Mer is an open, mobile-optimised, core distribution aimed at device manufacturers; powered by Qt/QML and HTML5 - openly developed, inclusive, and meritocratically governed.

We admit it - we're geeks - here's a non-technical page "about Mer"

The Core is based upon the work from the MeeGo project and plans to share effort with the Tizen project.

We have some clear goals:

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History of the Mer project:

In October 2011 the Mer project was announced, centered around a ultra-portable Linux + HTML5/QML/JS Core for building products with, derived from the MeeGo codebase.

Earlier in 2011, David Greaves and Carsten Munk had sat down to discuss new directions for the MeeGo project, approaching it from the angle of reconstructing the project from bottom up in order to reignite the project and fix problems with project management, governance, lack of transparency, direction and flexibility. These discussions were made into a series of blog posts where a different approach to a mobile Core was presented and technical work on the Core was begun.

With the introduction of the Tizen project, it was apparent that these plans had to be put into action. And hence the Mer project was born.

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