Sunday, 2011-11-20

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befordhey, what brand of microsd would you recommend me for Mer on the n900? need to get one since I lost my 8gb one :/07:06
Stskeepstranscend class 6 seems to work pretty decently form e07:07
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beford16 gb should work on n90007:41
Stskeepsbut a bit of a waste typically07:42
Stskeepsgo for cheaper, easier to loose :P07:42
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w00twho has a nemo device readily available and can do me some small favours? :)13:11
tarantismw00t: just booting N900 to last release13:13
w00ttarantism: :)13:14
w00tdo you mind starting the SMS application and taking photos of all the views?13:14
w00tI'm starting working on redoing the UI in QML, and giving it some visual refresh along the way (same as I have already been doing with qmlcontacts)13:15
tarantismhmm. I can try but I don't have a valid sim in the N900. I cut it down for my N9 yesterday!13:15
w00tthat's fine, just need to get the general idea13:15
w00tis this your first time tinkering with nemo btw?13:17
tarantismfirst with nemo. I tried the CE a few times.13:18
w00tah, ok13:18
w00tare you a software hacker, or just interested user?13:18
w00twondering where I can put you to work >:}13:18
tarantismI'm working on an app ... slowly13:19
w00twhat does it do? :)13:19
tarantismdrum machine13:20
tarantismright. I've got some photos on the N9. I'll find somewhere to put them.13:21
w00tmuch appreciated :)13:21
tarantismwith luck, you'll see the photos here:
lbtw00t: can you make the launch icon != "email"13:26
w00tlbt: theming isn't really my strong point - xruxa might be able to do something about that though if you ask him nicely13:26
lbtanyhow... in a "famous last words" type thing : c.obs workers might now be stable13:26
lbtfeel free to beat up on them13:26
xruxawhat launch icon?13:27
w00ttarantism: excellent, thanks13:27
w00txruxa: SMS13:27
lbtxruxa: bottom of the screen - one of the permanent ones13:27
w00tit looks like an email envelope13:27
lbtyeah the 'envelope'13:27
xruxait is envelope also in Blanco IIRc ;)13:27
* w00t looks13:28
w00twhere'd i put my n913:28
* lbt goes to put dinner on to avoid the wrath of his better half...13:28
w00tah, there it is13:28
w00txruxa: no13:28
w00tit looks like a little speech bubble13:28
w00tblue background, white bubble13:29
xruxayou want that one?13:29
w00tdunno :) maybe you could think up something - but I think it could definitely be improved either way13:30
w00txruxa: oh, while you're here, I fixed a bunch of bugs in both libseaside and qmlcontacts (again)13:30
xruxawill pull13:31
w00tcontact list is ordered correctly, fast filtering works, and the avatar on the contact card is (correctly) vertical-center aligned13:31
xruxaI was making a bit different design for the editor page, will send you some screens later tomorrow for comments13:33
w00tcool :)13:33
xruxanothing spectacular though13:33
xruxastill not good idea to test it on the device? I'd like to see how much graphics are we missing13:34
w00tit'll still break SMS (and dialer), but well, if you're happy with reflashing (or manually installing the old libseaside) it's possible13:34
w00tI really need to clone myself13:35
xruxahmm, git pull didn't bring any news13:35
w00tdouble checking...13:36
w00tI'd pushed everything except the tag13:36
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xruxathen I'm up to date13:36
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w00t is the result of a few minutes of tinkering14:25
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faenilhi everyone :)15:01
w00tfaenil: hello15:09
w00thow's things15:09
faenilas usual... :/15:10
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faenilwhat about yours15:10
w00tnot bad, had a little time to kill, so i started poking qmlsms15:10
faeniloh, good15:10
w00t <- I guess we're going to have to do custom images for this, somehow :)15:11
faenilwhat did you do?15:11
faenilthat's not nice15:11
w00tmeegotouch has the convenience of being able to tile images15:11
w00twe don't15:11
w00tso we'll need to do that by hand15:12
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faenilfixed size bubbles?15:12
w00tthe images are, yes15:12
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w00txruxa: btw, I found a better avatar placeholder icon id15:13
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faenilgood :)15:14
xruxaI guess you will want that one in the theme one day too15:14
w00tI hope I'm not overworking you ;)15:14
xruxaI will make it not oval I think, I personally like those, but not for contact images, those I like square15:15
w00tpick whatever styling you want15:15
w00tas far as I'm concerned, you're setting our visual theming15:15
w00tmeritocracy... etc15:15
w00t(and have been doing a damn good job of it ;))15:16
xruxawas thinking about way we put icon names/paths for desktop files on apps - too many ways exist - and about making a proposal how to unify that from now on15:16
w00twhat are you thinking?15:16
xruxawill write few lines on wiki for comments15:16
w00tmy personal feeling is that all bundled apps should use theme icon ids (so that a theme can replace them, obviously)15:16
w00tthird party apps can't really do that though15:17
xruxacomments and discussion welcome, let me start it with wiki proposal15:17
w00tyeah sure :)15:17
* xruxa adding stuff to his todo. All the time.15:17
w00txruxa: you could always start a section on Backlog like I have15:19
w00tthat way there's a good starting point for other people to pick off items too :)15:19
w00tI think I'll change the bubble backgrounds to Rectangles for now, that'll look a bit less horrific15:20
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* Sage uploads pandaboard xbmc image soon to web.16:08
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w00tSage: o/ :)16:17
w00tSage: got qmlcontacts packaged, runs great on lenovo :) now just need to make some headway on qmlsms, and then i'm ready to integrate all this...16:18
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faenilI'm sorry I can't contribute atm :( would really like to code for nemo...16:19
w00tfaenil: it's fine, just be realistic about your time16:19
w00tpick off a smaller item when you've some spare hour :)16:19
w00tqmlcalc needs a landscape layout, for instance16:20
w00tmaybe you could take a crack at doing that?16:20
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faenilnot right in any case... :(16:20
w00tit should be mostly just splitting the display qml into two seperate files - one for portrait and landscape, and switch between them based on window orientation16:20
faenilI think it's better if I ask for work when I have finished this freaking uni project, and started my thesis...16:20
w00talright, as i say, there's no pressure16:20
w00treal stuff comes before hobbies16:21
faenilsure...I just would like to do this more than my uni project :P16:21
faenilI'm almost crying coz I just discovered I have to restructure all the code :'(16:23
faenilaaaaaa XD16:23
faenilit's about 4k LOC atm, but I know after changing all the things, nothing will work again...16:23
w00tunit tests!16:24
w00t(because we all write those, right?)16:24
faenil(right.... :D)16:24
captainigloothere is a reason why the fb is in 16bpp with CE edition and N950 ?16:31
w00tStskeeps: ^16:31
Stskeepsdisplays are, afaik16:31
Stskeepswell, typically 18bpp i think16:32
captainigloobackground looks ugly16:32
captainiglooharmattan use 16bpp too ?16:32
Stskeepsthink so but not sure16:33
captainiglooStskeeps: and wifi is working for you ?16:33
captainigloocause, i was able to connect to my ap yesterday, but i can't anymore :(16:34
w00tkill connmand (and figure out how to restart it)16:34
w00tit seems rather flaky on n95016:34
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captainigloow00t: systemctl stop connman.service do the job ?16:44
w00tpossibly, i don't know16:44
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* xruxa is wondering where is the message catalog for Maliit/Text input in Nemo ... not the standard /usr/share/l10n/meegotouch/ it seems18:17
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w00taraujo might know18:25
xruxalooks like we are missing translation for QtComponents as such18:25
xruxa - which file is this going to look for?18:26
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w00tsearch me18:28
w00tthough what translations does components need?18:28
w00tI thought that was up to the apps18:28
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xruxalooks like components (as a lib) need common_??.qm ... going to make one18:39
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* w00t has a basic (but ugly) SMS UI18:45
w00tgoing to start trying to hook it up to actually work18:45
xruxanice - you are all over the place though ;)18:45
w00txruxa: ping19:01
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w00tdid you do that theme writeup now? or was that something on your TODO19:03
w00tthe wiki one I mean19:03
xruxafirst branindump19:03
* w00t eyes it19:04
w00tlooks like we're on the same page19:05
xruxaactually, bit surprised cause this still keeps us in the meegotouch-land19:06
xruxayou know, all those locations with meegotouch, hard to get those go away19:06
w00tit does need fixing, yes19:07
w00tI have icons-Applications-sms.svg, do you want it?19:07
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xruxafor base theme? Darko got one.19:07
w00they tarantism_ :) thanks again for your help earlier19:07
w00txruxa: oh really? then I can burn this one with fire19:07
xruxawell don't19:07
* xruxa is hungry19:08
w00t ... actually, that doesn't look like anything I've ever seen before19:08
xruxawe have that one in base already I feel19:09
w00tok, rm'd it is, along with the mtf CSS for sms... now to start figuring out what parts of src/ I can keep19:09
w00theh, oh.19:10
w00ttechnically we couldn't reuse that anyway19:10
w00t-Copyright (c) 2010 Intel Corp.  All rights reserved.19:10
w00t-Permission is granted to copy and distribute in association with a product19:10
w00t-that has fulfilled all requirements of the MeeGo Compliance Program[1].19:10
* w00t shakes a fist at intel19:10
xruxawhere is that license from?19:11
xruxathe icon?19:11
w00tthat, and the other parts of meego-handset-sms theming (CSS for mtf, etc)19:11
w00ti.e. the stuff I'm ripping out.19:11
xruxathen continue ripping :)19:12
w00tI take it that was bad for you? ;)19:12
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w00t... ... quality software engineering at its best19:15
berndhsw00t: tehre is no way that code will crash19:19
xruxaw00t: has no bug too!19:19
w00tit actually does, though it's just an irritating one, not an "omg this crashes constantly" one19:20
Sagew00t: nice with teh contacts19:24
w00tI have a really massive headache that just came out of nowhere19:25
lbtfresh air, water, darkness and relax for 5 full mins19:26
w00ti'll see how it goes, just had a largeish drink, if it persists i'll call it an early night i think19:27
tarantismw00t: no problem. It's good to see what you guys are putting together.19:28
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* xruxa getting mad at localized components20:23
w00twhat's up?20:23
xruxait seems that components we have do not open any localization files, if strace can be trusted20:24
xruxaso I have this nice translations for them, but they do not read it20:25
xruxa - sure looks like this should go after a common_en.qm file, but it does not touch it :(20:26
w00tI'd guess components are being built without HAVE_MEEGOTOUCH20:28
w00t(though MLocale nowdays lives in libmlocale anyway)20:28
xruxacould be ...20:29
w00t// We will later use the separated mlocale implementation to get rid of the lmt dependency20:29
xruxa - without meegotouch it seems to still go after the same file, no?20:31
w00ttrue, maybe20:32
w00thead hurts, i can't really parse this stuff right now20:32
xruxame neither - getting mad. Time out.20:32
w00tyeah, do something else, or something :)20:33
w00task me tomorrow20:33
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xruxaupdate left the device without UI :(
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