Friday, 2011-11-25

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Alfred_Hello, guys ! I found a russian language in new release. Can you pls tell me where is translation done? Is it transifex or what? I want to help.04:31
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Ronksuwell done.06:54
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Stskeepsmorn sage06:58
Stskeepsok, first step, downloading the new release..07:01
Sageyes, I though so too, hover my laptop doesn't recognize the sd cards with the adapter anymore :D07:03
Sageah, there we go. Fifth time had the power07:03
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Sagehmmp... I'm worried about this part of the n950 patch
Sagein ofono07:20
Stskeepsso it would break n900 one?07:20
Sagewell we have the patch already07:20
Stskeepsthat looks odd yes07:20
* Sage checks if the n900 is actually with n950 driver atm.07:22
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marquiz_yet another channel...07:24
Stskeepsoh, new splash07:31
w00tthank lbt for that07:32
Stskeepsdo we have the qt drag patch .profile thing in Nemo?07:33
w00thmm.. well. the environment setter is there07:33
w00twhether the qt patch survived... i'm not completely sure07:34
w00tnote that it's only on n900 btw, not n950/n907:34
Stskeepsyeah, i know07:34
Stskeepstesting on n900 for once07:34
StskeepsSage: is tracker running on startup here?07:34
SageI would say yes07:39
Stskeepsok, it feels like we have some kind of performance regression to me07:40
w00tshould I just go ahead and add a sleep(5) to its file indexer? :-D07:41
SageI was thinking of removing all the file supports from tracker :P07:41
Sagejust build without any deps07:42
w00tI guess that's option #207:42
w00tjust rip that out, along with anything that uses it, until they get replaced07:42
marquiz_now booting that latest daily, with fingers crossed :D07:44
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cxl000slonopotamus that is using event input without calibration (not tslib)08:10
veskuhDid anyone get the latest release to work with N950? Doesn't boot on mine..08:17
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Stskeepsboots for n900 at least08:17
veskuhmoslo doesnt find kernel so n950 specific issue I guess08:18
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vamonsteri have an issue with the latest update (not release) on N900: it boots, but X server does not start08:19
xruxavamonster: had the same, things crashing in loop08:19
vamonsterxruxa, yes. X tries to start in the loop, whipes out all the battery )08:20
niqti have reflashed last release but now after reboot dont' start maemo but start always nemo.08:20
vamonsterniqt, i also reflashed the release, and tried to make an update once again. came into the same problem08:21
Sagevamonster: known problem, if that happens usually the easiest way to recover is to flash newer image.08:21
w00tvamonster: that one's a known problem.. for some people, it worked to reboot a bundle of times, for others.. it didn't and they just installed the new release08:21
xruxavamonster: I managed to 'fix' that somehow after long time of trying, but the device ended up being visibly slow, so I reflashed08:22
w00tniqt: what device?08:22
vamonsterthank you all for the suggestiongs, will reflash with the new release when it will be available08:22
w00tit starts it even with the SD taken out?08:22
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* xruxa is considering putting this one ( on the device for testing08:24
veskuhxruxa: could we improve the layout? I hate it that we have backspace and enter next to each other08:25
niqti'm tryng08:25
niqtbut i must recharge it08:25
veskuhI mean the key that erases mistake and key that confirms are next to each other? Not exactly best idea..08:25
xruxaveskuh: yes, how about I send you my test rig and you experiment with in on QtCreator? Then you can make your own input layout ;)08:26
niqtw00t: without SD start maemo08:28
w00tas far as I know, that's expected08:28
w00tmine has always worked that way08:29
w00tif you read the uboot output when it first starts up, it tells you to press a key if you want to change the boot08:29
w00t(run noloboot, iirc, will get you into maemo)08:29
veskuhxruxa: I can try if it is not too complicated.08:29
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niqtwith pevious release when i turned off device after started nemo, at next reboot started maemo08:30
xruxaveskuh: QML only. The layouting seems the most complicated part since lays out the items by repeater - you can (and I'm considering that myself) lay out the keys one by one where you want them08:30
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mecew00t, hi08:30
w00tmece: o/08:31
w00tveskuh: be careful of resolution independence if you do that08:31
w00txruxa: ^^08:31
xruxaw00t: they have hardcoded it for N9 screen size anyway :(08:31
xruxathat is why the current VKB in landscape missed bits on sides08:31
mecew00t, regarding the announcements thread on tmo, could you perhaps create a separate discussions thread and point people to that, so they would stop spamming the announcement thread?08:31
w00tmece: hmm, I did think about it, but wasn't sure that was the best idea - you want to go ahead and create it and I'll edit the top post to point to it?08:32
niqthas someoune read my email about qtmobility organizer?08:32
veskuhxruxa: ok, that sounds doable08:32
w00tniqt: read, but not yet had time to look at properly - unless someone else beats me to it (*hopeful expression*)08:33
mecew00t, then. Title suggestions? "Nemo mobile discussions" ?08:33
w00tmece: sounds fine08:33
Sagebtw, the vkb seems to wok quite nicely now08:33
w00tmece: thanks08:39
veskuhniqt: you can search on device if repository has that package. For example like this zypper packages | grep organizer08:45
Sagecan't flash any device on my laptop atm08:46
SageError claiming USB interface: Device or resource busy08:46
Sage^ known problem with flasher?08:46
meceSage, what os?08:46
Sageah, the cdc_phonet thing08:47
Sage\o/ N810 boots again08:47
* Sage tries N950 now08:47
Sageok, still can't flash n95008:49
meceSage, do you run nemo on N810?08:49
Sagemece: no, cxl000 has mer adaptation for it though.08:50
Sagerunnin nemo on that isn't going to happen as the mtf ux requires gles08:50
Sageand well too heavy anyway probably08:51
meceSage, mmhmm08:51
niqt<veskuh>:after i'll verify08:51
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marquiz_Sage: bme is not running in nemo on n950?09:28
marquiz_Sage: hmm, it seems i have a problem with the mtd partitions09:33
marquiz_only /dev/mtd0 is available, looking into that when i have time...09:33
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Sagemarquiz_: it is not?09:53
marquiz_yep, fails to start (in my dual-boot) becuse cal area is not available09:55
marquiz_i have to mangle the dualbooter a bit, to give correct mtdpart opts to kernel, i guess09:55
marquiz_i'll do that later today, when back at home ;)09:56
marquiz_quick fix is of course to edit the cmdline file under boot ;)09:56
Sagedoes anyone have nemo installed on N950?10:01
SageI would like to see the phonet part of "udevadm info --export-db" output10:02
dm8tbrSage: I could try with my N950. which tarball should I use? latest?10:06
Sagedm8tbr: anything goes10:08
dm8tbrk. let me try10:09
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dm8tbrSage: ummmm, my n950 tells me 'no kernel image found' and reboots into harmattan... (after unpacking latest tarball)10:30
veskuhSage:  ^ I have the same issue so apparently there is something wrong with n950 image10:31
* dm8tbr downloads previous10:31
xruxaTesting new looks of VKB on N900 -   - portrait looks sweet enough for me now.10:31
dm8tbrveskuh: do you have a known working image?10:32
veskuhthe previous works10:32
Stskeepsxruxa: any chance we can do it less looking like n9's? :P10:33
veskuhit is just the last one that is broken10:33
Sage <- kernel listed here at least10:33
dm8tbrk. tnx10:33
Sagehmmp... I wonder what broke that then10:33
dm8tbrSage: there are files in /boot10:33
xruxaStskeeps: maybe ... Veskuh said he will relocate some keys around ;)10:33
Sagedm8tbr: can you give list10:33
dm8tbrbut they have lengthy names, is that ok?10:33
dm8tbrdifferent computer than IRC, sorry10:33
dm8tbrSage: check inside the tarball you generated ;)10:34
* Sage goes to search10:34
SageI did a patch to n950 kernel but that was only for %post scripts10:35
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dm8tbrlinks are missing10:36
Sagedidn't see that coming10:36
dm8tbrbzImage and cmdline10:36
* dm8tbr adds them10:36
Sagewtf, did the n950 kernel actually use those...10:36
StskeepsSage: moslo dooes10:36
SageStskeeps: well I meant the new-kernel-pkg tool that was missing10:37
dm8tbr*zong* and there it boots10:37
dm8tbryep the missing links were the culprits10:37
StskeepsSage: ah..10:37
Stskeepsit sets up the links10:37
SageStskeeps: well new-kernel-pkg tool isn't there and it failed package updates10:38
Sageso I removed the %post part10:38
dm8tbrwell boots, all I see is that it didn't fail and now has a black screen ;)10:38
xruxawe do not have any haptics/vibra in the system, do we?10:38
Sagethere must have been something else that doe that10:38
Stskeepsxruxa: no vibra player for sure10:38
Sagedm8tbr: can you post instructions to the release ML post how to fix that problem.10:38
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dm8tbrah, I had the usual firstboot power-off, but now it seems to boot fine10:41
dm8tbrwonder what causes that, but don't have a jig10:41
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lardmanhmm, just looked at the sources for the Ubuntu pandaboard pvr drivers, messy dir structure in there10:53
veskuhxruxa: I made a pull request. Looks ok to me, but did not test on device.10:58
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xruxaveskuh: can you hit me with a screenshot pls?11:08
veskuhxruxa: sure, just a sec11:09
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* xruxa is warming up to the idea of having a few VKB plugins on Nemo soon, we will need one for e.g. Russian real soon now anyway11:11
xruxaveskuh: I get the idea. Some fixes still needed (on my part) for the height of the landscape buttons11:18
* xruxa gone for lunch11:20
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marquiz_Sage: you still need the udev dump?11:58
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marquiz_Sage: the udev dump looks basically identical to n90012:03
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marquiz_Sage: so i guess we need a script under /lib/udev which looks to /etc/boardname or something...12:04
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Sagemarquiz_: ifindex is different ;)12:13
SageI wonder if that is always so in N900 vs N950 and if that could be used to identify things12:14
marquiz_well, i was pondering the same, but wouldn't count on that12:14
marquiz_e.g. if n950 kernel is upgraded to 3.0 or smth12:14
Sagehmmp... someone could check that with fremantle?12:15
Sageif it is 3 in there12:15
Sagemarquiz_: anyway, script is probably needed, but I'm not so sure about using boardname12:15
marquiz_Sage: what, then?12:16
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marquiz_if n950 or n9, modem=n95012:16
marquiz_else modem=n90012:16
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marquiz_well, there might be other ways, too, but that's one alternative12:17
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Sagemarquiz_: maybe we could base the decision by some other udev value?12:19
SageI'm not entirely familiar how udev works, so not sure if that is even possible12:19
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marquiz_Sage: what does /sys/devices/platform/omap_ssi.0/ssi0/port0/ssi_protocol/net/phonet0/type contain on n900?12:29
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Sazpaimon__could I see a screenshot of the builtin nemo irc client?12:35
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veskuhw00t: how about disabling gesture from bottom? It is way too easy to end up in switcher while trying to type with vkb or select item from toolbar..12:42
w00tveskuh: gesture is too sensitive, i think there's already a bug about that12:42
w00tif not it's on Backlog12:42
w00ti'll try take a look this weekend12:42
veskuhNo hurry :)12:43
Sazpaimon__also, does the client support SASL authentication for freenode?12:43
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Sazpaimon__I can't connect with tmobile USA to freenode because freenode imposes SASL on this ISP12:43
w00tSazpaimon__: #irc-chatter (or talk to venemo if you see him around)12:44
Sazpaimon__w00t, is that the same irc chatter on harmattan?12:44
Sazpaimon__then no, I dont think it does12:44
Sazpaimon__in fact, iirc irc chatter imposes its own list of commands it suports12:45
w00ti imagine he'd be open to patches/suggestions12:45
Sazpaimon__instead of sending unsupported client commands via QUOTE12:45
Sazpaimon__also color support12:45
Sazpaimon__I'll but him about it12:45
Sazpaimon__i actually was trying to find time to make a qt frontend for xchat, but havent been able to do it just yet12:47
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marquizSage, Stskeeps: i fixed the dualbooter cmdline handling so that bme is running in nemo, now15:28
marquizgotta go, again->15:36
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Sagemarquiz_: nicw15:52
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cxl000sage I believe new-kernel-pkg also performed the depmod so if you have modules you will need to add something like /sbin/depmod -a -F /boot/{version} %{version}19:25
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