Saturday, 2011-11-26

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alien_what is the proper way to generate an img file from the kickstart?01:20
alien_I ran it like this, but it fails: mic-image-creator --config=nemo-handset-i586-testing-0.20111120.1.CE.2011-11-24.1.ks --format=vdi --cache=mycache --mainrepo=mer-core --arch=i58601:20
alien_here's my error:
alien_is there a bug or am I just missing something?01:21
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lbtalien_: did you create a bootstrap?09:47
lbtI think:    mic-create-bootstrap -n trunk -k /var/cache/mic -r -o /var/cache/meego-bootstrap09:48
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StskeepsCreip: could be good to report on bugs.nemomobile.org10:00
Creiphmm would it fall under which category? :o Mer-Core doesn't sound right and I don't understand the other options :S10:04, not :)10:04
Creiplol good thing I didnt start going at this by myself ;D10:14
CreipI'll get out of your hair in no time I swear :D10:14
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alien_lbt: thanks, but that wasn't in the doc that I used10:29
alien_or am I using the wrong doc?10:29
Stskeepsalien_: please add it if it was on wiki10:29
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alien_Stskeeps: this is what I used:
Stskeepsok, then please add it there :)10:30
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alien_yay, it worked10:49
lbtalien_: good - crappy error message eh? :)10:55
Sagelbt, Stskeeps: I'll try to check what is needed for mer core to get it support bootstrapping and what can we do to mic next week.11:02
Stskeepswere you in tampere hack day btw?11:02
SageIn 3 hours yes :P11:03
Stskeepsah, okay11:03
* Sage is running a bit late 11:03
SageJust woke up at Turku. Had a pre-Christmas party yesterday so.... well... I think that explains it. :P11:03
Stskeepsyes, it does11:04
* Stskeeps misses scandinavian pre-xmas parties11:04
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phaeron1Stskeeps: did you try my patch yet ?11:09
Stskeepsno, it's on my list for when i've bootstrapped the main repos11:09
phaeron1ok , ping me if you hit any issues11:09
Stskeepswill do11:09
phaeron1I'll be around at night11:09
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alien_lbt: indeed :)11:16
alien_I tried to run the image in virtualbox and wemu but they don't really finish the boot process11:17
alien_is looks like getting stuck somewhere11:17
alien_I suspect missing drivers11:17
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lbtaha :)11:26
lbthey Naresh_11:26
Naresh_Hey lbt11:26
lbtso, did you catch my last msg11:26
Naresh_help me in installing nemo11:27
lbt"Naresh_: that's not a dismissal ... it's just the better place to discuss it "11:27
lbtso ...11:27
lbtis your starting point11:27
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Naresh_Thanks dude, will check that link11:28
lbtyou'll also need11:28
lbtif you can't find the info from that first link then add it in somewhere sensible11:28
Naresh_Hi lbt, i can install this on sdcard?11:33
Naresh_like the way i install meego 1.2?11:33
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lbtNaresh_: yes - "External MMC card" is an SD card11:50
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lbtalien_: so where did you add the bootstrap info ?12:00
Naresh_lbt -thanks, last one - 'Can we make phone calls using nemo?'12:00
lbtNaresh_: yes12:00
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Creipthat one blew his mind obviously12:40
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Venemohey guys :)14:03
VenemoI need someone who has a working Nemo Mobile installation on a multitouch device, and ~5 minutes for me14:04
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dm8tbrVenemo: yes?14:15
dm8tbrVenemo: n950 ok?14:15
Venemodm8tbr, sure14:15
Venemodm8tbr, I'd like to ask for ~5 minutes of your time. I'd like to know whether my app works on Nemo or not :)14:15
Venemo'git clone git://'14:17
Venemo'git checkout qml'14:17
Venemodm8tbr, ^^14:17
dm8tbrsorry don't have build environment14:23
dm8tbrrpm or it doesn't happen14:23
dm8tbror is that supposed to work on device?14:24
Venemoif you have a build environment on device, then yes14:25
Venemootherwise, I'll make an rpm for you tomorrow :)14:25
dm8tbrnemo doesn't ship with qmake14:25
dm8tbrdidn't check for the other things ;)14:25
Venemoyou could easily install them I guess.14:26
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jukkaeklundhi from N9 running Nemo15:52
berndhsjukkaeklund: inspiring all of us :)15:53
jukkaeklundchat client is nice15:54
Venemohey jukkaeklund :)15:59
jukkaeklundsome tearing middle of screen15:59
VenemoI hear Nemo Mobile now includes IRC Chatter :)15:59
jukkaeklundyep thats what I use now15:59
VenemoI'm glad you find it useful16:00
jukkaeklundoh its very nice16:01
Venemowill be back later16:02
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alien_lbt: not done yet19:59
lbtOK - just keeping an eye on you ;)19:59
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mingwandroidvgrade: I'm trying to flash moslo on mac.20:31
mingwandroidSuitable USB interface (bootloader/phonet) not found, waiting...20:31
mingwandroidI guess moslo shouldn't take long to flash?20:33
dm8tbrit's quite quick IIRC21:06
mingwandroidyeah, I think I'm in trouble as I updated and the beta2 flasher doesn't work on updated n95021:07
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dm8tbrmingwandroid: that looks wrong21:22
dm8tbrmingwandroid: you tried OCF? I thought you wanted to install MOSLO?21:23
mingwandroidCan't check ATM as I'm reflashing harmattan, but I think I was installing the right thing ;-)21:27
dm8tbrmingwandroid: jftr, the flasher you use to flash MOSLO to a N950 should be just a few hundred kbyte in size... if it's several hundred M then it's the OCF and wrong.21:31
mingwandroidmoslo-rootfs-1.2011.34-2_RM680-OEM1-916_0.0.13-12.1.bin 14MB21:33
mingwandroidangry birds on my n950 now?21:40
dm8tbrthat 14M is the actual image21:44
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mingwandroiddm8tbr: getting there. It took installing Mac_OCF_39-5_RM680-RM680-OEM1.bin One Click Installer first, then I could install moslo21:59
mingwandroidbut now I need linux. right will get back to it later.22:02
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