Monday, 2011-11-28

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dcthang__Is there mplayer package for Nemo?06:46
Stskeepsfor legal reasons we can't carry mplayer06:47
Stskeepsi think possibly fedora package might do the trick06:47
Stskeeps might be better to try ou06:48
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Stskeepsbut i've only seen that work on n90006:48
pabs3Stskeeps: legal reasons?06:56
Stskeepspabs3: mp3 codecs and other fun things06:56
dcthang__ah ok. so due to legal use of some codecs06:57
dm8tbreven gst-bad/ugly/fugly would be a problem I guess06:57
pabs3hmm, its distributed by Debian so I was wondering what could be the issue06:57
Stskeepsdcthang__: in longer term i'm hoping some people will do a source-only distribution of some media like packages for easy integration if you have an obs of your own06:58
dm8tbrStskeeps: why not even do the 'get source build on device' automagic thing. sure, not somethign for vendors, but for the hacker community that is FOSS/patent conscious07:02
dm8tbrwouldn't surprise me if someone had automated some srpm logic already in some other context07:04
dm8tbrdoes zypper have something like build-dep in apt-get?07:04
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Stskeepsmorn sage07:31
SageI'll work with the ofono patches today.07:36
Sageif nothing else pops up07:36
SageMain thing is to distringuish the N900 and N950 somehow07:37
Stskeepsboardname, i'd say07:37
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Sagelets see07:39
Sagemarquiz_: did you recall why cbs was removed from N950?07:40
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marquiz_Sage: iirc, isimodem driver didn't support it for n950's modem (or it was buggy or smth)08:40
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marquiz_Sage: initialization failed with cbs enabled08:40
marquiz_that might have changed, though (or then not)08:40
veskuhSage: https is not working because of missing certs in image. We need to either have ca-certificates on images by default or Helium needs to pull the package in.08:41
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niqtw00t: i need your help08:44
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veskuhxruxa: do you remember how you solved the spectacle version issue?09:13
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xruxaveskuh: not really, Stskeeps told me to symlimk (?) some python dir to another09:16
Stskeepsah, dist-packages vs site-packages09:17
xruxayes yes09:17
veskuhStskeeps: xruxa: Yep, that seemed to help.09:17
Stskeepswhoever thought that was a good idea will be first against the wall when the revolution comes09:17
veskuhStskeeps: I totally agree!09:18
phaeronthe revolution is here09:22
Sageveskuh: ok, need to move that ca-certificates package a bit then.09:29
SageStskeeps: we should probably have ca-certificates in mer core as well09:30
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veskuhSage: I tried to add dependencyy, but get unresolvable for soem me reason:
Sageveskuh: yes, as said need to move that ca-certificates package a bit09:31
Sagebug in the current architecture09:31
* Sage adds to his todo09:31
SageStskeeps: I'll add bug/task to mer core about that ca-certificates09:32
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Stskeepsxruxa: btw, you mentioned russian locale at some point - in next Mer core, for anything non-en_US you need to localedef in the kickstart file09:43
Stskeepsas we're only shipping one standard glibc locale09:43
w00tisn't that something we need in the nemo .ks's then?09:44
Stskeepsprobably, yeah09:45
xruxaStskeeps: wondering if we are good enough with the libicu supporting it09:45
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xruxaI have added that russian for testing purposed mostly - missing collation and other locale data will show now09:45
Stskeepsthe reason i'm doing it is that 1) it drops mer compile time a lot 2) gives us 35-40mb less installed footprint09:46
Sageif locale is set something else than en_US which isn't found doesn't it default to en_US?09:48
Stskeepsnah, drops back to C locale09:48
Stskeepsthough not sure09:48
xruxashould go to C IIRC09:50
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Stskeepslbt: next step (for me) is to apply phaeron's patch and restart BE09:55
Stskeepser, wrong channel09:56
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StskeepsBTW, since we've moved OBS, i can't promise there's a linearity of package release versions10:26
Stskeepsfor next mer version10:27
Stskeeps(one of those unsolved issues for OBS)10:27
Stskeepsso upgrades may not work too well10:27
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veskuhStskeeps: Is this normal? Just wondering what is going on with tearing on N950.. powervr.ini looked ok to me.10:41
Stskeepslooks fine to me10:42
Stskeepsdoes it tear on n9 too?10:43
veskuhHaven't tried.10:43
veskuhon n900 its fine10:43
Stskeepskernel version may need a notch up maybe10:44
dm8tbrno N950 it's been tearing through the middle of the screen for ages10:44
Stskeepsit'll take a look at it tomorrow, probably just some kernel side upgrade we forgot to match the gles drivers10:45
veskuhYep, the log is pretty similiar than the one N900. This "ExtFB partial update support initialized" is additional in n950, but do not know if it is related or not.10:49
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Sageah, works again11:32
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faenilgood afternoon everyone :)13:25
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faenilquiet channel today :)15:01
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Sageeveryone is enjoying the latest release ;)15:11
xruxaSage: still have no WLAN indicators with the latest (on N900)15:12
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veskuhxruxa: yep
xruxaI see, wrong expectations ;)15:21
veskuhHmm.. On N950, it actually puts 3G icon when I connect it to wifi and then takes it off at disconnect..15:23
veskuhNot happening on N900 without sim card15:24
xruxaveskuh: got (NEW) and . Now I need to add layout switching (ongoing) and your layout and time to release :)15:25
arcolthis flickr program is really amazing. Im just wonder if it should be the top priority:)15:26
veskuhxruxa: Nice!15:26
xruxathe flickr app is 50% original Qt/Troll code plus bit of our UI15:26
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arcolnice, there is only #30 bugs in bugzilla. Seems like bugfree this nemo:)15:38
veskuharcol: well, there have not been that many people yet filing bugs..15:39
arcolim sure, once these 30 bugs are resolved, new will pop up15:40
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Sagehmmp... a lot of failed packages in obs19:25
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Sageconnection errors :/19:28
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