Saturday, 2019-09-07

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maltbr: hi, are you still maintaining it seems to be down14:26
tbrmal: yes, I'm bringing things back at the moment. There has been a hdd mishap and I'll have to check if any important files got damaged. (Images is not part of my standard backup regime)15:01
maltbr: ok, good to know, thanks15:02
tbrok, I verified where md5sums and sha*sums exist. Some files bit the dust and I've chmod'ed them 600.15:30 sailfishos-falcon-release-
tbrwhere there are no checksums…15:31
tbrI'll check if I did run a backup of the devaamo storage at some point. If yes I'll overwrite all possible files with their backup.15:32
malwere there a lot of images without checksums?15:55
tbrI'd say most15:59
malok, looks like my images probably didn't have checksums either, it seems sailfish os build doesn't automatically generate a checksum16:03
Mister_Magistertbr: is alive there?!17:18

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