Tuesday, 2011-11-08

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Stskeepsmorn sage07:02
Stskeepsso, what's in queue for me?07:02
Sage_That ssh fix for mer at least. Also we should probably update the whole ssh to mer, from 5.6 to 5.9 something07:03
Stskeepsssh fix is already in newest mer release07:03
Sage_yes that startup fix is there, but that conf not valid is not07:04
Sage_or did I miss something07:04
Stskeepsmerreleases@monster:~/public_html/releases/0.20111104.1/builds/i586/packages/i586> rpm -qp openssh-server-5.6p1-1.4.i586.rpm --changelog07:04
Stskeepswarning: openssh-server-5.6p1-1.4.i586.rpm: Header V3 DSA/SHA1 Signature, key ID 7d236225: NOKEY07:04
Stskeeps* Tue Sep 13 2011 Marko Saukko <marko.saukko@cybercom.com> - 5.6p107:04
Stskeeps- Added StandardOutput=Socket to sshd@.service file to fix functionality with systemd 35.07:04
Stskeepsoh, the conf issue07:04
Stskeepsthat shouldn't block anything..?07:04
Sage_true, or at least I haven't noticed any blocks. Well then the most critical thing in mer core is the zypper issues07:05
Sage_for example search not working and at times unable to install packages07:06
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Stskeepshuomenta veskuh08:03
veskuhGood Morning, Stskeeps08:05
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Sage_w00t: so getting only 14FPS with meegotouch-home on omap4 :/08:27
w00twhat arguments is mtfhome running with08:28
Sage_-remote-theme -show-fps08:29
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w00tno -software, no M_USE_SOFTWARE_RENDERING in the environment... when you run it from console like that, does it spit out any debug log?08:30
Sage_no -software and no export in environment either08:31
Sage_however, I had those but I removed them08:31
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Sage_I wonder if there is some leftover conf that doesn't get turned off again?08:32
Sage_I probably should create a new image anyway this one is quite hacked already :)08:35
w00tSage_: out of interest, try add -opengl08:38
w00tand show me log if any08:38
w00tif there isn't any, add -output-level debug -log-console08:38
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Sage_w00t: http://pastie.org/282975908:40
w00tnothing really helpful...08:40
Sage_MWindowPrivate: Renderer: OpenGL08:41
Sage_at least it says that :)08:41
xruxaveskuh: I'm having issues with the booster08:43
veskuhxruxa: what kind?08:43
xruxait does not boost much :)08:45
xruxaI boosted flickr and maps. On Flickr same speed, but shows splash. On Maps it is maybe 20% faster but does not show splash. COnfusing08:46
xruxaI will prolly go package it as it is so that others can have look, I gave up trying to figure it out myself :(08:47
xruxaPlus, will need to do something clever/nasty to have booster enabled on ARM and disabled on x86 where I develop on desktop08:47
Sage_xruxa: two .desktop files08:48
xruxalinker complains about the booster libs in QtCreator08:49
xruxamaybe as simple as putting a dummy empty booster lib into QtCreator - with the conditional compilation in place the code will not get called anyway08:50
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veskuhxruxa: there is one issue in the qt-components you packaged. they assume n900 width, on n950 there is extra whitespace on both sides.08:57
xruxaveskuh: true, the size is hardcoded in some C++ file. I fixed it for N900 but forgot N950 :(08:58
xruxaveskuh: http://pastie.org/2829836 in mdeclarativescreen.cpp - I guess we need to get real screen size in the ARM case.09:03
veskuhxruxa: yep, QDesktopWidget should report correct value09:05
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w00tit should really do it for both cases... otherwise it's still going to be wrong on anything x8609:06
w00tI noticed this on the lenovo too, in the past09:06
xruxaon x865 they obviously consider only the QtCreator case, not running it on x86 device. That is just 50% valid :)09:06
xruxaif someone feels like hitting me with a clever patch I'm all ears :)09:07
xruxaor, we play it the other way round for our packages - we do not consider QtCreator, remove those ifdefs and just get real screen size09:08
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w00tthat's what i'd do, you could also do something like if (QCoreApplication::arguments().contains("-components-small-size")) { /* use smaller x86 size */ } else { /* use QDesktopWidget size */ }09:10
Stskeepsearly days, no components set up yet, but http://bugs.nemomobile.org09:10
w00tStskeeps: :)09:10
veskuhStskeeps: brilliant!09:11
Stskeepsi've given iekku access so she can work her magic on it09:11
iekkui will build nice home for nemo bugs09:12
dm8tbrI'll have to look into MerBot to make it support both mer-bz on #mer and nemo-bz on #nemomobile09:13
iekkuwhere they can spend the whole life cycle and after death having a nice place too09:13
Stskeepsso, we have BNO and BMO?09:13
Stskeepsor how do we call the bugs09:13
StskeepsMER# and NEMO#? :P09:14
Sage_MER# NEMO# ?09:14
* Sage_ was slow again!09:14
w00tM# N#!09:15
Sage_well, that looks more like a typo :P09:16
* w00t typos Sage_09:16
w00tof course, we could always use NB# just to spice up life :-)09:16
* Sage_ gets eraser09:16
* Sage_ boots new panda image09:19
* Sage_ adds -show-fps and reboots09:23
Sage_FPS10 :D09:24
Sage_ok, 13 without systemui :)09:25
Sage_Stskeeps: same wifi and bt firmwares from n950 don't work on panda out of the box at least09:26
Sage_-bash: tar: command not found09:28
Sage_hmmp, maybe should add to nemo :)09:28
Sage_Stskeeps: where is the ~merrelease/ from monster?09:30
StskeepsSage_: releases.merproject.org09:30
Stskeepsyes, we're starting to look not completely like a hack anymore ;)09:31
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Sage_ok, even the firmware from ubuntu doesn't seem to work with panda09:39
Sage_probably missing something else09:39
Sage_but still solid 13FPS on mtf-home :/09:39
Sage_with clean image and not so much hacks :)09:39
Sage_veskuh: what does "mdecorator works funny sometimes (xterm looked incorrect at first start)" mean?09:41
Sage_veskuh: and is that already fixed in the newer image?09:41
veskuhSage_:  it did not draw menubar correctly, but when I tap on UI it draw it then. I'll check newer image.09:42
veskuhSage_: hmm.. that was with xterm and it is no longer in the image.. also probably that is why irc does not work09:43
Sage_xterm is not there?09:43
veskuhah, it is there but no icon (good, since terminal is better)09:43
Sage_veskuh: xterm should be there just not icon for it09:43
veskuhSage_: the issue with xterm remains. it draws the content, no decoration09:44
veskuhSage_: when I touch the empty space that should have decoration, then it draws it09:45
Sage_We should cleanup the status09:46
Sage_and remove the old image things and move them to the newer09:46
veskuhSage_: Ok, I can update the wiki and check those.09:47
Sage_did already :)09:48
Sage_some changes that is09:48
veskuhSage_: ah, nice09:48
anYcStskeeps: thank you, I will try after I bought a MicroSD.09:50
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anYcDo understand correctly, Nemo has at least the same status features for the n900 as the meego fall release?09:52
Stskeepswe're still rebasing, so there might be regressions here and there09:53
anYcok cool10:00
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veskuhwhy zypper search is so poor in actually finding anything?10:28
Stskeepsi might be generating the repos in a wrng way10:30
veskuhit is just search that is bad, zypper packages | grep seems to find everyhting10:31
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lardmanI'm not sure about my mmcblk device ordering, whether the devices I see in the kernel initramfs init match those seen by systemd/fstab, is this possible/probable?10:54
lardmans/devices/device numbering10:55
Stskeepslardman: probably, look into using devtmpfs maybe10:55
lardmanStskeeps: I have that enabled10:55
lardmanI'll have a read up on whether I need to do anything else10:55
lardmanJust that I assume the systemd swap task is reading fstab and I don't know ahead of time, really, which device is which, can I remove fstab and have it check for swap partitions are runtime?10:56
faenilpr1.1 for n9 released :)11:00
Sage_Stskeeps: bq module is ok for the n950 right?11:01
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Sage_Stskeeps: from mer repos zypper is unable to get updates properly but form Nemo repos it is11:13
Sage_so probably something funny in Mer repos11:13
Sage_w00t: do you know what void DcpAppletPage::load(): The applet has no loaded plugin nor an external command defined11:17
Stskeepssounds like control panel11:17
niqtisn't today a meeting?11:18
Sage_hmmp... was it 13 already?11:19
veskuhAt 1411:19
Sage_Stskeeps: yes when trying to start wallpaper applet11:19
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#2991 Rejected promotion request11:24
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#2992 waiting for review at https://build.pub.meego.com//request/show/299211:24
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#2994 Rejected promotion request11:29
Sage_phaeron: where did 2993 go?11:29
Sage_phaeron: I'm also gettin mails still twice. My e-mail should be removed from the cc list I have subscribed to the ML already11:31
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#2995 waiting for review at https://build.pub.meego.com//request/show/299511:33
Sage_Stskeeps: what do you think about the darko theme? Should we include it or not?11:35
Sage_CC-NC license11:35
Sage_for us that doesn't really matter11:35
Stskeepsand let's work towards having skeleton themes for people to customize with11:35
Stskeepsthat's non-NC11:36
Sage_so that was ok to include it in our images?11:36
phaeronSage_: looking11:36
StskeepsSage_: yes, IMHO11:37
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veskuhSage_: I'd say yes, if somebody wants to do commercial he needs his own theme anyway11:38
phaeronSage_: seems to be utf8 issue in the changelog11:41
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#2992 Rejected promotion request11:42
Sage_phaeron: what char where?11:42
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#2996 waiting for review at https://build.pub.meego.com//request/show/299611:43
Sage_phaeron: about 2992, what is this https://build.pub.meego.com/project/show?project=CE%3AUX%3AMTF%3ATrial%3ASR2992 ?11:44
Sage_rejected because build failed, what build?11:44
phaeronSage_: 'ascii' codec can't encode character u'\xe4' in position 4479: ordinal not in range(128)11:45
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#2995 Accepted promotion request11:46
Sage_phaeron: none of the tools I'm using are showing anything strange so how should I catch those before hand?11:47
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#2997 Rejected promotion request11:48
phaeronSage_: reapplying 299311:48
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#2993 waiting for review at https://build.pub.meego.com//request/show/299311:48
Sage_phaeron: ok, need me to ok review?11:48
Sage_     FAILED check_package_is_complete_sources (mesa-demos): Failed to parse spec file: can't parse specfile11:49
Sage_^ that is new11:49
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phaeronSage_: 2993 is ok , that issue is probably a bug in notify that I will report11:49
phaeronSage_: so you can approve its review11:50
phaeronSage_: looking at 299211:50
phaeronSage_: for spec file it printed 2011-11-07 10:40:11.951101500 error: line 10: Illegal char '~' in: Version:    1.0~git2011110511:51
phaeron2011-11-08 11:47:17.026220500 error: line 10: Illegal char '~' in: Version:    8.0.1~git60eeb7b30611:51
phaeronbut that wasn't caught11:51
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phaeronthe error message wasn't caught that is11:52
Stskeepsthat char isn't invalid though11:52
Stskeepsin version11:52
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phaeronmaybe difference in versions of python-rpm11:53
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phaerondebian stable probably has an old version11:53
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#2993 Accepted promotion request11:56
StskeepsSteering group meeting in #meego-meeting in 4 minutes11:59
phaeronSage_: can't figure out what's wrong with 2992, can you resubmit that sr12:04
Sage_phaeron: sure, a moment12:04
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#2998 waiting for review at https://build.pub.meego.com//request/show/299812:06
phaeronSage_: the double emails are because you are both submitter and on ml12:09
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Sage_phaeron: grr... Dude :D12:11
Sage_That sucks I must say.12:11
Sage_Feature request: user able to disable mails :)12:12
phaeronthat's a good fea12:12
* lbt proposes MUA training course for users12:12
lbtphaeron: can you restrict the highlighting to just the important irc messages12:13
lbtit's mega-annoying now12:13
phaeronlbt: yeah absolutely12:14
Sage_IMHO, reject messages should not be sent to IRC, ML is enough.12:14
phaeronSage_: https://build.pub.meego.com/request/show/2985 is stuck , would you like to continue ?12:15
Sage_phaeron: no because that is not valid SR12:16
Sage_at least .changelog is broken12:16
phaeronok will kill it12:16
phaeronSage_: I meant do you want boss to try continue handling it12:16
Stskeepsbtw,  how do you kill processes?12:16
Sage_phaeron: ah, well that is fine by me. It should be rejected by boss anyway.12:17
phaeronStskeeps: using ruote viewer12:17
lbtStskeeps: and 'cancel' or 'kill' them12:17
lbtthere's a CLI too12:17
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#2998 Accepted promotion request12:23
lbtSage_: see I think acceptance should go to ML since no further action is needed12:23
phaeronSage_: ok just decline 298512:24
Sage_lbt: that is ok as well12:24
Sage_lbt: so pretty much only ones that need action should be shown :)12:24
lbt*nod* and reject seems to be one of them? Since it needs fixing and resubmitting12:24
Sage_lbt: well, person who sent the SR in the first place might not be here12:25
Sage_so why bother others with that?12:25
lbtI did think that a /msg may be useful12:26
lbtbut overly complex12:26
Stskeepssometimes people have different nicks12:26
Stskeepslike Sage and Sage_12:26
lbtyeah ... I was wondering when Sage was coming back12:26
Sage_someone took my nick12:27
lardmanoh joy, passing emergency.target on the kernel command line results in a CPU bug error12:27
* lardman hopes he can solder together a serial line this evening so he can actually record the output12:27
lbtSage_: sic Stskeeps on them12:27
StskeepsSage_: /nickserv ghost12:27
*** Sage_ is now known as SAge12:29
*** SAge is now known as Sage12:29
Sagethx :)12:30
SageASSERT failure in QList<T>::operator[]: "index out of range", file /usr/include/qt4/QtCore/qlist.h, line 47712:32
SageStskeeps: language applet doesn't work because of that ^12:32
Sagesounds issue in qt to me.12:33
Sagedo we have older qt than harmattan?12:33
veskuhBut they may have cherry picked patches here and there12:34
vgradelardman, I've used CONFIG_BOOT_DELAY in the past to slow down the messages, http://lkml.indiana.edu/hypermail/linux/kernel/0707.0/1515.html , may give you some more info12:34
w00tSage: no12:35
Sagew00t: ?12:35
xruxaSage: could be CP issue too, if we didn't install the language support12:35
w00tan assert like that is caused by something like this: QList<int> mylist; int i = mylist[3];12:35
veskuhLike having a language selected that is not in list12:35
w00tthat is, accessing an index in the list that isn't there12:35
lardmanvgrade: The kernel messages are not such a problem, it's more the systemd messages that fly by too fast12:36
w00tif you get a bt, you'll find where the problem originates from12:36
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#2996 Rejected promotion request12:36
*** xruxa has quit IRC12:36
*** xruxa has joined #nemomobile12:39
Sagew00t: checking12:39
Sagexruxa: what do you mean with language support12:39
xruxaIIRC some package (was it icu-something) was supposed to be installed - CP applet took a list of language packs from there12:40
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SageStskeeps: how did you cut down the debuginfo size and could that be done project wide?12:48
Sagevgrade: can you paste the cursor patch again for libmeegotouch.12:49
SageI'll merge it to our MTF12:50
Sagethen I can use ia32 netbook for these debug searches which will speed up the process a bit.12:50
vgradeSage, sec for link12:52
StskeepsSage: -g to -gstabs in CFLAGS12:54
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SageStskeeps: could we do that on Mer core level?12:58
StskeepsSage: possibly, but i'm not sure about the implications yet12:58
StskeepsSage: what specific issues do you have?12:58
Sagehuge debuginfo packages :/12:58
Sage1G to download12:59
Stskeepsany specific ones..?12:59
Sageqt, libmeegotouch, etc.12:59
Sagethose two are the biggest I guess12:59
Sage300+ and 100+13:00
Sagebut atm. the zypp issue with mer core repo is getting a bit too much to my nerv :)13:01
Stskeepsfind out how i ought to createrepo :P13:01
Sagecreaterepo should be fine13:03
Sageo_0 -debuginfo doesn't requires specific version of the main package?13:04
Stskeepsit should technically13:05
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*** lardman has joined #nemomobile13:10
xruxaveskuh: Updated the components package in my home, works on N900 - could you try on N950? i586 build is stuck with some weird system error :(13:19
veskuhxruxa: sure13:19
Sagexruxa: declined your previous components packages, changelog was bad13:22
xruxaSage: the .changes file?13:23
xruxaSage: if Veskuh okays the new one I will send update. What do you want to change?13:24
Sagexruxa: syntax in .changes file wasn't correct last time13:24
veskuhxruxa: Now the size is correct on N950. Maps, flickr-qml and qml-componets gallaries work. Looks good.13:24
xruxaSage: IC, somehow the tools didn't warm me on the syntax, just took it from the .spec file as it was13:25
*** tagunil has joined #nemomobile13:25
Sagexruxa: http://wiki.meego.com/Packaging/Guidelines#Changelogs13:26
xruxaSage: was the issue the missing '-' between email and version or something else?13:29
Sagexruxa: and missing * from one of my entries13:30
xruxaYes. fixed those.13:30
SageStskeeps: apparently debuginfo packages do not have that requirement :/13:39
Sageso one can instal wrong debuginfo :/13:40
Sagegdb shows warning but doesn't stop but continues13:40
SageCRC Check didn't match or something13:40
Sagew00t: http://pastie.org/283081713:42
w00tso displaywidget or displaylangapplet are the probable culprit13:43
Sagelaunched lang applet13:44
w00tlooking there already13:46
w00tline numbers have changed a bit13:47
Sageah, and version 0.11.3 in use13:47
SageI suspect that line 461 is the cause13:47
Sageor probable cause13:47
* w00t checks the history13:47
xruxaSage: updated components in a request. Done.13:47
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#3000 Rejected promotion request13:47
Sagexruxa: ^ :)13:48
* xruxa didn't wait long enough :)13:49
w00tSage: my guess would be that the list ends up empty, for some reason13:52
Sagew00t: probably better guess :)13:52
w00tlanguagemodel.cpp populateModel is the next step13:53
* w00t finds where it gets its settings from13:54
w00tdoes /etc/meego-supported-languages exist on your image?13:54
veskuhthere is  /etc/meego-supported-regions.conf though13:56
veskuhbut that is owned by regionformat so probably related to it only13:57
Sagehow to search with dpkg which package file belongs to?14:04
Stskeepsdpkg -S14:04
*** Jonno_ has quit IRC14:05
Sagew00t: ah that /etc/meego-supported-languages is supposed to be a dir14:05
w00tSage: right, so does it exist14:06
w00tthat would probably be the source of the problems14:06
w00tsee dcpdisplaylangconf.cpp availableDisplayLanguages()14:07
w00tgot a harmattan device? i'll check mine if not14:08
Sagein harmattan files l10n-pack-*14:08
Sagewonder if those are oss14:08
veskuhHarmattan localizations are closed14:08
Sageveskuh: not all AFAIK14:09
Sageveskuh: we have for example libmeegotouch-l10n-* packages available14:09
w00tby the looks of this, it might be possible to just make that dir, add a file to it matching what it looks for, and it might work14:09
veskuhSage: I think those do not originate from harmattan14:10
Sageveskuh: you could be right14:10
veskuhThere was the community effort to translate and we created some packages for those translations14:11
Sageveskuh: at least the content is similar to the harmattan one however much smaller14:12
xruxaI made community translations14:12
Sagexruxa: we need to fix that a bit to get it working properly14:13
xruxaBut but but - IIRC the existence of translations or not should not affect language selection - that comes from some other source14:13
xruxaSage: working properly? Translations? I saw in e.g. kickstart file a line deleting some of the translations :(14:13
veskuhxruxa:  I believe you are right, we had an issue there during spring and some workaround was found14:13
xruxa3001 - flying blind I must say14:14
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#3001 Rejected promotion request14:15
xruxaAny ideas on why it  gets rejected?14:15
lbtwhere's the link phaeron ?14:16
Sagexruxa: http://pastie.org/283095114:16
phaeronhe should be getting an email , right ?14:16
lbtxruxa: https://build.pub.meego.com/request/show/300114:16
Sagexruxa: so that file needs to be added to the community lang pack with proper info14:17
Sageafter adding that file language app works fine14:17
xruxaSage: sounds simple enough14:17
phaeronlbt: there was no link in the reject notice btw14:17
Sageveskuh, w00t: ^14:17
w00tSage: :)14:17
veskuhSage:  nice14:18
* w00t is happy he could help14:18
lbtphaeron: yeah, there used to be14:18
Sagexruxa: you don't have repos setup properly for your source project14:18
xruxaNot any smarter from https://build.pub.meego.com/request/show/300114:18
xruxaokay? Meaning?14:18
Sagexruxa: you need to have repositories that compiles against all the target repos14:18
xruxaI have DE_Trunk_Testing there, whatever it means :)14:19
lbtie "you must have done a proper test build"14:19
Sagexruxa: https://build.pub.meego.com/package/show?package=qt-components&project=CE%3AApps <- In your target there are 3 repos14:19
phaeronsomeone was of the opinion there is not need for reject messages14:19
lbtxruxa: really, each of the tests needs a link to a CE policy statement14:19
Sagephaeron: no reject messages for RE, for users those are needed :)14:20
* lbt goes to carry another 600Kg of stone up a slippery slope.....14:21
* xruxa is still no smarter than 3 minutes before14:21
Sagexruxa: ok, I'll try to explain.14:21
xruxayes please14:22
Sagexruxa: in your home there is one repository that is building against Project:DE:Trunk:Testing you can see it from here https://build.pub.meego.com/project/meta?project=home%3Ajakub14:22
Sagexruxa: however now you are submitting to CE:Apps not to Project:DE:Trunk:Testing. And because there are different packages and dependencies in those you can't be sure if the package you are submitting will actually compile in the target as well.14:23
Sagexruxa: so what you need to do is to add proper targets to your project that builds also against those CE:Apps repositories so it is easy to verify that your package builds properly.14:24
xruxaOk, so I go add CE:Apps14:24
Sagexruxa: example of the repos can be found from for example: https://build.pub.meego.com/project/meta?project=Project%3ADE%3ATrunk%3ATesting%3A1.314:24
Sagexruxa: yes14:25
*** berndhs has joined #nemomobile14:25
Sagexruxa: so similarly than in the link above add those CE:Apps repo targets to your home14:25
* xruxa using Web interface :)14:26
xruxadammit, see no CE:Apps there14:29
Sagexruxa: copy from https://build.pub.meego.com/project/meta?project=Project%3ADE%3ATrunk%3ATesting%3A1.3 and add manually with edit in https://build.pub.meego.com/project/meta?project=home%3Ajakub14:30
xruxajust add, no funny stuff?14:32
Sageno tricks :)14:32
* xruxa pushing Save button. More nervous than the N9 firmware update ongoing14:32
xruxarequest validation error: Extra content at the end of the document14:33
Sageprobably copied too much or not enough14:33
Sage<repository> </repository>14:33
Sageso that was the language applet debugging. xruxa would be nice if you could patch your community l10n package to include that file.14:35
xruxahow does it look now?14:35
Sagexruxa: remove lines 23-2914:36
Sageotherwise ok14:36
Sage"Requested part name '' is unknown and no partId belongs to it. Defaulting to main view.14:38
Sagew00t: ^ seen that before?14:38
w00twhere's this from?14:39
xruxaSage: so now "osc sr home:jakub qt-components CE:Apps" and then the added file to translations?14:39
Sagexruxa: when it has compiled for all architectures yes14:40
Sagew00t: it appears once when I enter to "Time and Date" in control panel and second time when I enter "Time & Date" inside that14:41
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#3002 Rejected promotion request14:41
Sagexruxa: wait a sec. phaeron also 3002 is failing to spec check14:42
w00tSage: hmm...14:42
Sagephaeron: the ~ in version :/14:43
w00tcan't say I know of it no14:43
Sagew00t: probably doesn't cause problems. Time change just doesn't work trying to check what is with that14:43
Sagedate, timeformat and timezone can be set but no time14:44
xruxawas here yesterday asking how do people get away with ~ in specs :) Ended up disabling the checker14:44
Sagexruxa: :)14:44
*** niqt has quit IRC14:44
Sagexruxa: that is probably the only way atm. :/14:44
*** veskuh has quit IRC14:45
*** tagunil has quit IRC14:57
phaeronSage: will open a bug to handle that14:59
*** stroughtonsmith has quit IRC15:05
xruxaSage: http://pastie.org/2831271 - results of the updated translations. Want it?15:22
Sagexruxa: seems ok for now at least.15:23
Sagewe might need to modify it but at least I don't know how. Anyway that prevents language app from crashing so improvement :)15:25
*** faenil has joined #nemomobile15:25
xruxaso sr to what repo/project?15:26
faenilanything fresh to test? :D15:26
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#3003 Rejected promotion request15:28
* xruxa is slowly starting to get it, and does not like it15:28
Sagexruxa: Project:MTF that l10n15:34
xruxaSage: wondering - I made the changes to my local home:jakub, but there is one in CE:UX:MTF that has your changes and such.15:36
Sagexruxa: yes, that is the release project, however we have MTF devel project in Project:MTF that contains all those15:41
Sagemtf based components15:41
* xruxa confused but whatever. SR 3004 not rejected yet. Will head to kindergarten in 10 minutes15:44
xruxaSage: BTW, the ~ char issues - will that get fixed or should we stick to RPM specs and stop using it ?15:45
xruxaHa, the SW update for N9 seems to have QtMobility 1.2 finally :)15:47
Sagexruxa: will get fixed15:47
*** veskuh_ has joined #nemomobile15:49
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*** veskuh_ has joined #nemomobile15:49
Sagexruxa: you have rm -rf %{buildroot} twice in your l10n packaging15:51
xruxado I? :)15:51
xruxayeah, yaml/specify made another one :)15:51
Sage:nod: it does that automatically so no need to do it yourself15:52
xruxait somehow merged stuf from yaml to the existing spec.15:52
Sagedateview.cpp:275:20: error: 'class DatePicker' has no member named 'scrollToDate'15:54
Sagesound familiar to someone? ^ w00t ?15:55
w00thold on15:56
Sagethat is part of libmeegotouch I assume that datepicker?15:57
w00tI'd think that belings to libdatepicker(2)15:57
w00tbut I'm not sure if that is open or not ...15:57
xruxashould not be libmeegotouch15:57
w00taccording to my harmattan sb, that's where it belongs15:57
Sagehmmp... maybe just define missing15:57
w00tand that method is in the header15:58
Sagegrr... there is datepicker-fake in that applet and probably that haven't been updated accordingly15:59
veskuh_Sage: yep, since harmattan date picker was not open sourced15:59
Sagesomeone want to finish the job? :)16:00
xruxarm -rf and start again me thinks16:00
Sagexruxa: obs does that for me16:01
w00tSage: their code is wrong16:01
w00tmissing #ifdef HAVE_DATEPICKER guard16:02
*** phaeron has quit IRC16:03
w00tah, no, you're right16:03
w00tthey have a stub, just out-of-date16:03
w00tveskuh_: and yet, amusingly, the qt components version of it is16:03
veskuh_w00t: yep, different teams16:04
w00tSage: if I give you a patch, do you want to try poke it in?16:04
Sagew00t: I can try :)16:05
w00tk, please hold16:05
* Sage takes deep breath16:06
* w00t clones the repo16:06
w00tgitorious is slow16:06
w00tyou might want to breathe for a bit ;)16:06
Sagetime to check other things during that :)16:07
*** tagunil has joined #nemomobile16:09
Sagew00t: another thing in datetime applet is that you can select the time but you can't press done16:12
w00tSage: http://qtl.me/Mqg.txt16:12
w00tit's probably because basically the whole thing is a stub16:15
w00tsee qmsystem.cpp16:16
w00ter, qmsystem-fake.cpp(?)16:16
Sagewe have qmsystem16:16
w00tthough the interesting thing is, I thought qmsystem got opened16:16
w00tI wonder if it's being built without it16:17
* w00t looks16:17
Sagebuilding with qmsystem16:18
w00tyeah, ok16:18
w00tso it must be more sinister16:18
Sagew00t: so need a bit bigger patch :)16:23
w00toh *doh*16:24
w00tI forgot git add16:24
*** rmi has joined #nemomobile16:27
Sagexruxa: accepted and fixed your submit. You should take newer spectacle as well btw.16:27
w00tSage: http://qtl.me/3Nj.txt16:27
* w00t will brb, going to make dinner16:28
*** berndhs has quit IRC16:28
Sagew00t: http://pastie.org/2831590 test failing now :)16:31
*** berndhs has joined #nemomobile16:33
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#3005 Rejected promotion request16:35
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#3006 waiting for review at https://build.pub.meego.com//request/show/300616:38
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#3006 Accepted promotion request16:41
Sagetime to wrap up for the day.16:42
*** arcean_ has joined #nemomobile16:53
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* lardman installs debug package and debug source for systemd and attempts to find his segv origin18:50
lardmanI was quite disappointed to find the knock off usb cable I bought doens't have enough pins in it to wire up a serial link18:51
lardmanhow do these debug packages work, what do they provide?18:54
lardmanI still don't get a decent backtrace, or is that a generic ARM issue still?18:54
*** arcean__ has joined #nemomobile18:56
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lardmanI'm trying to add some more debuginfo packages, which I assume aren't from the Mer repo, but where does rpm store the repository list on the device?21:54
*** buser has joined #nemomobile22:08
lardmanah, I guess the mic2 log will tell me where it was built from, but it would still be nice to know what repos are enabled on the device, assuming rpm works that way?22:13
lbtzypper lr22:14
*** berndhs has joined #nemomobile22:24
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lardmanthanks lbt22:59
lardmanhmm, I used zypper mr -e N to enable the various debuginfo and debugsource repos and then tried to install e.g. dbus-debuginfo only for it to give me the following message:23:13
lardmanError building the cache:23:13
lardman[|] Valid metadata not found at specified URL(s)23:13
lardmanWarning: Disabling repository 'ce-adaptation-n900-debuginfo' because of the above error.23:13
lardmanRepeated for each repo I'd just enabled23:13
* lardman heads for bed, will re-visit tomorrow23:14
lardmannight all23:14
*** lardman has quit IRC23:14
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