Monday, 2019-09-16

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PureTryOut[m]NeoChapay: so just so you know, the AsteroidOS project has some Mer stuff ported to Qt 5.12.312:26
PureTryOut[m]My main issue currently is lipstick. It requires private functionality in QtWayland which has been removed as of Qt 5.12. AsteroidOS has a commit to revert it but that doesn't work for me12:27
NeoChapayoh....very intresting12:32
PureTryOut[m]My branch for it is here
NeoChapayi see but it's only 5.912:33
PureTryOut[m]It's for AsteroidUI currently, but most stuff is used for Nemo Mobile as well afaik12:33
PureTryOut[m]Exactly, that's not far enough12:33
TheKitPureTryOut[m], have you seen Necunos Nemo packaging for Yocto?13:41
TheKitI think they used Asteroid branch of lipstick as well, but Asteroid cut some functionality while porting lipstick13:42
PureTryOut[m]I have. Same patch that also doesn't work on pmOS for whatever reason13:55

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