Monday, 2019-03-25

T4<neochapay> Hmmmm who can help me with this strange problem
T4<neochapay> in mer core to....07:44
mordif you want to comment out a line with %{a_macro} on it, please use #%% instead of just #07:44
mordmany macros expand to multiple lines, only the first one of which would be covered by #07:45
NeoChapaymord: no i not about macros prolem07:45
NeoChapayi tolk about problem with /opt/cross/bin/ error: /target/usr/lib/ unknown CPU architecture07:45
mordah, right07:46
NeoChapayit's only about armv7 arch07:46
NeoChapayin all another repos all is well07:46
Leif_EriksonAccording the SIM: I don't know any mobile operation system, that doesn't ask for the PIN for authentication. And I don't know a mobile operator, who provides SIM cards without a PIN.13:01
Leif_EriksonThe missing authentication dialogue is a critical issue of Nemo Mobile, because the phone features are not usable.13:03
T4<m_aurel> I found an interesting old Twitter post: This could be asolution to support Android, that seems to be mandatory for successfull commercial product for consumers. Doeas someone know how it works?13:07
tbrLeif_Erikson: you are comparing to "any mobile operation(sic!) system", which is 99% commercial products. Nemo is not a commercial grade product. Also I know plenty of operators who provide SIM cards where the PIN query is disabled.13:16
tbrI'm not saying it's not an issue, most certainly it is an issue and it's inconvenient and it should be solved. For an in-development mobile OS, it's not a show stopper though.13:17
T4<meierrom> @m_aurel : sfdroid is probably dead by now unlike anbox which is quite active mostly due to ubtouch.13:50
T4<meierrom> If mal had more time available we would have a decent anbox on sfos as well. :)13:52
mal@meierrom I have a bit of a problem developing that since I work for jolla now13:58
T4<m_aurel> Thanks. I think, we will push the Andox developmentr for SFOS and Nemo Mobile.14:12
Leif_EriksonDoes someone know a workaround for the SIM issue? Maybe there are some countries with operators, that provide a SIM card without a PIN. I don't know any operator in Europe.14:13
Leif_EriksonIf I reboot any phone, I have to re-enter the PIN code.14:14
Leif_EriksonMaybe I can unlock the SIM card with a terminal command for my Intex Aqua Fish with the Glacier UX?14:31
Leif_EriksonUnfortunatelly the original Sailfish settings for the SIM card are not working any more with an installed Glacier UX.14:32
NeoChapayLeif_Erikson: why you can't disable pin qery on another phone ?14:34
Leif_EriksonI just had a look in the online account of our mobile operator for our company. I have the option to block the SIM or to request a new SIM or PUK. But I can'T diable this security mechanism.14:36
NeoChapayLeif_Erikson: just google it plz...just google14:36
Leif_EriksonAs soon I change the SIM from one phone to another the SIM is automatically locked. It'S not possible to enter the mobile network without authentication.14:37
Leif_EriksonI assume, that we talk about different things.14:39
Leif_EriksonThe SIM card is a working SIM card, that did work. But as usual I need to enter a PIN each time I start a device.14:41
T4<meierrom> Leif_Erikson: it's kind of funny that your experience with operators is completely opposed to mine. I was never forced to use a pin. :)15:06
T4<meierrom> mal: for you developing anbox may be some kind of conflict of interest, I assume.15:12
malyes, there is some conflict of interest15:19
T4<akaWolf> does Jolla explicitly prohibit your development of Anbox?15:21
r0kk3rz[m]Pin dialog stuff seems like a good place to dip your toes into the telephony stack, so go forth and fix it!21:20

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