Tuesday, 2011-11-22

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Sageanything that I should look at atm.?07:17
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SageAnyone want something todo? :)07:18
* w00t eyes http://wiki.merproject.org/wiki/Nemo/Backlog07:19
w00tSage: is n900_nokia-n900-configs shared with n950? or are they completely seperate07:22
Sagecompletely separete atm. We should merge the sources probably to nokia-n9xx-configs or something and just generate 2 rpm's07:23
w00tok.. now to find n950 configs too07:23
Sagethat doesn't have git afaik07:24
w00toh :P07:24
Sagealso the n900 git might be outdated badly07:24
w00t.. oh :P07:24
w00tshould I just use the package?07:24
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Sagew00t: I'm not picky atm. with that :)07:25
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w00tok, package it is07:26
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SageI'll check next week how we should do taht packaging but atm. it is not critical thing07:30
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w00tniqt: moin07:53
niqtw00t: is necessary that i change file name for qmlcalendar?07:54
w00tfile name?07:54
niqti have meecalendar.qml meexxx.qml07:55
w00tup to you, really, I'd say it's not immediately urgent07:56
w00tSage: http://qtl.me/Crn.txt look ok?07:56
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Sagew00t: yes08:02
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w00tAttention, boss.conf is not mentioned in spec files as source or patch.08:08
w00tIs this correct? [N/y/d] (y to ignore)08:08
Sageyou should add boss.conf to Sources:08:10
Sagethere might be errors in already accepted packages as the checks have improved08:10
Sagehow to get raw patch out of github web interface?08:11
Sagew00t: `08:11
Sageah, add .patch to url08:12
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w00tveskuh or anyone: do you mind testing the n900 package? (home:w00t:branches:CE:Adaptation:N900 - nokia-n900-configs) I'll reinstall my n950 and test there08:25
w00ttesting should basically consist of installing it, rebooting, and seeing if stuff opens, performance doesn't suddenly go down the toilet, etc08:25
veskuhw00t: yep, I can take a look on n90008:28
w00tthankyou :)08:28
veskuhw00t: the pacakges are not published08:37
w00tveskuh: *facepalm*08:37
veskuhyep, I see it now08:38
veskuhw00t: http://pastebin.com/Tt4Mtys208:40
w00tthat's interesting08:41
w00tSage: ^ ever seen that?08:41
Sageyes, well our .service files need fixes :)08:44
w00tconfigs should be seperate from that, shouldn't it?08:44
Sagewe don't have proper service stop cmds there08:44
Sagenokia-n900-configs contain one .service file that loads some configs to kernel08:45
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Sageso that fails to stop apparently in some case08:45
Sagein general that shouldn't matter and should be ok after a reboot08:45
veskuhok, booting the device08:46
Sage_/g 2008:46
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veskuhw00t: everything seems to be working, but graphics performance seem to have suffered. I get 20-30fps scrolling on lists in widgetsgallery and it used to be between 30-60 earlier. home and system ui also feel slower.08:55
w00tcan you ssh in?08:55
w00tstart widgetsgallery for me, leave it in the foreground08:55
w00tthen from ssh08:55
w00tcat /proc/$(pidof widgetsgallery)/smaps | grep -i pvr08:55
w00ttry | grep -i gl, too, I always forget what shows up08:56
* xruxa has been bubbling a bit http://dl.dropbox.com/u/42376952/snapshot1.png08:57
w00txruxa: :)08:57
* xruxa now wondering how slow this is on the device - where is the qmlviewer!08:58
w00tnote that I'll need that in 4 images (one for each border)08:58
veskuhw00t: http://pastebin.com/CDSSJx8q08:58
w00tveskuh: killall widgetsgallery; export DISPLAY=:0; widgetsgallery08:58
w00tveskuh: killall widgetsgallery; export DISPLAY=:0; widgetsgallery -log-console -output-level debug -show-fps08:59
w00tthat'll give you an exact fps count, after a while, swipe it to the background08:59
w00tpastebin debug output for me08:59
veskuhw00t: http://pastebin.com/Uvh8tJCG09:03
w00tveskuh: you haven't updated that image lately, by the looks of it09:03
veskuhlast weeks image I think09:04
w00tyeah, new Qt wasn't in that09:04
w00tI think09:04
veskuhw00t: true. new Qt needed?09:04
w00totherwise you'll get stuck with software rendering, which will indeed be slower :)09:05
veskuhw00t: yes, thats what it feels.09:05
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w00twhen you have newer Qt, it'll use hardware rendering when foregrounded, and software in the background, saving resources (like harmattan)09:05
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veskuhhmm.. where is the latest qt.. "No update candidate for 'libqtcore4-4.8.0~rc1-1.1.armv7hl'. The highest available version is already installed."09:08
w00tit should have been in the new mer release09:09
w00tbut for now, you can probably take umm09:10
w00toh, eh09:10
w00twill that include arm..09:10
w00tapparently it does09:11
w00t(confusing stuff)09:11
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w00tveskuh: ah, it might have to do with /etc/zypp/repos.d not having the latest mer release in the urls... grep merproject /etc/zypp/repos.d/*09:22
w00tif it doesn't have /latest/ in the url, that'd probably be it09:22
veskuhwith new qt performance is much better09:23
w00tyou should also have more free RAM with apps running09:27
w00twhich will be nice09:27
* w00t sets up addresses for his LAN09:31
w00tveskuh: so gets a +1 from you?09:44
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veskuhw00t: yep10:13
* w00t SRs n900 config then, waits until he can test n950 one10:14
w00tSage: hm.. have you changed nokia-n900-configs this morning?10:16
w00tosc submitrequest diff is showing I removed nokia-n900-configs, which seems ... bizarre10:16
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Sagew00t: no10:34
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#3201 Rejected promotion request10:38
w00tfiiine, i'll wait10:39
* w00t hits the-boss10:39
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#3202 waiting for review at https://build.pub.meego.com//request/show/320210:41
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SageCan someone test if connman from ^ fixes the 3G connection problem?11:43
Sagewith N900 at least11:43
Sagepossibly with N950 as well if there is problem with that as well11:43
Sagephaeron: SR's 3163, 3191 and 3202 are stuck?11:44
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veskuhSage:  I can take take a look. I'll start with N900.11:45
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Sageveskuh: also checking if the gstreamer and gst-plugins-base from that project breaks anything in video or camera functionality would be nice.11:48
veskuhok, i'll do that next11:50
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Sagethe SR meeting is in 7mins right?11:53
veskuhYep, SG that is.11:55
Sageok, moving on :)11:55
veskuhSage: meego-pinquery does not seem to work with newer connman11:59
Sagehow can that be affected12:00
Sageveskuh: problem from some other update instead?12:00
veskuhmay be, I haven't used sim in n900 for a while. I'll try on n95012:01
faenilguys is there any way to measure antenna performance?12:01
faenillike something which shows db...or dunno what12:02
faenilwant to see if I get any boost by removing aluminium backplate so that I can sell the N912:02
faenilotherwise N950 is not usable here... :(12:02
faenilzero signal in most of uni12:02
faenilI guess there should be something which talks to the signal bar level...12:03
faenildamn gtg...12:04
faenilif you have any idea please leave it here...I'll read the log when I'm back12:05
faenilthanks :)12:05
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niqtis today a meeting?12:06
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* xruxa is making more bubbles12:36
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lbtveskuh: continue in here?12:39
veskuhlbt: well, we can continue12:39
lbtNemo is kinda supposed to be demonstrating how a company would use Mer12:40
lbtand that includes helping to develop tools/best practice12:40
lbtfrankly very few people should care about detailed image names12:40
lbtit's very bikesheddy12:41
veskuhlbt: yes, that is good point, but for me the most important thing is to get it to hands of people. For N900 guys it brings new apps and fun hacking, for N9 it's an open os for it.12:42
veskuhlbt: so I do not really care image name. I just want it to be somehow clear what nemo means and I'm worried if it gets too vague12:42
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faenilback :)13:28
w00tSage: am I blind? I can't find n950 images13:39
Sagehttp://repository.maemo.org/meego/Nemo/0.20111112.2.CE.2011-11-17.1/images/nemo-handset-armv7hl-n950-testing/ ?13:40
w00tapparently i am13:40
veskuhSage: No gprs on 950 with newer connman, wifi works.13:44
Sagedoes phonecalls etc work?13:44
veskuhpinquery works, will test phone/sms13:44
w00tSage: you ported the connman patches?13:45
Sagew00t: ported connman patches?13:45
w00tdidn't you say the n950 connman patches didn't apply?13:45
Sagen950 ofono13:45
Sageit is simple to fix but I would like someone to push those patches in ofono upstream13:46
veskuhcalls work13:46
w00tSage: *hide*13:47
veskuhcan't test sms as I updated libseaside to version where sms does not start...13:47
faenilanybody got an idea on how to get signal strenght value which is sent to the UI and display it somewhere? terminal, or whatever13:47
Sageveskuh: that is ok13:48
faenilnetwork signal strenght13:48
w00tveskuh: sorry! :P13:48
w00tfaenil: no clue13:48
Sagefaenil: using harmattan?13:48
faenilSage: doesn't matter...13:48
Sagefaenil: well look ofono dbus api there is probably some cmd that can get the strenght13:49
faenilwant to know if removing the backplate will make my n950 somehow similar to my N9/N8 as in signal strenght13:49
faenilSage: ok...thanks :)13:49
Sagehmmp... at times I see on Xorg log something about gnome-screensaver where is that hardcoded?13:50
w00tSage: uxlaunch or a .desktop file would be my guess13:51
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Sagew00t: bingo, uxlaunch13:52
* w00t wins13:52
faenilSage: ofono is only working in Nemo right?13:52
Sagefaenil: on n950 on nemo yes13:53
faenilSage: right, and there's no nemo image for n9 atm right?13:53
Sagefaenil: I saw guide somewhere, but can't recall where. Anyway maybe you should go to #harmattan and ask there if there is a away to get the info from there13:54
faenilseems like nobody does :)13:55
w00tSage: ewww13:55
w00ti wonder if that's why our lockscreen doesn't always work on e.g. lenovo13:56
Sagew00t: talking about hardcoded things :)13:56
Sagemight be13:56
w00tSage: can you add it to my section on Backlog to look at?13:56
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faenilSage: will try on n950 only in the meanwhile, with nemo...14:01
faenilthanks anyway :)14:01
faenil*will* try (if my life has some spare time to give me as a gift...)14:01
faenilbe back later guys, enjoy :)14:02
faeniloh, one thing, w00t, have you already played with multiple views on opengl? with multiple shared contexts14:03
w00twith what? raw GL? I don't do much of that14:04
faenilor qtopengl14:04
faenilok, np ;)14:04
faenilgtg, back later ;) bye o/14:04
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veskuhSage: upgrading gstreamer and gst-plugins-base and voice in calls stil work. also camera viewfinder still works14:18
SageStskeeps: ^14:19
lbtveskuh: from ages ago: "understood". I think Nemo does need to decide if it is "Ubuntu" - which means it will have variants; or more "one size" ... time will tell14:19
lbtcan someone make me an admin on nemo bz14:20
lbtI configured ldap using params - that works now - so you can login using mer bz credentials14:20
lbtI just don't want to hack myself in using sql :)14:21
Stskeepslbt: ok14:21
veskuhlbt: yep14:22
Stskeepslbt: done14:23
lbtta Stskeeps14:23
lbtveskuh: I need a username for you too14:23
veskuhmer wiki? vesku14:24
lbtStskeeps: did you find a captcha for bz?14:24
lbtveskuh: it'll be for all merproject stuff14:24
Stskeepsno, didn't14:24
lbtStskeeps: OK - I'll look too14:24
veskuhlbt: ok, then vesku14:24
lbtveskuh: :D14:24
lbtjust want to make sure - it's a pita if I assume incorrectly14:25
lbtw00t: same for you ... w00t or something else?14:25
w00tlbt: w00t indeed, please14:26
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lbtOk - anyone who wants - could you try to login at https://bugs.nemomobile.org/index.cgi using your mer bz credentials14:26
lbtw00t: veskuh you may need a 60s delay as ldap syncs your usernames14:27
veskuhlbt: company firewall is slower than that14:27
w00tlogin worked for me14:30
SageStskeeps: I'll check if I can get the systemd tested better tomorrow, but I still highly doubt that we can get it to next release14:35
Sageanyway g2g now. cya14:35
lbtSage: when you can, please list the issues with systemd that you know about14:37
lbtw00t: it did?14:38
lbtI don't see you in the profile DB - I thought it wrote through14:38
lbtyay iekku ... ä in LDAP :)14:39
lbtthanks for the unicode test14:39
*** berndhs has joined #nemomobile14:40
arcolwhat unicode? űő?14:41
w00tlbt: apparently! :P14:41
iekkulbt, who what ?14:41
iekkulbt, my last name?14:41
lbtiekku: yes14:41
*** kimitake_idle is now known as kimitake14:41
iekkuusually that causes problems :D14:42
iekkualso, if i try to say my name, it's a problem... even for finns14:42
* lbt considers adding an mp3 attribute to LDAP ... finns seem to like that...14:43
lbtw00t: OK - lets see how it goes then. It's a voyage of buzillian discovery.14:46
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#3163 Accepted promotion request14:50
*** arcol has joined #nemomobile14:52
veskuhlbt: account works on both bugzillas, thanks.14:55
lbtveskuh: good. Hmm now you appear in the DB on nemomobile ... w00t doesn't... how odd.14:56
lbtw00t: are you sure you logged on to https://bugs.nemomobile.org/ ?14:56
*** ronoc has joined #nemomobile14:57
veskuhlbt: I did "forgot my password, as that had happened"14:57
lbtveskuh: ah14:57
w00tlbt: ok, erm, it didn't give me an error but didn't log me in either14:57
lbtveskuh: on which bz?14:57
veskuhI did that on mer bugzilla side14:57
lbtveskuh: cool14:57
w00tso i didn't notice i wasn't logged in14:57
veskuhnemo said it does not support it14:57
lbtveskuh: cool - nice check for me14:58
lbtw00t: OK - I blame a glitch in the base setting - it redirected to http for a moment14:58
lbtand I think the cookie was probably dropped in http14:58
lbtw00t: could you try again and I'll track DB - just login14:58
w00tlogged in ok14:59
lbtand you're in DB - so that makes a lot of sense14:59
lbtit's like OBS - does a write through to DB when authenticating from ldap for the first time14:59
lbtOK ... gtg... bbiab15:00
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#3191 waiting for review at https://build.pub.meego.com//request/show/319115:00
*** ronoc has quit IRC15:00
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#3202 Accepted promotion request15:00
*** HtheB has joined #nemomobile15:01
phaeronSage: unstuck all three. did you check the latest addrepos.py osc plugin ?15:02
veskuhhahaa, got bug number one: https://bugs.nemomobile.org/show_bug.cgi?id=115:02
w00terr... ooh15:04
w00tthat's bad15:04
w00tmy n950 just rebooted while installing mce15:04
*** phaeron1 has joined #nemomobile15:06
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xruxaveskuh: bad boi!15:07
* xruxa has bubble!15:07
w00txruxa: you could clone qmlsms and play with inserting it there15:07
w00tit's just raw qml, nothing to build15:07
xruxaw00t: maybe in future, it does only the right-handed one so far http://dl.dropbox.com/u/42376952/snapshot1.png15:08
w00tis that actually QML?15:09
w00tor just a hard-coded image15:09
xruxahttps://github.com/jpavelek/playground  - 9-patch scaled QML implementation15:09
xruxaanyone remembers what package has the qmlviewer ? would like to check it on N90015:10
*** kimitake is now known as kimitake_idle15:12
matrixxxruxa: nice looking bubble you have!15:12
*** ronoc has joined #nemomobile15:12
w00txruxa: technically, you could do a left-facing bubble by just flipping the direction of the bottom images15:13
w00tbit of a hack, but hey, life's always fun15:13
xruxaw00t: I will do that but I want to see if this kind of implementation sucks performance-wise or not15:13
*** phaeron1 has quit IRC15:14
w00tyeah :)15:14
*** HenriqueMattos has joined #nemomobile15:14
w00tthere, n950 probably recovered15:15
w00tnow let's get back to testing that graphicssystem hack15:15
* xruxa swears as the SW forgot his WEP key again. WTF, SW update should not do that!15:15
w00txruxa: the weird thing is, my lenovo never forgets it15:16
*** phaeron has joined #nemomobile15:19
*** sperle has joined #nemomobile15:27
w00tStskeeps: are you completely sure that the mer upgrade worked ok? I apparently have Qt 4.8.0~rc1-1.1, yet it doesn't seem to be working as I'd expect15:32
*** ronoc has quit IRC15:32
*** ronoc has joined #nemomobile15:33
w00tStskeeps: http://qtl.me/oqw.txt - that's the behaviour i would have expected before my patch adding QT_DEFAULT_RUNTIME_SYSTEM..15:36
Stskeepsrpm -q --changelog qt15:36
w00tbah.. what's a name of a non-metapackage there15:37
w00tok, got it..15:37
w00t[meego@localhost ~]$ rpm -q --changelog libqtgui4 | head -n1015:38
w00t* Wed Nov 09 2011 Carsten Munk <carsten@maemo.org> - 4.8.0~rc115:38
w00t- Upgrade to Qt 4.8.0-rc1, drop qvfb and update xinput2 patch15:38
w00tyeah, err, that doesn't look upgraded15:38
Stskeepsis it qt 1.1 in mer repos too?15:38
w00tI don't know how to deal with checking this stuff15:39
w00tmy repo points to /latest/, it's zypper ref'd and zypper up'd15:40
w00tso I'd assume so15:40
Stskeepsnot good, could you check?15:40
Stskeepsi know there's a bug with fakeobs possibly..15:40
w00t libqtcore4-4.8.0~rc1-1.1.armv7hl.rpm                                 12-Nov-2011 09:43  2.6M15:41
w00tthat's from http://releases.merproject.org/releases/latest/builds/armv7hl/packages/armv7hl/15:41
w00t(so I don't think it's OBS)15:41
Stskeepsyou're right, that looks screwed15:41
*** veskuh has quit IRC15:41
w00tthe problem looks like it's /latest/ being fucked15:42
w00t libqtgui4-4.8.0~rc1-1.2.armv7hl.rpm                                  20-Nov-2011 13:40  4.1M15:42
w00tthat's from http://releases.merproject.org/releases/0.20111120.1/builds/armv7hl/packages/armv7hl/15:42
Stskeepsok, looking15:42
* Stskeeps told people latest/ would be a problem ;)15:42
w00tbad symlink i guess ;)15:43
Stskeepstry now, refresh, upgrade15:45
* w00t pokes zypper15:45
w00t86 packages to upgrade ...15:46
w00tlooks better15:46
* w00t hopes this doesn't break things ;)15:46
* w00t taps foot15:51
*** sperle has quit IRC15:51
*** berndhs has quit IRC15:53
*** faenil has joined #nemomobile15:55
faenilback, finally home15:55
*** crevetor has joined #nemomobile15:56
* w00t kills uxlaunch16:00
w00tlet's see what happens16:00
Stskeepsreboot probably better, but ok16:01
w00tI think something is really odd with uxlaunch / systemd16:01
w00ton the n950 at least we have a really huge pause between uxlaunch starting and anything actually coming up16:01
w00tI guess I'll need to debug that16:01
w00twoo, I have a UI16:01
w00tright, that fixed it Stskeeps16:03
*** xruxa has quit IRC16:03
*** rnovacek has quit IRC16:03
Stskeepsfile a bug to release-tools that latest/ linkd oesn't get upgraded16:05
* w00t eyes dialer16:05
w00twhy aren't you dropping your context16:05
lbtw00t: how's ssh in ? mine takes a long time16:06
w00tlbt: slow16:06
w00tlenovo is fast16:06
w00t(I don't know why)16:07
Stskeepsit has a rtc16:07
*** berndhs has joined #nemomobile16:09
*** tagunil has joined #nemomobile16:09
*** smyows has quit IRC16:09
Stskeepsgo look in dmesg16:10
* w00t files https://bugs.nemomobile.org/show_bug.cgi?id=416:10
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#3205 Rejected promotion request16:17
w00tok, actually, i found that one myself16:28
HtheBStskeeps: is it possible to change the multitasking view in mer?16:29
HtheBnemo *16:29
StskeepsHtheB: it's open source, go patch it16:29
w00tHtheB: take a look at lipstick, too16:29
w00tit's QML, so a lot easier to hack around with16:30
HtheBw00t: nice!16:31
HtheBharmattan like16:31
w00tbuild whatever you want with it16:32
*** veskuh_n9 has joined #nemomobile16:32
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*** niqt has quit IRC16:34
Sagelbt: for systemd itself there is patch in one of my home branches16:40
Sagelbt: but rest of the problems is in the other packages16:41
SageI check all x86 packages already and those should be ok. Some N900 and N950 packages need the fix still16:41
arcoldoes the browser supports text reflow? (ie. to not scrolling horizontally when zooming in to a webpage)16:48
arcolthis was the most wanted feature in n900 for me16:49
veskuh_n9arcol no it does not.16:53
Sagelbt: problem points can be found from "dmesg | grep -i systemd" saying somethign about cyclic dependencies16:54
arcolveskuh_n9: on nö, is it the same situation?16:54
lbtSage: waiting for a local sync of mer16:57
lbtSage: will n950 boot to either usb or wifi nw with system in the image? or am I stuck w/o serial ?16:58
Sagelbt: usb network should boot up alraedy. I fixed that part or it should be fixed already.16:59
Sagealso the UI should boot, but there seems to be something off there still :/16:59
Sagenot sure about the wifi, but nothing should prevent it working if you connect to wifi before systemd update17:00
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* w00t upgrades meegotouch-applauncherd17:41
w00txruxa: this might make your apps launch a bit faster17:41
*** arcol has joined #nemomobile17:45
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*** KaziKluBey has joined #nemomobile18:07
w00txruxa: can you get meegotouch-applauncherd from Project:MTF:UX and tell me how it feels please?18:12
*** berndhs has quit IRC18:18
*** arcol has quit IRC18:19
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#3210 Rejected promotion request19:42
*** tarantism has joined #nemomobile19:47
*** arcol has quit IRC19:51
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#3211 waiting for review at https://build.pub.meego.com//request/show/321120:03
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#3211 Accepted promotion request20:14
*** wmarone has quit IRC20:31
*** wmarone has joined #nemomobile20:32
w00tSage: working on updating meegotouch-home now20:36
w00tshould be some quite nice fixes in it20:36
Sagew00t: you are on fire :)20:37
w00tmeh, package upgrades are mostly easy20:37
w00tthis one is a slight exception as there was a lot of stuff done manual in .spec20:37
w00tah, ffs, like the documentation being removed after build20:38
* w00t sees if he can patch out doc building totally20:38
w00tSage: can I pass arguments to qmake somehow?20:39
w00tnot easily, it seems :/20:39
w00tI guess I'll patch the .pro20:40
Sagew00t: there is .yaml option for that20:40
w00tthere is?20:40
Sageor something IIRC20:40
Sagea moment20:40
Sage    QMakeOptions: **list**, *optional*, extra options for **qmake** ``Builder``20:40
Sage8s with google ;)20:40
w00tI just found a macro definition for %qmake, and didn't know there was more than that20:41
w00tProject MESSAGE: Not building the documentation for this package20:44
w00tooh yeah20:44
*** M4rtinK has joined #nemomobile20:46
w00twell, that's a slight problem20:49
w00tI don't have any launcher icons20:49
* w00t reboots to see if something weird happened20:49
*** xruxa has joined #nemomobile20:53
*** beford has quit IRC20:54
xruxaw00t: still want me to test the booster?20:59
w00txruxa: you can, i'm mostly interested in if it seems faster20:59
w00t(i already tested it still works)20:59
w00tbe careful to not upgrade meegotouch-home atm21:00
xruxaI have been using it for a while, didn't see a speedup :( Lets see with the new(er) one21:00
xruxaw00t: too late with the home :(21:00
w00tspeedup won't be too visible with RAM pressure you have on n900 at the moment, but hopefully you'll see *some*21:00
w00tsorry :P21:00
w00tI'm working on figuring out what's going on with that21:01
xruxaalready installed libmeegotouchhome, not the other ones. Hope there is still chance ...21:02
Sagew00t: maybe meegotouch-theme and meegotouch-theme-graphics needs update?21:02
w00tit's definitely home being broken21:02
w00tit was fine before I upgraded21:02
* xruxa sees black screen. Only. :(21:02
* Sage updates his f1421:03
w00tblack screen? uh, that one probably wasn't my fault21:03
w00tI get a launcher, just without any icons to launch stuff21:03
xruxatry to kill home, remove ~/.config/meegotouchhome/launcherbuttons and reboot21:03
w00tah, wait, yes.. you upgraded the lib21:05
w00tI guess they're probably incompatible21:05
* xruxa has home again21:05
w00tthat fixed my quicklaunch bar (which was broken before this), but still nothing in the launcher itself21:06
xruxaOh, and for **** sake the WEP key got forgotten again. Man - this is just mean21:07
* w00t installs strace21:10
* xruxa is wondering where did w00t get pacakge for strace21:11
w00tosc importsrcpkg on a meego srpm, it's in home:w00t:ce if you want to install it21:12
w00tI'll figure out where we have a place for shared tools to put it tomorrow21:12
w00tok, so this thing is definitely opening desktop files at least21:12
xruxaw00t:  that booster seems bit faster than before, as a subjective measurement, but still no chance of 1s start-ups :(21:13
w00txruxa: without more free RAM, I don't think you'll see that, no21:14
w00tqt changes (+ some app changes to drop GL contexts) will give you a bit more free RAM to experiment with21:14
wesk77so, i just tried nemo on my n900. looks promising, even though there's still a lot missing. thanks at all the devs for your hard work! :)21:14
w00twesk77: thanks, and feel free to join in :)21:14
wesk77i wish i could. i'd have to learn some programming first.. until now i just made some perl scripts at best, heh21:16
w00twesk77: poke at qml, it's pretty straightforward to create interfaces with as a starting point :)21:16
xruxaw00t: U think the bubble thing has traction and should be finished or should I drop it for some other things to do?21:18
wesk77alright, i'll have a look tomorrow. can't hurt, and i really should give something back to the community21:19
w00txruxa: work on anything your heart desires to work on, and we'll make slow and steady progress :)21:19
w00tI'm happy working on anything, really21:19
xruxaI have it on N900, not too slow actually.21:19
xruxaOk, I go finish the bubble for fun, because fun it has been so far21:20
xruxaw00t: seen how many files we open with QtComponents apps to even start? Some of them bit surprising.21:20
w00t(not recently, but a while ago)21:21
w00tanythings that stand out to you?21:21
xruxaI bet a saw an OpenOffice.org document being open there for getting some data from a spreadsheet :)21:22
*** koo6 has quit IRC21:31
*** piggz has quit IRC21:31
w00txruxa: latrace is available now too21:33
w00tthough that seems to segfault, sigh21:36
*** lardman|home has quit IRC21:36
*** cxl000 has quit IRC21:37
*** wmarone has quit IRC21:57
*** wmarone has joined #nemomobile21:57
faenilsegfault, making programmers happy since 1970 :D22:02
faenilI'm back anyway :D22:02
faeniland exhausted xD22:02
*** phaeron has quit IRC22:07
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*** arcol has joined #nemomobile22:45
xruxaw00t: ok, got bubbles to work both ways http://dl.dropbox.com/u/42376952/snapshot1.png  enough for today. Runs under 60 FPS on N900 though :(22:59
*** xruxa has quit IRC23:02
faenilhey we have working bubbles! :D23:05
*** buser has joined #nemomobile23:11
*** kimitake is now known as kimitake_idle23:46
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