Saturday, 2011-11-05

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faenil_sorry got disconnected00:01
faenil_is there anything I can help with?00:01
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vgradeim not sure what to look for myself yet00:03
faenil_then I'm going to bed :)00:04
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faenil_I'll be back tomorrow afternoon ;)00:04
faenil_my alterego has left :)00:04
faenil_good night vgrade, and good luck, keep me updated ;)00:04
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vgradestroughtonsmith, hi00:07
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Stskeepsmorn iekku07:05
iekkudm8tbr has promissed to set up bugzilla07:05
iekkuhope i can give a plan to community this weekend07:05
iekkuneed to do some packing for moving, but i'm hoping to have time to finalize the plan07:06
Stskeepsdoesn't have to be perfect, but something that we can file  into07:06
Stskeepswe can always traige07:06
* KaziKluBey_N900 has a banging head..07:06
* Stskeeps wish he did07:07
* KaziKluBey_N900 ..ache..07:08
dm8tbriekku: lbt says there is one, so I asked him to talk to the SG to figure this out...07:08
Stskeepswe can't and shouldn't set more up at where that bugzilla is right now, please set up a different one07:09
dm8tbrStskeeps: so the express wish is to NOT use that bugzilla?07:10
dm8tbrI mean bPmc07:10
iekkudm8tbr, it's for mer07:10
Stskeepsthe express wish is to not host anything with the LF hosting, after conversations last week07:10
dm8tbriekku: ok, that makes sense07:11
Stskeeps(and well, that)07:11
iekkuif it's starting to get too heavy for nemo, we need to find a new place07:11
dm8tbrStskeeps: yes, I understood that, was just confused about the purpose of bpmc, missed the mer-only bit apparently07:11
iekkudm8tbr, but if you can start to setup one, and give me admin rights, i will find the time to set it to get bug tracking working07:12
Stskeepswhat VM format do you use there by the way?07:13
dm8tbrdo we have nemo namespace somewhere?07:13
Stskeepsin the intended place07:13
Stskeepsnot yet but i guess we can get it07:13
dm8tbrI was considering LXC for now. it's self contained and can be migrated to virtualization proper without too much hassle07:14
Stskeepseither way, we just need something running fairly soon as now there's a pressure to file bugs :)07:16
Stskeeps / track them07:17
dm8tbryes, sorry for the misunderstanding, will have something up today07:18
dm8tbrcan we get bugs.nemo.$something ? or whatever domain name? I can run it as or, but neither are intuitive options07:19
Stskeepsif you give me five, i will have us a domain..07:19
dm8tbrsure, no _such_ hurry07:20 sounds good in your ears?07:21
iekkuwhere to put the bz proposal?07:21
iekkuas a text07:21
Stskeepsiekku: on is ok07:21
iekkuunder the mer >> nemo ?07:21
Stskeepsiekku: wiki and some other things are incubators for baby projects to turn into bigger projects07:24
Stskeepsdm8tbr: ok, bugs.nemomobile.org07:25
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iekkuStskeeps, as talked in the nemo stg07:29
dm8tbrStskeeps: good07:31
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StskeepsSage_: bought nemomobile.org10:15
Sage_Stskeeps: nice10:31
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vgradeSage_, have this building N950 image, /var/tmp/rpm-tmp.m8s01u: line 3: /sbin/new-kernel-pkg11:16
vgradeNo such file or directory11:16
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vgradedevice shows splash then boot loops11:22
Sage_vgrade: that error is just because of our packaging error. Shouldn't break anything11:23
vgradeok, also have a number of /var/tmp/rpm-tmp.aXptTf: line 1: /dev/null: Permission denied11:24
vgradewhen installing packages11:24
vgradeI don't normally see those when building raw11:27
Sage_hmm... that is odd11:29
Sage_vgrade: check the reference log from the Nemo image repo11:29
Sage_hmmp.. my log might be missing stderr :D11:30
vgradeyea I don't see the kernel package error11:37
vgradeon yours11:37
vgradecan you link your commandline?11:40
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cxl000sage_ vgrade depmod will not have been run but should not prevent a boot unless you need a module11:45
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merlin1991guys can I use the harmattan flasher (3.12.1) to flash a n900?14:08
merlin1991(flash the maemo5 sw)14:08
Stskeepsjust download the older one14:08
merlin1991won't run on x6414:09
merlin1991or rather won't install14:09
merlin1991dependency problems :/14:12
merlin1991it installs but apt is fckd afterwards :/14:17
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Stskeepsxruxa: were you able to boot latest image?14:50
xruxaI did14:50
niqtbut i can modify wiki page also without login...14:51
Stskeepsniqt: that's okay for now14:51
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faenilevening gentlemen :)18:35
vgradefaenil, evening19:15
faenilo/ vgrade19:15
vgraderepeated your result last night19:15
vgradeat least thats something19:15
vgradeI then tried building the stock nemo ks and same thing boot loop19:15
vgradethen did a diff on my filesystem and the one which works19:16
vgradethere were differneces and I'm getting some funny erros while bulding19:16
faeniloh wow...19:16
faenilso it's the building process...19:16
vgradeWere having freinds round tonight for my sons 16th bd but will look at it again tomorrow19:17
faenilok ;)19:17
vgradewhich is startnge becuas I build for exopc, raspberry pi, advent vega, n900 , pandaboard all without error19:17
vgradethis is the only one which uses -f fs mind19:18
Stskeeps-f fs can cause funny issues, maybe the fs is mounted nodev?19:18
Stskeeps(see 'mount'19:18
w00tStskeeps: any ideas for what I can try re: the n950 gfx issues btw?19:18
Stskeepsw00t: not off hand, i need to replicate on my own device and i'm away from it19:19
Stskeepsanything in dmesg?19:19
w00twill check19:19
* w00t boots it19:19
vgradeStskeeps, thanks as always19:20
faenilStskeeps: I can make a video of it19:20
vgradelooked ok to my eye last night, which part was tering19:21
faenilmenu sliding if I'm not wrong19:22
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w00t... ok, this is weird19:27
w00tStskeeps: performance is fine, this time19:27
w00t3rd boot19:27
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w00ttearing is still visible, but it looks to be drawing at a reasonable fps19:27
faenilreasonable fps in settings screen too?19:27
w00tok, not perfect, but a lot better19:28
w00twidgetsgallery -show-fps reports 43 fps on idle19:28
faenilw00t: what about settings screen?19:30
faenilit was smooth in menu here19:31
faenilbut laggy enough in settings, like 10fps19:31
w00tit's fine everywhere19:31
faenilhow's that possibile :O perfect smooth in menu here, laggy in settings and submenus :O19:31
w00treboot a few times, maybe it'll happen for you too :)19:32
faenilif it can help, it has always been perfect smooth in CE Fall19:33
faenilvgrade: I can try build your ks online ?19:34
faenilI have never built anything though :) Only usb iso for Mer x86 :)19:34
stroughtonsmithvgrade: you mentioned me this morning but I had to catch a flight - whazzup? :)19:36
faenilhe's at his son's 16th bd...he's pretty busy atm ;)19:36
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vgradestroughtonsmith, just said hi19:44
stroughtonsmithoh, haha :) hi vgrade19:44
vgradeare we seeing the tracker slowdown issue here19:44
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faenilIf anyone needs testing or such, and wants to teach me how to do something, I'm all ears :)20:14
faenilstudying geometries intersections in the meanwhile :)20:14
faenilOR wants to teach me how to do something, sorry :D20:16
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faenilanyone working on nemo?23:18
w00tnot directly, but sort of23:31
faenil:) trying to get what's wrong? :D23:34
w00tno, tinkering with qml23:35
faeniloh ok :)23:37
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