Thursday, 2019-04-18

T4NotificationBot828 was added by: NotificationBot82806:39
T4<NotificationBot828> (Photo, 1280x615) http://3das7vpgt73yxclb6agz4sz2a2bt7bqqfjucjhhbb5jnndxcd4o4lfid.onion/DMbBtzwOnS.png ✅ Good news guys! … ✅ We have announced the launch-testnet! … ✅ Our team announces AIRDROP 5.000 BTС and 20.000 ETH … ✅ All info is here … ✅ Official group
T4<abranson> @toxip ^ doesn't look like that worked yet06:50
T4<abranson> [Edit] @toxip ^ doesn't look like that worked then06:50
T4<abranson> it allowed it to post, asked it a maths question, then deleted the question06:51
T4<toxip> Hmm 🤔08:08
kimmolispams to irc still...09:07

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