Wednesday, 2019-10-02

T42<jmlich> I did some presentation with overview of alternative mobile systems which I am going to repeat this year and I want to update it. I am not sure what information I want right now.
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PureTryOut[m]jmlich: note, you capitalized postmarketOS wrong. Just the "OS" is capitalized, everything else is lower-case09:21
PureTryOut[m]Also, Plasma Mobile isn't an OS but just a DE. The OS I think you're referring to is just KDE Neon09:22
PureTryOut[m]Actually, that list is not just distros, nvm09:22
PureTryOut[m]Your info on "Ubuntu Phone" lists "Dead / Community driven". Please make clear while talking that it is not dead at all because of that community effort09:39
PureTryOut[m]Also, the Android kernel isn't required, it can run on mainline devices like the PinePhone perfectly fine09:40
r0kk3rzid say 'abandoned by canonical' rather than 'dead'09:40
PureTryOut[m]Ah a slide for Plasma Mobile. Not sure where you got the info from that it's based on Mer, because it's not. Besides being just a DE that is.09:40
PureTryOut[m]For postmarketOS, currently we do not ship LuneUI09:41
PureTryOut[m]Yeah that's better09:42
PureTryOut[m]As for "alternative Androids", Copperhead doesn't exist anymore09:42
T42<jmlich> Yeah it needs a lot of updates (-;09:43
r0kk3rzPureTryOut[m]: there was an old old incarnation of plasma that was based on mer10:15
r0kk3rzbut this is ancient history10:15
r0kk3rzand then was based on ubuntu touch images for a while10:16
PureTryOut[m]Yeah but that both was outdated even last year haha10:18
T42<jmlich> Well, first I am updating this since 2009. Obviously, I need to verify whole thing. Therefore I am looking for some resources (-;10:30
sicelocould i get official permission to plagiarize that :p12:24
* sicelo is also giving a presentation on Monday about linux on phones12:24
PureTryOut[m]AuroraOS? 🤔12:36
T42<neochapay> @PureTryOut[m] [AuroraOS? 🤔], Sailfish OS Rus now named Aurora OS12:50
T42<Icenowy> btw can nemo components run on a generic Linux distro now?12:51
PureTryOut[m]If that generic Linux distro still runs Qt 5.6, yes12:51
PureTryOut[m]Which is the main blocker for having it running on postmarketOS atm12:52
T42<Icenowy> still 5.6?12:52
T42<Icenowy> good bye12:52
T42<Icenowy> we have 5.1312:52
PureTryOut[m]Yeah, due to SFOS still using that12:53
PureTryOut[m]postmarketOS has 5.12.5 🤷‍♂️ so we're both out of luck12:54
T42<neochapay> We can use 5.9 :) but who....12:54
PureTryOut[m]Still nog good enough lol12:55
T42<Icenowy> what blocks running it on newest Qt?12:56
PureTryOut[m]SailfishOS still being stuck on Qt 5.612:57
PureTryOut[m]And Qt 5.6 having tons of breaking differences with the newest Qt I guess12:57
T42<Icenowy> I think there's little if no private API is used12:58
T42<Icenowy> a major problem might be QtWebkit12:58
T42<Icenowy> but it could be built independently12:58
T42<eekkelund> Glacier-home / nemo components work well on qt 5.1212:59
T42<neochapay> @eekkelund [Glacier-home / nemo components work well on qt …], Yea try run glacier settings on 5.1212:59
T42<Icenowy> btw is framework from Meego necessary?12:59
PureTryOut[m]<T42 "<Icenowy> I think there's little"> Actually, it does use a private API that has been removed as part of Qt 5.11. Nemo uses Lipstick, and AsteroidOS has it ported to Qt 5.12. However, for that they need to revert a commit in Qt5Wayland removing a private API that they use13:00
T42<neochapay> And you got so many pine in ass13:00
T42<neochapay> @PureTryOut[m]> <T42 "<Icenowy> I think there's little" [Actually, it does use a private API that has b …], Asteroid lipstick different as mer lipstick13:00
PureTryOut[m]Oh, it's not a drop-in fork thing? So you can't have both AsteroidUI and GlacierUI running on the same compositor...?13:01
PureTryOut[m]That is dissapointing 😕13:01
T42<neochapay> You can but some features will be broken13:01
T42<eekkelund> (Photo, 600x1084)
T42<eekkelund> Ah replied to wrong message13:02
T42<neochapay> @eekkelund [Ah replied to wrong message], I think many features broken on 5.12 as ssu and more13:03
T42<neochapay> Qmf broken13:03
T42<neochapay> Voicecallui broken13:03
PureTryOut[m]Hmm, are there plans to make them work on the same base again?13:03
T42<eekkelund> @PureTryOut[m] [Hmm, are there plans to make them work on the …], Yeah13:03
T42<neochapay> @PureTryOut[m] [Hmm, are there plans to make them work on the …], I work on new releases of my copy mer on 5.913:04
T42<neochapay> But now i not have many free time for it13:04
T42<eekkelund> @neochapay [I think many features broken on 5.12 as ssu an …], What do you want me to test? 😃13:04
T42<neochapay> @eekkelund [What do you want me to test? 😃], Glacier contacts ;)13:05
T42<neochapay> Notifications13:05
PureTryOut[m]That MR has been open for a year without any changes 😕 Also, AsteroidOS uses Qt 5.12 as well13:05
T42<neochapay> In first we must build qt 5.12 on obs13:06
T42<abranson> PureTryOut: that's how far the qt5.9 migration got before the licensing got in the way. dunno yet whether it'll get resumed or used as a base for a later version13:07
T42<abranson> but i bet collecting problems with later versions would be useful13:07
T42<jmlich> @sicelo [could i get official permission to plagiarize …], You can use my presentation as you need. Right now, I am not aware about license restriction inside it. I have probably already plagiarized something (-;13:07
PureTryOut[m]Why exactly does Nemo care so much about the SFOS base? Can't you just upgrade to newer Qt without caring about SFOS?13:07
T42<eekkelund> (Photo, 600x1084)
T42<eekkelund> old glacier-home in that image13:08
T42<neochapay> @eekkelund [old glacier-home in that image], So old13:08
T42<eekkelund> Yeah, but notifications works 😃13:09
T42<abranson> PureTryOut: better to cooperate really. lots of manpower at jolla maintaining mer/sfos-core.13:09
T42<neochapay> @eekkelund [old glacier-home in that image], Ok if all works. Where i can get git with 5.12 and i start create new release with it13:09
PureTryOut[m]<T42 "<abranson> PureTryOut: better to"> Makes sense, but currently that means you're stuck with ancient technologies 😢13:12
T42<abranson> not for long apparently. the upgrade was slated for the first half of next year13:12
T42<abranson> hope it jumps to 5.12. 5.9's already out of support isn't it?13:13
T42<eekkelund> @neochapay [Ok if all works. Where i can get git with 5.12 …], thats the nemo image built with yocto-platform :)13:13
T42<neochapay> @abranson [not for long apparently. the upgrade was slate …], Soon ™13:13
T42<abranson> well the block has been resolved last I heard13:14
T42<neochapay> @eekkelund [thats the nemo image built with yocto-platform …], Nonono i whant stay in mer :)13:14
T42<abranson> that's what has kept it back for over a year13:14
PureTryOut[m]<T42 "<abranson> hope it jumps to 5.12"> 5.9 is still supported till May 202013:16
PureTryOut[m]So yeah 5.12 or higher is required lol13:16
T42<eekkelund> @neochapay [Nonono i whant stay in mer :)], Yeah, Mer/SFOS-Core is also important for OMP, right 😃 Or why is that?13:18
T42<neochapay> @eekkelund [Yeah, Mer/SFOS-Core is also important for OMP, …], It's just my duckling syndrome13:19
T42<neochapay> (Sticker, 512x512)
T42<Icenowy> BTW how does Mer/Nemo integrate with HW?17:33
T42<Icenowy> for things like LEDs, motors, etc17:34
malleds and vibrator normally use sysfs controls, for vibrator also the ff-memless way is possible18:41
T42<Icenowy> for vibrator can it use event device?18:56
T42<Icenowy> for mainline gpio-vibrator driver18:56
malthat is the ff-memless way, i.e. event devices generated by kernel19:30

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