Sunday, 2011-11-06

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w00tSage_: why is qt-components in CE:Apps? seems like a strange place to put it - I'd thought MW (or a sub-branch of MW) made more sense10:19
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niqti added on the wiki result for wetab14:09
vgradeniqt, any issues with screen blanking?14:12
niqtscreen blanking while playing14:14
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faenilhi everyone :P15:24
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dm8tbrbtw: sorry I didn't set up a bz yet. I slept through most of yesterday... :(15:34
dm8tbreither work stress or harboring some cold or both it seems15:35
Stskeepsor that sleep is simply good ;)15:35
Stskeepsno need to apologize, things take the time it does and this is all volunteer contributions15:35
faenilwhere was the problem? :D15:41
vgrademy build machine. fedorda mounting things nodev15:42
vgradevideo, image and kicksart on way15:42
faenilthanks :)15:43
faenilcan you elaborate on fedora's problem?15:43
vgradeautomount was mounting my development disk and N950 with nodev,nosuid so builds were failing15:44
faeniloh ok15:44
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faenilo/ jukkaeklund :)15:46
Stskeepsjukkaeklund: btw, i forgot to send out the mail but in last meeting we wondered if there's a better time for steering group meeting that you can easier participate in?15:51
Stskeeps(just to be able to fit all of us)15:52
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jukkaeklundproblem is that I have been participating to a training that takes all days especially tues, and cannot sneak out of that15:56
jukkaeklundrelates to being efectively unemployed15:56
Stskeepsyeah, i assumed so - it's not a problem :), could perhaps even move it out of typical business hours15:56
Stskeepsperhaps i should start a doodle and we can see what can work15:57
jukkaeklundyes, but outside business hours causes other problems..15:57
jukkaeklundthanks for taking this up15:57
jukkaeklundif people are flexible to shuffle the time, we could try doodle´15:58
Stskeepsyep - i'll start one15:58
vgradedm8tbr, ping15:59
vgradejukkaeklund, hi15:59
jukkaeklundvgrade, hello15:59
jukkaeklundStskeeps, same reason haven't in IRC..15:59
jukkaeklundbeen, that is15:59
vgradeplasma image going up to sooon16:00
Stskeepsvgrade: +116:00
jukkaeklundvgrade, N950 you mean?16:01
jukkaeklundMeeGo network Finland meeting now at #meego-meeting btw16:02
jukkaeklunddidn't realize there is also Mer-Plasma exopc image too already16:02
Stskeepspeople have been quite busy with the ports, turning out to be quite a nice prototyping platform16:03
vgradeand Advent Vega (Tegra 2)16:03
Stskeepsthere's even N810 work ongoing16:03
vgradeplasma active guys are now bulding against Mer core as well on OBS16:03
jukkaeklundyeah its amazing16:04
jukkaeklundnot a surprise though is it? :)16:04
jukkaeklundI want to see some snowball action too and raspberry16:05
jukkaeklundbut wanting is not enough of course :)16:05
Stskeepssnowball i think it's about someone taking what exists and attempting a bringup16:06
Stskeepsraspberry i may get a board for as well16:06
jukkaeklundare the beta raspberry boards already coming?16:07
Stskeepsbtw, devaamo - is the charter of the non-profit public anyway?16:07
Stskeepsin december supposedly16:08
Stskeepsthough i'm not sure exactly what status is16:08
jukkaeklundStskeeps, see
jukkaeklundStskeeps, and the more detailed Devaamo action plan is being drafted16:09
Stskeepsi should read more up on nonprofits, one of the ideas about mer governance ( ) is hosting it under a nonprofit with the advisory board (a composition of technical leaders, maintainers and interest groups) being the board of the nonprofit16:12
jukkaeklundpart of it is to have a legal entity to allow for sponsoring etc.16:16
jukkaeklundone of main reasons for setting the Devaamo as association16:16
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Stskeepsi like the idea of devaamo16:17
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jukkaeklundthe metawatch thing is cool16:20
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JonnoIn case you are interesed, I just installed Nemo Mobile on my Nokia N9 (dualbooting over USB, instructions at
JonnoThe Nemo kernel (kernel-adaptation-n950 didn't work though, so I installed the old kernel I used to get MeeGo 1.3 CE working (kernel-adaptation-n950-bootloader to get it working.18:50
JonnoNot much works beyond booting. Are there any interest in me filling in with stuff not working on N9?18:50
faenilJonno: nice! :)18:57
faenilwhat is not working?18:57
faenilI mean can you open menu and settings screen and all that stuff?18:58
jukkaeklundJonno, sure there is interest applies to N950 as well18:58
jukkaeklundthough there will be "official" bootloader for N9 out eventually also18:58
jukkaeklundpending from Nokia18:58
jukkaeklundhmm, but dualboot is interesting19:02
jukkaeklundneed to try19:02
Jonnofaenil: Menu and settings work, but neither cellular, bluetooth nor WiFi works, and starting some applications locks up the phone...19:03
jukkaeklundsame with N950 I think..19:04
Jonnojukkaeklund: Hopefully yes, but until Nemo actually works as a phone, I need to dualboot anyway...19:04
jukkaeklundbut like said, very good information to put on wiki or what says stskeeps?19:04
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Sage_w00t: well, none of the UX's need that only the Apps require that thus it is in CE:Apps. atm.21:00
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* Sage_ :headdesks: as his new NAS failed totally during the weekend after 3 days. Disks empty and whole user database gone. 21:01
Sage_I'm glad I didn't have data much there yet other than test purposes. :/Ä21:02
Stskeepsjust remember RAID isn't backup21:04
* Stskeeps backs up regularly even from his RAID-Z21:04
Sage_Yes, thus I have real backups :)21:04
vgradevgrade backs up his kickstars again21:05
Sage_I just wonder what the heck happened.21:05
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faenil_it's nice!!!21:33
vgradejust need a dialer21:34
crevetorAnd better music ;)21:34
faenil_got sms in it?21:34
vgradeno phone stuff in yet its broken atm I think21:34
faenil_oh ok ;)21:34
crevetorvgrade: the QML dialer should work21:35
vgradecrevetor I thought I saw Sage_ looking for alterego about an issue21:36
crevetorvgrade: oh ok I was just talking theoretically.21:36
vgradeyes, ok . It has all the nemomobile apps included21:37
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Sage_vgrade: is that the plasma compiled in my repo? Or have you tested that one?21:51
vgradeSage_, still using mine atm.  Was waiting for :DEVEL to stabilise a bit.  Will give it a go with stipped down next week21:54
tagunilSage_: I've tried to build plasma image from your repo. There are missing deps - aspell requires aspell-en which is missing21:58
vgradetagunil does that come from mic build? I had everything supposedly resolved in OBS but mic thought different22:00
tagunilvgrade: yes. mic tells me: aspell-0.60.6-3.1.armv7hl requires aspell-en22:01
vgradewonder why OBS does not pick that. Or is that a bulidtime vs runtime thing22:02
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crevetorOk, got nemo to boot on the touchpad :) Still have to get Xorg to work tough22:03
tagunilvgrade: I think aspell-en is like a dictionaries for aspell spellchecker22:04
taguniland plasma-mobile has some unresolved deps: mobile-broadband-provider-info, meego-ux-components, meego-ux-settings-libsettings - somebody knows what is it?22:05
vgradetagunil, ah so it does not include all languages as deps22:05
vgradetagunil, the meego ones are to allow the settings dialogs so they can set wifi details22:06
vgradedon't know about the moble-broadband one.  Still working in Trunk:Testing22:06
vgradecrevetor, good. do you have fbdev and mesa packages?22:07
crevetorvgrade: Installing them as we speak22:07
crevetorvgrade: I got quite far using the msm xorg driver but I'm missing the that's needed to get it to work :(22:09
tagunilvgrade: in which CE: repo meego ones should be? Or these deps has to be removed?22:10
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vgradeWe removed them so as not to get meego / plasma mixed22:17
vgradeand I'm using MTF settings panel in the plasma image22:22
crevetorHas anyone gotten this :22:27
crevetor[  1700.278] (II) AIGLX: Loaded and initialized /usr/lib/dri/swrast_dri.so22:27
crevetor[  1700.278] (II) GLX: Initialized DRISWRAST GL provider for screen 022:27
crevetorand the nothing else but yet X doesn't show up22:27
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crevetorit's the last 2 lines of my Xorg.0.log22:28
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vgradecrevetor, looks good, give at a few mins22:50
crevetorWell the screen darkens and then comes back to the console and Xorg exits 122:50
vgradelogs? from /home/meego, .xsession-errors .Xorg.log22:51
crevetorvgrade: I'll check .xsession-errors22:52
crevetortotally forgot about it22:52
vgradedo you have any input devices found22:52
crevetorHaven't checked that either22:52
crevetorCould that be the problem ?22:57
crevetorQEgl::display(): Cannot initialize EGL display: "Bad alloc (0x3003)"22:57
crevetorQEglContext::chooseConfig(): Could not find a suitable EGL configuration22:57
crevetorvgrade: a little while later I get a ton of : "/usr/bin/mdecorator" Connection timeout when waiting for packet 3 Retrying.22:58
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vgradeyou have mesa-EGL, mesa-GLES, mesa-dri23:06
crevetorthat's what I'm installing right now23:06
crevetorI saw that I was missing the EGL part23:06
crevetorbut the package depends on wayland for some reason23:06
vgradeok, can you pastie the full logs?23:06
crevetorGonne try something first23:07
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vgradeyou have the wrong ones I think then23:07
crevetorit's the one from here :
vgradesec while I check23:09
crevetorcxl000: 6:10pm here...23:10
crevetorbut good morning to you23:10
crevetorW00t ! I have a red square23:11
cxl000crevetor yeh I know. good evening23:12
crevetorcxl000: where are you from ? Australia ?23:14
vgradecrevetor, just the one23:15
vgradecxl000, morning23:15
crevetorvgrade: just the one ?23:15
crevetorIt's actually a red rectangle23:15
cxl000Crevetor yes Melbourne23:16
crevetorcxl000: Cool. My roomate is from melbourne too23:16
vgradeok you have the right one, its just that wayland is now enabled in the mesa package23:33
crevetorvgrade: ok23:33
crevetorI'm almost there I think23:33
crevetorI think my remaining problem is this : libEGL warning: DRI2: failed to authenticate23:35
vgradethats a non problem I recall, they all do that sir23:36
crevetorHum then I don't quite understand, maybe I just need to give it more time23:37
crevetorI get a red rectangle at the moment23:37
vgradefirst boot can take 5 mins23:37
vgrademaybe more23:37
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crevetorvgrade: you mean total boot or just Xorg ?23:37
vgradetotal boot23:37
vgradered rectangle, where abouts on screen23:38
vgradedead centre23:38
vgradenot seen that before23:38
crevetorhum I'll have to investigate then23:39
crevetorWill meego UX refuse to start if there's no input device ?23:40
vgradeI'm wondering if thats an X think.  I think you need to add something to the Xorg.conf like noinput or some such23:42
crevetorIt should work cause I have /dev/input/event{0,1,2}23:42
crevetorand Xorg is configured for that so..23:42
crevetorand it doesn't complain either23:42
crevetorvgrade: what about this : Can't switch to raster - switching only supported with 'runtime' graphics system.23:45

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