Sunday, 2019-10-20

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T42<neochapay> oh k`mon!!! second day git is down :(11:14
T42<DylanVanAssche> @neochapay [oh k`mon!!! second day git is down :(], I have forks on Github for that reason ;)12:19
T42<neochapay> and last mr for mer-core to build on gcc8^_^13:40
T42<neochapay> But now only on i48613:40
T42<abranson> @neochapay [ …], Hmm, mal had done that but it looks like it wasn't PRed. were there any more?15:52
malsorry about that, I somehow forgot to make the PR15:53
T42<neochapay> bad....15:53
malI changed so many repos that forgot one15:54
malwe will need to see what could be done for the llvm build, it runs out of memory15:56
malor was it out of space but anyway15:57
mal@neochapay during which build are those .pro changes needed, I didn't have those in my branch16:05
T42<neochapay> no needed. It's just for best looking into qtcreator16:06
malmaybe rewrite packaging commit, it's not very good english, maybe "[packaging] Add spec and privileges files into project file" also maybe use the same indentation formatting as the SUBDIRS part in the pro file uses16:13
malalthough the formatting is a bit of nitpicking16:13

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