Thursday, 2011-11-03

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slonopotamusStskeeps: you have an irc channel creation obsession06:12
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Sage_so what should we do with those?06:50
Stskeepspkgconfig(meegotouch) missing?06:55
Sage_yes, well we don't have mtf in MW:Shared06:55
Stskeepsugh :P06:56
Sage_you get the point ;)06:56
Stskeepslayering is hard06:56
Sage_yes it is06:56
w00tdoes meego-handset-photos really rely on qttracker?06:57
w00tsame for -video06:57
Sage_w00t: feel free to fix06:58
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w00tit does07:04
w00tthough it looks like it wouldn't be too hard to rip out07:07
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Sage_Stskeeps: so what do you think. Should we enable users to build MTF apps in CE/Nemo? Just wondering should libmeegotouch be in MW:Shared07:21
Sage_or should all MTF based apps go to CE:UX:MTF07:22
Stskeepsit's a little hard :)07:22
Sage_libmeegotouch, ngfd, meegotouch-theme, libcontentaction <- at least these would come07:22
Sage_We have so few MTF apps so I would keep em in same project07:23
Sage_also we are going to replace most of them anyway when possible07:23
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Sage_w00t: do you know if there is global export that could be used to set all MTF apps to use -software?08:12
Sage_Stskeeps: ^08:12
w00tSage_: ^08:13
Sage_ah, nice08:13
Sage_so addding that to some file under /etc/profile.d/ should do it, right?08:14
Sage_hehe, splashscreen works on panda as well :)08:16
Sage_E: client-conf-x11.c: xcb_connection_has_error() returned true08:19
Sage_componentcache_pre_initialized_mapplication: cannot connect to X server :008:19
Sage_^ wonder what that is about08:19
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Sage_something doesn't like the software option, either compositor or home08:22
Sage_is there a workaround for that?08:22
Stskeepsdon't run compositor, replace it with a script that sleeps 86400?08:22
Sage_yes, that.08:24
w00tSage_: why are you forcing software rendering, btw08:25
Sage_w00t: don't have gl drivers atm. and wanted to test if ux gets up08:25
Sage_how did I get cursor, Now I only see some menu in the screen :/08:28
Sage_ah, decorator08:28
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Sage_and what was the way to get cursor? :)08:38
Stskeeps-show-cursor ?08:39
w00tisn't that hidden in uxlaunch's config?08:39
Sage_w00t: removed already from uxlaunch but didn't help08:39
Sage_maybe reboot08:39
Sage_ok, didn't get cursor but with luck managed to press app menu and it opened so it works :)08:42
lbtniqt I know nemo has a few issues here: and here
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#2964 waiting for review08:55
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#2964 Accepted promotion request09:00
phaeronSage_: ^^09:02
phaeronSage_: url ?09:02
Sage_phaeron: ?09:04
phaeronSage_: you said where are the urls ?09:04
Sage_phaeron: Stskeeps said that :)09:04
* phaeron checks glasses09:05
w00tSage_: do you know if the components theming issues ever got fixed?09:08
Sage_w00t: not sure, should have been, but not sure09:16
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lbtbbiab ... ~90min09:50
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#2967 waiting for review at
vgradeSage_, for cursor enable10:11
Sage_is that in upstream?10:12
vgradenot that I'm aware10:13
Sage_well, it is possible to get cursor without that as well.10:16
Sage_but would be nice if someone would upstream that.10:16
vgradeSage_ I could do that if I know how10:17
vgradepointers suggesttions anyone?10:19
Sage_clone, apply the patch to your clone and request merge10:22
Sage_there might be other ways as well but that should work at least :)10:23
Sage_maybe some ML somewhere?10:23
Sage_ANNOUNCEMENT: New NEMO images available for testing
Sage_Stskeeps: ^10:29
Sage_did we have nemo-generic ml already?10:29
Sage_alterego: ping, hows the dialer stuff?10:30
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alteregoSage_: I will get to that this afternoon :10:53
Sage_alterego: let me know if you need help with dependencies10:53
alteregoWill do10:53
Sage_Stskeeps: hmmp... those .install files are the cause probably10:56
Sage_eh... wrong chan10:56
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#2967 Accepted promotion request10:57
phaeronSage_: it was in error state when you short circuited it, so I replayed the accept event after fixing the error :D10:58
niqti'll try new image tonight11:12
StskeepsSage_: a lot of red icons11:13
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matrixxhey, speaking of icons, is mer meego/mer/nemomobile using gconf to store value of the current theme?11:15
Sage_Stskeeps: need to more the icons a bit to fix that, but there was some problem in that still11:15
matrixxin a similar manner than harmattan uses /meegotouch/theme/name value11:16
Stskeepsalso lockscreen lacks portrait11:16
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Sage_Stskeeps: find %{buildroot}/usr/include/ -name '..install.cmd' | xargs rm -f11:21
Sage_lets hope that keeps everyone happy :)11:22
Sage_Stskeeps: we should collect new list of things that are wrong to wiki11:24
Sage_Prefix with N900, N950 or ia32 if happening only on that platform11:24
Sage_most of those are generic problems anyway11:25
Sage_And not sure if we should list what works, just list what doesn't.11:25
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eg81Sage_: which qemu can be used to boot nemo-handset-ia32? Tried with old qemugl from meego project, but no UI11:51
Stskeepsthink we'd need llvmpipe for that11:51
Stskeepsor similar11:51
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* Sage_ flashes new image to his n90012:19
Sage_veskuh: new image available.12:20
veskuhSage_: yep, writing to memory card right now.12:20
Sage_Started a draft for the findings
Sage_Too bad I don't have a ia32 touch device available atm. :/12:21
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Stskeepsnot even ideapad\12:24
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Sage_atm. no. Loaned it to friend for a moment.12:25
Sage_I have one asus eee pc without touch here though.12:25
Sage_should check how to get cursor and maybe use that one.12:25
vgradeSage_, I can try on Exo later12:33
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faenilthe little bird told me there's an image for n950 :D13:11
* Sage_ kicks build.meego.com13:14
Sage_faenil: yes, if you know ways to get it to boot on it. :)13:20
Sage_I'm not sure if there are any public guides for that.13:20
faenilSage_ : wait, so it's not booting? XD13:20
faenilisn't the guide the same as the one for CE Fall?13:20
Sage_oh, there is guide in the public? Then sure the same should apply13:21
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faenilok good :)13:21
veskuhSage_: yep, moslo is out13:21
Sage_ah, ok13:21
faenilI thought you knew that ^^13:21
faenilso what should be different from fall release?13:21
Sage_well, haven't had time to boot it on the n950 much13:21
Sage_faenil: fall release is better than this. Some things still missing.13:22
faenilok good :D coz fall release was not usable on my n950 ^^13:22
Sage_this new release is on top of Mer instead of MEego13:22
faenilvkbd did not rotate, could not send sms or receive them...could not call, battery not working, camera not working, ecc :D13:22
faenilSage_: yeah know that :)13:22
faeniland what should that bring to? :)13:23
Sage_More development hopefully as MeeGo devel is dead more or less.13:24
Sage_We have more control over things on Mer as it is fully developed by the community.13:24
faenilok :)13:24
faenilok ok right...13:25
faenilthe ui is the same as fall release, right?13:26
veskuhpretty much yep. there is little changes because of newer packages.13:26
faenilok.. :)13:26
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Stskeepsxruxa: new images
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xruxaStskeeps: fantastic! thx for reminder13:55
faenilStskeeps: I'm cutting my sim to make n9 the primary phone, then I'll flash it :D13:59
faeniland repot...13:59
faeniland then start coding once I'm done with uni project :D13:59
xruxafaenil: Cutting SIM? Can one make microSIM like that?14:07
* xruxa wondering how to ensure the pins end up where in proper location14:07
faenilsim, minisim and microsim, all have contacts in the same area14:08
faenilanyway, there are guides for that ;)14:08
xruxaI will report you to customer care if I fail :)14:08
faeniland they won't give a f X14:09
* xruxa is watching utube video on SIM card cutting14:12
* Sage_ kicks cobs14:16
* Sage_ is frustrated a bit of the obs timeouts14:16
faenilrebooting n9...14:30
faenilfingers crossed14:30
faenilno simcard detected :(14:31
faenilxruxa: not working here :(14:34
faeniloh dammit I've cut it on the wrong side xD lol going to fix it now :D14:35
faenilnothing :(14:39
merlin1991faenil: I did cut it wrong too14:47
merlin1991now I just have the chip applied to the plastic holder with tape :D14:47
merlin1991works though14:48
faenilso I guess I have to throw it away now...14:48
faeniland pay 10€ to get the new one..14:48
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berndhsmeasure twice, cut once :)14:50
Sage_qrc:/declarative-camera.qml:42:1: module "QtMultimediaKit" is not installed14:51
Sage_so what package contains that one?14:51
Stskeepsqtmobility or qt, i can't recall14:52
Sage_need to add dependency to the camera app for that14:52
Sage_Stskeeps: btw, one quite problematic thing in mer core is zypper search not working.14:53
Stskeepshmm, why isn't it?14:53
merlin1991faenil: gimme a sec and I'll give you a pic of how I mounted it so I got it working14:53
faenilmerlin1991: new problem, the sim is stuck in the sim slot now lol14:53
faenilcan't take it out :D14:53
merlin1991uh oh14:54
xruxafaenil: second SIM - worked on 5th re-insert. Not quite a success :(14:54
StskeepsSage_: what's the problem with it? if you know14:54
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faeniloh dammit..14:55
faenilvacuum? L:(14:57
merlin1991faenil: :D15:05
faenilproblem is...mine fits perfectly15:06
faenilbut it doesn't work :(15:06
faeniland now it's stuck there...can't take it out :(15:06
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merlin1991well the reason for the tape is that mine did fit perfectly too, but the chip was not close enough to the right side15:08
merlin1991so I had to cut some more plastic wich in turn had me use some tape to fit it :)15:08
faeniloh ok15:10
faenilneed some glue to try take that sim out of the slot :(15:10
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Stskeepsthat sounds bad15:11
Stskeepshow about tweezer?15:11
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faenilI think it's too narrow in there :(15:13
faenilsuper glue rocks :D15:15
faeniltook it out without damage :D15:15
faenillet's give a look at that image15:17
faenilmerlin1991: your chip is smaller...mine goes from one side to the other15:18
faenilwhy shouldn't it work...15:18
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faenilshould the pin screen pop up as I insert the sim card?15:20
faenileven if the phone is on?15:20
faenilworking D15:23
faenilthanks for the trick merlin1991 :D it had to be like 0.1mm more on the left :)15:23
merlin1991np :)15:25
faenilnow time to find a way to stop it in that position :)15:28
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faenildone :)15:51
lardmanwhere does init live in the nemo images?15:54
lardmanhmm, /sbin/init apparently15:54
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* lardman crosses fingers that this init script tweak will result in a working chroot16:04
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lardmananyone know the significance of red writing on the console?16:15
lardmanjust after a pivot_root16:16
lardman"Failed to open /dev/kmsg for logging: No such file or directory" to be exact. What generates this output, anyone know?16:16
lardmanah, systemd is a possibility16:19
lardmanwell that's good, probably16:20
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lardmanStskeeps: should systemd create /dev entries such as kmsg or is that up to me?16:23
Stskeepscheck vgrade's user page on wiki.meego.com16:24
lardmanah yes, I remember that now16:24
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Sage_Stskeeps: no idea16:30
lardmanwell I momentarily saw the desktop16:42
lardmanunit dev-mmcblk1p3.swap entered failed state16:43
* lardman is quite pleased with that though16:48
lardmanneed to find my card reader and see what dmesg said and also check that partition is actually formatted as swap16:48
lardmanI guess it should be though as I dd'd the raw image onto an SD card16:49
rantomI dd'd the Nemo image to my N900's microSD16:58
rantomI get the lock screen but after that nothing16:59
rantomJust pitch black16:59
rantom using this17:00
Sage_rantom: for me it is working fine17:08
Sage_"fine" :)17:08
rantomWell, doesn't seem to work for me17:12
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#2974 waiting for review at
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#2974 Accepted promotion request17:22
KaziKluBey_N900rantom: mine has black screen but i can enter desktop with the keyboard commands17:26
rantomKaziKluBey_N900: Ok. What's the command17:26
KaziKluBey_N900blue arrow + delete17:27
rantomThanks, I'll try that if I can't get it to show after this dd17:27
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rantomYep, that made it17:56
rantomI think it's the pinquery that bugs it since after I closed it I got the desktop normally17:56
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Sage_ah, pinquery18:07
Sage_zypper update should fix that problem18:07
Sage_xruxa: issue list
faenilshould? :)18:09
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faenilSage_ : please tell me we have a specific bugtracker up and running :D18:11
Sage_faenil: it is not setup yet :/18:12
Sage_it is WIP but I don't know about its status atm.18:12
faenilbut will be soon? :D18:12
Sage_iekku might know more18:12
faenilok :)18:12
faenilbecause I think there will me a lot of bugs atm...we can't flood general trackers..18:13
faenilwill be*18:13
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faenilSage_ is there a flasher for fedora?18:27
faenilI only see for debian based distro here18:27
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faenil_timed out...18:40
*** faenil has quit IRC18:41
iekkuworking on it18:49
iekkuwhen i have enough time :x18:49
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KaziKluBey_N900Sage_ is zypper ref working in latest image for the n900? I get "rpm something" error19:00
*** HenriqueMattos has joined #nemomobile19:03
faenil_rebooting to ubuntu to flash Nemo19:04
*** lardman_ has joined #nemomobile19:07
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faeniltrying out nemo...why is settings screen so laggy? I remember it to be smooth in Fall19:35
faenilI'm on n95019:36
Stskeepsnew version19:38
faenil03-11, the only one for n95019:38
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Sage_faenil: extract from debian package :)19:41
Sage_KaziKluBey_N900: can you paste the full error?19:42
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faenilSage_ : I have already flashed ;) read my last comment :)19:44
faenilbe back in 3 hours19:52
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vgradeSage_ , Results from ExoPc,
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Sage_vgrade: thx20:00
*** the-boss has quit IRC20:01
vgradeSage_ I will try a build with pinetrail kernel20:05
vgradeif I can get to COBS, its unresponsive atm20:05
KaziKluBey"System management locked by the application with pid 1796(zypper)" is it possible to unlock somehow?20:06
*** the-boss` has quit IRC20:09
* lbt watches the-boss leave and glances at Stskeeps .... good timing :)20:10
Stskeeps:P20:10 unreachable.... again20:10
lbtwhat was the delay to get the new box?20:11
Sage_didn't want to do anything this evening anyway :/20:12
Stskeepslbt: 1-2 days usually, when you get it i would recommend you to boot it up with rescue system, i can share my config20:14
lbtOK - I ordered debian6 minimal as it stood20:14
Stskeepsthe lvm setup is a little annoying there so20:14
Stskeepsvery easy to do custom install, you basically get a ssh session and a config file you can edit20:15
lbtwe should look at ipv6 too20:16
lbtanyhow... building images on IMG here20:17
*** the-boss has joined #nemomobile20:31
KaziKluBeySage_: zypper ref returns: target initialization. failed to cache rpm database (135)20:35
vgradelbt, you going for a Hetzner box?20:40
vgradeI was looking as well, free local traffic20:41
lbtyou recall the softlayer booth20:41
lbtthey were very supportive20:41
lbtand we're going to discuss community hosting20:41
lbtso lets not overcommit to hosted HW just yet20:42
Stskeepsi think we basically just need liftoff capability and then start seeing what else we can get, being mobile with vms20:42
Sage_KaziKluBey: haven't seen that before. disk full?20:44
KaziKluBeySage_: On sd-card?20:48
Sage_KaziKluBey: yes20:48
KaziKluBeySage_: I get this via ssh: error: rpmdb: Thread/process 1981/1074569792 failed: Thread died in Berkeley DB library20:49
KaziKluBeyerror: db4 error(-30974) from dbenv->failchk: DB_RUNRECOVERY: Fatal error, run database recovery20:49
KaziKluBeyerror: cannot open Packages index using db4 -  (-30974)20:49
KaziKluBeyerror: cannot open Packages database in /var/lib/rpm20:49
KaziKluBeyTarget initialization failed:20:49
KaziKluBeyRpm Exception20:49
KaziKluBeywhen i run zypper ref20:51
KaziKluBeylogged in with su/meego20:52
*** cxl000 has quit IRC20:57
Sage_KaziKluBey: probably just rpm database went bad.21:05
Sage_rm /var/lib/rpm/__db*; rpm --rebuilddb21:06
KaziKluBeySage_: can i type that via ssh?21:07
Sage_KaziKluBey: yes21:07
xruxazypper search not working is pain. Tired of guessing package names ...21:18
*** koo6 has quit IRC21:18
KaziKluBeySage_: Is zypper ref working on your unit? I gotr these errors when trying your commands:
KaziKluBeyn900 that is21:20
Sage_KaziKluBey: you need to be root21:21
KaziKluBeyroot as "root" or root as "su"?21:22
KaziKluBeyi´m "root" in winscp and can log in with meego21:23
KaziKluBeySage_: Thanks for helping out but I´ve reached my peak of knowledge.21:30
*** sirdancealot has joined #nemomobile21:30
Sage_just: su21:30
Sage_the password is meego21:30
KaziKluBeysu@ <---like this in winscp21:31
Sage_su is cmd21:32
xruxaSage_: are you the only one adding packages to the image configuration? Some issues with the Nemo images are 'simply' missing packages like theme or some qt libs.21:32
Sage_xruxa: yes my responsibility. Just tell what package requires what. Many of the packages have missing deps in packaging which I would like to fix first.21:33
Sage_meego-handset-camera and meego-pinquery at least are already fixed21:33
xruxaSage_: IC. I wish there would be more people on it, I'm not the kind of guy to be much help here :(21:38
KaziKluBeySage_: I give up for tonight. I´ll wait for the next image and hope i´m able to make it then. Thanks :)21:38
xruxaSage_: somehow zypper won't pull the fix with libdeclarative-multimedia saying NOKEY in header signature :(21:38
Sage_Stskeeps: we really need to do something to zypper.21:39
Sage_Stskeeps: maybe getting latest upstream and dropping meego patches?21:40
vgradeObsoletes: kernel-adaptation-pinetrail < 3.021:46
vgradehow does it figure that out21:46
vgradePackage kernel-adaptation-pinetrail is obsoleted by kernel-adaptation-pc, trying to install kernel-adaptation-pc-3.0.0-1.1.i586 instead21:47
vgradeso I need to --removepkgs=kernel-adaptation-pc21:53
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*** phaeron has joined #nemomobile23:24
*** sirdancealot has joined #nemomobile23:39
lbtdoes anyone know how to tell firefox to "just render the goddam file - it's just text"23:45

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