Sunday, 2019-06-16

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PureTryOut[m]locusf: you have a `[m]` suffix in your name suggesting you use Matrix to talk here, however you show up as an IRC user to me. Are you using a different alias than to join here?12:39
locusfyes #nemo:disroot.org12:45
bencohfunnily enough, locusf has no [m] suffix from this side, unless you're referring to another user/account12:54
locusfI don't have a suffix set up on the matrix side, so I reckon that my setup towards bart[m] looks like I'm connected through irc13:04
PureTryOut[m]It does yes, thanks for the alias13:05
olYou can configure your IRC nick with "!nick" comand sent in private chat to IRC appservice user in Matrix.13:06
olI also use Matrix with IRC appservice as my IRC client/bouncer.13:07
locusfits really good once it works13:09
PureTryOut[m]Yeah the Matrix bridge automatically appends `[m]` to your nickname on IRC13:11
PureTryOut[m]Is the alias for this room mentioned somewhere? I didn't see it on the wiki, only a mention to a Telegram channel (eew) and Freenode13:12
locusfit was advertised in twitter 3 years ago :)13:14
PureTryOut[m]Uh... Yeah... Good job... Lol13:18
PureTryOut[m]Please add it to the wiki 😃13:18
PureTryOut[m]Otherwise you'll have more people like me joining the portal room rather than this plumbed room13:18
olIRC appservice adds suffix by default that isconfigured in its settings. But you can change your nick to comething else with "!nick" command. Also, you can set up your NickServ credentials (if you trust the IRC appservice you use to store your Freenode password).13:29
PureTryOut[m]I know 😉13:32

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