Saturday, 2011-11-12

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araujonice latest nemo image :)03:22
araujoSage, Stskeeps what do you mean with 'N900: Portrait orientation not working'? .....03:23
araujoI can get portrait orientation here03:23
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araujomm.. package integrity check failing?04:20
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keitsihas anyone tried to compile BFS (Brain Fuck Scheduler) for nemo? I think it might help with the random stalls when multitasking.08:26
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keitsithere are various benchmarks around the net that suggest the default CFS scheduler is not best for all situations.08:26
Stskeepsnop, but you're welcome to get a account (pester lbt with your login), branch our kernel, add patches and test it08:27
keitsidoes nemo run on N9 already? the wiki suggests it's a work in progress.08:29
Termanakeitsi, based on what happened with BFS in the Android community, it doesn't seem to offer performance benefits for embedded devices. Still worth trying especially in a non-Android environment08:29
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keitsiTermana, they didn't notice "significant" improvements in blind testing, however that doesn't mean that there isn't any. btw see
Termanakeitsi, I don't know why you have just pointed me to a paper that discusses it's merits on x86 machines - I'm not saying that it might not be the same on an ARM system, but clearly you would need to not base it solely on previous results that were performed on x8608:42
TermanaBut like I said, it's worth trying08:44
keitsiyeah, worth trying, I'm not trying to say anything more. I just pasted the link for the curious.08:46
keitsibtw, I compiled BFS for my 266MHz embedded router, and even there the runqueue size seems to keep shorter all the time in same load conditions. that doesn't mean that I would notice any change, but suggests BFS is actually better than CFS in that case.08:49
* ShadowJK would think a proper disk scheduler would do more for multitasking than a cpu scheduler09:01
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* araujo wasn't expecting such a new release so soon10:02
Stskeepsof Mer?10:02
araujoStskeeps, ah mer ,... got it confused with nemo10:03
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niqthow build image for last (today) release?15:42
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StskeepsSage: i need you to look into why systemd 37 causes n950 to claim there's cycles in our dependancies and razes the nokia-n950-configs and ti-omap3-sgx21:01
StskeepsSage: see my comment in
Stskeeps(after weekend, of course)21:02
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berndhshi nicola21:55
niqtberndhs: have you tried to build last image?22:10
berndhsniqt: no I odn't have a builder for arm22:12
berndhsniqt: haven't gotten around to getting the right qemu and the rest for that22:12
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#3065 Accepted promotion request22:25
SageStskeeps: that looks bad. need to look next week22:26
* Sage ponders if we should have CE:MW:MTF 22:32
Sageand CE:Apps:MTF22:36
SageStskeeps: <27>systemd-uaccess[430]: Failed to apply ACL on /dev/video1: Operation not supported22:39
SageWe might be missing some kernel option.22:39
firevampireone question, why was meego gone away from telepathy??22:45
berndhsit has ?22:45
firevampireit looks like ... i dont know exacly22:45
firevampirei hope a better question, why n9 didnt use the telepathy-skype lib from n900?22:48
SageStskeeps: It seems that we need to fix many packages before the systemd update can go forward.22:49
SageStskeeps: serial-getty*, bluez, ti-omap3-sgx, nokia-n950-configs, mce, dsme, usb-moded, bme, dbus22:52
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