Saturday, 2011-11-19

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w00tsnap poll: for a contacts application, what would you consider essential functionality for v0.1? the ability to make calls, add contacts, edit contacts? (small set of details, like, name/lastname and phone numbers)10:37
veskuh_add/remove/edit contact. contact details: name and number10:37
w00tthat's good, since I have close to that now :)10:38
veskuh_as long as dialer and sms can use contact db we do not need to have sms/dial in contacts app10:38
w00t(excuse the horrible layout, i literally only just got that working)10:38
veskuh_:-) Looks promising10:39
w00tty :)10:39
w00tnow to see about add editing of the phones..10:42
w00twell, erm10:55
w00tthat's not my prettiest design work ever10:55
w00tanyone have experience with QML list properties?11:00
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#3152 Rejected promotion request11:01
w00twhat I need to do, basically, is copy the list of phone numbers to a temporary list in the editor11:02
w00tbut I'm not sure how to even define a list property11:02
w00tproperty list foo?11:03
w00tlist<type>, I see11:04
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#3153 waiting for review at
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#3153 Rejected promotion request12:18
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#3155 waiting for review at
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#3155 Accepted promotion request12:49
lbtw00t: and email12:52
lbtOK *now* I think I've fixed the worker issue12:55
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w00tit's an odd saturday where you end up writing QML while listening to creedence clearwater revival13:43
* Stskeeps 's on The National13:44
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w00tgood choice13:56
w00tContact phone numbers: 212415 count undefined13:56
w00tin before I find out I've been using the wrong property the whole time13:56
w00tI was13:57
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w00tso, i seem to have a mildly ugly contacts application that probably functions to some degree :)14:00
* w00t wonders what to do next14:02
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w00tmake it less ugly, try it on nemo, package it (and watch everything blow up)14:02
w00t(suggestions welcome)14:04
Stskeepspackaging it is first start14:05
* KaziKluBey_N900 beer first14:05
w00talright, packaging it is, shortly14:10
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captainigloojust to say that efl 1.1-alpha packages are ready to test for mer/nemo :
Stskeepstried them on device yet?14:34
captainigloonope :)14:36
captainigloobut i will14:37
captainiglooif i found how to add a repository14:37
Stskeepszypper ar14:37
w00tor (what I do), just wget it into /etc/zypp/repos.d/ and zypper ref14:38
w00tthe .repo file, that is14:38
captainiglooand if my n950 has battery :)hum ok14:38
KaziKluBey_N900w00t: Great job! :)14:46
w00twell no, but it's a start ;)14:46
w00tsomeone else can poke it into not looking ugly14:46
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captainiglooinstalling packages ...14:58
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captainiglooand it works :)15:13
Stskeepscongrats :)15:14
Stskeepstake a photo of it15:14
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captainiglooit's not working pretty well tough15:17
Stskeepsdoesn't matter, we do demo things all the time15:17
captainiglooi guess x11 is in landscape mode15:17
captainiglooby default15:17
captainiglooon the n95015:17
captainiglooit's fast, even without opengl acceleration15:18
captainiglooit's a good start15:18
captainiglooit would be hard to replace the whole current ui with e17 ?15:19
Stskeepsif you want to pursue such a project on top of mer you're welcome15:19
Stskeepsjust like people do for GTK/Cordia15:19
captainigloohum ok so mer is the core15:20
captainiglooand neomobile the apps on top of it based on QT/QML ?15:21
Stskeepsand the UX15:21
captainigloo(sorry for the noob question)15:21
Stskeepsmer's the core and is usable for qt/html5/js/etc15:21
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captainigloook i see15:21
Stskeepspeople can share hardware adaptations between UX'es though, or other components15:21
captainiglooand there is another project based on gtk ?15:22
StskeepsCordia is15:22
Stskeepsthe hildon desktop thing15:22
captainigloomake sense15:22
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vgradeefl on Mer :)15:38
lbtcaptainigloo: I guess efl would be a great UI for the N800 ?15:45
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captainigloolbt: for the n800 you need the 16bit sofware engine15:50
captainigloootherwise it's sloooooow15:50
captainigloowell it was the case for the n810 so i guess it's the same for the n80015:50
captainiglooid don't remembder differences between them15:50
captainiglooi don't if the evas 16bit sofware engine is stille in a good shape15:51
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* w00t boots his lenovo16:18
captainiglooi'm trying to build a nemo image with mic-image-creator16:29
captainigloobut i get this error : Error: Please specify main repo name using --mainrepo option.16:30
captainiglooany idea ?16:30
Stskeepsw00t: ^16:30
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captainiglooi take this ks file :
w00tcaptainigloo: ls -al /var/cache/meego-boostrap16:31
captainiglools -al /var/cache/meego-boostrap16:31
captainigloowoot : ls: impossible d'accéder à /var/cache/meego-boostrap: Aucun fichier ou dossier de ce type16:32
captainiglooah sorry16:32
captainigloothis directory doesn't exists16:32
Stskeepsls -al /var/cache/meego-bootstra16:32
Stskeepsls -al /var/cache/meego-bootstrap16:32
captainigloothis directory is void16:33
w00tcaptainigloo: ok, you need to recreate it if it's empty16:33
w00tsudo mic-create-bootstrap -n trunk -k /var/cache/mic -r -o /var/cache/meego-bootstrap16:33
captainiglooah ok16:34
captainiglooi never create it :)16:34
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lbtSage: ping ... re glx19:44
Sagelbt: pong19:47
lbtusing the glx drivers on the 95019:48
lbtwhen I switch tasks or use the app selector the background looks like it has lower colour range19:48
lbtso you get banding19:48
lbtlike it's 6bit colour or something19:49
lbtcould be something odd with the compositor doing the blur19:49
SageI haven't used N950 and nemo much, but on N9 I have similar problem at times with e.g. angry birds on Harmattan so it might be driver issue19:49
lbtjust FYI19:50
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SageI think w00t talked something about he finding the issue, but haven't looked in to that yet.19:52
* Sage didn't have as much time this weekend to hack around panda as he hoped. 19:54
w00tbanding? hmm19:55
w00tcan't say i've noticed that19:55
w00tthough i haven't really used my n950 much...19:55
w00tneed to reinstall it :/19:55
lbtyou see it when swapping apps too19:56
lbthmm build doesn't set umask19:57
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faenilevening gentlemen20:07
lbtclearly I was included in that group20:08
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faenillbt: sure you were XD20:35
matrixxclearly I weren't :(20:40
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faenilmatrixx: you did not answer :P20:44
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matrixxor because I'm gentle but woman ;)20:46
matrixxbut hello anyway :P20:46
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faenilmatrixx: thought about that :D sorry did not know that :)20:57
matrixxfaenil: no prop :D21:00
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#3160 Rejected promotion request21:01
lbtmatrixx: themes?21:03
lbtah, harmattan ... OK21:03
wmarone_lbt: stskeeps said to ping you for an OBS account21:03
lbtwmarone_: yep21:03
lbtmeego acct?21:04
wmarone_meego account is "wmarone"21:04
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lbtphaeron: ROFL .... check_package_is_complete21:08
lbt"Extra files in package: boss.conf"21:08
lbtwhich tells check_package_is_complete to ignore the missing tarball :D :D :D21:08
matrixxlbt: yeah, for harmattan21:10
lbtI saw it triggering boss21:10
matrixxlbt: but wouldn't it in theory work also in Nemo if it uses same icon id's than Harmattan?21:10
lbtplus I'm doing some bg images for Nemo so was keeping an eye out for people who have an arty leaning21:11
matrixxlbt: I haven't, only reason I was doing this theme if that ThemeChanger can't be tested without custom themes :D21:11
lbtah ...21:12
lbtI just got fed up seeing "MeeGo Community Edition"21:12
matrixxthough.. now I got hooked and doing another one21:12
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#3162 Rejected promotion request21:13
matrixxhmmh, did it just skip mine? :(21:14
lbtno ... yours isn't reported here21:14
matrixxyeah, just wondering why it's still in new state21:14
lbtcheck #meego-boss21:14
lbt [APPS] Declining SR#3161 in MeeGo:1.2:Harmattan Your package does not build against the proper repository in your home project. (check_has_valid_repo)21:15
lbtsee :
lbtbossbot makes notes in your SR21:15
lbtwhich is nice21:15
matrixxwhoops, wrong repo :(21:16
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lbtyeah I was just thinking I want an "oi, boss, check this privately please" mode21:16
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lbtsee : and
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#3163 waiting for review at
matrixxlbt: nice bgs21:23
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w00txruxa: so, saving - it won't be persistant on desktop by default, since the 'usual' contact manager there is memory (which as the name suggests is not permanent)22:28
w00tthere was also a crash which I fixed, in libseaside, but apart from that it's all good now I think22:28
w00tabout to upgrade on device to test again22:28
w00tand crash is fixed on device :)22:29
* w00t decides to add the -fullscreen switch to make you happy22:30
xruxathe visuals on editor and contact details are wrong, might fiddle with that a bit, got another 30 minutes to go22:30
w00twrong how?22:30
w00tniqt: o/22:30
xruxadetails - plain empty22:30
w00tyou won't see anything except phone numbers there22:30
w00tcompany name - I omitted because I didn't know where to place it yet22:30
w00tfirst & last name are in the title22:31
w00tnote that (for now) you need to tap 'add number', enter a number in the field, press 'save' on the number, and 'save' on the editor22:31
w00t(intuitive, I know... but I'm not yet sure how to do it better)22:31
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xruxaexplains ...22:32
w00tsorry - I know this is in really rough state right now, but that's just how I work22:32
w00tI start off with something raw, and polish iteratively :)22:32
niqtI'm trying to use SDK and MeeGo-mad-on N900/Nemo developer to develop, is it possible?22:33
w00tniqt: which SDK?22:33
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niqt meego-sdk  1.222:34
w00tmight be lucky22:34
w00tbut nobody is really focusing on that yet afaik22:34
w00tSage packaged madde on friday, but well, that's about all that has been done so far22:35
w00tfeedback/help welcome22:35
w00tfor myself - I just use Qt/QML on desktop to develop, then package and deploy on device when it's ready22:35
w00txruxa: pull, added -fullscreen switch so you'll be happy :)22:36
niqtwoot: build a package with obs?22:36
w00tniqt: yes22:36
w00tthat's pretty much the last step, though22:37
w00txruxa: so what are you doing - so I don't trample on your toes22:43
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xruxaw00t: touring the code so far22:45
* w00t fixes the alignment of the avatar on the contact card22:45
w00tafter that, I'll fix fastscroll22:45
w00tbroke that when I changed models around a lot22:45
xruxathinking of some good design for the editor/details - not sure I like the N9 and sure I do not like the current one :)22:46
w00tI don't like the n9's at all22:46
w00tit's clumsy22:46
w00t(irony of the year: I worked on that implementation)22:47
xruxalol, N9 ships here for 559 EURO including Meego OS v1.5 whatever that means :)22:47
xruxaw00t: It looks nice and all on N9 but I feel it is overly artistic and clumsy at the end22:48
w00tthe biggest issue (for me) is it isn't immediately obvious that you can actually edit the bloody boxes :P22:49
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* w00t shakes a fist at anchors.verticalCenter: parent.verticalCenter23:08
w00twork, damn you, work23:08
xruxaseen that one too ;)23:08
w00ti'm actually not sure what's wrong there, it is partly fixed by setting a height on othercontent, but it's still not actually ..vertically centering.23:18
niqtimport is in Nemo?23:20
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