Tuesday, 2019-09-24

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T42<birdzhang> btw, why it's T42 ? xD09:44
T42<meierrom> @neochapay [<reply to media>], In September? Where are you?09:55
T42<neochapay> @meierrom [In September? Where are you?], Mother Russia hehe09:55
T42<meierrom> @neochapay [Mother Russia hehe], Gosh. And I thought you were joking. :)09:56
T42<neochapay> In soviet russia joke has you ^_^09:57
T42<neochapay> But tooday snow is go out09:57
T42<neochapay> And we have +609:57
T42<meierrom> @neochapay [And we have +6], Wow. That's not my weather tho :)09:58
T42<neochapay> @meierrom [Wow. That's not my weather tho :)], Sorry but in russia after september summer only for money ^_^09:59
T42<meierrom> @neochapay [Sorry but in russia after september summer onl …], XD10:00
T42<neochapay> Pay for Thay hehe10:00
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T42<MrBam> 1611:39
T42<Thaodan> @birdzhang because T4 was taken und because 42 is the answer to the questtion of live13:39
T42<Thaodan> *life13:39
T42<Thaodan> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aboZctrHfK813:40
T42<birdzhang> The real answer to life, universe and everything 👍13:42

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