Sunday, 2019-05-05

T4Trading (MISSING @USERNAME! was added by: Trading (MISSING @USERNAME!
T4<Trading (MISSING @USERNAME!> Fwd from Trading Platform: ❗️ BitMEX Competition - 20 000 BTC and 20 000 ETH Giveaway❗️ … ❗️ To celebrate the year of our stock exchange❗️ … ❗️ We have committed ourselves to provide 20,000 BTC to our fans around the world.❗️ … ✅  Participate [ … ](https://bitmex-blog19:54✅  Official group
T4<K31j0> @eekkelund @toxip19:57
T4<toxip> oof19:57
T4<K31j0> Pitiful they can't all be purged at once19:57
T4<toxip> yeah19:58
T4<toxip> the bot doesn't work completely19:58
T4<K31j0> Too bad I can't write bots, maybe just get a bot that checks the display name on join and checks against a list of phrases these badboyes use and kick anything that contains i.e. *trading*20:00

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