Monday, 2011-11-07

vgradewhatever thats trying to do00:01
vgradeits interesting you have red box00:02
vgradewhen meego cant find an icon image it puts up a red square00:02
vgradeso you get the splash screen, then that clears to black then the red rectangle appears00:03
vgradethen Xorg closes back to login prompt00:03
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vgradecan you pastie the xorg and xsession logs? Do you have kb access to do a dmesg > message.log00:04
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vgradeyou need to add M_USE_GRAPHICS_RASTER to your env00:06
vgradesec I'll just check thats the right string00:06
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vgradeecho 'export M_USE_SOFTWARE_RENDERING=1' >> $INSTALL_ROOT/home/meego/.bashrc00:22
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crevetorvgrade: I have full ssh access. Let me try that out03:00
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* Stskeeps stretches06:08
* dm8tbr passes a cup of espresso06:09
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Stskeepsmorn Sage_07:08
w00tSage_: ok. can you help me by taking a look at the repos setup on home:w00t:ce at some point? I'm trying to setup new targets so I can start building random stuff on top of CE, but either I made a mistake or I'm missing something07:15
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Sage_Project not found: home:w00t:ce07:30
w00tSage_: err..07:30
w00tit is there:
Sage_eh... my bad :D07:31
w00tdid you look on bmc? ;)07:31
Sage_w00t: ok, the thing is that you are trying to build two different things a) app b) ux07:32
w00thrm, they were all unresolvable yesterday07:32
Sage_w00t: also in CE we have only one arch per repo07:33
Sage_w00t: see
w00tI don't want to split further if I can at all avoid it07:34
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w00t(as the more time I spend on bookkeeping, the less I spend on writing stuff and getting it working on devices)07:35
Sage_w00t: you _can't_ compile armv7hl, armv7el and i586 against same repo as we have only one architecture in repository07:36
Sage_w00t: ^ :)07:36
Sage_you can compile them in same project, but not against same repo07:37
w00tok, so how do I do that?07:37
Sage_w00t: see the vgrade's link.07:38
Sage_it is just the repository configuration in your home.07:38
Stskeepsadvanced -> raw config07:38
w00tthat doesn't really tell me much - I don't know anything about .. thanks, that's helpful07:39
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Sage_w00t: osc meta prj home:vgrade:branches:home:w00t:ce07:40
Sage_w00t: then compare osc meta prj home:w00t:ce07:40
w00tSage_: what's contentaction doing in :MTF? is that because of a libmeegotouch dep I vaguely recall?07:41
Sage_w00t: because it has build dep to libmeegotouch yes07:42
Sage_w00t: you promissed to look at it :)07:42
w00tyes, I did07:42
w00tmlite is in CE:MW:Shared, good07:42
w00tI'll try take a look at it today]07:43
Sage_w00t: we are still finding places for different components in different projects. feel free to do suggestions.07:43
w00tno, that's pretty alright07:43
w00tlayering is really really hard :)07:44
Sage_w00t: yes it is, but in the end there is benefit. I've already smiled so many times because of the layering that I don't want to go back :D07:45
w00thmm, what do you see as upsides?07:45
Sage_we don't break stuff when doing changes to other adpatations/UX's07:46
Sage_or Apps07:47
Sage_currently the only places that can cause break in others is Mer Core and CE:MW:Shared.07:47
w00thave I mentioned I hate autotools lately?07:47
Sage_not lately :)07:48
w00tconsider it done :)07:48
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w00tok, so that wasn't quite as easy as I expected, but it is possible08:20
w00tI guess I can take over maintainership of mlite nowdays ... so I can make one change there that'll make that easier08:21
w00tSage_: do we have libmlocale packaged?08:22
Sage_w00t: probably not as I haven't heard of that08:22
w00tit's required for newer meegotouch08:22
Sage_oh, well ours compiles without :)08:23
w00t+ it splits a large usefulish part of meegotouch  out into a library that other stuff can reuse without the whole huge dep :)08:23
w00t-> contentaction without mtf will need mlocale08:23
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* Sage_ would like to find a new maintainer for MTF components in CE/Nemo08:28
xruxaSage_: is Mirek gone?08:28
veskuhxruxa: yep08:28
Sage_ <- 46 packages atm. :/08:28
xruxaWas expected. I could do theme at least08:29
Sage_xruxa: ok08:31
Sage_thx in advance :)08:31
xruxaSage_: uff, there is lot of stuff outside the MTF, I guess dependencies ... but that makes it really hairy for single maintainer :(08:31
* xruxa is wondering if he will need n950 for this as well ...08:34
Sage_xruxa: most of those are just components that are maintained by nokia for harmattan and are build deps to some of the MTF components08:34
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w00t'lsof'? that seems wrong08:49
Sage_w00t: there are couple of components there that are from outside, however as nothing else depends on them I don't want to push those to MW:Shared09:04
w00ti'm wondering what on earth uses that :)09:04
Sage_run-time dep09:05
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veskuhw00t: was that your comment that Nemo gfx is really slow on n950? I'm not seeing that. above 60FPS on widgetsgallery..10:15
w00tveskuh: it went away after a few reboots10:16
w00t(I don't know why)10:16
veskuhwierd. maybe it really went to sw rendering for some reason10:16
xruxaSage_: was wondering why I see bugs in qt-components - turns out we have too old version. I have new one in my Home, tested. You interested?10:27
Sage_xruxa: yes, CE:Apps project is interested :)10:29
Sage_w00t: btw, you using qt-components in lipstick?10:29
w00tSage_: not yet, but I may do, I haven't made my mind up how that's going to work quite yet10:31
xruxaosc status10:33
Sage_A wrong_terminal.txt10:34
xruxaYes ... wondering what status "R" means :(10:34
Sage_never seen that before10:34
Sage_A C D M ? !10:35
Sage_those I've seen10:35
xruxaNow I have two files with R ... dammit10:35
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xruxaSage_: what would the command line for submitrequest from my home to CE:Apps look like, again?10:38
Sage_osc sr home:xruxa package CE:Apps10:38
xruxaHmmm, that diff was a sr description? Ouch ...10:41
* Sage_ is a bit confused atm.10:46
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Sage_kimju: seen this before? (cc: Stskeeps)11:13
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phaeronStskeeps: ping12:08
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lardmanWould someone with Nemo running on a device and gdb handy be able to run it on a core dump for me please?13:10
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jadams|cloudhello there13:29
Sage_kimju: what about ?13:34
kimjuI haven't even tried 3.1 on any hardware. and haven't seen such error in any older kernels either13:36
Sage_kimju: well, that is probably just my own packaging error. But not sure where :/13:37
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vgradeSage_ i've seen that on Raspberry Pi trying to load the gfx ko13:57
vgradematched kernel and modules13:57
vgradenot got to the bottom of it on Pi13:58
jadams|cloudI have an n900 and am aiming t buy an n9 soon13:59
jadams|cloudis nemo close to usable on the n900?14:00
veskuhjadams|cloud: you can check the latest status here:
*** faenil has joined #nemomobile14:02
jadams| no dialer / phone stuffs yet14:04
jadams|cloudI had an openmoko neo back in the day14:04
jadams|cloudstill do somewhere14:04
jadams|cloudlove me some FLOSS mobile devices14:04
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niqtwhen will released new nemomobile image?14:17
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Sage_niqt: is the latest. During this week there will be probably a new image. No detailed schedule yet though.14:20
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niqtSage_: i have it on my n900 e wetab...14:22
Sage_niqt: any feedback? what is the worst thing in it?14:22
niqti writed on wiki14:22
Sage_and thanks for doing that :)14:22
xruxaSage_: you need something from me to get the theme and/or other MTF bits in for the release?14:22
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Sage_xruxa: ? you mean fixes?14:23
xruxaSage_: for example ;)14:25
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xruxalike the "missing icons" issue -  that is missing theme - goes to you or you want me to follow that?14:26
Sage_ <- xruxa all these need fixes. NOTE: Also check problems with previous images that haven't been crossed over.14:26
Sage_xruxa: well many of the apps have red icons in them. There is some problem with theming but not sure what14:27
xruxaThe theme is not in the image ;)14:27
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Sage_xruxa: opening settings there is still !! in the header.14:28
Sage_so one translation missing at least14:28
xruxaSage_: they hardcoded that "!!" in the C++ code of the control panel, no way to fix14:29
Sage_xruxa: and when operning the dropmenu on the top there is a bit space that is probably .css file issue in theme14:29
xruxaAll others were normal translations, but this one is some braindead applet category resolution fallback14:29
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Sage_xruxa: ah, any way to patch taht?14:29
xruxaSage_: Sure, will take some time though14:30
Sage_xruxa: not a problem. Atm. we don't have anyone looking that or the other theming issues14:30
Sage_ <- o_014:33
Sage_does taht mean that I got pvr for panda running on Mer? :)14:33
crevetorStskeeps: I got a bit further in getting Nemo to work on the touchpad : now X starts and I get a red rectangle in the middle of the screen14:34
crevetorStskeeps: have you ever seen that ?14:34
xruxaSage_: - working components on N900. Too bad the text input panel comes only in landscape :(14:40
veskuhxruxa: wow, looks really nice!14:41
xruxaveskuh: too bad I didn't manage to get booster working ;) Launch times are not great.14:43
Sage_xruxa: that looks very nice14:43
crevetorxruxa: that's really on an N900 ?14:43
Sage_crevetor: you can see that from the bottom right corner14:43
crevetorPretty amazing14:43
Sage_N900 logo is shown :)14:43
Sage_xruxa: could you send those apps to CE:Apps? Those are qt-components based right?14:44
xruxacrevetor: try it yourself ;)14:44
xruxaSage_: sure I could, I installed those from my home repo14:45
crevetorxruxa: I will as soon as I get back home14:45
Sage_xruxa: btw, how did you change theme to darko I though theme changing doesn't work14:45
crevetorOr maybe on my collegues N900 if I convince him14:45
KaziKluBeyxruxa: looks really nice :)14:45
xruxaSage_: theme changing does work. Does not affect QtComponents though, those are 'hardcoded' in  a way14:45
Sage_anyone has any gl apps/tests compiled for armv7l in cobs?14:49
Stskeepsadd .cc for source14:50
Sage_3D on panda14:51
Sage_not very high performance but anyway it works :D14:52
Stskeepsif compositor is up, of course not14:52
Sage_fps: 39.215414:52
Sage_lets try without14:57
Sage_fps: 190.41214:57
KaziKluBeyIf the upcoming image would provide the fetaures in xruxas video i think it would be a major leap forward. Behold the future :)14:58
crevetorStskeeps: Nemo UX should work with swrast right ?14:59
crevetorvgrade: So I tried what you seggested yesterday but it didn't15:15
crevetorI might have tracked the problem down though15:15
veskuhxruxa: looking at maps code.. it does not retrieve QDeclarativeView from MDeclarative cache as instructed by:
veskuhUsing that might make some difference15:18
vgradeSage_, nice. What was the issue with the .ko15:21
xruxaveskuh: I see, obviously ;) Will fix that, got messed up with that ifdefing for arm/desktop15:24
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Sage_vgrade: my plain stupidy :)15:26
Sage_vgrade: typo in packaging and very much hacked fs15:26
Sage_file in right place but packaging didn't update the right file :)15:26
niqti have started two month ago (for meego CE), do you think that it's is useful also for nemo?15:34
Sage_niqt: yes15:34
Sage_niqt: we don't have calendar in nemo15:35
vgradeSage_, so you had a mismatched kernel and kernel module15:36
veskuhw00t: I got replicated the same 30FPS idle as you had.. Just by accident..15:36
w00tveskuh: it was even slower than that, originally... and I'm still not sure why it went away :/15:37
veskuhw00t: and I also now see tearing in some UIs which is not typical at all15:38
vgradefirst boot veskuh?15:38
veskuhno, many boots already behind15:38
veskuhwhile scrolling widgetsgallery FPS is something like 10-30.15:39
veskuhand systemui's menu does not open15:39
veskuhok, reboot fixed it. Changing theme may be the one that triggered this condition in my device.15:44
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lardmanAre there debuginfo packages available for Nemo?15:56
lardmanI'd like to work out what's calling the raise() fn in libpthread and causing systemd to segfault15:59
lardmanthough thinking about it, that's probably systemd's handler code, hmm15:59
*** veskuh has quit IRC16:01
lardmanwell at least the cgroups patches all applied and the kernel still runs16:13
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Sage_vgrade: yes16:28
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Stskeepslardman: yes, see releases.merproject.org16:31
lardmanthanks Stskeeps16:33
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Stskeepsxruxa: so how difficult is it to theme libmeegotouch if let's say, a commercial company came around?18:17
*** stroughtonsmith has joined #nemomobile18:41
xruxaStskeeps: not difficult, labor expensive18:43
*** araujo has joined #nemomobile18:45
* araujo wonders when it is coming next nemo image18:46
*** anYc has joined #nemomobile18:50
anYcHi, I saw there is a release for the n900. Is there a more comprehensive status description than in the wiki?18:55
anYcI would love to test it, but the n900 is my primary device. So I'm not too "venturous" :)18:57
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StskeepsanYc: run it from a microsd card19:15
*** crevetor has joined #nemomobile19:15
StskeepsanYc: best way to try it out19:16
* xruxa changed his root password on N9 and forgot it the next day :(19:22
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