Wednesday, 2011-11-02

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veskuhNew wiki for Nemo. Now under
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*** Stskeeps changes topic to "Welcome to Nemo Mobile! | This channel is logged, view them at | Wiki:"08:59
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KaziKluBeyMy partition manager tells me i have 3,5GB ext4,linux swap 8MB,boot(fat) 32MB, 11,3GB fat32. Are linux swap and boot created when running win32 disk imager? I´d like to get 8GB for nemo and 8GB fat 3209:09
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Stskeepsoh right, you weren't in the meeting yesterday09:30
veskuh'lo Sage_ nice to see you here :)09:31
Sage_Stskeeps: yes, wasn't able to follow the meeting read the logs quickly though09:31
veskuhSage_:  I moved the issue list to the new wiki, If you do fixes, better update the new wiki:
Sage_veskuh: ah, ok09:32
the-boss`phaeron lbt sage stskeeps  : CE:UX:MTF/ngfd : needs review : osc review accept/decline 2930 -m"MESSAGE"09:32
Sage_hmmp.. I really wonder what was my account for that :)09:33
Sage_yes, well more like what pass did I put there09:33
Sage_is there recovery thing?09:33
Sage_anyone has time to help debugging?09:36
lbtSage_: I can09:37
Sage_ <- Adding this repo to the previous Nemo image and doing zypper update should solve a lot of problems. However wait until is compiled fo armv7hl09:37
Sage_or if you use ia32 then it is already ok09:37
Sage_problems mentioned in
lbtyeah - that's on my list09:38
xruxaSage_: can we get new image? The one out there boots to black screen for me. No ssh running, cannot help or test :(09:39
* lbt is having issues with ssh too09:40
lbtxruxa: ssh is started by systemd I think09:40
lbtmine TCP connects and starts an sshd but doesn't complete09:40
lbtI just built an image with vim so I could start to debug it09:41
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Stskeepsphaeron: BTW, internal OBS has rpc timeout errors when trying to build against meego09:51
Stskeepsit blocks us updating BME09:51
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Sage_lbt: there is workarond for ssh that isn't in that image10:34
Sage_a moment10:34
Stskeeps(please do send a patch)10:35
Sage_sed -i 's!StandardInput=socket!StandardInput=socket\nStandardOutput=socket!g' /lib/systemd/system/sshd\@.service10:35
Sage_Stskeeps: the patch is in T:T of meego,10:35
Sage_Stskeeps: also newer systemd shoudl fix that problem as well10:35
* lbt tries to ssh in to cut'n'paste.....10:35
lbtand systemd is top on my list10:35
Sage_Stskeeps: you didn't get all the changes from T:T did you?10:35
StskeepsSage_: i must have missed openssh it seems10:35
lbtI'd like to see some kind of task list for things like this and a TAKE mechanism10:36
Sage_anyway we should update openssh to the 5.910:36
Stskeepsright, is just easier for me if someone would send a patch through gerrit ;)10:36
Sage_Stskeeps: I have some package updates on my todo list. Not sure when I have time for those10:37
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Sage_Stskeeps: how to retrieve forgotten password for
Stskeepsnot sure, ask alterego10:42
Sage_alterego: ping10:43
Sage_Stskeeps: does fakeobs work with branch and prj link?10:43
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Stskeepsprj link is a little more difficult, branch will work10:44
Sage_I'm just wondering if I would change e.g. bash package how to verify that the new bash package will not break any of the existing packages, where prj link would be handy.10:47
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Sage_question, we don't have meegotouchfeedback in our MTF ux, should we have?10:58
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StskeepsSage_: you can do localdep10:58
Sage_that is ok11:00
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Sage_veskuh: (because tries to use gconftool and we have gconftool-2)  <- what
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Sage_ah, /etc/profile.d/language.sh11:12
veskuhYes, that one11:12
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Sage_No value set for `/meegotouch/i18n/language'11:13
veskuhI guess that would be another problem11:14
Sage_I wonder what should set that11:15
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Sage_and also do we really need that
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Sage_well, atm. it just outputs error and defaults to en_US11:17
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veskuhthat may effect on how localization works on other fw's than meegotouch, but I think we have more important issues to solve first11:19
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Sage_ah, bug in the script anyway11:22
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Sage_now hoping that cobs would come up again11:28
veskuhI wonder if that would fix the language applet or is that a separate issue11:28
Sage_might be same issue11:29
Sage_missing "" markes caused that LANG was not set at all11:29
veskuhyep, that was happening11:30
Sage_veskuh: can you cross "Warrenty shows wrong warranty information" and "after su to root or login via ssh: -bash: gconftool: command not found (because tries to use gconftool and we have gconftool-2)" out from
Sage_fixed in Project:MTF atm.11:30
Sage_ok, time to tackle the systemui crash next11:31
Sage_do we have any volunteers starting of maintaining the Project:MTF and keeping it uptodate with the upstream?11:32
Sage_maybe should be asked in next SG meeting if someone would be interested of that.11:33
* Sage_ tries to get some load of his back atm.11:33
Stskeepshow many of those are YAML'ifid?11:34
w00ti may be able to help with that11:34
w00tyou may also find useful in those tasks11:35
veskuhI think I could take some of the easiest packages11:35
Sage_Stskeeps: I think all of them.11:35
w00te.g. most of the time just running tarball.rb --outdir=path/to/obs/dir --tag-prefix=harmattan/ in the git dir will work fine11:35
w00t(it should guess the package name, and find the latest tag ok)11:36
Sage_Stskeeps: I have done yaml for all of those when ever doing changes.11:36
w00tI have a seperate script for maintaining patches against packages in git, I should really make that one public sometime11:36
Sage_w00t: if you could help that would be nice.11:36
w00tSage_: count me as tentative11:37
Sage_ok :)11:37
w00tI haven't looked at nemo at all yet, need to find some time and motivation11:37
Sage_ <- trying to get those resolved and tested if possible11:37
Sage_couple of those should be already resolved, however the sysuid crashes so I can't test atm.11:38
Sage_installing debuginfo atm. to my N900 to get some more info11:38
Sage_also now when the MTF UX is in its own project we could introduce some more nokia libs there that were not accepted to MeeGo to get more functionality fixed.11:40
Sage_nokia libs that are available to public that is11:40
* Sage_ is using gdb first time in nemo image. Intersting to see if everything required is there.11:43
w00twhat libs?11:43
w00ti thought pretty much everything was in11:44
w00tbtw, nice that you're making good progress11:44
Sage_we cut of some deps to some libs11:44
w00tyou're my hero :P11:44
veskuhsetting LANG did not help language applet crash :(11:46
Sage_veskuh: ok11:46
Sage_w00t: :P11:46
Sage_Overall download size: 319.0 MiB. After the operation, additional 814.0 MiB will be used.11:46
* Sage_ hates installing qt-debuginfo11:46
w00tSage_: virgin:~/code/qt% du -hs                                          (W44 - 11/02@12:47:09 CET)11:47
Sage_The package integrity check failed. This may be a problem with the repository or media. Try one of the following:11:49
Sage_Stskeeps: there might be something funny in mer debuginfo packages.11:52
Stskeepsany error when manually adding?11:53
Sage_still processing rpm cmd11:53
Sage_if that is what you meant11:54
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps  : CE:UX:MTF/meegotouchcp-language : needs review : osc review accept/decline 2931 -m"MESSAGE"11:55
lbtmmm can trim that msg too now11:55
phaeronlbt: please wait for new process :D11:58
Sage_any change you could help a bit? :)11:59
vgradeSage_, Stskeeps, I used debuginfo on x86 Exopc Mer ok12:01
w00tthat's ...12:01
w00tSage_: i might know someone good to ask though, hold on12:01
Sage_vgrade: qt debuginfo?12:01
Sage_w00t: this brings one thing to my mind. If you are up for it meegotouch-systemui should be updated from the current 1.1.9 to 1.2.16. I haven't even though of that myself yet as there is 15 patches in our systemui :/12:04
Sage_many of ouf systemui related bugs would probably be fixed in that update12:05
Sage_migth be a trivial thing though.12:06
* Sage_ checks if patches apply12:06
w00tare we able to zypper up from one day to another with reasonable safety?12:08
Stskeepsnot yet, xorg is usual culprit12:08
w00tstill no clue what is screwing with that? ;)12:09
Sage_wow, supricingly few patches fail12:11
Stskeepsw00t: i have a good idea about it12:11
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Sage_w00t: I'm checking if I can manage the systemui update :)12:13
Sage_4/15 patches don't apply12:16
Sage_so not so bad12:16
vgradeSage_, yes12:17
alteregoSage_: pong12:19
Sage_alterego: I have forgotten my password to also any progress on handset-dialer+12:19
Sage_w00t: send systemui update to Project:MTF and disabled those 4 patches should be upstreamed or fixed in upstream anyway. Lets see if that works better.12:26
w00tcan you point me to those patches?12:26
Sage_ <- check the last changelog entry to see which one of those I disabled12:27
w00ttemp_reverted_SDK_usb_mode_requires_new_qmsystem.patch sounds like we could just update qmsystem.. :)12:29
w00ti'm pretty sure temp_remove_lowmemorynotifier.patch can be dropped altogether12:29
w00t(I think that feature got removed)12:30
Sage_well we have 1.4.1 qmsystem12:30
Sage_which is the latest upstream as well12:30
Sage_the comment said qmsystem >=212:30
Sage_yes, that lowmemory was disabled based on upstream changelog12:30
w00tSage_: sure they don't mean qmsystem2?12:31
Sage_w00t: there is such thing?12:32
*** kimju has joined #nemomobile12:33
w00tqmsystem sort of morphed into qmsystem2, I think12:33
Sage_ah, naming thing12:33
Sage_well we have that now I think12:34
*** jpal has joined #nemomobile12:35
w00tso is probably ok12:35
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Sage_at least our qmsystem has that SDK mode now12:37
Sage_        SDK               //!< Windows network mode. Allows USB networking on the device.12:37
Sage_removing that patch12:38
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* Sage_ installs new systemui to device12:45
* Sage_ reboots the device12:50
Sage_\o/ no crash12:52
w00tthat's good :)12:54
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Sage_so only question is now those 2 patches12:55
*** Mirv has joined #nemomobile12:55
Sage_veskuh: "System notification background black instead of transparent" fixed in Project:MTF as well12:55
veskuhupdated the wiki12:58
Sage_veskuh: mtf-settings.desktop defines spashscreen, but the file is missing ?13:01
Sage_veskuh: what does that mean?13:01
veskuhSage_: there is a new feature in booster, splashscreen for app launch.13:01
Sage_ah, ok13:02
Sage_so Exec=/usr/bin/invoker --type=m --splash=/usr/share/themes/blanco/meegotouch/images/splash/meegotouch-settings-splash.jpg /usr/bin/duicontrolpanel.launch13:02
veskuhSage_: so the desktop file defined a splashscreen that I guess should be part of theme13:02
Sage_so we should probably remove taht --splash option from there13:02
veskuhyep, that file does not exist13:02
veskuhyep, that would be a way to fix it.13:02
Sage_it refers to blanco theme anyway13:02
veskuhat some point we may want to investigate using the feature, to improve startup of apps.13:03
Sage_ok, updating the control panel to newer version and patching that out13:04
veskuhwell, patching perhaps not needed. I do not think it slows down having it defined13:04
alteregoSage_: let me have a look at that wiki.13:07
alteregoSage_: can't you do the "E-Mail Password" button?13:11
Sage_veskuh: we have patched that already a bit, so just added one more ! meego rule to that patch.13:11
Sage_alterego: can you show me the page where that is?13:11
alteregoIt's the login page, click on the "login" button top right and the login page has an "E-Mail Password" button next to the "Log in" button below the login form.13:12
Sage_alterego: lol... I'm blind :D13:12
alteregoI don't know it'll work though ;)13:13
Sage_well, lets see :)13:13
alteregoOh, looks like it works (I just tried) :)13:13
alteregoYay me :)13:13
Sage_veskuh: "mtf-settings.desktop defines spashscreen, but the file is missing" fixed now in Project:MTF as well.13:15
*** kimitake_idle is now known as kimitake13:21
Sage_I think I'm going to move meego-terminal under Project:MTF as it is so heavily based on MTF13:22
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phaeronSage_: is now a good time to upgrade ?13:32
phaeronSage_: the boss participants and process13:32
phaeronlbt: ^^13:32
Sage_phaeron: I'm fine13:33
Sage_phaeron: so if you are ready just go for it13:33
* lbt gets popcorn13:34
*** jsv_ has joined #nemomobile13:37
Sage_No update candidate for 'mtf-handset-ux-.noarch'. The highest available version is already installed.13:40
Sage_Stskeeps: ^ supports my guess that patterns have versions13:40
*** faenil has joined #nemomobile13:46
faenilgood afternoon people :)13:47
faenilnews about N900/n950 hw adapt?13:47
Sage_During this week we should have new images for N900, N950 and ia3213:48
faenilwow :) that's nice :)13:48
Sage_not perfect yet but should be better already.13:48
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps  : CE:UX:MTF/meego-terminal : was rejected13:48
lbtphaeron: ?13:49
lbtnew participants?13:49
phaeronreapplyed some stuff13:49
Sage_nice that works :D13:49
lbtOK - looks much neater13:49
phaeronlooking at an erred process and will then upgrade the pdef file13:50
* Sage_ thinks boss does now almost every precheck he originally wanted.13:52
Sage_that is so nice!13:52
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps  : CE:UX:MTF/meego-terminal : needs review : osc review accept/decline 2938 -m"MESSAGE"13:53
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps  : CE:UX:MTF/qmsystem : needs review : osc review accept/decline 2939 -m"MESSAGE"13:54
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rlinfatiHi, the maemo diablo version of the kernel can me used with mer core ? or is too old14:25
Stskeepstoo old14:27
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps  : CE:UX:MTF/libdsme : was rejected14:28
Sage_Stskeeps: do we have anyone that could look and update mce/dsme for us and upstream patches that we have that can be upstreamed?14:29
StskeepsSage_: i guess that falls on my table for updating, upstreaming i'm a little unsure14:30
Sage_we have so many warnings/errors etc. during boot from mce and dsme14:30
StskeepsSage_: i think we have dsme maintainer in #meego-arm14:30
Sage_Stskeeps: we have?14:30
Stskeepshmm, not sure14:32
Stskeepssemi_ or something14:32
Sage_I updated libdsme as the update was very small and I had to patch it anyway. But dsme and mce updates aren't so small :)14:34
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps  : CE:UX:MTF/libdsme : needs review : osc review accept/decline 2943 -m"MESSAGE"14:34
Sage_would be nice to have tasklist as lbt mentioned. I would put these dsme/mce things on that list :)14:36
lbtyeah - it's not really bugzilla is it14:36
lbtiepad :)14:37
Sage_bugzilla could be used if we could create bugs without assignee.14:37
Sage_and then label them to some todo category.14:37
Stskeepswiki as a start?14:38
*** jpal has quit IRC14:38
*** jpal has joined #nemomobile14:39
Sage_sure, create a draft page and I'll put some tasks there.14:39
lbtthat's the old one14:40
lbtyeah, really14:40
lbtwe should run agile14:41
lbtbut have a year long continuously adaptive sprint :)14:41
dm8tbrlbt: sounds more like kanban to me ;)14:41
* lbt isn't up on all the various development fads^H^H^H^H methodologies14:42
lbtor should I say "consultancy fodder"14:43
dm8tbryes, I'm sure there are many insultants that would like to sell you some hours14:43
*** jpal has quit IRC14:43
* dm8tbr largely subscribes to 'just get sh*t done'14:44
lbtafk bbiab14:45
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*** araujo has joined #nemomobile15:04
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phaeronSage_: I finished moving all CE: to the new process , please tell me if anything goes weird15:23
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps  : CE:Apps/mobilebrowser : was rejected15:26
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berndhsniqt: hi22:31
berndhsits all the same people in here22:31
niqtbernds: is meegomessanger dead?22:34
berndhsniqt: yes has been dead for a long time22:34
niqtnow nemomessanger22:35
berndhsi don't think anyone is working on retroshare for mobile22:35
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lbthey niqt23:04
lbtwas just replying to your email23:04
lbtbasically ... we were hoping to stay with MeeGo infra but that's not looking possible23:07
lbtso yeah we're a bit fragmented but we at least have a direction now23:07
araujolbt, we are moving away from too???23:08
lbtno choice23:08
araujoI see....23:08
lbtit will eventually run out of funding and be shut down23:08
lbtwe're working on getting some more solid timelines23:09
lbtnothing to panic about23:09
araujothat'd be nice23:09
araujolbt, any plan for the migration already? ...23:09
lbtbut if anyone has 16 spare servers...23:09
lbtwell we're beginning to plan23:09
lbtI'd like to see collaboration of projects around a Mer core sharing a common infra23:10
lbtfrankly the infra was nicely managed and flexible23:11
lbt(though I do say so myself)23:11
araujothat would be ideal yeah ....23:12
lbtSince one of the primary goals is to innovate in the "how to build product" space it makes sense to keep some degree of tight collaboration at the process level23:13
lbtso ... ping smoku :)23:15
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