Friday, 2019-05-31

vknechtcan/should the new nemo-sdk be installed under PLATFORM_SDK_ROOT="/srv/mer" (eg. /srv/mer/sdks/nemosdk), or better it be independent/isolated from classical sfos stuff ?14:22
NeoChapayvknecht: it's not important14:45
malNeoChapay: when do you get this ?14:45
malhmm, probably 5.9 branch is not fixed for new mesa14:47
maland other updated stuff14:47
NeoChapaymal: maye ^_^ i just fix packaging14:47
vknechtNeoChapay, how are the sdk and targets supposed to be used ? in VirtualBox SFOS-SDK ? because I'm deep in trying to set them up like in HADK doc, and it's a mess :-)17:15
vknechttho maybe not that far, copied sdk-manager and trying to setup from un-bzipped files, but it misses ssu to install toolchain17:18
vknechtright, "sudo zypper in ssu" worked :-)17:23
vknechtwill try to add this 'mer-tooling-chroot' script manually to the archive...17:27

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