Wednesday, 2011-11-23

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* KaziKluBey_N900 is still awake x_x05:31
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iekkuKaziKluBey, i'm at work already :D05:39
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KaziKluBeyiekku: i just couldn´t fall asleep as i had a million dollar app-idea in my head :)06:11
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iekkuKaziKluBey, oh! :D06:15
iekkui woke up too early, little bit nervous about the release day... having my own moving project, continous packing etc...06:16
iekkuoh, we have several bugs already \o/06:25
KaziKluBeyyes, a simple thing but it´s not available anywhere, gonna talk to a local appdeveloper today and see what they think :)06:27
iekkuusually the simple things are best06:28
KaziKluBeyaha, moving out ey. i hate that. but my time will come soon aswell06:28
iekkusoon it's over and i have more time to take care of nemobz06:28
KaziKluBeyyeah, i wish i could do some good around here besides testing. looked at som qml videos while i couldn´t sleep. that led me in to easy appmaking online...which is what i´ve been doing the last couple of hours...:)06:31
KaziKluBeyOT is ok before everyone signs in right? :)06:31
iekkutesting is also important06:36
iekkuvery important06:36
KaziKluBeywell yes, but i would like to learn how to code but i´m scared of taking the first step into´s hard,,bwa bwa07:02
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* w00t flops on the sofa07:08
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Sageok, time to start checking the systemd stuff07:27
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veskuhw00t: Sage: with last weeks version of theme irc chat is missing connect button, otherwise seems to work on n950 just fine07:59
w00thmm, i thought that was there08:00
w00txruxa: ^08:00
Sageveskuh: do zypper ref; zypper install meegotouch-theme-darko08:00
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xruxaveskuh: that is out in the updated darko, not in the image yet it seems08:08
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Sageupdating dsme seems to be a bit pain08:20
Sageif dsme dies device dies :/08:21
w00thmm, should that happen?08:22
Sagenot sure, the dsme,mce,bme is something that would need some love08:24
SageI think that the biggest problem is that dsme doesn't support the systemd fully08:29
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Sagedsme pings the watchdog and if that doesn't happen then device reboots IIRC08:37
SageI'm not sure how the package update should happen in there08:38
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Sageso it works :)08:45
veskuh-nemousing hwkb does not relayout ui properly though.08:46
veskuh-nemojust using half of screen after opening hwkbd08:46
Sagew00t: what was the reason for those crashes some time ago that I got?08:47
Sagemt-home, compositor, theme etc.08:47
w00tI don't remember08:47
SageI'm experiencing it again08:47
Sageand flood in .xsession-errors :D08:48
Sage"/usr/bin/sysuid" Connection timeout when waiting for packet 3 Retrying.08:48
Sage"/usr/bin/mdecorator" Connection timeout when waiting for packet 3 Retrying.08:48
Sagewhat prints that? could we increase it so that it would try to reconnect only once a second or something08:49
w00tI looked at it, and it's not able to do anything sane in that condition08:50
w00tit's related to themedaemon problems08:50
w00tis it running?08:50
Sagenah, all of those crashed08:50
Sagejust can't recall what was it last time08:50
w00thold on08:50
Sagegettin just a black seen, probably same problem than xruxa08:50
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w00tI can't find anything obvious in the log08:52
Sagethat problem08:52
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SageI can't find there the problem :/08:55
Sagesomething isn't right on N900 atm.08:55
SageI wonder why it works on N95008:55
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Sagesome race condition probably but where08:56
Sageveskuh: ok, time to break your device. Try what zypper install ti-omap3-sgx* does to your device08:58
Sagebecause my n900 goes nuts on update :/08:59
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* Sage hopes veskuh-nemo comes back09:06
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Sageit works?09:07
Sageoh, come on :)09:07
Sagewhat the heck is broken on n900 then09:07
Mirvbtw I added the Open Hackday to calendar so that it's hopefully getting some visibility (front page of getting ~thousand visitors per day)09:07
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veskuhworks pretty much the same as before09:07
w00tSage: if it makes you any happier, I still have no entries in my launcher and no idea why09:07
* w00t hates on meegotouch-home09:07
veskuhcamera view finder is there, fps in widgetsgalelry is good, still tearing in ui.09:07
* Sage thinks the release on this week might be delayed09:08
w00tthis is a pile of horrid spaghetti :/09:08
xruxaw00t: is that ~/config/meegotouchhome/launcherbuttons almost empty? I have seen it get stuck on one malformed desktop file before09:17
w00tno, it's reading the desktop files ok09:18
w00tit even tells me it's positioning them ok09:18
w00tI don't see any of those, except the quiclaunch ones09:19
xruxalooks alright09:19
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w00tso you upgraded to the version in Project:MTF:UX, and it works for you, right?09:19
* xruxa is not letting any nasty update happen to his beloved N90009:20
* w00t sighs09:20
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#3215 Rejected promotion request09:20
xruxaw00t: I stopped the update after libmeegotouchhome, while dsme update was stuck for ages. So the other home related packages did not get installed09:21
Sagephaeron: why did SR'3215 fail?09:21
Sagexruxa: that dsme stuck for ages is a problem :/09:22
xruxaSage: seems so from your posts bit earlier today :(09:22
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Sagephaeron: also SR#3191 is stuck09:26
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phaeronSage: for 3215 it says error: Package has no %description: kernel-adaptation-n90009:29
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#3206 waiting for review at
Sagephaeron: well kernel packaging is such a macro mess that probably need to ignore those tests for now09:33
phaeronSage: maybe the new check will fix that09:34
w00tbrute force time: git format-patch 1.1.10-1...09:37
w00tapply patches one at a time until it breaks09:37
Sagew00t: how many hundred patches there are? :)09:38
w00t(omitting changelog-only patches)09:38
w00ti.e. a lot, but still manageable09:38
Sagewell, not that bad, I was thinking more like 300 or so :)09:39
w00thow do i comment stuff out in yaml? just a #?09:40
SageI still have no idea what breaks my N900 image09:41
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Sageneed to start from 0 and update packages one at the time and see when it goes bad :/09:41
Sage200 packages here we go09:41
Sagew00t: want to change? :P09:44
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#3216 waiting for review at
w00tthe interesting question is, why does it work for veskuh and not you?09:44
Sagevesku is using n95009:45
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#3206 Accepted promotion request09:45
Sagemore speed so I'm guessing that some race condition09:45
phaeronSage: 3191 ? that looks old, and it's not in boss viewer, maybe it was broken ?09:46
Sagephaeron: 2 days old09:47
Sagesry, 1 day09:47
Sageboss did prechecks for it and I did 'ok09:48
phaeronand then it disappeared for some reason09:48
Sageneeds resubmit?09:48
phaeronthat's the fastest fix I can think of :)09:49
Sagexruxa: can you resubmit the l10n package09:50
Sageor well09:50
SageI can just accept it manually09:50
xruxawhichever is faster09:50
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#3191 Accepted promotion request09:50
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#3216 Accepted promotion request09:53
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w00tok, so...10:02
w00tit looks like someone patced the -tarball- when they packaged this last, or i'm getting it from a completely different place10:02
w00twhat the -fuck- :P10:03
w00tSage: any idea about this?10:05
* w00t files it as a patch to see if it fixes the stock 1.1.10 tarball10:11
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w00tand as if like magic, it does10:16
* w00t grrrrs10:16
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* xruxa is asking Maliit guys to help us getting the virtual keyboard work properly10:26
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Sagew00t: ah, that patch10:46
Sageit was outside the tarball definitely when I accepted that10:46
Sagew00t: or hmm... there is more than one patch in that10:46
w00tyes, there's lots10:46
w00tI think I got them all rebased/fixed/dropped (and it's outside the tarball) now10:47
Sagethat /etc/xdg/autostart-dui/ is important patch for boot speed10:48
w00tno it's not10:48
w00tit's empty10:48
Sageyes, by default10:48
xruxaFYI : Maliit guys told me to file a bug, so I did:
Sagew00t: it just add functionality that can be used to speed up the boot10:48
w00tall it does is provide a way to autostart applications10:49
w00twe already have two of those (systemd, uxlaunch)10:49
w00twhy do we need a third that isn't used atm?10:49
Sagew00t: well, it provides a method to autostart apps when home is already up.10:49
Sagethe point was to make it so that first home would get up and be functional and then the less important stuff10:49
w00tuxlaunch can already do that10:50
w00tit has a priority field10:50
w00t(though some of those are a bit wrong, atm)10:50
Sagew00t: well uxlaunch priority says that start prio X on time 0 and prio Y when 60s has passed from uxlaunch start10:50
veskuhxruxa: added maliit bug as link to our bug
Sagew00t: it can't say that start Y when home is visible10:51
w00tok, then I think we should add it there10:51
w00t(eww, does it really just hardcode durations?)10:51
Sagew00t: I think it did something with time yes. can't recall the specifics10:53
Sagew00t: anyway we should have a method to start starting things only after the home is up10:53
Sagethat patch is a hack yes, but best we have atm.10:54
Sagealthough, we don't seem to use it atm. :P10:54
w00tyeah.. that's why I dropped it :P10:54
Sagebut we need something similar10:54
w00tI agree with what you're saying, I'd just prefer to do it properly10:54
Sagethat is fine by me10:54
w00tI'll take a dig in uxlaunch and see what they do there10:54
w00t(sometime, not right now)10:54
Sagethe thing is that uxlaunch really can't know when home is up. It can know when home process is running but can't know when home is actually up.10:55
Sageto do that we would need signaling there10:55
w00tit sort of can, actually10:55
Sagealso the autostart-dui was bad because it didn't work on rpm updates10:56
w00thome registers itself as a desktop window, so if uxlaunch watches for a desktop window to get introduced, it knows home is up and about10:56
w00theh :/10:56
Sageok, time to start the n900 tests10:57
Sage206 packages to upgrade.10:57
Sagethe sad part is that if it is not the ti-omap3-sgx then I have to go through all of those :P10:59
lbtSage: what are you doing?10:59
lbtand can I help?10:59
Sagelbt: trying to find out what breaks the N900 atm.10:59
lbtis it a "many hands" job?10:59
Sageit was, but not anymore. found the package that breaks stuff11:00
Sageti-omap3-sgx breaks :P11:00
Sagenot sure why though11:00
Sageit works on N950 so I wonder why it doesn't work on N90011:00
SageStskeeps: are we sure our kernel sgx drivers match on n950 and n900?11:00
Sageafter: the n900 breaks (cc: Stskeeps)11:01
Sage <- this is the cause of problems11:02
Sagecan someone spot something wierd?11:03
* Sage tries to move the .service back to sysinit from multi-user11:04
Sageveskuh: "find /lib/systemd/system/ -name 'ti-omap3*'11:05
Sageveskuh: ^ what does that output on your n95011:05
veskuhSage: /lib/systemd/system/ti-omap3-sgx.service11:08
Sageso as it should11:09
SageI'm starting to think that the upgrade is the thing that breaks N90011:09
* Sage creates new image 11:09
* Sage ponders if sgx would need a rebuild binaries or something11:15
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* Sage boots image created with mic11:23
Sagelbt: looking for things to do?11:24
Sageo_0 this works11:24
Sageok, something in the update process of sgx goes wrong with N900 but work on N95011:25
* Sage ponders how did this work for him at the first time before he submitted the last ti-omap3-sgx driver11:26
Sagevirtual bool MSwipeExtension::x11Event(XEvent*) Releasing grab11:28
Sagew00t: ^ yours? my .xsession-error has a lot of those11:29
w00tfile a bug, I can get rid of it11:29
Sagexruxa: file:///usr/lib/qt4/imports/com/meego/ToolIcon.qml:66:9: QML QDeclarativeImage_QML_22: Failed to get image from provider: image://theme/icon-m-toolbar-reply11:29
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* Sage ponders what can go wrong with ti-omap3-sgx update11:33
w00tso it is sgx?11:33
SageWhen I do update for older nemo image it fails on N900, but succeeds on N95011:34
Sagehowever, if I build new N900 image with mic it works11:34
w00twtf :P11:34
Sagetell me about it :)11:34
*** KaziKluBey_N900 has joined #nemomobile11:37
Sageok, it might be the stop rmmod that is not working11:38
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w00tok, after innumerable fucking around with the patch, I finally seem to have a moden mtf-home with a working launcher.11:51
w00tveskuh: can you update meegotouch-home from Project:MTF:UX and walk it through its paces a bit?11:52
*** KaIRC has joined #nemomobile11:52
veskuhw00t: sure11:54
* w00t goes to do other things for a while, totally and utterly burned after that update11:54
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* Sage ponders how the sgx loads on harmattan12:02
veskuhSage: If your thinking about sgx, you could also think how we get vsync again so that no tearing on n950.12:07
Sagenot really my area. I'm just wondering how the sgx should be started when update happens12:08
Stskeepsveskuh: file a bug against me on nemomobile12:08
w00tveskuh: it was deliberately disabled? that makes sense12:08
w00tI was wondering why my eyes were bleeding :)12:08
veskuhw00t: I do not know, but I think that could be reason for tearing in long lists, and other places12:08
veskuhw00t: on N950 new home seems to work at least as well as the old one. I do not see any new issues.12:13
xruxaSage: icon-m-toolbar-reply already fixed in darko 0.2.9, what version we have?12:13
w00tveskuh: \o/12:14
w00tit should boot a little quicker, and possibly launch apps a tiny bit quicker, according to the changelog12:14
veskuhyep, maybe the app launch is bit better12:14
w00t(I suppose that will make xruxa happy if so :))12:15
Sagexruxa: hmmp... I'm not using darko theme but the nemo default12:15
xruxawhen we get to 1sec then I'm happy12:15
Stskeepsveskuh: ok, i mean, file a bug against hw adaptation on nemomobile :P12:15
xruxaSage: it is enough if it is installed, do not ask ;)12:15
veskuhStskeeps: I'll do that12:15
* xruxa wants to file bug about no WLAN indication and no GPS12:16
iekkuveskuh, so you were the first12:18
veskuhI'm leading the stats also :) About 90% of bugs is filed by me :)12:18
Stskeepsshowing skills as manager ;)12:19
xruxalike a boss12:19
w00tdsme takes forever to upgrade12:20
xruxaw00t: for me it never stopped, after 7 minutes I stopped it12:20
lbtSage: OK - yeah ... something RE/devicey ?12:21
Sagexruxa: meegotouch-theme-darko-0.2.8-1.1.noarch12:21
xruxaSage: did I forgot so send 0.2.9 ?12:22
Sagewell, that was the latest I got from repo so probably12:22
xruxaStill time for today's image?12:23
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Sagelbt: the systemd -37 update on x86 should be now ok. So even after update there should be no cyclic stuff mentioned in dmesg12:25
lbtso if I make a current image, then boot lenovo and zypper up to new systemd that should verify12:26
Sagelbt: so pretty much, take latest nemo update with zypper and install the systemd from
Sagelbt: I'm checking the N900 next and after that someone could check the same on N950 when I get the N900 working.12:27
Sagewould love to get the systemd update finally done12:29
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#3219 waiting for review at
Sageok, hopefully that helps with n900 sgx update problems12:35
Sageold sgx packages might cause problems still though12:35
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#3219 Accepted promotion request12:39
* Sage updates systemd to 37 on N900, thumbs up.12:41
* Sage reboots12:42
Sagelbt: ok, you might see bluetooth cyclic error there. Fix is not published to mer releases yet. Fix is in same repo than the sytemd though zypper install bluetooth12:44
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#3220 Rejected promotion request12:44
xruxaSage: where do I send the darko to again? osc sr home:jakub:branches:CE:UX:MTF meegotouch-theme-darko CE:UX:MTF did not work12:44
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lbtSage: OK - waiting for image12:44
Sageerr... zypper install bluez12:45
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#3221 waiting for review at
Sagethat was the last fix for n90012:46
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#3221 Accepted promotion request12:48
*** lego has quit IRC12:52
Sage <- N950 systemd fixes. Someone should test that these work with the systemd-3712:59
Sagealso there is some refactoring in shell scripts so those should be checked as well that all configs load properly from nokia-n950-configs.sh13:00
Sageafter those and that x86 test I think the systemd-37 update is ready (cc: Stskeeps, lbt)13:00
Sageor well we are ready for it :)13:00
*** phaeron has quit IRC13:01
w00txruxa: send to Project:MTF:UX13:03
w00toh, wait13:04
w00tyou work there now, don't you13:04
xruxaw00t: I work on a branch CE:UX:MTF/meegotouch-theme-darko right now, could move elsewhere13:04
* lbt copies image13:05
w00tok, you probably want to branch off/send to Project:MTF:UX as that's the development/staging area13:05
*** arcol has joined #nemomobile13:08
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#3223 Rejected promotion request13:14
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#3224 waiting for review at
Sagew00t: eh :D13:22
w00tyeah, I know that's a mess, but I'd like to get it in before release13:22
w00tas we were quite badly out of date13:22
w00tand that monster patch was the best I could do without having any context on what those changes actually were ...13:22
w00tI'll need to try reverse-engineer it by bits and figure it out13:22
SageI'm ok with it. It just looks so umm.... messy :D13:23
w00tit is13:24
w00tI hate it13:24
*** arcol has quit IRC13:24
w00tthat is actually less mess than was in the tarball, though, I was able to cut some of them out13:24
SageI haven't realized that we were so much behind in meegotouch-home13:26
lbtSage: looking good on the lenovo with bluez and systemd13:27
*** phaeron has joined #nemomobile13:29
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#3224 Accepted promotion request13:29
Sagelbt: good13:32
lbttrying to build an image with them in it from scratch13:33
Sagew00t: the wifi, 3g indicator missing is the main problem with the home atm. I think13:38
Sagew00t: apparently that patch merge didn't work with systemui :/13:39
w00tany other leads as to what the problem might be?13:39
Sageatm. no13:39
Sage3g data doesn't seem to get ip13:40
*** Cy8aer has joined #nemomobile13:43
Sageand wifi doesn't seem to work either for me13:44
w00twifi works for lenovo and n950 for me13:48
w00tSage: what were the past problems with it?13:53
Sagewith what? :)13:58
veskuhall bugs are in buzilla :)14:00
Sagethat MR_5 patch, that is pretty much all I know :/14:00
Sageveskuh: can you give a link to all bugs in nemo14:00
veskuhSage: this should do it:
veskuhhmm.. did that go out right..
*** araujo has joined #nemomobile14:02
* araujo finally adds channel to autojoin list14:03
*** Termana has quit IRC14:04
*** Guest46652 has joined #nemomobile14:06
*** arcol has joined #nemomobile14:07
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#3225 waiting for review at
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#3226 waiting for review at
Sagearaujo: and
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#3226 Accepted promotion request14:11
araujow00t, o/14:11
araujoSage, checking...14:11
Sagew00t: you don't have nemomobile bz account yet?14:11
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#3225 Accepted promotion request14:14
Sageiekku: can you put me as default cc (not assignee) on all of the groups that are in nemomobile atm?14:14
*** Cy8aer has quit IRC14:16
*** berndhs has joined #nemomobile14:17
w00t~sai do14:19
w00tSage: i do14:19
*** crevetor has joined #nemomobile14:21
iekkuthanks w00t14:21
iekkuoh, didn't really reed14:23
lbtSage: can you translate
iekkuSage, please, remind me tomorrow, don't have time to do that today14:23
w00tQmBattery is not functional because of a missing compile-time dependency. Please compile QmSystem with bmeipc.14:27
w00tI guess that may have something to do with battery indicator not working :/14:27
lbtwhen I build a lenovo image with systemd and bluez I get "failed to open /dev/kmsg and failed to open /run"14:29
Sagelbt: grr.. that n950 kernel needs fix. A moment14:29
lbtOK - is that from the pastie? I couldn't tell which pkg had a problem!14:30
lbtphaeron: ping14:31
phaeronlbt: ping14:31
phaeronerr pong14:31
lbtso you're an expert on mic :)14:31
phaeronsage is _the_ expert14:32
lbtis there a way to pause a mic build postinst and pre image build14:32
lbtso I can go in and tweak the fs14:32
Stskeeps(not kidding)14:32
phaeronmic-chroot ?14:32
lbtI was worried you weren't14:32
w00tObject::connect: No such signal NetworkItemModel::propertyChanged() in connmanprovider.cpp:18014:32
phaeronafter the image build is done14:32
w00tand that may be why our network indicator is busted14:32
lbtStskeeps: hmm ..... "sleep 10" at the end of the .ks ?14:33
lbtphaeron: yeah - like mic chroot but after all the packages are insalled and just before the filesystem is packed up14:34
phaeronlbt: write a script and put it in %post14:35
phaeronpr %post --nochroot14:35
phaeronbrb food14:35
phaeronor call bash there :D14:35
* lbt is running in IMG14:35
lbtbut yeah - a call to bash would be clever14:36
Sagelbt: that /run is my bad I removed it from systemd package as it was removed from fedora as well so I though it is not needed14:36
lbtwe like /run14:36
Sagelbt: /dev/kmsg sounds familiar but not sure where from14:37
w00t/run linux /run14:37
Sagekernel creates run when it boots right? So that dir should not be in systemd package?14:37
lbtkernel doesn't - systemd should14:37
lbtbut I thought it made /run at initrd time14:37
Sage$ rpm -qf /run14:38
lbtand then somehow bind mount to /real_root14:38
Sagemaybe it should be in our filesystem package as well14:38
lbtyeah - it may need to exist for systemd to mount it14:38
* lbt goes to the src14:38
Sageit was in systemd package, but probably should be in filesystem instead not sure14:39
lbtI think it belongs to systemd14:39
w00t        emit propertyChanged(name,value.variant());14:39
w00tchanged signature in a signal, by the looks of it14:40
Sagelbt: ok, need to readd it to system package then back14:40
Sagelbt: Could you somehow merge the gerrit systemd stuff and add that /run there as well14:40
lbtOK - I'll be back in about 1hr and will look at it14:40
*** arcol has quit IRC14:54
*** sperle has joined #nemomobile14:59
*** arcol has joined #nemomobile15:01
*** arcol has quit IRC15:05
w00tit looks like dialer really has bitrotted pretty badly15:12
w00tlots of ofono changes it doesn't know about, by the looks of it15:12
*** lardman|home has joined #nemomobile15:13
*** arcol has joined #nemomobile15:18
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#3229 Rejected promotion request15:20
* w00t sighs15:22
w00tthese makefiles are going to make me physically harm someone15:22
phaerondon't harm the-boss :D15:22
w00talso, it looks like something rendered my lenovo unbootable :/15:23
veskuhhmm.. apparently blanco CSS files will be open sourced and merged to
w00tveskuh: that would be absolutely awesome15:32
veskuhgraphics and icons probably too but later.15:32
w00txruxa: ^^^15:32
veskuhthey will not open the current ones but do new open ones15:32
w00tlol, not sure i see the sense in that :)15:33
veskuhsomething related to "branding"15:33
veskuhin any case this is potentially good and in any case we need to keep a look at whats happening so that our theming does not break15:34
*** arcol has quit IRC15:37
*** arcol has joined #nemomobile15:42
*** sperle has quit IRC15:51
*** ronoc has quit IRC16:01
*** veskuh has quit IRC16:01
*** ronoc has joined #nemomobile16:05
*** faenil has joined #nemomobile16:24
faenilhey :) o/ everyone16:28
*** MetalGearSolid has quit IRC16:43
faenilw00t: qml newbie question, let's suppose I have a class a with a public member b, and a qdecview, and I have set view->rootcontext()->setcontextpropert("class", &instanceofa)16:48
faenilshouldn't I be able to access a.b from qml as class.b?16:48
w00tcan you do a more descriptive example?16:49
faenilthat's really the most simple one, what are you missing?16:49
berndhsfaenil: no, only if b is a slot or signal, or if b is declared with the Q_INVOKABLE macro16:50
faenillet's suppose b is an int16:50
faenilbendhs: yeah I know it works like that with functions :)16:51
berndhsfaenil: right, and for data members you make access functions16:51
faenilwith Q_PROPERTY and its functions?16:51
berndhsfaenil: yes16:51
faenilok, that's what I'm doing...just wanted to be sure, coz I seem to remember I could access member just by setting the context property of the instance of the class16:52
berndhsI suppose you could also make a particular member a context property by itself16:53
berndhsbut that's probably not what you're looking for if you want to do "cppClass.mem"16:54
faenilyeah I know I could do that, and yes that's not what I wanted to do :)16:54
faenilthanks anyway ^^16:54
w00tfaenil: I've had a long day and I'm working on a lot of things at once, when I see a sentence filled with as, I can't parse it ;)16:54
faenil:D np ;)16:55
berndhsthe Qt folks probably didn't consider the case of public data members, goes against orthodoxy16:59
faenilI see :)17:04
*** lardman|home has quit IRC17:08
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#3230 Rejected promotion request17:14
faeniland yessss17:15
faenilgot antenna signal strenght :D17:15
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#3231 waiting for review at
faenildo you think a cellular antenna signal strenght is worth publishing to ovistore? do you think it cuold be useful to some people?17:18
faenilsome stupid app, just thought it could be useful to others :)17:19
berndhsI personally would find it very interesting17:21
berndhsbut don't let that discourage you17:22
faenilI think it's one of those very simple apps which could be useful at times :)17:22
faenilwhy would that discourage me?17:22
faenilwere you ironic? :D17:22
berndhsyes mostly :)17:23
berndhsusually when i find something is interesting, the marketing folks say its not main stream enough17:24
faenilI don't give a f+++ about that marketing folks xD freedom freedom xD17:24
w00tphaeron: ping17:24
faenilberndhs: anyway, it's not something interesting ofc, I just thought it was something who could be useful at times, to people who want more than a 5 bar ui element17:25
berndhsyes i agree, seeing an actual number with units would be useful17:27
xruxaw00t: so blanco going open sourced slowly ... better now than never. Though I hoped they would make it into a QtComponent's specific theme rather than merging into the meegotouch one.17:29
faenilberndhs: can't trust you, lol17:31
faenilok back to my uni project, if anybody need me (unlikely) for testing or such, I'm here :)17:32
w00txruxa: yeah, so darko is still more awesome :)17:35
faenilany new planned nemo release?17:46
*** arcol has quit IRC17:48
faeniloh reading meeting log, it should come tomorrow17:49
w00tthere's a few last minute problems17:51
faenilI see17:51
faenilhow's qmlsms going?17:52
w00tI haven't had any time to work on it the past few days17:52
faenilok ;)17:52
w00txruxa has been doing some graphics stuff for it17:52
faenilyeah I've seen the bubbles thing17:52
*** veskuh_n9 has joined #nemomobile17:59
*** HenriqueMattos has joined #nemomobile17:59
*** berndhs_950 has joined #nemomobile18:13
*** lardman|home has joined #nemomobile18:13
berndhstoday bubbles, tomorrow the world18:13
lardman|homeam I right in thinking that uxlaunch reporting that dbus hasn't started is actually a non-error?18:22
* lardman|home notices that the crashshell is still enabled18:28
*** HenriqueMattos has quit IRC18:30
lardman|homein dbus.service, it has a line like so: ExecStartPre=-/bin/rm -f /var/run/messagebus.pid18:42
lardman|homewhat's the - doing there?18:42
xruxagood question18:50
*** vgrade has quit IRC18:51
*** MerBot has quit IRC18:51
*** MerBot has joined #nemomobile18:51
*** smoku has quit IRC18:52
*** crevetor has left #nemomobile18:55
*** lizardo has joined #nemomobile18:55
lardman|homenot sure that's a problem for me mind you19:11
Stskeepslardman|home: that looks a bit odd19:12
*** veskuh_n9 has quit IRC19:16
lardman|homeStskeeps: perhaps I managed to make a change to it somehow, but not to my knowledge19:26
*** KaziKluBey has joined #nemomobile19:34
*** KaziKluBey has quit IRC19:40
*** phaeron has quit IRC19:55
*** smyows has quit IRC19:59
*** rnovacek is now known as rnovacek_away20:01
*** crevetor has joined #nemomobile20:03
*** ronoc has quit IRC20:05
* lardman|home can't work out why sometimes his systemd service is run, and other times not20:13
lardman|homenot helped by the fact that when it doesn't run I can't save dmesg to see what's happened20:14
*** faenil has quit IRC20:19
*** vgrade has joined #nemomobile20:21
*** M4rtinK has joined #nemomobile20:27
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*** GNUtoo has joined #nemomobile21:12
Ronksu3816816641 bytes (3.8 GB) copied, 1541.07 s, 2.5 MB/s <-- now that was a painfull wait, with several freezes on the way21:12
Stskeepsisn't linux i/o -fun21:13
GNUtoohi, I was told that the bluetooth problem was related to suspending of the serial port, if I remember well, so tried to add no_console_suspend to the kernel parameter, it appeared in /proc/cmdline but didn't magically fix bluetooth, is there some other workarrounds?21:14
GNUtoothe device is the n90021:14
RonksuStskeeps: indeed. But at least it did work out :)21:14
GNUtoowith 2.6.37 kernel21:14
StskeepsGNUtoo: not that parameter21:14
StskeepsGNUtoo: chase linux omap pm21:14
GNUtoois there some starting point with reguard to the bug? like a ml thread?21:15
Stskeepsno, only irc logs21:16
*** KaIRC has quit IRC21:34
*** xruxa has quit IRC21:36
*** KaIRC has joined #nemomobile21:38
*** faenil has joined #nemomobile21:48
*** phaeron has joined #nemomobile21:51
*** xmlich02 has quit IRC22:01
*** xmlich02 has joined #nemomobile22:02
*** mikhas_ has joined #nemomobile22:09
mikhas_hey, need help from someone who is responsible for the build configurations22:09
mikhas_namely to find out how Qt Components is configured22:09
mikhas_(see actual problem @
Stskeeps , line 5022:15
* lardman|home Googles to see how to get conmand to bring up his wlan0 device automatically22:17
*** GNUtoo has quit IRC22:20
mikhas_Stskeeps, thanks! added
mikhas_can you perhaps add -maliit to the build config for QTC?22:21
mikhas_no idea why it does not autodetect it22:21
Stskeepsbest way is to file a bug against us on, or add to
Stskeepsthink xrura will catch up on it22:23
*** coley has quit IRC22:23
*** berndhs has quit IRC22:24
mikhas_no idea how to get a BZ account there22:26
lbtmikhas_: good point22:31
*** _nicolai_ has joined #nemomobile22:34
*** cxl000 has joined #nemomobile22:36
mikhas_so you have some SSO magic?22:36
mikhas_I create wiki account and get BZ login, too?22:36
lbtmikhas_: sorry.. got interrupted22:36
mikhas_needs to be mentioned somewhere ;-)22:36
lbtcan you create an account at bugs.merproject.org22:36
lbtit does :)22:36
lbtwhere were you?22:36
mikhas_so erm, two differnent BZ's22:39
lbtthis is all very new - I only got sso working yesterday or monday22:40
mikhas_so guess I wait a bit for the sync magic to happen22:40
lardman|homecan one normally log in to the N900 nemo image as e.g. root:meego or meego:meego ?22:40
lbtmikhas_: 60s22:40
lbtlardman|home: root:meego22:40
lardman|homethanks lbt22:40
* lardman|home tries to work out whether wpa_supplicant is running22:42
_nicolai_hi, can someone give me a quick advice, how to setup dev environment for nemo applications? Where I can compile the application and create packages.22:48
_nicolai_I know how to do this with scratchbox for maemo, but I don't know what is needed for mer/nemo.22:49
lbt_nicolai_: it's a lot like meego22:49
lardman|homehmm, seems wpa_supplicant hasn't managed to connect, I'm assuming this is usually auto-started by connmand?22:49
lbtwe use the community OBS22:49
lbtstill using the meego one for now22:50
* lardman|home admires his Salmon square22:50
lbtlardman|home: N900 Nemo - usually settings->wifi22:50
lardman|homelbt: I've not got a UI yet, just trying to get a terminal somehow22:51
lardman|homen900 image, but modified to run on Tab22:51
lbtmakes sense - I wondered why you were having probs :)22:51
lardman|homeat least I have some dmesg output now, which is useful22:52
lbt_nicolai_: so it's worth looking at the meego community edition / N900 pages on the meego wiki22:52
* lardman|home wonders if connmand will interfere with any networks he manually brings up in a systemd target22:53
_nicolai_lbt, I am a bit lost with obs.22:53
_nicolai_lbt, the wiki pages shows how to build the full image.22:53
lbt_nicolai_: what's your linux distro22:53
_nicolai_what if i want to build a single application22:53
lbt*nod* ... I understand22:53
lbtthat's really quite easy22:53
_nicolai_lbt, ubuntu 10.0422:54
* lardman|home calls it a night22:54
lardman|homenight all22:54
*** lardman|home has quit IRC22:55
lbt_nicolai_: OK - a bit old but you should be mainly OK22:55
lbtactually you can do all your work on the OBS web ui for simple apps - but that's not very sensible :)22:55
lbtsee :
_nicolai_can I do local builds with obs?22:59
_nicolai_any documentation on how to configure obs for application developement.23:02
_nicolai_I mean, how does it know the target or toolset I want to use.23:02
lbtOK I updated that page23:03
lbtdo you have a meego account btw?23:05
lbtOK I'll need to enable it - what is it?23:05
_nicolai_my meego account is enabled for the community obs, already.23:07
*** tarantism has joined #nemomobile23:12
_nicolai_lbt, thank you23:18
_nicolai_good night23:18
*** _nicolai_ has left #nemomobile23:21
*** beford has joined #nemomobile23:32
*** berndhs has joined #nemomobile23:46
*** faenil has quit IRC23:57

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