Saturday, 2019-10-12

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qwazixping! Who can give me access to qtquickcontrols-nemo? pretty please...07:42
locusfI can't since I'm not a maintainer in nemomobile but I am in nemomobile-ux :/07:53
locusfpull requests I can accept and merge07:53
T42<neochapay> locusf maybe we need to migrate all development on nemo-ux repos ?09:04
locusfyeah that would make sense09:04
locusfI don't recall exactly why this wasn't done in the first place09:04
T42<Thaodan> just fork it and commit to another  branch?11:08
PDP-7Is it possible to reset alrady installed Sailfish password?11:25
PDP-7I have Sailfish on my Onyx but cannot remember the password and was going to update the OS.11:25
PDP-7Also I notived that recovery-twrp installation page points to seems to be broken. At least for me when I download it.11:27
PDP-7I'll answer to myself. Enable developer mode and set it.11:50
T42<faenil> qwazix: I should be able to, ping me in 1h12:24
T42<m_aurel> @neochapay [], Great work. switching light and dark mode  would match our concept perfectly.14:14
T42<m_aurel> @faenil [There's basically only one person working on t …], Sounds promising. We'll try to get support from the community and other startups, that want to choose Nemo Mobile as the base OS.14:15
T42<faenil> @m_aurel [Sounds promising. We'll try to get support fro …], If you ask Jolla sailors they will give you better estimates about how long it takes to make the core apps consumer ready 😉14:16
T42<m_aurel> The alterantive is UBports. To make the system UX simple and beatiful seems to me much more work. However UBports is the 2nd mature mobile OS alternative after Sailfish OS, that is almost ready for a consumer product.14:18
T42<neochapay> Because ubports coding many people but nemo...not many :))))14:21
T42<neochapay> Now we have broken voicecall application and messages application too14:22
T42<neochapay> It's first look bugs which i found in my last build on nexus 514:22
T42<m_aurel> I was able to make and receive a call with our Glacier UX and Apps installation on top our prototypical community port of Sailfish OS. I also could receive short messages, but I an only respond but not create a new thread.14:28
T42<m_aurel> I would be happy to start with creating some tickets for basic bugs and missing features. Currently it'S not clear for mere, where the Glacier project is hosted and maintained:14:33
T42<m_aurel> We have this respository with many Glacier apps: and this project, that seems to be more up to date regarding Glacier home:
T42<neochapay> @m_aurel [I would be happy to start with creating some t …], Use only nemo-ux repos because in my repos sometimes I broke something14:35
T42<m_aurel> Is there already a solution for a proteced lock screen in Glacier UX? I couldn't find it, yet.14:54
T42<faenil> @m_aurel [The alterantive is UBports. To make the system …], Disclaimer: I did an internship at Jolla and worked at Canonical on Ubuntu Phone (now UBports).14:55
T42<faenil> Ubports core apps are (were) consumer ready as we shipped 2 or 3 phones and 1 tablet customers.14:55
T42<faenil> My heart is with both projects, but business wise I believe Nemo will require a far greater effort to make it consumer ready14:55
T42<m_aurel> I totally agree. Unfortunately the UX of UBports is in my point of view (for good reasons) too much aligned to Ubuntu and not to a lean and simple mobile UX. I think the core apps of UBports have to be significantly refined. However one outcome of our hackathin in spring has shown, that it should be quite easy to modify the system UI14:59
T42close to a look and feel of Glacier.14:59
T42<faenil> They're both Qt based, so changing the look shouldn't be a massive effort.15:02
T42<faenil> Ubuntu phone was more oriented towards security (with system services handling access to data), Nemo is more towards a standard linux distro but mobile friendly15:02
T42<Thaodan> I think Ubuntus adaption of apparmor is a large benefit15:03
T42<faenil> Yeah, there were lovers and haters, as usual 😄15:03
T42<Thaodan> without that there would be the same security or less than in SailfishOS15:04
T42<Thaodan> systemd helps securing service's much better now without much effort15:04
T42<akaWolf> is there security in sfos et all?15:06
T42<Thaodan> yes daemons have limited access on the system also ad is completely separated15:10
T42<m_aurel> What's about VPN Support of Nemo Mobile. Is VPN only a Sailfish OS add on or part of the Nemo Mobile middleware with just a missing interface in Glaicer UX?20:05
T42<m_aurel> So, I conclude, that there is no concept for PIN code protected lick screen in Glacier, correct?20:07
T42<neochapay> @m_aurel [What's about VPN Support of Nemo Mobile. Is VP …], Missing20:47
T42<neochapay> @m_aurel [So, I conclude, that there is no concept for P …], We have glacier pin or something...but it not installed by default20:48

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