Saturday, 2019-09-28

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T42<m_aurel> Hello, we are now preparing the marketing videos, photos and texts for our campaign. To show the UI in a good quality, I would like to take screenshots, but all apps in Jolla Harbour fail: SailshotMe, screenshot and ScreenTapShot2. Some of them create a subfolder for screenshots, but no image is created. Is there a solution for Nemo M10:04
T42obile? I could take a camera, but it's difficult to make good photos without reflections.10:04
T42<m_aurel> By the way: We'll us Glacier UX and apps from this repository. I would prefer the branch of Sergey Chupligin, because the system settings are in a top slide in panel in his branch, but the tales are not centered and the right margin is missing.10:07
T42<m_aurel> We also offer an option for an upgrade to Sailfish OS. For this use case, the screenshots can be taken without any problems.10:08
T42<m_aurel> I think we can take the creaming solution.10:14
T42<m_aurel> (Photo, 718x1279)
T42<m_aurel> (Photo, 718x1280)
T42<m_aurel> @neochapay Let me know, if you can fix the right margin issue in your branch.10:16
T42<m_aurel> THis is not yet a screenshot of our final device. IT'll have other screen ratios.10:19
T42<samzn> I should overhaul these icons again when I get time10:23
T42<neochapay> @m_aurel [@neochapay Let me know, if you can fix the rig …], You use very old version. Use devel branch10:25
T42<m_aurel> I'll check it with git status. I think I'm on the devel branch, but I use the referenced repository above10:29
T42<m_aurel> With your repository I have wrong margins. The screen is cut away at the right side.10:30
T42<neochapay> @m_aurel [With your repository I have wrong margins. The …], Hm...give me repo link. I will recheck... with bottom sidebar it's old version11:14
T42<NotKit> @m_aurel [With your repository I have wrong margins. The …], could you send a photo of what is wrong exactly?11:19
T42<gischpelino> I think the two white lines (bottom and right) are the problem.11:44
T42<gischpelino> But looks very nice.11:44
T42<OndrejMorhac> Is there some difference in use, when I install Nemo on Sailfish 2.x or on 3.x?13:29
T42<neochapay> @OndrejMorhac [Is there some difference in use, when I instal …], Different repo13:40
T42<OndrejMorhac> @neochapay [Different repo], Ah, ofcourse, but besides that ...13:41
T42<m_aurel> (Photo, 716x1278) This is, what I mean. Look at the top of the screen.14:22
T42<m_aurel> (Photo, 717x1278) And here at the right missing margin14:22
T42<m_aurel> I managed to checkout, build and deploy the project from here:
T42<m_aurel> (Photo, 722x1276)
T42<m_aurel> This works.14:33
T42<m_aurel> The white line comes from a badly cut image from my screenshot.14:36
T42<m_aurel> One moment. This is themaster branch14:56
T42<m_aurel> I have to switch14:56
T42<m_aurel> Deployment of origin/master fails:15:02
T42<m_aurel> Error: This request will break your system!15:02
T42<m_aurel> Finished transaction (status=2, runtime=395ms)15:02
T42<m_aurel> Deploy failed15:02
T42<DibyaXP> Glacier looks awesome as always15:02
T42<m_aurel> I agree. Therefore we ould like to bring glacier to consumers.15:03
T42<m_aurel> Is there a specific system requirement for the origin/devel branch of the project in the repo of @neochapay ?15:09
T42<m_aurel> MY developer device has Sailfish OS installed. Jala didn't provide an update for the Accione device, only for the Accione P devices.15:10
T42<m_aurel> On my build engine I tried a different target: instead of This doesn't work at all:15:26
T42<m_aurel> Maybe I have to install the Sailfish target on my build engine. But surprisingly origin/master works fine with the target on my developer device.15:27
T42<NotKit> you probably should try to install compiled rpm manually with zypper to see the what is issue15:29
T42<m_aurel> Thanks. I'll try16:29
T42<OndrejMorhac> To Nemo developers: Are you planning to release Nemo ( Glacier) for public as its own image? I mean without need to have Sailfish preinstalled20:05
T42<m_aurel> Necunos announced something for their device and they have published a Yocto based Nemo Mobile port. If our campaign is successfull we'd offer a pre-installed Nemo as well.20:25
T42<neochapay> @OndrejMorhac [To Nemo developers: Are you planning to releas …], I planing release nemo image for PinePhone6421:47
T42<akaWolf> @OndrejMorhac [To Nemo developers: Are you planning to releas …], that would be nice21:52

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