Tuesday, 2019-10-15

*** verin0x2 is now known as verin0x05:47
T42<neochapay> I was fix qtcontacts-sqlite for build with qtpim-5.9 https://git.merproject.org/mer-core/qtcontacts-sqlite/merge_requests/36/diffs it was build but i not shure of correct work ^_^09:07
T42<neochapay> @eekkelund can you build tests on 5.12 ?09:10
T42<eekkelund> @neochapay [@eekkelund can you build tests on 5.12 ?], Nope09:53
T42<neochapay> Ok....now we have 6 broken packages17:30
T42<neochapay> Only 6!!!17:30
T42<neochapay> For Qt5.9 build17:30
T42<m_aurel> QtPIM isn't supported by Sailfish but Nemo Mobile? The Sailfish developer dicumentation suggests to use other libraries to acces user data.23:45

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