Monday, 2011-11-14

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Stskeepsmorn sage06:37
StskeepsSage: so they changed the systemd semantics or what happened?06:38
Stskeeps(just trying to form some kind of reason why things blew up)06:39
SageI looked a bit it yesterday and couldn't fina a reason for that quickly at least06:43
Sageneed to install that systemd myself and test06:43
Sagehowever, I have more ungent things atm.06:44
Stskeepsthat's fine06:44
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w00tSage: so I have other good news (nemo specific)07:05
w00tI got a little bored and hacked on a proof of concept, seeing how easy it would be to port meego-app-contacts to have no deps outside nemo07:06
w00tturns out the answer is "not too difficult", at least to get something running07:06
w00ttook me about an hour07:06
w00tso, investing a few more might give us a usable application with some ease07:07
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w00t :)07:37
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xruxaw00t: the swipe works nicely in the images, thanks.07:39
w00tit has a lot of bugs, i'll try look this week if i get time07:41
w00t(or if you want to, source is available, be my guest :))07:42
xruxaw00t: that sshot above - you started hacking on new Contacts?07:44
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Sagew00t: didn't meego-app-contacts use eds instead of tracker?08:34
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veskuhSage: It probably uses qt mobility, and they did qt mobility backend for eds08:37
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Sageveskuh: so it is same API/ABI towards qt-mobility if one uses eds or tracker?08:39
veskuhSage: yes, that is the idea. (devil is in the details though).08:39
Sageas usual :)08:39
veskuhthere is always some nasty things like how to store multiple numbers or group people or..08:40
* Sage doesn't need all the details ;)08:41
w00tyeah, it'll be ok08:43
Sageok, time to split up the Project:MTF to pieces08:43
SageProject:MTF:MW, Project:MTF:UX, Project:MTF:Apps -> CE:MW:MTF, CE:UX:MTF, CE:Apps:MTF08:43
w00thmm, uh oh08:44
Sageand this doesn't include the tracker crap :P08:44
Sagew00t: anyway, users use some MTF components and we don't want them to push everything to Project:MTF08:45
Sageso CE:MW:MTF should contain the components that allow users to build MTF based apps, libmeegotouch, applauncherd, libcontentaction08:46
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Sageso when user submits app to CE:Apps:MTF it gets packages from CE:MW:Shread and CE:MW:MTF08:47
Sagedid we have a wiki page about this project structure in OBS yet?08:49
SageI wrote something to somewhere already but not sure where08:49
w00tnot sure08:50
veskuhNot that I'm aware of. In the SG at least you described it.08:51
veskuhSo the text should be in one of the sg mtg logs.08:51
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Sagelbt: ok, how can I force repo breaks08:58
SageI really need to be allowed to rename the repos and not consult every 1000 users that have links against it.08:59
lbtI think there may be a -f08:59
lbt"ImportError: No module named osc" .... mmm something bad happened09:01
Sage <- lbt ?09:01
Sageif you delete a project others will get target "project/deleted" or something09:03
lbtmy local box seems a bit screwy - no osc command this am09:07
Sagew00t: so MW:MTF is pretty much
Sageor similar09:15
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Sagew00t: you should be able to compile lipstick against that one as well btw09:19
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lbtSage: what osc version?09:48
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lbtSage: also, I can go in and delete those links09:53
Sagelbt: well, there is about 30 more that is only the first :P10:05
Sagelbt: and also I have faced that problem so many times that I really would like to get a better solution for this10:07
lbtit's documented to work10:10
Sagelbt: hmmp... you have admin rights, could  you try if it works for you?10:11
lbtI did10:12
SageCE:UX:MTF repos to
lbtsame problem10:12
Sageah, ok10:12
SageIt worked long time ago, i.e., during meego 1.1 or something IIRC10:12
Sage <- proves my point10:19
SageI have no idea who that is etc.10:19
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Sagereally a blocker for me atm. as there is so many of those branches already :/10:24
Sageand in the future the amount is just increasing.10:24
lbtSage: *nod*10:24
SageAlso I really don't want to start naming repos standard everywhere as that doesn't tell anything :/ Currently I name the repo with name that the repo is compiled against.10:25
SageIf the name would be standard I could just change the underlying path without any problems with links10:25
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Sagelbt: obs-community meta prj Project:MTF <- result of the last problem while trying to change reponames :P10:46
Sagehad to leave those stubs in that prj :/10:46
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Stskeepswhy the hell is our rpmlint so slow10:49
* Stskeeps stares10:49
lbtSage: OK10:54
* Sage did the same thing for CE:UX:PlasmaActive10:54
Stskeepsmoin araujo10:58
araujoStskeeps, o/10:58
araujoany ETA for new Nemo image?10:58
araujoand by the way, what do you  mean with: N900: Portrait orientation not working10:59
araujoPortrait orientation works for me in latest image in N90010:59
* xruxa having good success trying to run N9 on N900. Off to work on theme some more!11:02
lardmanmorning all11:06
veskuharaujo: portrait did not work for me. hmm.. probably something in my device just then.11:07
SageNOTE: I have so much rebasing done today for Nemo repos that zypper might get a bit broken for older images.11:08
araujomoin lardman11:08
araujoveskuh, tried rebooting?11:09
veskuharaujo: yep, couple of times. no luck.11:09
Sagexruxa: I'll reject your SR's again, but don't worry I copied those to CE:Apps:MTF already where you should push your updates for those11:13
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#3069 Rejected promotion request11:14
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#3067 Rejected promotion request11:14
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xruxaSage: was expecting that;)  - anything I need to do like resend and such - gone to lunch in 5 seconds11:14
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Sagexruxa: not atm.11:16
* araujo wonders if BOSS has some web page explaining those errors somehow 11:20
araujosome of them are very clear, others... not so much ...11:20
* Stskeeps has to go downtown to sort ongs11:21
Stskeepssort out some things11:21
phaeronaraujo: which ones11:21
araujoStskeeps, have fun o/11:21
araujophaeron, promotion rejection messages11:22
phaeronaraujo: yes I mean which messages ?11:22
araujophaeron, mm.. the last one I receive about the 'Makefile' in the package, I wasn't so sure what it meant for example11:24
araujoI also remember receiving one about .spec file mismatch ... that was caused because of different spectacle versions , that was not so clear either11:27
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phaeronaraujo: ok points noted , we will try to clarify the messages , or link to an explanation like the changelog format thing for example11:40
araujophaeron++ that'd be great, thanks :)11:41
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#3071 Rejected promotion request12:01
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Sagew00t: the tracker ***t :)13:22
Stskeepswhy can't we use eds? :P13:22
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Sage <- Stskeeps that poppler to mer is something I need to get these working13:26
Stskeepsyes, i'm planning a new mer release on tuesday or monday13:27
Stskeepser, wednesday13:27
Stskeepsmy OBS isn't, erm, answering atm13:27
Sageyes, it is monday ;)13:27
Sageok, I think I can look the systemd on wednesday or thursday13:28
SageI have no idea which ones of thsoe tracker deps we need for our apps13:31
Sageso I guess I'll go with all13:31
Sagethis will take so much time :/13:34
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Sage:headdesk: surprice surprice, I need to get gtk2 as well to get all tracker deps solved :P13:47
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Stskeepsok, i'd like us to take a look at EDS based instead :P13:48
xruxalol, serious case of Mondays13:48
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Sagehmm... or maybe...13:49
Sagewell, glib2 is enough ;)13:50
Sagewhy can't my project find the glib2 in mer13:52
Stskeepsit's there, for sure13:52
Sagepackaging error?13:53
Stskeepswhat the hell13:53
* Sage goes to look mer glib2 packaging13:53
* Stskeeps too13:53
Sagethat means that the project file is not properly set right? however glib2 has  %{_libdir}/pkgconfig/*13:54
Stskeepsno, look at BuildRequires:, it's all weird13:55
Stskeepsyes, i know13:55
Stskeepsbut look at the BuildRequires:13:55
Stskeepshow did that work in the first place13:56
* Sage goes to bang his head on a wall13:56
Sagemy typo ;)13:56
Sageah, I should have known from the start, that should have said pkgconfig(glib-2.0)13:57
* Sage thinks that it is still monday13:57
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Ans5itracker is quite nice, not sure that eds would have fixed that ;)13:58
Stskeepsit has it's issues13:59
* Sage kicks
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Ans5iwell, it is quite generic approach and it leaves room for optimization14:11
Ans5ithe team has make good work and tracker is quite good nowdays14:13
* Sage stares at gtk-doc build dep14:15
Sageanother monday line ;)14:16
Sage\o/ tracker compiling :P14:20
* Sage didn't ever think he would like that sentence14:21
Sageonly 13 builddeps before tracker on top of the Mer+MW:Shared+MW:MTF+UX:MTF :)14:22
Sagewow, that is hard to read. Mer + MW:Shared + MW:MTF + UX:MTF14:22
Stskeepsand that's why i don't believe in layering14:23
Sageo_0 tracker depends on gst-plugins-good on runtime14:23
Sagewhy? It just wouldn't use those features if gst-plugings-good is not there14:24
Stskeepsi ask myself the same question when i see people use latex for man pages14:24
* Sage removes that dep it is not really needed to run tracker14:25
SageWhen all the deps are not there it is easy to see all the extra stuff in packaging.14:27
KaIRCyou guys might be interested in - Mozilla has stopped running builds for and tests on N900s and now has a stack of unused N900s sitting around14:30
Stskeepshmm, that might be interesting14:31
Stskeepsthough we're sort of in conflict with B2G i guess14:33
KaIRCnot really14:33
KaIRCof course, the USB port, screen etc. of those should be in pretty good state as they have been connected to power all the time with nobody plugging stuff in and out every day or running around somewhere with those devices, they just sat around on a shelf running tests and reporting results back online14:34
KaIRCStskeeps: Mozilla is a non-profit working for oppenness and innovation on the web - so even if there's competition, that's good as long as it alings with those goals :)14:35
StskeepsKaIRC: i'd probably use them in a test setting too though14:36
KaIRCStskeeps: well, they're already used to doing that job :)14:36
KaIRCStskeeps: and if you guys build Firefox mobile builds as well, that's also an argument for you getting at least some of those :)14:37
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w00tStskeeps: because eds is worse, and unmaintained. plus eds does not solve the other apps using it for storage atm :\. i do plan to work on moving stuff off it but it isnt easy..14:49
w00twill look when i get home14:49
Stskeepsw00t: i don't suppose we can do things like backport jsondb14:49
Stskeepshave a good flight14:50
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w00ti am considering jsondb approach yes14:54
w00tneed to see how much actual work is required and if upstream would take patches for qt414:54
w00tbecause otherwise it would probably be painful14:55
Sage <- and the mess is ready :P14:55
Stskeepsget off your damn n9 :P14:55
w00tbut it would probably be quite futureproof14:55
w00twaiting for the bus tp pick us up :)14:55
veskuhSage: Wow :)14:56
w00tapparently nobody told them we were bpardong :P14:56
w00tlmao at that typo...14:56
Sageveskuh: still a bit more work needed14:56
veskuhSage: yep, "nothing provides meegolocale"14:57
Sagethat is the meegolabs-ux-components having a minor packaging bug14:57
w00ti have good progress on contacts app btw14:58
w00tmight be able to show some tomorrow14:58
w00tso that is one less mtf user if it can happen :)14:58
xruxaw00t: cool. I was pondering UI specs for it without knowing. Lemme see your ;)14:58
Sageveskuh: so we should soon to be able to test if dialer actually works or not15:02
Stskeepsi know someone else who has a different UX and has working phone on n950+mer15:02
Stskeepsso hw adaptation should be OK15:03
Stskeepscan the camera capture issues be related to missing gstreamer plugins?15:03
Sageit could be yes15:04
Sagenothing provides meego-ux-components needed by meegolabs-ux-components, nothing provides meego-ux-theme needed by meegolabs-ux-components15:05
Stskeepscan we drop that?15:05
Sagedialer has lots of things that we should drop15:05
veskuhtried to install sms. nothing provides smshistory15:05
xruxawhat (the hell) is meego-ux-theme :)15:05
veskuhxruxa: meego-ux is intel's ux15:05
veskuhfor tablets mostly15:06
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SageStskeeps: lets try first to get it compile and install15:06
Sageveskuh: hmmp15:06
xruxaLove the swipe gesture! Get back Dialer and SML and it is usable.
Sagewow, my xbmc compile finished on top of Mer15:09
crevetorIt's awesome15:09
crevetorStskeeps: Remember last week you told me to ask you for the LLVMpipe stuff today.15:10
crevetorStskeeps: So I ask : any pointers on how to get LLVMpipe working on Mer/Nemo ?15:11
Stskeepscrevetor: no, i don't, but i will find my notes now :P15:11
Sageveskuh: smshistory compiling15:11
* veskuh just sent an sms with N950+Mer+Nemo15:13
Sageveskuh: \o/15:13
veskuhStarts without the dependency15:14
veskuhsending works, apparently receiving not15:14
crevetorStskeeps: also is it normal that swrast doesn't support EGL_KHR_lock_surface2 ?15:14
Stskeepsyes, probably15:15
crevetorso meegographicssystem can't work with swrast I guess15:15
Stskeepscrevetor: now where did i put my llvmpipe notes..15:16
Stskeepscrevetor: give me your email15:16
Sageveskuh: dialer also there now15:16
crevetorStskeeps: thanks15:17
Sagehmmp... 35 packages and 5 apps... not good15:20
veskuhwith smshistory+reboot receiving and sending works15:23
veskuhdialer does not seem to work. does not draw ui.15:24
veskuhthis is on my n95015:24
Stskeepsanything in .xsession-errors?15:24
Sageveskuh: any error in /home/meego/.xsession-errors15:24
veskuhAh, it draws the menubar but no content. Nothing special in .xsession-errors.. I see MApplicationService: Calling launch() in other application with service : "com.meego.dialer". and no errors after that..15:28
veskuhAnd from command line launch: Failed to load QML Component: "file:///usr/share/meego-handset-dialer/qml/main.qml:13 module "QtMobility.contacts" is not installed15:29
Stskeepsah duh..15:29
veskuhso missing dependecy to libdeclarative-contacts15:31
veskuhI see ui after install15:31
Sageneed to fix that packaging15:32
veskuhI can call but no voice15:32
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veskuhAlso SMS and Dialer did not go to quick launch bar, just to last screen of launch grid15:36
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veskuhno audio on n900 either16:29
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Stskeepsok, still some way to go then16:33
veskuhpeople app seems to work and sms is able to pick up the contact from there so the evil tracker is alive16:34
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befr0dI get this when trying to build nemo-handset-armv7hl-n900-testing-0.20111104.1.CE.2011-11-10.1.ks -- Error: failed to create image : Failed to find package 'usb-moded-config-n900' : No package(s) available to install18:10
Stskeepshm, sage would know but i think he's on the move atm18:11
Stskeepswe might have screwed things up since we are moving around stuff atm18:11
befr0dcool, I'll try it later then18:12
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lbtAny artistic types need an open-hardware colorimeter?
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Sagebefr0d: need to change repos a bit for new images to create properly. I didn't have time to do that today, I'll try to sync the .ks file at git tomorrow21:11
befr0dthanks Sage21:17
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