Tuesday, 2019-06-11

T4<meierrom> r0kk3rz: locked devices clause? Customers aren't allowed to lock bootloader, right?00:05
olInfo about qt5-qtbase-gui package in Fedora says "License: LGPLv2 with exceptions or GPLv3 with exceptions".00:12
r0kk3rz@meierrom thats the one00:15
r0kk3rzol: were you there last fosdem? vesku told us about the issues with the qt upgrade then00:18
olI don't know. Does qt5-qtbase-gui-5.12.1-7.fc30.x86_64 package in Fedora have wrong License tag?00:19
r0kk3rzno idea, it might00:21
T4<meierrom> r0kk3rz: Wouldn't it be best to lock the bl to keep data more secure and open it if the user needs it? This would respect the license, right?00:22
r0kk3rz@meierrom thats not what this is about, its about not providing end users the ability to change the software on their device00:23
r0kk3rzlike for eg. a blackberry00:23
r0kk3rzgiven jolla is going after government and private sector contracts, they want that ability00:24
olr0kk3rz (IRC): No, I've took a look at "src/corelib/tools/qrect.h" file of qt5-qtbase source. The license blurb says:00:24
r0kk3rzsounds weird00:24
olOK, I won't paste a long blurb here, I'll try to say in my words.00:24
r0kk3rzbut whatever i guess :)00:24
r0kk3rzim just relaying information from vesku00:25
olIt sau=ys that it's distributed under eiither commercial license or LGPLv3 or GPLv2+.00:26
olMay be there are other components that are distributed under other terms.00:27
r0kk3rzall i know is that jolla is discussing with qt company about the best way to proceed00:27
r0kk3rzhopefully they know their own license00:28
T4<meierrom> r0kk3rz: what surprises me is that qt has the legal right to just change the license as they please. I find this problematic, isn't it?00:35
r0kk3rzwhy not, they're the copyright holders arent they?00:36
T4<meierrom> r0kk3rz: just an example: A company like Jolla uses qt and one day qt becomes proprietary. The license cost however is not affordable. This sounds rather scary to me.00:46
r0kk3rzthe distributed gpl3 code will remain, its just newer versions that would be affected by the change00:51
T4<meierrom> r0kk3rz: ...and get stuck with an old version? :)00:54
r0kk3rzthis is the current scenario00:55
T4<meierrom> r0kk3rz: I'm getting it. I just wasn't aware of this. Thanks :)00:56
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T4<neochapay> ok....i create build of nemo for nexus 5 and it started!08:19
T4<neochapay> ...only systemd....08:19
T4<neochapay> https://pastebin.com/L0EKERPF08:21
T4<neochapay> WTF !?08:21
PureTryOut[m]meierrom: do note that Qt has an agreement with KDE to keep Qt FOSS at all times. They founded an organization together to make sure of this, so it'll never go proprietary09:15
r0kk3rznever say never ;)09:43
T4<meierrom> PureTryOut[m]: Thanks :)12:34

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