Monday, 2011-11-21

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w00thai folks06:45
w00tStskeeps: did you see xruxa's pastebin?06:45
w00tis that from mer release, or nemo?06:45
Stskeepsno, didn't see06:47
w00t11/20@23:59:19 <#nemomobile/xruxa> update left the device without UI :(
Stskeepsthat's from adaptation06:47
w00tjust that i remember systemd problems06:47
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w00tmoin xruxa06:48
* w00t makes tired noises06:56
Stskeepsxruxa: did a reboot restart ui or did it wreck it completely?06:56
w00to/ Sage06:59
Stskeeps <- marquiz made a n950 dual booter thing07:04
w00treally? huh.07:05
Stskeepsof course it's with unsigned harmattan but still07:05
Stskeepsi think07:05
Sage08:47.33 < w00t> 11/20@23:59:19 <#nemomobile/xruxa> update left the device without UI :(
Sage^ I realy wonder what caused that07:08
Sagebut reboot should solve that anyway07:08
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StskeepsSage: did we find out if panda gives errors for compositor to?07:13
Sagenot yet. I'll check that next when I get stuff up again.07:15
Stskeepsjust wanted to check since it was on my list07:15
Stskeepsi will have a mer release out if i manage to kickstart it before i go on the plane07:17
arcolStskeeps: and can you give me url for nemomobile development too?;-)07:17
Stskeepsneed an OK from lbt the bugzilla works07:17
Stskeepsarcol: that's more difficult :> , but -> Projects, everything in CE:* projects07:17
StskeepsSage: saw my comment/build checker on glib2 upgrade?07:17
arcolheh. I came, because I saw the excellent youtube vid:
arcolto find out more info about the general state. I have an n900, and always look out for an update:)07:18
Stskeepsshould see to07:18
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arcolIm ready to switch, once phone call, sms, email, camera, web browser (and also wifi, 3G) is working07:20
arcolthats what I use on the n90007:20
arcoloh, and alarm clock07:21
Stskeepsmight have to code some of the things yourself too :)07:21
arcolthis flickr app is nice..07:21
SageStskeeps, lbt: "Build not possible repository setup broken" What happened to mer repos during the weekend?07:22
Stskeepsi haven't touched them07:22
Sagefakeobs broke down?07:22
Sageproject name changed in mer structure?07:22
* Stskeeps looks07:22
Stskeepsstskeeps@shell:~$ uptime 07:23:07 up  7:05,  1 user,  load average: 0.00, 0.00, 0.0007:23
Stskeepsi'm just going to update to new mer snapshot while i'm at it anyway07:23
w00tarcol: to keep track of what's happening development-wise, is pretty useful probably07:23
w00t(volunteering items off there is more than welcome :p)07:24
arcolw00t: ok, thats what I was looking for07:24
arcolIm more a casual python app writer (I wrote for my own amusement some python-elementary apps). So once the basic works on my n900(camera, phone calling, browser), Im ready to switch and start writing some basic fart apps:)07:25
arcolIm tinkering with the idea of tip calculator (in a restaurant, when multiple people have dinner, and needs fast to divide the invoice between us)07:26
arcoland some basic apps, like this07:26
Stskeepswhich reminds me someone should sit down and fix pyside07:26
w00tI'm sure I can find some simpler items (QML) if you'd like that07:26
arcolbut I wont switch until the basic phone functionality works. n900 is my only phone, and people are calling me a lot.07:27
arcolI can develop on my laptop beforehand though07:27
w00tthat's what I do :)07:27
w00tall development on laptop, testing there, testing on device once it's ready07:28
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arcolbasically what I use a lot is the camera of my n900. I have 6000+ photos on it already.07:31
Stskeepsarcol: we have a fairly decent camera adaptation at least, just remember this isn't remotely near a production software07:31
Stskeepsso if you're into open source and hacking, it's good but else.. hmm07:31
w00tdialer is one area that actively needs love07:32
Stskeepsarcol: i'd recommend you to buy a microsd card and try out some of our images07:32
Stskeepsyou don't have to break your normal maemo setup then07:32
w00t(but that's also one of the hairier items, since it has so many dependencies that building it on desktop is not straightforward)07:32
arcolStskeeps: thats a nice idea. yes.07:32
arcolw00t: n900 dialer is a crap too. So dont have high expectations there. (ie. dont properly recognise the following phone numbers: 0036 == +36 ==06, etc, etc)07:35
w00tit's crap, but it's at least vaguely productized ;)07:35
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w00tours is ugly, can dial numbers reliably, but that's probably about the only feature I think I'd rely on07:35
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SageStskeeps, w00t: mcompositor started from xterm with meego user:
StskeepsSage: that's with &> ?07:36
Sage <- and dmesg07:37
arcolalso on n900 I dont like, that if a phone number is in contact list, when I call, it does not show the phone number (there are plenty of space on the screen to do it. Eg. there is that dummy nobody face icon in the middle)07:37
StskeepsSage: omapdrm omapdrm.0: failed to allocate vram -- think we need to add that video= line like in n90007:37
arcolalso the accept and reject call buttons just neighboors. I push the reject buttons many times accidentally07:37
Stskeepsarcol: good thing our dialer is open source then07:37
w00tarcol: I think incoming call screen having buttons *at all* is a mistake07:38
Stskeepsyes, because who'd want to talk to anyone?07:38
Sagecan someone paste /proc/cmdline from N900 ?07:38
w00tthere should be some kind of mechanism that really requires you to accept or reject the call07:38
w00ti.e. slide-right-to-accept, slide-left-to-reject07:39
arcolw00t: you want 3 things to do: accept, reject(ie. the caller DO notice, you cant/want to pick up his call), mute the volume (ie. the caller DONT notice, that you dont want to pick up the phone)07:39
w00tthat way, there's no accidental action, even if you're using the screen for something else...07:39
w00tStskeeps: Warning: EGL suggested using X Visual ID 33 (ARGB0888) for EGL config 8 (ARGB8888), but this is incompatable07:39
w00tis suspicious to me too07:40
w00tlooks like alpha-vs-no-alpha07:40
arcolw00t: there are 3 things to do when an incoming call happens, not two07:40
arcolto do -> to choose from07:40
StskeepsSage: CONFIG_CMDLINE="root=/dev/mmcblk0p1 rootwait ro console=ttyO2,115200n8 console=tty0 omapfb.vram=0:2M,1:2M,2:2M mtdoops.mtddev=2 quiet"07:40
w00tarcol: muting the volume is a much less damaging activity, so I deliberately omitted that07:40
arcolw00t: muting the volume *AND* also disable the vibrator motor too07:41
w00tthose are not seperate actions07:41
w00tand besides that, we don't have vibration to worry about07:41
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arcolnope, they aren't. But many phones just mute the volume, and the vibrator keeps running on, annoying people in a conference room or in the cinema07:41
SageStskeeps: sure those same values are valid on panda?07:42
w00theh :)07:42
StskeepsSage: give it a try?07:42
w00tveskuh: moin moin07:42
veskuhw00t: morning07:42
arcolw00t: heh, you vibra motor just squeeze without turning too?;-)07:42
w00tveskuh: if you don't mind nuking your nemo image, qmlcontacts is ready tot est07:42
w00tto test*07:42
SageStskeeps: yes, just wondering :)07:42
w00tarcol: hm?07:43
veskuhw00t: ah, nice. sure, i'd like to test. where is it?07:43
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SageStskeeps: that means that it allocates 2M for framebuffers 0,1 and 2. Do we need 3 framebuffer on n900?07:43
arcolw00t: on n900 is fairly common that the vibrator motor stops turning. Mine stopped too, it only have a high pitch noise, when it should turn07:43
SageStskeeps: just wondering if that is a waste of mem07:44
arcolw00t: it got a fairly small/crappy vibrator motor.07:44
w00tveskuh: home:w00t:branches:Project:MTF:Tracker, install qmlcontacts and upgrade libseaside *NOTE* *WARNING* this will break SMS and dialer (though there's also a dialer package in there that should work if you're lucky)07:44
w00tarcol: ah, no, we just don't have sofware support for it since afair it's closed source07:44
arcolw00t: ah07:44
veskuhw00t: ok, i'll grab it.07:44
w00t(Stskeeps is more useful than me there, I don't know much about hardware adaptations)07:44
Stskeepswe don't have the vibrator player but we can interface with the vibrator07:45
w00tuhm ;p07:45
w00twhat's the difference?07:45
arcolw00t: I dont really mind then, as my regular n900 only vibrate occasionally. (usually its just a high pitch noise)07:45
Stskeepsw00t: means we can't do cool patterns, because noone ever made a OSS vibrator player07:45
w00tthat shouldn't be hard at all07:45
Stskeepswell, if we're going into things like tactile feedback then yes, it does matter a bit :P07:46
Stskeepsthink there's a bunch of patents related to that, probably07:46
* w00t shotguns the name libvibrator07:46
arcolbut I liked the iphone idea of having invidual patterns (just like ringtone) for you most used contacts. So you feel who is calling you.07:46
xruxaSage, Stskeeps : the no UI issue after update - the device works otherwise, I can ssh-in.07:46
* Sage boots panda with the omapfb.vram07:49
StskeepsSage: ..what's your resolution, btw?07:49
SageStskeeps: it is very nice that with panda it is possible to change bootargs without recompiling kernel :D07:49
Stskeepsyou might need to kick up the vram side somehow07:49
Sage1680x1050 atm.07:50
Stskeepsyeah, hmm07:50
Sagealso that line didn't do any difference07:50
w00txruxa: so reboot didn't fix it?07:50
Sageas such at least07:50
StskeepsSage: kick it up to 16mb for fun07:50
xruxaw00t: nope07:50
w00tSage: that sounds bad.. :p07:51
Stskeepsand add omapdss.debug=y07:51
Sagew00t: what douns bad? :)07:51
Stskeeps7056000 byte at least needed for vram07:51
* Sage reboots with 16M07:52
TermanaJust reading through the log a bit, is the dialer UI done in QML?07:52
w00tSage: sgx upgrade blowing xruxa's n900 up :P07:52
w00tTermana: yes07:52
xruxaw00t, Sage : It failed to install the package with zypper update. I have now force updated it with rpm and after reboot have UI :)07:53
TermanaAnd you're all just looking for something like Android where you flick it across?07:54
w00tTermana: well... just anything not a button, I think... there's plenty of other improvements the dialer could do with, too07:55
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w00tTermana: if you're volunteering ... ;)07:58
StskeepsSage: hmm08:01
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#3172 Rejected promotion request08:06
veskuhw00t: good start. No way to add new contact yet?08:08
Sagexruxa: I'll give you access to Project:MTF l10n package and try to submit from there to CE:UX:MTF08:08
Termanaw00t, I'll have a look at it at least to see if I can help the situation.08:09
arcolw00t: also whats the stage of the closed components of the n900? (I mean graphics driver, ofono, etc). There were a table in maemo wiki, but cant find it (I googled for 20 minutes already)08:09
Sagexruxa: there, you should be able to modify that l10n package in Project:MTF now.08:09
Sagearcol: graphics closed, wifi and bt firmwares closed. phone stack open.08:10
arcolit means, we cant have the latest kernel? (for graphics)08:10
Sagearcol: you should talk to kimju who has 3.x kernel running on N900.08:11
Sagethe kernel part of the graphics is open but AFAIK not in the kernel upstream.08:11
Stskeepsarcol: nothing's blocking kernel side of things, just effort08:12
arcolso things looks quite nice actually. A year from now, and I will have a fully working n900 with qt libs:)08:13
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arcol(I didnt plan to change my n900 for at least 5 years)08:13
Stskeepsyour usb plug will probably die before then08:14
Stskeepsthe n900 has a high doom factor in that area08:14
Sagefriend of mine send n900 to service as it was still under warranty they sent E7 to him instead of repairing his n900 :P08:15
arcolStskeeps: I already sanded down the small crawls on it. and I am really cautious at that area08:16
w00tveskuh: oh, you have an old version of the theme08:17
w00ttap the bottom left08:17
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w00tthere's a plus button there, but .. well, you won't see the icon without newer theme :)08:18
veskuhw00t: ah, ok.08:18
arcolthank you guys for all the info. I'll keep an eye on your project08:19
xruxaSage: that l10n and Project:MTF - can I just submit from the branches:CE:UX:MTF or should I branch from Project:MTF fresh and submit?08:24
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w00txruxa: assuming you need no changes, you can just osc submitrequest Project:MTF packagename CE:UX:MTF08:25
* xruxa now confused even more :)08:25
w00txruxa: when you start changing stuff, you branch from project:mtf, which is like.. a staging/development area.. you make your changes, submit to project:mtf.. get it approved there, then once it's built ok (and dependent packages built ok), submit to the final destination (CE:UX:MTF in this case)08:26
xruxaso much work :(08:28
Sagexruxa: devel in Project:MTF and submit from there to CE:UX:MTF08:28
w00tSage: hm, no branch required?08:28
w00tthat was the way it worked in meego, but i guess we're a lot less people here ;)08:28
Sagew00t: Project:MTF is our devel area so I would say no.08:28
w00txruxa: ok, ignore the branch part of what I said08:28
Sagew00t: people that are not "main" devels use branches but as long as you have access to the Project:MTF package just go for it :)08:28
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* w00t wields the power, etc08:28
Sagew00t: yes, because we don't have many people working on this this should work ok.08:28
xruxaSage: osc co Project:MTF meegotouch-community-l10n  ? Or how?08:28
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SageStskeeps: :nod: but not sure if those help with this compositor thing. I might find help to my home TV with those08:49
Sageanyway I'm currently connected with HDMI->DVI adapter to normal 1680x1050 display and it is properly aligned.08:49
SageI don't have HDMI TV at work available :/08:49
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lbtStskeeps, Sage bugzilla is mainly done. The problem is that bugzilla SHA256 of a passwd != ldap SHA256 so although the data flows you can't login using a passwd set by bugzilla... which is ... suboptimal09:06
StskeepsSage: time to ask IT for a 40" TV, claim it's for work purposes09:10
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lbtStskeeps: it does seem to properly enforce usernames and rejects collisions09:11
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niqtI used developer with mad-eveloper on N900 after 15 minutes i lose your connection wifi, someone had the same problem?09:12
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SageStskeeps: ;)09:23
Sageso what are the most important things to do with Mer and Nemo Mobile atm.?09:30
Sageanything urgent on anyones mind atm?09:30
Stskeepswell, look into why glib2 DBC failed09:30
Stskeeps - highlights:failed: gamin gstreamer poppler09:31
arcol(10.09.59) Stskeeps: Sage: time to ask IT for a 40" TV, claim it's for work purposes <- are you guys nokia employee?09:31
Stskeepsarcol: no09:32
Stskeepsarcol: i'm self-employed but contracted to work on Nemo/N900 hardware adaptation09:32
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Sagearcol: no.09:39
w00tveskuh: what do you think, anyhow?09:40
SageStskeeps: ok, will check that09:45
StskeepsSage: otherwise there's things like connman, ofono upgrade and uch09:45
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SageStskeeps: <- buildlogs empty09:51
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StskeepsSage: yes, obs bug, plz verify with glib2 and those packages in same repo10:05
veskuhw00t: Looks promising. Just few features more (delete contact, save notes, company) and a little tweaking on editor layout (spacing) and it is good.10:05
* w00t is happy to see qtl used10:05
w00tveskuh: yeah, xruxa was working on an editor layout idea10:05
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veskuhw00t: but anyway, the basic structure is good. just a bit more polish needed.10:06
w00tpolish can be iterated easily nowdays, at least10:08
w00tQML ♥10:08
w00tSage: where should I SR libircclient-qt and irc-chatter to? CE:MW:Shared and CE:Apps?10:11
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Sagew00t: CE:Apps definitely10:48
w00tSage: and the library?10:48
SageCE:Apps as well, as nothing else needs it than that app atm.10:49
Sagewe don't submit anything to MW just because it is lib. It need to be required by someone/thing10:49
SageStskeeps: gamin require glib2 and glib2 require gamin10:50
SageStskeeps: poppler compiles fine on my repo and found patch for gamin to fix the build.10:51
Sagegstreamer is next10:51
SageI'm tempted to try updating gstremer from 0.10.32 to 0.11.110:51
StskeepsSage: yeah, there is a stupid circular dependency there10:52
StskeepsSage: think poppler issue was fixed with the upgrade10:54
w00tSage: ok10:55
SageStskeeps: ok10:56
SageStskeeps: <- need this?10:57
Stskeepsprobably not10:57
SageStskeeps: that consumes quite a bit resources if not needed10:57
* Sage goes to remove all branches he don't need10:57
Stskeepsi'm in airport, i think you have access to my homeproj?10:57
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#3174 Rejected promotion request10:58
SageI don't actually in cobs10:58
Stskeepsah ok10:58
Stskeepsi'll fix when on laptop10:59
Sagesure, no rush10:59
w00t    FAILED check_has_valid_repo (home:w00t:ce): No repository which builds only against CE:Apps/CE_MW_Shared_armv7l [armv7el]. No repository which builds only against CE:Apps/CE_MW_Shared_i586 [i586]. No repository which builds only against CE:Apps/CE_MW_Shared_armv7hl [armv8el].10:59
Sagejust started to wonder why something compiles gcc ;)10:59
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#3175 Rejected promotion request10:59
w00twhat did I do wrong?11:00
Sagew00t: well, I'm starting to think that we need to remove that check from boss :)11:00
Sagew00t: you have repository that compiels against CE:MW:UX but no repository that is compiling against CE:Apps :P11:00
w00tit sounds like a weird check ...11:00
Sagewell, it is nice check, but it causes a lot of more work to devels as we don't have easy way to do those repos for home projects11:01
Sagephaeron: ^ could we disable that check from all CE projects11:01
Sageok, I'm thinking that updating to gstreamer 0.11.x branch isn't ok yet11:03
Sage    File not found by glob: /home/abuild/rpmbuild/BUILDROOT/gstreamer-0.11.1-4.1.arm/usr/lib/*11:03
Sage^ might cause a lot of problems with proprietary libs as well11:03
*** M4rtinK has joined #nemomobile11:03
*** himamura has quit IRC11:03
* Sage does jsut update from 0.10.32->0.10.3511:04
w00tSage: is copypac for those two packages an option for now? or what should I do?11:04
w00tSage: is not, I guess11:04
w00tbut yeah, there's a lot of changes i think11:04
*** himamura has joined #nemomobile11:06
Sagew00t: add repos there that build against CE:Apps11:06
w00tdo I need to remove my others?11:07
*** phaeron has quit IRC11:07
Sagew00t: no need to remove other11:07
* w00t tries to figure out how11:07
Sagew00t: ask if you need help :)11:09
Sagethis repo thing is a bit of a hard thing atm.11:09
w00tit doesn't really love me11:11
w00tI tried to copy the repos off your branch, but it won't save it11:11
Sagelet me pastebin11:12
Sagethat should work11:13
w00tit worked from pastebin11:13
w00ti guess the web ui had a trailing character somewhere11:14
SageStskeeps: fixes submitted for gamin and gstreamer11:14
Sagedidn't test run those packages though :P11:15
Sagebut hey they build so they work, right? :D11:15
Stskeepsand this is why we need qa automation11:15
w00tit compiles; ship it11:15
* w00t gets warm fuzzy memories of working on meego11:16
SageStskeeps: image build would be a nice start11:16
w00tSage: hahaha..11:16
w00tI think it won't build in CE:Apps, because it uses booster11:16
Sageah, then CE:Apps:MTF :D11:16
* w00t headdesks11:16
Sagew00t: you didn't say that. I though that it was just plain qml without any mtf deps11:17
StskeepsSage: yes, on my list11:17
w00tSage: well, it doesn't11:17
w00tit uses the declarative booster11:17
StskeepsSage: obs 2.3 first though11:17
Sagew00t: well, that is part of the MTF booster :/11:17
w00tunfortunately, yes11:17
w00twe should probably just patch out the MTF part11:17
Sagew00t: we should separate those so that we could move the non mtf part ot MW:Shared11:17
w00twell, no need for the mtf booster, right?11:17
SageI have no idea about that11:17
w00tthe only thing that uses it is settings, and to be honest, i'd rather settings take another second or two to launch than ~20mb of RAM be taken up for its booster to be used by a single app11:18
SageI think some MTF apps still require it someway11:18
* w00t adds that to his list11:18
veskuhwidgetsgallery and settings are the only ones11:18
w00tanyway, how do i easily fix these repo paths?11:19
veskuheasy to check from .desktop files11:19
w00tveskuh: :)11:19
veskuhso yes, we can drop mtf-booster. In fact as far as I recall it was explictly disabled in the summer release11:19
Sagew00t: ok "easy" way is to "osc rdelete home:w00t:branches:CE:Apps:MTF; osc branch CE:Apps:MTF meego-handset-maps; osc meta prj home:w00t:branches:CE:Apps:MTF;" :)11:20
Sagew00t: watchout that might delete data ;)11:20
Sageso pretty much branch from CE:Apps:MTF and check the repos in that branch and copy to your own project11:20
w00ti don't seem to have a CE:Apps:MTF branch11:20
w00tso i think i'd be right :)11:20
Sagethe branch creates the proper repos automatically11:21
Sageand then you have place from which you can copypaster proper repos11:21
Stskeepsbbl boarding11:23
* Sage forgot to do something but he can't recall what11:24
*** phaeron has joined #nemomobile11:25
Sagephaeron: ping11:26
phaeronSage: pong11:26
SageSR#3165 also could you remove the is build at source check from all of the CE: projects11:27
Sage12:59.42 < w00t>     FAILED check_has_valid_repo (home:w00t:ce): No repository which builds only against CE:Apps/CE_MW_Shared_armv7l [armv7el]. No repository which builds only against CE:Apps/CE_MW_Shared_i586 [i586]. No repository  which builds only against CE:Apps/CE_MW_Shared_armv7hl [armv8el].11:27
Sagewe don't have good ways to create the proper repos to users home projects so that is really starting to annoy users.11:27
w00tperhaps better would be to fix however to create those repos?11:27
Sagephaeron: it check the build anyway after the initial review is done so it would be rejected anyway later11:27
Sagew00t: there is no good way there is a lot of things todo for that.11:28
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#3177 Rejected promotion request11:28
phaeronSage: there are two checks: built at source , built against correct repo11:28
Sageand in the end that check isn't really required for now IMHO11:28
Sagephaeron: build against correct repo should be removed11:29
phaeronI really recommend against that11:29
Sagephaeron: why?11:29
phaeronit will cause lots of trial builds to fail if the dependency chain is incorrect11:29
Sagephaeron: so far _every_ person who has made submit to CE fails on that and asks from me how to do it right11:30
Sageafter setting repo everything has always been ok11:30
w00ttechnically, that one wouldn't have been11:30
Sageso so far no failed trial builds11:31
w00t(it should have been CE:Apps:MTF, not CE:Apps)11:31
phaeronSage: so the message is unclear , how about we add a link to a wiki page that explains why and how11:31
Sagew00t: yes, but that one would have failed before actual trial build11:31
Sagedependency not found11:31
Sagephaeron: ok, tell me how to add easily with one single command proper repo to my home that builds against CE:Apps11:32
Sagephaeron: ^ after that I'm ok with the check11:32
phaeron(I could have when it was one repo with three archs) :)11:32
*** dcthang has quit IRC11:32
phaeron /rant11:32
w00tSage: 3178 is libircclient-qt11:32
Sagephaeron: yes, but is it not so, is it? :)11:33
w00tI'll go make lunch, and then SR irc-chatter11:33
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#3178 waiting for review at
phaeronSage: it can be done through some sed awk magic , right ?11:33
Sagephaeron: well, you can run UX with sed/awk magic if you really want to so sure :D11:35
Sagephaeron: we need what osc branch does but instead of adding repos to new project add them to existing project11:36
Sagephaeron: and without branching an actual package11:36
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#3178 Accepted promotion request11:37
phaeronok gimme a minute I'll suggest something11:38
Sageis it just me or does phaeron have long minutes? :D11:46
phaeronit complex :)11:46
phaeronmaybe an osc plugin can help11:46
* lbt sides with phaeron11:52
phaeronSage: got sidetracked11:59
phaeronosc -A https://localhost:4444 meta prj home:Admin | sed -e '/<repository .*>/,/<\/repository>/d'12:00
phaeronthis removes the repository block12:00
xruxaSage: I could not checkout Project:MTF but could Project:MTF:UX. However that one does not seem to build anything when I commit new versions :(12:00
Sagephaeron: user doesn't want to remove the block, user wants to _add_ new block12:00
phaeronnow to add the correct one12:00
phaeronSage: ...12:00
Sagephaeron: use still has some other repositories he wants to compile against as well12:00
phaeronok don't remove then12:01
Sagephaeron: have a look a one of our devs home
w00t(yeah, it's a mess sorry, but it's really a lot easier for me to just have a single dumping ground project)12:02
w00tSage: did you accept 3178? the-boss says you did but the web UI shows nothing12:03
phaeronno problems12:03
*** himamura has quit IRC12:04
phaeronosc -A https://localhost:4444 meta prj home:Admin | sed -e "s/<\/project>/$newrepos\n<\\/project>/"12:04
phaeronand export $newrepos earlier12:04
phaeronI can wrap that in a script that takes the name of the project you want to build against and does the right thing12:05
*** norayr has quit IRC12:05
lbtphaeron: could you document it first12:05
Sagephaeron: umm... no doesn't work if I understood properly12:05
lbtand then have the documentation be the authoritative thing12:06
phaeronsure, where do you put things12:06
Sagephaeron: if I want to build against CE:Apps the CE:Apps doesn't contain the valid <repository> block12:06
lbtmer wiki now12:06
*** himamura has joined #nemomobile12:06
lbtSage: no, but we do need to explain how to do this correctly12:06
SageCE:Apps builds against CE:MW:Shared and if you copy block there it doesn't pass the boss test12:07
lbtand I like the idea of an osc plugin that says "add mer/nemo build targets to my home/branch targetting submission to CE:**"12:07
phaeronnow you lost me , you only need to add repos against the project you want to submit to12:08
lbtI also think putting this into a wiki to explain why we need certain targets will clear up confusion like ^^^12:08
lbtas well as making users say "ah, that makes sense"12:09
Sagephaeron: 14:04.27 < phaeron> osc -A https://localhost:4444 meta prj home:Admin | sed -e "s/<\/project>/$newrepos\n<\\/project>/"12:09
Sagephaeron: ^ that adds to new repo, but how to get the repos out from project X12:09
phaeronthat's easy but I'll write the rationale and stuff in the wiki and put the commands / scripts there12:11
lbtphaeron: thanks - that will be useful12:11
Sagephaeron: thx. I'll test them as soon as they are ready :)12:12
*** phaeron has quit IRC12:15
w00tSage: SR 3184 is irc-chatter :)12:16
w00tnever mind that12:16
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#3184 Rejected promotion request12:16
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#3185 waiting for review at
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#3185 Accepted promotion request12:24
w00tSage: so, needs to go into package groups I guess?12:26
Sageyes, I'll add it there those are still a bit WIP12:28
*** ssirkia has quit IRC12:32
*** phaeron has joined #nemomobile12:34
*** arcol has joined #nemomobile12:41
*** ssirkia has joined #nemomobile12:45
*** arcol has quit IRC12:45
*** norayr has joined #nemomobile12:58
w00tniqt: hey, what's your github user?13:04
*** lardman is now known as lardman|lab13:04
*** arcol has joined #nemomobile13:08
*** cougar_ has joined #nemomobile13:10
*** cougar_ has quit IRC13:12
niqtw00t: just moment that i see in my info13:14
niqtw00t: my github user is niqt (i have a lot of imagination)13:19
*** frals has joined #nemomobile13:19
w00tniqt: added, and repo created ( - go nuts13:20
w00tif you need help etc, just ask13:20
arcolthats quite nice recent demo:
arcolnov 17 of nemo13:25
w00tdialer looks slow there13:37
*** veskuh has left #nemomobile13:40
arcolthere were no camera demo either. So I assume its not working13:42
w00tit should be, afaik13:43
arcolwas nice to see how much it evolved in two weeks (the previous demo video from the same author was like 2 weeks before, and basically nothing worked)13:45
Sagew00t: camera should work13:46
*** veskuh has joined #nemomobile13:48
w00tarcol: sage has been busy :)13:48
Sagew00t: just integrating stuff, others have been busy doing the code :)13:50
*** berndhs has joined #nemomobile13:50
* w00t waits for Project:MTF:UX to check out13:50
Sageatm. busy doing some package updates for Mer.13:50
w00toh, this reminds me13:51
w00tSage: now the new nemo release is out, I need to patch configs to use Qt's runtime graphicssystem13:51
w00twhere are the repos for those?13:51
w00t(and should I take the opportunity to move them to github?)13:51
Sagew00t: nokia-n900-configs CE:Adaptation:N90013:52
w00tas in, git repos :)13:52
w00t(since I guess I'll need to poke them there too?)13:52
Sagedoes github have method for structure tree for projects?13:52
w00tI don't know13:53
w00tI don't think so13:53
Sagebecause we already have so much stuff that it might get a bit crowded soon13:53
w00ttrrrruuuueee... though I don't think the web UI gets used so often13:54
Sageanyway would be probably nice to get to github as well, however with just name nokia-n900-configs or even nokia-configs??13:54
Sage <- some of our stuff as well :)13:54
Sagebut I guess those can stay there for now13:55
Sagew00t: I'll just give you access there, what was your gitorious account13:55
w00twe really need to consolidate somewhere - I guess it might be an idea to rethink github though13:55
Sageactually, I don't have access to do that :P13:56
SageStskeeps: needs to push those rights ^13:56
Stskeepsmail me it, best way to make me remember13:58
SageStskeeps: done14:00
Sagewhat is libiWmxSdk-0 ?14:01
SageStskeeps: newer connman has that as ix86 dep.14:01
SageTitle: ConnMan plugin for the Intel WiMAX Network Service14:03
Sageok, so probably can be dropped for now14:03
Sageah, my bad added it first back myself :P14:05
*** ssirkia has left #nemomobile14:06
w00tis someone able to test meegotouch-systemui in Project:MTF:UX on an n900/n950 please? I'll test on lenovo14:17
veskuhw00t: I can do it14:17
w00tno functional changes, just a version upgrade14:17
*** phaeron has quit IRC14:28
veskuhw00t:  on N950 I do not see any regression.14:29
w00tveskuh: excellent, i'll test lenovo and off we go if that works ok14:29
w00twow, it really does get rid of the black flash14:34
w00tthat's good14:34
w00tworks for me too14:35
w00talready SRd ;)14:36
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#3186 waiting for review at
*** norayr has quit IRC14:39
*** phaeron has joined #nemomobile14:41
*** kimitake_idle is now known as kimitake14:42
w00tveskuh: up for testing something else?14:48
w00tinstall musicshelf from home:w00t:branches:CE:Apps14:48
w00tshould have a prettier icon, and UI now scales to fit device screen14:48
*** xruxa has quit IRC14:50
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#3186 Accepted promotion request14:52
SageStskeeps: the n950 patches do not apply as such on top of ofono 1.014:53
SageStskeeps: do we have anyone that could upstream those and do maybe couple of fixes?14:53
Sageorinally patch is made by aki niemi14:54
veskuhw00t: wow, the icon is way cooler14:54
w00tit was there all the time, just never enabled14:55
veskuhscales nicely. now I'll just need to find suitable music..14:55
*** NIN101 has joined #nemomobile14:55
Sageveskuh: if you want to test things, you can try if breaks wifi, fixes 3G or breaks camera. Install connman, gstreamer and gst-plugins-base15:04
w00tveskuh: got a go from your perspective btw?15:04
veskuhw00t: I'll want to check music playback first, just a sec15:05
w00toof, zypper up has a long list of stuff to upgrade :D15:05
* w00t is scared15:05
veskuhw00t: well, for some reason it did not find any ogg files I added to device, but it is surely not because of the UI changes.15:11
w00thmm, it could be15:11
w00twhere'd you put them?15:12
veskuhIt just indexes the directory right? No tracker or anything like that?15:13
veskuhmaybe gstreamer has issues?15:13
w00tno tracker, but i'd guess it might be looking in the wrong dir15:14
w00tlet me poke15:14
w00tif you've another second try mkdir -p MyDocs/Music, and drop them in there, then restart it and see what happens15:15
*** kimitake is now known as kimitake_idle15:16
veskuhYep, that did it15:16
w00tok, i'll have to patch around that15:17
w00tsilly harmattanisms..15:17
veskuhThe UI works, but playback does not start15:18
w00tok, so more broken than expected15:19
w00tnever mind that one15:19
*** norayr has joined #nemomobile15:22
veskuhYep, gstreamer is able to playback. Just not musicshelf15:28
*** veskuh has quit IRC15:44
*** stroughtonsmith has joined #nemomobile15:47
*** sperle has quit IRC15:52
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StskeepsSage: ping18:21
*** lardman|home has joined #nemomobile18:21
SageStskeeps: pong18:21
StskeepsSage: entire meego-device-adaptation? not even you have access for that :)18:22
SageStskeeps: no entirely only the n900-configs for now is enough18:22
Sagejust wrote something to the e-mail as a reminder :D18:23
Stskeepsadded w00t to meego-arm-n90018:27
Sagethat should do it :)18:29
*** piggz has quit IRC18:32
w00tI suppose this means I actually have to make that patch now ...18:32
*** xruxa has joined #nemomobile18:36
*** piggz has joined #nemomobile18:38
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*** faenil has joined #nemomobile19:05
faenilevening :)19:05
*** KaziKluBey has quit IRC19:09
*** phaeron has joined #nemomobile19:13
*** wow23 has joined #nemomobile19:17
wow23so, guys if i would like to install nemo on n900, i need minimum 8gb sdcard or with 4gb will work too?19:18
Stskeeps4gb should be fine19:19
wow23because this video really rocks -
wow23n9 apps.. :D           so what we need to do with n9 app to prevent them to get it work?19:21
*** arcol has quit IRC19:28
xruxaN9 apps, huh? I didn't dig too deep but many issues are 'simply' Harmattan platform APIs that Mer/Nemo does not have19:29
KaziKluBey_N900Looks great xruxa :) Will they be added to the next nemoimage?19:31
xruxaDo not think so - even though they are 'free' (as no need to pay for them) I do not have author's consent for redistribution :(19:32
KaziKluBey_N900Aha. But it could be possible if the author is contacted?19:35
xruxaSure ... lets get our app store up and running first - I do not think we should go bundle hundreds of N9 apps into the Nemo image ;)19:36
wow23so, if the image of nemo with last features (like swipe etc) in public?19:38
KaziKluBey_N900Yeah,forgot about the store. At least some of them are working :)19:38
Stskeepsfollow the meego-handset mailing list for notifications of new reeleases19:38
xruxawow23: yes, the latest image has the swipe gestures, and also the apps demoed in the first video19:40
Stskeepsalso, they're not swipe gestures19:40
Stskeepsthey're gesture to switch19:40
Stskeepsswipe is the nokia closed source stuff :)19:40
xruxagood someone cares about the difference ;)19:41
Stskeepsyeah.. just keeping lawsuits away ;)19:41
faenilis there any way to check antenna signal power on N950/n9?19:48
faenil I'd like to compare them, removing the backplate of the n95019:48
*** arcol has joined #nemomobile20:11
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*** arcol has joined #nemomobile20:17
*** arcol has quit IRC20:20
captainigloosomebody knows how to change kernel cmdline with moslo and the n950 ?20:20
captainiglooi would like to swith to 32bppp for fbdev20:21
*** faenil has quit IRC20:22
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