft and shot themselves in the knee.16:24
T4<m_aurel> They included Cortana. A contrqadiction to the promise of a secure alternative to Android.16:25
T4<DibyaXP> Yes man they killed themselves16:25
T4<DibyaXP> Lineage is fork of cyanogen but it doesn't have that charm anymore16:26
T4<m_aurel> Indeed. We are working anyway on an alternative to current paradigm of a system UI and UX, that have iOS and Android in common. It's time to make a change.16:27
T4<DibyaXP> Yes we need change, UI of android and iOS sucks16:28
T4<DibyaXP> We need to create back fait in privacy16:28
T4<m_aurel> And the time is good, because we can't expect, that the big two will change their paragm and intoduce innovation, because their business model depends on the existing paradigm.16:28
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T4<m_aurel> The earn money with data analytics, cloud services and the app ecosystem.16:29
T4<m_aurel> But this is out of topic  of this forum.16:29
T4<DibyaXP> I hate apple and google both16:29
T4<DibyaXP> It is not out of topic, I guess because Nemo was developed to create a pure open-source private os16:30
T4<m_aurel> The claim "think different" is a long time ago. Let's be part of a game change.16:31
T4<m_aurel> Together, we can: young companies, foundations, developers and users. Are there plans for a Nemo Mobile foundation?16:32
T4<DibyaXP> I guess @neochapay  may answer you that16:33
T4<neochapay> @DibyaXP [I guess @neochapay  may answer you that], Oh...i just code :)16:43
T4<DibyaXP> I am Linux noob . I don't code my people does and our QT devloper left us in hell16:45
T4<DibyaXP> Not in good mood man16:45
T4<DibyaXP> CEO is sad he is trying to find new guy and I am mad . … Browser will come from our side it is promise16:46
T4<m_aurel> We send a couple of RFPs this week for Nemo Mobile development. It will be a challenge to get ressources or hire skilled people.16:48
T4<DibyaXP> I am a windows Developer and that proves my ineligibility for developing Nemo16:49
T4<m_aurel> Really? Do you think .NET and UWP development is close to Nemo Mobile Development?16:51
T4<DibyaXP> .net sucks and upw is bullshit. … I use pure win32 api and code much possible in C++ if needed in inline assembly. …  UPW will be next bullshit after android runtime /dalvik …  I don't use any windows …  released after XP because they are bloated piece of shit  … Microsoft became shit after bill left them .16:53
T4<DibyaXP> I am learning QT and QML16:54
T4<DibyaXP> Hopefully I will be able to master iy16:54
T4<DibyaXP> *it16:54
T4<DibyaXP> I wish to contact Linux foundation and Code aurora forum regarding Nemo development16:56
T4<m_aurel> Yes, Code Aurora is essential for hardware adaption, right?17:14
T4<m_aurel> We'll be online soon with an invitation to a community event. I'll post the link here. We could meet, discuss and code. We think about a price for the best contribution.17:15
T4<Chipiguay> Hi Marc, did your company go public?17:15
T4<Chipiguay> I mean, did you disclosed who are you working for?17:16
T4<DibyaXP> Code aurora can make us run Nemo on any Snapdragon processor17:16
T4<m_aurel> Not yet, but soon. We just finalised the branding and such stuff.17:16
T4<Chipiguay> 👍🏼 I'm just curious and hype is increasing17:17
T4<m_aurel> Exiting time. We are currently in interviews with a focus group for our X concept.17:17
T4<m_aurel> I mean UX concept17:17
T4<Chipiguay> are you Europe based?17:18
T4<m_aurel> Yes.17:18
T4<m_aurel> Unfortunately young people request Android support. So we need to think about Anbox.17:18
T4<DibyaXP> Awesome you guys are European17:18
T4<m_aurel> Because of the policial development, there is a growing target group for an alternative. You may know, that there are demonstrations at this weekend because of the suggested new coppyright law.17:19
T4<m_aurel> People become aware, that we need something else than an Android bug or an iOS cage.17:21
T4<DibyaXP> They need to be more aware atleast they need to stop buying huwei and xiomi products17:21
T4<m_aurel> Big discussion on that17:22
T4<DibyaXP> Most of my friends in Berlin uses tons of huwei phones17:24
tbrI mean does it really matter who spies on you *if* someone spies on you?17:44
tbrI'd be more concerned with having better privacy control of my devices, than deciding who gets to spy on me instead of someone else17:45
T4<Chipiguay> tbr: TBH my question was made wondering if I would have any chance to be part of this18:07
r0kk3rz[m]Btw advanced-camera could work well as the standard Nemo camera app, there's not too much silica there to fix22:44
T4<samzn> +122:51

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