Friday, 2011-11-04

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dm8tbrlbt: usually by sending the correct content-type05:27
StskeepsSage_: sure05:59
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Stskeepsmorn Sage_07:18
Stskeepsjust removing _meta and _attribute from the mer git repos so it's much easier to contribute and test the packages before contributing07:18
Sage_I really need to revisit the contribution guides when I can get that far again :)07:20
Sage_haven't done more than that one commit and can't recall how it was made anymore07:20
Sage_Stskeeps: btw, the stripped nemo mobile compile is almost there. It requires only 28 additional packages with the CE:MW:Shared (22) on top of Mer anymore.07:23
Stskeepsquite good07:24
Stskeepsi'm brewing a new mer release07:24
Sage_some things still might need to be cut off and some reintroduced but it depends on the features they want there07:26
Sage_what is the difference between hunspell and aspell?07:28
Sage_morning vgrade07:28
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Sage_Stskeeps: where the mer package groups where btw?07:29
Sage_I just got a very bad feeling about one thing.07:30
Stskeeps;a=tree - patterns for yaml, i586/ i486/ armv6l/ armv7hl/patterns.xml and group.xml is the generated ones07:30
Stskeepsgit repo url is ssh://
Sage_;a=blob;f=patterns/mer-minimal-xorg.yaml;h=8aff86ff08b18e0ab23faa8dc55b19108bc6e8bb;hb=master <- ok this doesn't work for us07:31
Stskeepsah, good point07:32
Stskeepseven with a provides?07:32
Sage_packages in packagegroups mean exact package, so provides will not fill the need07:32
Sage_it is probably a but in yum/zypp but need to forget that package group for now with sgx at least07:33
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cxl000morning vgrade07:33
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cxl000I now have n810 booting to QtDesktop07:41
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cxl000I also run up with the 3.1 kernel with N810BM and NFS disabled as a quick work around compile errors07:45
vgradecxl000, nice one07:46
cxl000Where should I look to get Fn+Key working in xterm?07:57
Stskeepsthat's a nightmare issue, hint: Fn is > 255 key code07:57
Sage_cxl000: nice08:15
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* Sage_ kicks cobs08:15
* Sage_ kicks servers08:15
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veskuhAny news about bugzilla?08:22
cxl000Here is the kickstart for n810
vgradecxl000, added to wiki08:30
Stskeepsveskuh: we ordered a server yesterday for various nemo/Mer VM's08:30
veskuhStskeeps: nice08:31
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Stskeepsso that should push things ahead08:32
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vgradecxl000 , any pics or video08:48
cxl000gtg will try and upload something later09:01
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Sage_xruxa: hi, what app requires those qtmobilit libs?10:47
Sage_xruxa: I mean is thare some specific app in the image atm.?10:48
Sage_or just your own stuff?10:48
xruxamy maps for instance10:48
Sage_you should have dependency in your maps rpm package for the ones (and only for the ones) that it needs10:48
xruxaif only I could somehow search package names ... tired of guessing10:49
Sage_firefox + ctrl+f :)10:49
xruxafound it. Would push update but the whole OBS is down10:51
xruxaSage_: Added the dependency. However, I believe we should ship the platform with the full set of mobility APIs out of box.10:54
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Sage_xruxa: yes, but now I would like to fix the packaging first. As otherwise the same problem will appear over and over again.11:03
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xruxaSage_: done. Hard to test without OBS right now. Lets get back to it later.11:04
lardmanmorning all11:09
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lardmanis upstart logging info saved anywhere, and equally dmesg from last boot? Or do I need to add an upstart "script" to log some data to work out what's going wrong?11:11
Sage_xruxa: :nod:11:12
* lardman curses TalkTalk for the umpteenth time for a 7 day delay in replacing his broadband router11:14
veskuhSage_: With sensors package pinquery works and my N950 can connect to 3G11:14
* lardman finds upstart debugging page in Ubuntu wiki11:17
vgradelardman upstart? we have systemd on Nemo/Mer11:18
lardmanah, I would have soon noticed that11:18
lardmanI'll search for that then, hopefully as easy as upstart debugging11:18
* lardman gets more coffee11:19
vgrade.xsessions and .Xorg.logs in your home11:19
lardmanah great, thanks vgrade11:19
vgradeno dmesg you need to do manually or setup a way of running it automatically11:20
lardmanI don't see those files in /home/meego11:22
lardmanshould they be in /root?11:22
lardmannothin there either11:22
lardmanah no worries, Xserver didn't start of course11:22
lardmanI'll have to get dmesg logged somewhere11:22
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lardmanis it possible to pass params to /bin/systemd in a conf file rather than the kernel command line?11:24
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lardmanok, so my problem is that /sbin.swapon is dying11:35
ildarhi. Can anyone confirm MeeGo CE good on n900?11:37
ildarI mean I succeeded to install but I couldn't make it to GUI11:37
veskuhIt should work, but if you have battery low it might not boot up11:38
lardmanhmm, it seems to be trying to set the 3rd partition, which is vfat, to swap, while it should be working with the 2nd one, which really is swap. This is from the test images yesterday, which were dd'd onto the card, so presumably the script either searches all partitions or the script is wrong?11:39
ildarno. I see systemd finished booting11:39
ildarno GUI :(11:39
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ildarI'll try to get some logs11:41
vgradelardman there is something in the kickstarts regarding the part 2 /3 change. edits fstab I recall, Which image/ks are you using11:41
lardmanthe one that Stskeeps posted a link to yesterday in the channel11:42
* lardman scrolls back11:42
ildardoes nemo-handset-ia32-testing a kinda LiveCD?11:43
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lardmanhmm, I've found the in /lib/systemd/system/ but it doesn't contain any hardcoded paths11:49
lardmanfstab perhaps?11:50
lardmanah yes, fstab is wrong11:50
lardmanfor me anyway11:50
lardmanI should have checked the .ks rather than assuming all the partitions would be located on the uSD card11:53
lardmanhmm, though actually I think fstab is probably wrong for the layout of the partitions now I think about it11:54
vgradeildar, yes11:55
ildarI see11:55
vgradelardman, its setting swap to 3rd on internal emmc on N900 not sdcard11:56
lardmanah ok, I forgot exactly which way round it was after altering it11:58
lardmanok, so we're further now, which is good, getting some ofono errors which is expected12:02
lardmanAnyone know off hand if it is enough to rename the .service files to a different extension within the <target>.wants directories to prevent them from being run?12:05
lardmanI'd like to keep the layout and remove items then add them back in, etc12:06
vgradelardman, not sure but I guess renaming should be good enough. What target are you on?12:09
lardmanSamsung Galaxy Tab12:09
vgrade:) nice12:09
lardmanOld one mind you, but about time I got cracking with it again, now that we have a newer kernel which might work better for input events12:10
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faenilmorning people :)12:10
vgradethere was some questions yesterday about SGT. Do you have touchscreen ?12:10
lardmanvgrade: I see events in the kernel messages, but I don't have a gui yet, still working through getting upstart to complete successfully12:11
faenilI you want me to test anything, I have nemo on my n95012:11
lardmanfaenil: morning, thanks but this is a Galaxy Tab12:11
faeniljust saying ;)12:12
lardmanI wouldn't mind seeing the full debug output of a boot on an N950 or N900 so I can work out what "errors" are not important, but I can do that myself so no worries12:12
lardmansystemd output that is12:13
vgradelardman, see nemo wiki page , I posted dmesg, .xsessions, Xorg.log from a Nemo boot on ExoPc12:14
vgradelogs from the same build you have12:15
vgradethey should get you to the GUI12:15
lardmancool, thanks12:20
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vgradefaenil, your Nemo on N950 is that with the build from yesterday12:25
faenilis there anything newer?12:25
vgradefancy trying to get Plasma Active up on there12:26
faenilmmm how :D12:26
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vgradeI'll prepare an image for later tonight. Will you be around later or during the weekend12:27
lardmanI've got a couple of questions - is the Plymouth splash screen that browny thing that I see briefly before the text overwrites it? When systemd forks, does it continue in the higher pid?12:27
* Sage_ is currently very frustrated because he can't access cobs properly atm.12:27
faenilvgrade: sure ;)12:28
lardmanI'm getting <27> systemd[1]: Caught <SEGV>, dumped core as pid 436.12:29
* lardman looks at the manual to work out what the <27> means12:29
vgradelardman, brown thing is splash yes.12:29
xmlich02hi, i am bit confused of version numbering of meego CE and nemo project12:33
vgradelardman, systemd needs certain CONFIG_ options in the kernel,12:35
vgradesec for list12:35
lardmanvgrade: I'm just wondering whether I enabled CGroups12:35
xmlich02I have installed on N900 the "fall release"
lardmanI did12:36
xmlich02but on website ( is todolist/changelog to Nemo 11-03.112:36
vgrademaybe a bit longer for the list meego wiki is unresponsive now12:39
lardmanlol, ok12:39
vgradeare they seeding the Tizen OBS12:39
lardmanDoes that message sound like it's upstart that has had the fault or one of the tasks?12:39
lardmannot upstart, systemd12:41
vgradenot sure, you may want to try just bringing up qmlviewer or xterm.  Edit the kickstart where it sets up the desktop file12:42
lardmanI've not even got to bringing up the xserver, so I think that may take some time12:43
vgradelardman, did you add the stock fbdev driver and mesa to your buld12:46
lardmanvgrade: I've not done anything yet, am working from the N900 pre-built image to see if I can get a console login12:46
lardmanbut that would be the next step12:47
lardmanonce I work out why systemd is dying12:47
vgradeok that may be Xorg looking for N900 hw then12:48
lardmanI don't think we even get that far actually12:48
lardmanI see that swapon is still failing for some reason, and then bluetoothd is started and then we get the segfault12:48
lardmanjust reading the systemd source code to try to work out what the number in the angle brackets represents12:49
vgradeto get a console login see the following cheat sheet12:49
lardmanI saw that I could write something to rc.d12:49
* w00t ponders to install nemo on his lenovo tonight12:52
vgradew00t, we still have ia32 blanking issue12:52
lardmanvgrade: set to emergency then?12:52
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w00tvgrade: blanking?12:53
vgradescreen goes black after a few cycles of the grid button, see
vgradew00t, would be good to know if that happens on lenovo as well12:56
vgradelardman, ln -sf /lib/systemd/system/ /etc/systemd/system/default.target12:56
w00tright, crash of meegotouchhome12:57
w00tyou can probably work around that12:57
w00tadd X-MeeGo-Watchdog=Restart to /etc/xdg/autostart/meegotouchhome.desktop or whatever it's called12:57
w00t(of course, fixing it would be nicer)12:58
vgradew00t, what does that do12:58
w00t(or giving lipstick a try)12:58
w00tit ensures that uxlaunch will keep it running, and restart it if it exits or crashes12:58
vgradeah ok, a fix would be better, it looks like a driver issue12:59
w00ttry lipstick, see if it crashes12:59
vgradeDo you have lipstick repos12:59
w00thome:w00t:ce on CObS, but I have no idea whether that'll build against the right targets now12:59
vgradeok, I can add the right repos13:00
vgradeso lipstick is a replacement for meegotouchhome13:01
faenilbe back later ;)13:02
w00tvgrade: sort of13:03
w00tthat's the easiest way to think of it :)13:03
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vgradehopes the connectivity to improves.  Got a lot planned for the weekend13:12
lardmaninteresting, Chrome thinks the systemd git browser is in Indonesian for some reason13:12
lardmanhtml page that is13:12
lardmanhmm, still getting a segfault with systemd13:36
lardmanMight be time to analyse the coredump I guess13:37
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lardmanvgrade: re systemd output messages, I don't see any on that page you linked earlier:
crevetorWhere are the images for nemo ?14:21
crevetorAnd what's the project in OBS ?14:21
crevetorveskuh: Thanks :)14:23
crevetorveskuh: and do you know which OBS repo I should use to build apps for it ?14:24
veskuhcrevetor: the OBS structure was explained in SG meeting two weeks ago:
crevetorOk thanks14:25
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lardmanhmm, I see that logind requires 2.6.37+14:33
lardmanand I only have 2.6.3514:33
lardmanNot a huge patch, or I could forgo logind14:35
lardmanstill a segfault in systemd though, will have to try debugging that on the N900 unless anyone else has any bright core dump debugging ideas?14:36
vgradelardman, systemd also needs later than 2.6.35 I think14:46
Stskeepswe have systemd on .3214:47
vgradelardman, logs on that page are from Exopc. message log14:47
Stskeepscheck our adaptaiton for n95014:47
lardmanoh right is 950 kernel version < n99 kernel version?14:47
vgradeah yes, there are some patches for systemd in the kernel project14:48
lardmanvgrade: in git?14:48
vgradeif I can get to COBS14:48
vgradefrom is one14:50
*** faenil has quit IRC14:52
* lardman grabs cgroup patches and will have a look at the .35 kernel to see what needs to be applied14:55
crevetorlardman: I'm working on a .35 too for meego15:05
crevetorpatches I applied :15:05
crevetorand accept415:05
lardmancrevetor: what device are you building for?15:07
crevetorHP Touchpad15:07
lardmanHow old is .35? I see discusstion of accept4 from 2008/9?15:10
lardmanah I see, wasn't applied to arm at that point15:14
lbtc.obs should be normal again... bandwidth hog has stopped15:20
lardmanright, thanks for the help chaps15:25
lardmaninternet broken at home (again) so I shall muddle along over the weekend and see what I can get working15:26
lardmanhave a nice weekend and see you next week15:26
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vgradelbt, any news on what was causing the traffic?16:06
lbtI've spoken to the sysadmins there and I'm waiting for an update16:07
vgradejust curious16:08
lbtme too :)16:08
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faenilevening people :D17:22
faenilvgrade: I'm here ;)17:25
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* w00t pokes his n95018:57
*** npm has joined #nemomobile19:04
w00tdoes the device charge while in MOSLO, out of interest?19:07
*** KaIRC has quit IRC19:08
w00tah, so not like your hacked up exporter then ;)19:08
* w00t untars19:08
w00tit would be nice to create a 'flasher' script to automate most of this ..19:09
*** cxl000 has joined #nemomobile19:09
w00thonestly, this is pretty straightforward steps19:10
w00tCE boot screen...19:12
w00twell, it works, but n950 draw performance is horrid atm, i guess gl driver issues19:30
w00tmeegotouchhome is doing something retarded19:31
w00tStskeeps: it may have been a false alarm19:31
w00tkilling meegotouchhome i think just improved things -a lot-19:31
vgradew00t, Mer buld of lipstick ,
w00tStskeeps: ok, something's still screwy, but it's better.. 33 fps, now19:33
w00tvgrade: cool19:34
vgraderepos just published19:34
w00tvgrade: how'd it play on your device?19:34
*** araujo has joined #nemomobile19:35
vgradejust built it as I see you were playing with n95019:35
araujolatest nemo image is nice :)19:35
* araujo feels it goes very fast19:35
Stskeepsn900 or n950?19:36
*** faenil has joined #nemomobile19:36
araujoor at least faster than previews images .... i was using kind of an old image now19:36
faenilHate it...I get disconnected with no warning !19:36
vgradezypper ar
faenilJust noticed chat was not working...19:36
w00taraujo: what image are you using?19:36
araujoStskeeps, n900 (if that questions goes for me :)19:36
araujow00t, 2011110319:36
araujolatest one?19:37
vgradew00t, zypper in lipstick19:37
w00ton what device? n900?19:37
faenilanyway, good evening people19:37
w00tfaenil: o/19:37
araujow00t, yes, n90019:37
w00taraujo: ok, that's very interesting19:37
w00tbecause on the n950, I have very bad graphics performance :)19:37
araujow00t, it goes fine here, except for the missing app icons, it looks nice19:37
vgradew00t, either19:37
araujoooh, here it goes very fast19:38
araujoin the n900 I mean19:38
w00tvgrade: sorry - doing two discussions at once19:38
faenilw00t: Menus lags here on n95019:38
vgradenow three19:38
w00tvgrade: I'll give it a shot at some point.. want to figure out what's going on here first ideally19:38
vgradegoing for dinner19:38
* w00t wonders why mcompositor is active when an app is fullscreen..19:43
faenilthere was a specifig flag to disable that in maemo if I'm not wrong19:43
w00tit shouldn't happen19:43
w00tanyway, 59% to widgetsgallery, 22% to xorg, 14.9% to mcompositor, 16.1% system CPU use19:44
w00tsomething's really wrong19:44
w00tStskeeps: is there some kind of screwed up chance this could be using software drawing -somehow-? :P19:44
Stskeepscheck .xsession-errors19:44
w00tStskeeps: doesn't sound great19:46
faenilnot even software renderer?19:46
w00tlooooots of themedaemon connection error messages19:47
Stskeepsthat one isn't good19:47
Stskeepsw00t: 'whoami' in xterm?19:47
faenilmissing icons?19:47
w00tStskeeps: this is checking meego's .xsession-errors19:48
w00thowever, it's not -that- many of them i guess19:48
w00tjust like 15 or so19:48
w00tnothing else really of note...19:48
w00tqt's correctly seeing the SGX driver at least19:49
* w00t hrms19:49
w00tStskeeps: is zypper up safe for xorg now?19:52
Stskeepsnot before next release19:52
w00tok, noted19:53
vgradeback now19:54
faenilgood :)19:55
vgradefaenil, plasma build going on now19:55
faenilwow :)19:55
* araujo can't unlock the screen19:56
araujoit just got stuck ...19:56
vgradeI want to try it first, don't want to be responsible for anything going wrong on peoples devices19:56
faenilbut what's my test about if you can try it? :D19:57
vgradeok, image uploading19:58
w00tmce is also doing something very retarded20:00
w00tfinger down on screen -> MCE takes 15-17% CPU20:00
w00tStskeeps: ^20:00
faenilvgrade: Not trying to force you, I thought I could help because you could not try it ;) just that :)20:01
* w00t thinks we need a bugtracker :-)20:01
faenilw00t: I was told they're working on it20:01
faeniliekku said she doesn't have much time atm20:01
faenilbut yeah I said the same yesterday :D we need a bugtracker asap :D20:02
vgradew00t, we're using
w00tvgrade: I know, but that doesn't really scale very well20:04
vgradebest we have right now. bugzilla is in hand I understand20:05
w00tStskeeps: I'm convinced something really is wrong with SGX20:29
w00tI can visibly see tearing20:29
faenilI noticed that too20:31
faenilbut it was there in CE Fall as well20:31
w00tfall was ok20:31
w00tthis is terrible20:31
* w00t calls it a day20:32
w00tnot sleep, just moving onto something else20:33
vgradenever know what tz pepps are on20:33
w00tCET :)20:33
vgradefaenil, still uploading20:35
faenilw00t: CE Fall was way smoother in settings screen...but  I remember a bit of tearing in menu sliding...20:35
faenilvgrade: ok ;) take your time ;)20:35
vgradepipes the limiting factor20:35
*** KaziKluBey_N900 has joined #nemomobile20:43
faenilokay, I'm still connected20:55
*** HenriqueMattos has joined #nemomobile20:57
vgradefaenil, no warranty,
faenilwhat's the risk? :)20:59
faenilwow it's huge comparing to fall ce :)20:59
vgradeit bursts into flames :)20:59
vgradeit has all CE and plasma20:59
vgradeI'll try first21:00
vgradeneed to get my device onto latest version first though21:00
faenilI'm downloading..21:00
faenilnot that fast, 7min remaining21:00
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*** HenriqueMattos has joined #nemomobile21:16
*** HenriqueMattos has quit IRC21:24
tagunilvgrade: I want to build an N900 PA image to see how it looks now, can you give me a list of PA packages from your kickstart file?21:38
vgradetried it one the N950?21:45
vgradeN900 is a no show at the moment just becomes unresponsive21:46
vgradesec for linky21:47
vgradethats an old one but you get the package lists21:48
vgradeI noticed this re kdepim,
faenilvgrade, about to flash, is there anything you want to tell me? :D21:50
tagunilvgrade: i've also noticed this commit, but it is always included in KDE:Devel, and doesn't help, because of Qt and QtWebKit version mismatch21:52
tagunilvgrade: sorry, not always, already :)21:52
vgradefaenil, still upgrading mine to latest stock21:52
faenilok...I'm about to flash ;)21:53
vgradetagunil, but why is it checking against QT version if has selection is in QtWebkit. or have I misunderstood21:56
tagunilvgrade: I don't know...21:58
vgradeThere is Qtwebkit 2.2 in opensuse obs so we can take that21:59
tagunilvgrade: in theory, Qt 4.8 contains QtWebKit 2.2, so I don't understand why we still have 2.1, maybe it is meego legacy?22:02
faenilflash postponed by 10 mins :D22:03
*** stroughtonsmith has quit IRC22:03
vgradetagunil, work is in progress to get 2.2 in Mer22:04
vgradefaenil, I'll do it, don't want to be responsible for any bad things happening22:05
faenilcan it get that bad?22:05
faenilyou're not overwriting bootloader, so what's the prob22:06
vgradewill let you know later if I brick it22:06
vgradeI've not flashed N950 yet so no idea22:06
faenilthere shouldn't be any problem...22:07
merlin1991does someone have the uboot that boots sd / emmc depending on keyboard slide status (for the n900)22:08
tagunilvgrade: great :)22:08
* merlin1991 wants to give nemo a run, but basic uboot is pita when running maemo5 mainly22:08
vgradebbiab flashing22:18
faenilvgrade: still alive? D:22:32
*** xruxa has quit IRC22:44
faenilvgrade, do I have to worry? :D22:50
*** crevetor has quit IRC23:01
*** phaeron has joined #nemomobile23:04
KaziKluBeyIs the CSSU and Nemo-team co-operating?23:07
* KaziKluBey *blurpp'23:08
*** crevetor has joined #nemomobile23:10
vgradestill trying to  get mine to flash 39-523:14
faenilok then I'll switch to ubuntu and try ;)23:15
vgradenot on my normal pc, in family room with S*** netbook23:15
*** faenil has quit IRC23:19
*** faenil has joined #nemomobile23:20
faenilvgrade: copying files ;)23:22
faenilguess it will take a while...23:23
faenilwhat do you want me to do once it has finished copying files? i.e. it's ready to "try booting"?  < vgrade23:24
faenilfinished copying...23:24
vgradeok im on 39-523:28
faenilwhat do u want me to do?23:30
faenilit has just finished "flashing" your image23:30
faenilvgrade ^23:30
faenilI'll be waiting..23:31
vgradeI'm doing moslo now23:34
faenilbut what should I do :D23:34
faenilnot you :P23:34
faenilcan you read what I write? :D23:36
faenilokay...don't bother...23:38
faenilI've tried booting it, and it doesn't work...23:38
faenilThe 1.3 splashscreen is on for like 40seconds, then it disappears, and after some seconds, the device REBOOTS23:38
faenilvgrade: ^23:40
vgradefamily in bed now, can hack on my pc now23:45
faenilis there any log I can read?23:46
faenilit doesn't boot23:46
vgrade home/meego/.xsessions23:47
vgradeI have moslow green text now23:47
faenilshould I read them by mounting it via usb'23:48
vgradeI guess23:50
vgrademy vm just locked up23:50
faenilI can't enter meego folder23:50
faenilnot enough priviledges23:51
faenilok I'm in23:52
faeniland there's nothing inside /home/meego23:52
vgradeok so its not got very far in boot process then23:52
vgradewhats in /boot23:52
faenilanother cmdline-....23:53
faenilthat's it23:53
vgradeok, just re-booting vm23:54
vgradeI may have to build a the nemo image to validate my build tools and processes.23:55
vgradeI know the nemo kickstart and image work on n95023:57
faenilyes I had that before flashing your image23:57
vgradeI know that my plasma ks and image don't23:57
vgradeso is the problem in the generation of the image or in the content of the image23:57
faeniloh ok, did not get what you wrote before ;)23:58
vgradeif I build the nemo image and it works then its the plasma content if not its my tools23:58
faenilsure :)23:59
vgradei made a nemo image earlier so I could use that now23:59
faenilis there anything I can help with?23:59

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