Monday, 2019-09-30

T42<meierrom> @Thaodan [I understand the concerns of silica not being …], I think the purpose of the script is to enable the user to more easily switch between the two os.01:34
T42<meierrom> @deedend [Mmmm I'm a bit confused: are you encouraging h …], Personally I'm willing to accept the use of proprietary licenses if it helps a company like Jolla to survive.01:40
T42<Thaodan> RomanMeier:  I understand the purpose of the script but that could work fine with patterns or meta packages04:18
T42<Thaodan> DanieleV: no but if they require a package that comes out of their event to be MIT or BSD licensed it could be used in a proprietary version of the software.04:21
T42<deedend> @Thaodan [DanieleV: no but if they require a package tha …], I know, so you suggest instead to stay on GPL v2 or better, 3?05:19
T42<Thaodan> GPLv2 or 3.07:49
T42<Thaodan> For web services AGPL07:49
T42<Thaodan> LGPL if you want better adoption but still coyleft07:50
T42<Thaodan> for example that closed source applications can use free software libs still07:50
T42<deedend> @Thaodan [for example that closed source applications ca …], Yeah, makes sense08:20
*** verin0x3 is now known as verin0x09:29
T42<OndrejMorhac> So I gave it another try to install nemo on my nexus 5. I used clear install of Sailfish Then add repo neochapy for, zypper refresh, pkcon refresh and zypper dup. I ended with missing ""19:40

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