Tuesday, 2011-11-29

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vgradeanother vision video, http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=BMlVyY2EpLA07:15
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Stskeepsvery voice oriented07:18
Stskeepsi still wonder how voice oriented interfaces deal with screaming children in the car07:19
w00tStskeeps: directional sound! :P07:22
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vgradequite an old vodeo but has the mirrorlink/terminal mode idea of transferring handset interface to car screen07:27
vgradeany plans for http://www.terminalmode.org/ in nemo?07:27
Stskeepsvgrade: i've considered grande to become a nice mix of terminalmode, openni, lipstick, etc07:28
Stskeepsvgrade: so it's a toolbox for making innovative UX'es on top of mer07:28
Stskeepsso it comes with those packages available07:30
vgradeStskeeps, yea, looks like mirrolink is somewhat closed on the handset side07:30
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Stskeepshm, mayb07:31
Stskeepsmorn veskuh07:31
veskuhMorning Stskeeps07:32
Sageveskuh: care to test new ca-certspackage?07:38
veskuhSage:  Sure.07:38
Stskeepsdo we have a NEMO# for the tearing issue?07:39
Stskeepsah, NEMO#2207:40
w00tfix! fix!07:40
* w00t slaps Stskeeps07:40
* veskuh likes to see activity in Nemo bugzilla07:40
Stskeepsi'll get on it later today07:41
iekkuwe need to arrange triage for bugs07:43
iekkumaybe a topic for todays meeting?07:43
veskuhSage: Installs fine and works. I'm able to login to gmail with helium.07:47
Sageok, good07:48
Sageveskuh: it was the 2011-x version right?07:48
Sagecould we get bugbot here, with NEMO# and MER# bug ids?07:49
Sagedm8tbr: ^ ?07:49
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Sagethe bug # doesn't work as we have more than one bugzilla07:49
veskuhSage: 2011.80-3.107:49
Sageveskuh: good. So I would say that ship it :)07:49
Sageveskuh: helium should have "Requires: ca-certificates" btw. and that should work fine.07:51
veskuhSage: hmm.. it still says: nothing provides pkgconfig(ca-certificates)07:53
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#3274 Rejected promotion request07:53
Sageveskuh: that is wrong dep.07:53
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Sageveskuh: it doesn't require it build time. You should have "Requires:\n - ca-certificates" in yaml. Not in PkgConfigBR:07:54
veskuhSage: ah, ok.07:54
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Stskeepswe have phonecalls working on n950 right?08:28
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veskuhStskeeps: yes, alarm and call works.08:30
veskuhFor answering you need to open dialer yourself08:30
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#3284 waiting for review at https://build.pub.meego.com//request/show/328408:55
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Sageveskuh: your patches ^ :)08:57
veskuhSage: I like one line fixes :)08:57
Sagephaeron: SR#3285 are prechecks waiting for some lock or something?09:01
* w00t hopes to get back to nemo things sometime soon09:02
w00thow are we doing, anyway?09:03
phaeronSage: looking09:03
Sagew00t: fine, however not much changes since last thursday.09:04
w00tno movement on the keyboard theming, yet?09:05
phaeronSage: has a patch with a # in the name09:06
Sagephaeron: eh... :P09:06
Sageveskuh: can you rename the patch in mobilebrowser not to have # if it is BCM#nubmer change to BMC_number09:06
Sagephaeron: ^ :)09:06
veskuhSage: sure09:06
phaeronSage: I think I reported that bug09:07
Sagephaeron: yes, I can remember that bug. Just didn't realize that it was in this package.09:08
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#3284 Accepted promotion request09:09
iekkuwin 4409:11
timophsorry iekku, the winning number is 42 :p09:12
iekkui know :D09:13
phaeronveskuh: should I continue the process ?09:13
veskuhphaeron: I'm renaming the patch and resubmiting09:14
phaeronveskuh: no need to resubmit09:14
veskuhphaeron: ok09:14
phaeronhmm at least let me try to continue the process09:14
Sagephaeron, veskuh: I already declined the request :P09:15
phaeronbah :D09:15
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lbthey jukkaeklund09:16
phaeronSage: ok09:16
jukkaeklundanybody help a bit to get appsclient-handset running on nemo?09:16
phaeronveskuh: then you need to resubmit09:16
veskuhphaeron: ok09:16
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#3285 Rejected promotion request09:16
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#3286 Rejected promotion request09:17
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Sagejukkaeklund: it should work if you copy certain packages to one obs project and let it rebuild. The thing is that the appsclient is based on teh Intel's meego-ux-components or something which aren't maintained anymore09:19
Sagemeego-ux-components | meego-ux-theme | meegolabs-ux-components + meego-appsclient + attica to same project and it should build.09:20
jukkaeklundwell I don't know how to do that, or at least will take lot of time09:22
Sagejukkaeklund: give me a moment09:22
jukkaeklundanybody to help get that, I think was action in latest Nemo meeting also09:22
jukkaeklundfor veskuh09:22
jukkaeklundzypper complained only about attica..09:22
veskuhI think w00t promised to take a look, but he has been working on so many things..09:22
* w00t reads up09:22
Sagejukkaeklund: I can build it for you but will not include it to our image as such09:23
w00tlbt and I were going to have a look09:23
lbtit's on the action list09:23
jukkaeklundwould be cool to have it this weeks image, just to see how it works now09:23
w00tI didn't find the source so far09:23
jukkaeklundalso does it actually talk with the OCS backend..09:23
jukkaeklundI think09:23
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veskuhBut If there is client for Harmattan surely we could use the UI of that almost directly?09:25
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jukkaeklundyeah, I don't know about the harmattan client09:27
jukkaeklundshould find out.. I thought its the same thing09:27
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w00tjukkaeklund: thanks09:29
w00tveskuh: is there one?09:29
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veskuhyes, there is. I saw some tweet about it a while ago. hmm.. just a sec09:30
veskuhw00t: http://apps.formeego.com/basecategories/n9/pr1.0/harmattan/09:31
* Sage stares at meego-appsclient-handset09:32
Sagethat is the one that jukkaeklund means right?09:32
jukkaeklundthat is only one I know09:32
jukkaeklundwas in CE09:32
jukkaeklundbut harmattan one, I don't know09:32
Sageok, well it seems that it doesn't require the intel components in the end09:33
jukkaeklundveskuh, right.. where is the source? :)09:33
* Sage ponders where did he get such an impression09:33
veskuhjukkaeklund: no idea :(09:33
* jukkaeklund needs to dig out some really old emails..09:34
phaeronisn't apps for meego handled by lbt and xfade ?09:34
w00tSage: well, that's good ;)09:34
lbtmainly xfade09:34
Sagejukkaeklund: you might get appsclient to the next release afterall :D09:35
phaeronSage: x-fade is definitely not intel ;)09:35
SageI probably took a look of wrong package last time.09:35
jukkaeklundjust wondering does it do anything..09:36
jukkaeklundprobably not with real OCS09:36
lbtI think Martin Brook (?) was writing the client - he's a maemo-ish person iirc09:36
lbtMartin Grimme09:37
lbtyes pycage09:37
Sagejukkaeklund, w00t, lbt, veskuh: https://build.pub.meego.com/project/show?project=home%3Asage%3Aappsclient09:37
Sagelet me know what happens with that :)09:38
w00tsmall deps, that's good09:38
jukkaeklundneeds intel ux components09:38
jukkaeklundthey're not in nemo?09:38
SageRequires:   meego-qml-launcher09:39
* Sage :headdesks:09:39
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Sagethere it was :D09:39
Stskeepsbut why..09:39
Stskeepsdoes the qml files actually use it?09:39
Sagejukkaeklund: no those are not as nobody maintains those.09:40
* w00t looks09:40
* lbt will take this if w00t can back me up09:41
lbtI pretty much wrapped up my infra work yesterday09:41
* w00t wonders where vim is09:42
lbtemacs ate it09:42
w00tthey have multiple QML 'profiles'09:42
w00tso the UI side of thing is free of dependencies09:43
jukkaeklundso appsclient needs some work..09:44
w00tit looks like it'll need a main() type stub, instead of using a plugin (appsclient_plugin.cpp) which registers the types, instantiates a QDeclarativeView, and loads the right .qml09:44
jukkaeklundI'll hunt about the harmattan client09:44
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#3287 waiting for review at https://build.pub.meego.com//request/show/328709:45
w00tlbt: https://github.com/nemomobile/qmlcalc/blob/master/main.cpp is the sort of stub you'd need (plus the qmlRegisterType lines in appsclient_plugin.cpp) - think that gives you enough to go on?09:46
lbtlooks familiar - yes09:46
jukkaeklundlbt: thanks a million09:46
jukkaeklundthat N9 client is open source..09:47
lbthttp://gitorious.org/appbrowser ?09:47
jukkaeklundthats it09:47
jukkaeklundwe should take a look, and decide which one to use in nemo?09:49
the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#3287 Accepted promotion request09:49
w00twell, if they have an n9 client already...09:49
w00tto me it's a no-brainer at least :P09:49
w00tas they'd presumably have a components-specific UI done (which the one in obs lacks) and have it already runnable09:49
w00tbut that's my $0.0209:49
jukkaeklundand works with the backend09:51
jukkaeklundso can we have rpm of that? :)09:51
lbtw00t: Build-Depends: debhelper (>= 5), libqt4-dev09:51
w00tlbt: 'sup?09:51
lbtthat is the N9 Requires: .... all of it09:52
w00tno surprises there09:52
w00tqml-components isn't a build time dependency (unless you're doing something crazy)09:52
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phaeronlbt: ronan wants obslight project10:10
lbtI thought they already had one?10:11
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phaerontoplevel ?10:16
Stskeepskeep in mind core obs is practically non-functioning atm10:17
Stskeepsyou can't see build logs, etc10:17
Stskeepsso i wouldn't hold it against anyone to want to be on the only functioning meego obs10:18
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jukkaeklundappsbrowser is nice, and works10:27
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lbtphaeron: done10:32
* lbt is spectacling appbrowser10:34
jukkaeklundatm it's only looking for n9 apps10:36
phaeronlbt: you promised to help with libhaml-ruby :)10:37
lbtphaeron: yeah ... but appbrowser isn't boring :P10:38
lbtbut you're right ... I did10:38
lbtlet me kick this off and I'll come back to it10:38
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iekkuwas the meeting now or after 1h?11:00
iekkuand where it is?11:01
jukkaeklundwiki says now..11:01
jukkaeklundor was this moved actually stskeeps`?11:01
Stskeepsi think one hour more11:02
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jukkaeklundthen wiki is wrong?11:04
jukkaeklund11UTC is now?11:04
Stskeepsyeah, wiki's wrong11:06
Stskeepsare we all here though? veskuh? sage? alterego?11:06
jukkaeklundI cant join in an hour..11:06
Sagemore or less11:07
Sagewhere is the meeting this time btw?11:08
Stskeepsi guess we can use #mer-meeting as it's open now11:09
StskeepsANNOUNCE: Nemo steering group meeting in #mer-meeting now (timezones suck)11:13
smokumaybe you should put an UTC clock on nemo webpage :)11:21
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jukkaeklundthats a good idea..11:24
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iekkuabout the triage and other stuff, i think it will take to next week before i send the information12:15
iekkui need to make wiki pages also12:15
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niqttoday is a meeting?12:31
Stskeepsalready happened in #mer-meeting12:32
Stskeepswe messed up with timezones12:32
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* lbt looks at package-manager-dbus-qt-0.0/packagemanager.h12:36
* lbt looks at the build-depends....12:36
* lbt thinks ..."scratchbox"....12:37
* lbt looks at the calendar to check we're not back in 200912:37
lbtI guess so...12:37
lbtplus ca change12:38
niqtahh.. i'm see on meego-meeting12:48
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the-bossphaeron lbt sage stskeeps SR#3251 Accepted promotion request12:53
niqtw00t: i should nag you.. you know13:07
w00tniqt: nag recieved :) i mentioned that I need to get it done there, too13:08
w00tSage: do you know what the dependency situation of mkcal looks like?13:08
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Sagew00t: hmm... I had it somewhere at some point. Let me check13:08
w00tok, good.. we need it to enable mobility organizer13:09
Sagehah, I was the one that removed that ;)13:09
Sagecrap, don't have it anymore.13:10
Sageand build.meego.com doesn't show logs :/13:10
Sageanyway it had deps on tracker, qt sparql, libical and somethign else13:10
Sagenot sure which one of those we need and which we don't13:11
SageI can try to build it if you want.13:11
lbtgrumble ... appbrowser uses libpackage-manager13:14
lbtnot packagekit13:14
Sagethat needs to change probably13:14
w00tSage: well, niqt needs it, for his calendar13:15
w00t(organizer, that is)13:16
Sageok, I'll check how it goes13:16
w00tI'm a bit surprised that *mkcal* deps on all that though13:16
w00tI sort of think that either: 1) some of those deps are wrong, or 2) some of those deps come from harmattan-specific patches to mkcal13:16
Sagealso qmf libkcalcoren ;)13:17
w00tstill mostly the same. I mean qmf is qt-only, by default, and mkcal/kcalcore are both kde libs i think, so i can't imagine them having a tracker dependency13:17
Sageextendedcalendar.h:199:22: fatal error: calendar.h: No such file or directory13:18
SageI'm guessing that kcalcore13:18
w00thttp://api.kde.org/4.x-api/kdepimlibs-apidocs/kcalcore/html/calendar_8h.html <- looks like it13:18
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niqtif qt-mobility there is, is better, otherwise i write also a backend. Bu i think that nemo need all qt/qt-mobility/qml13:38
*** veskuh_n9_ has joined #nemomobile13:38
niqtwhat's yuo think?13:40
xruxaniqt: agree, we need all QmMobility 1.2 APIs13:45
*** slaine has quit IRC13:45
Stskeepsmkcal / kcalcore sounds like a nightmare13:45
Stskeepscan't we just get qtjsondb backported and call it a day?13:46
niqti think that the problem ins't a claendar but to have all qt13:47
Stskeepsyeah i know13:48
Stskeepsthe backend alternatives are a big lackluster atm13:48
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BillynkidHi Guys, is there any kind of list of what does and does not work using nemo on a N900?13:56
KaIRCif the Nemo project wants some N900s from Mozilla, please voice yourself in https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=701784 as else I guess they'll be given away to other people13:57
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w00tBillynkid: the bug tracker, I guess14:17
BillynkidYeah visited it ;-)14:17
w00tI think that's our best high-level picture, at the moment14:18
Sagew00t: to me it seems that mkcal depends tracker.14:20
Sageneed to verify but need qtsparql first14:21
Sageso mkcal is the only way to get organizer?14:27
*** crevetor has joined #nemomobile14:27
Sageno other backend for that?14:27
w00tmkcal does indeed need tracker14:28
Stskeepscan't it do kcalcore without mkcal?14:28
w00tmkcal and kcalcore are two seperate components14:28
Sagelibical without either of the above? :)14:28
w00ti am fairly sure that libical won't provide local storage14:29
w00ti guess i should try poke qtjsondb sometime soon14:29
Sagetracker brings so much stuff that we really don't want to go there.14:29
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*** mja- has quit IRC14:30
w00tI don't really see that we have an alternative for now14:30
w00tapart from just not doing calendaring, but that's kind of giving niqt's work the finger ;)14:31
Sagehmmp. can we compile organizer separately from qt-mobility?14:32
w00tif you duplicate mobility's .spec, and make it call configure with -modules organizer or something, possibly14:32
*** berndhs has joined #nemomobile14:32
Stskeepsthat'd be useful for location too14:33
w00t-modules <list> ... Restrict list of modules to build (default all supported)14:33
Stskeepswe need to wire that up with liblocation14:33
w00t                    Choose from: bearer contacts gallery location publishsubscribe14:33
w00t                    messaging multimedia systeminfo serviceframework14:33
w00t                    sensors versit organizer feedback connectivity14:33
w00t                    Modules should be separated by a space and surrounded14:33
w00t                    by double quotation. If a selected module depends on other modules14:33
w00t                    those modules (and their dependencies) will automatically be enabled.14:33
* Sage goes up to the roof to avoid getting hit by the flood.14:33
w00tahem, sorry14:34
w00ti didn't realise my window was that narrow when I copied14:34
niqtI hope to make a major contribution to nemo14:35
niqtnot only qmlcalenar14:36
*** ShadowJK has joined #nemomobile14:36
*** mja- has joined #nemomobile14:36
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lizardois anyone working on Nemo Mobile on N9, currently?14:44
*** iss has quit IRC14:44
*** jluisn has joined #nemomobile14:45
*** Billynkid has left #nemomobile14:45
Stskeepslizardo: yes, n950/n9 adaptation exists14:45
Sagelizardo: the n950 guides should work on n9 as well.14:45
lizardoSage: nice, I was worried it would only work for N950 :)14:45
* Sage ponders why he can't do copypac over slow 3g connection 14:46
Stskeepslizardo: do i remember wrong or were you involved with pyside?14:46
lizardoStskeeps: yes I was, I officially left the project last year (now working with BlueZ stuff)14:47
lizardoIs there any page showing current support status on each component (e.g. cellular, wlan, bluetooth, multimedia, NFC etc.) ?14:49
Sagenot that kind of page atm.14:49
Sagecellular works more or less, same goes for wlan. Bluetooth not so sure. Multimedia? NFC doesn't.14:50
lizardoBTW, I'm having trouble accessing http://mer.bfst.de/meetings/mer-meeting/2011/mer-meeting.2011-11-29-11.13.html  here, but might just be network issues on my side14:51
Stskeepsworks for me14:51
lizardooops, now it opened :)14:51
*** lbt has quit IRC14:58
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*** lbt has joined #nemomobile14:58
*** ronoc has joined #nemomobile15:00
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*** atha has quit IRC15:06
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*** sperle has joined #nemomobile15:10
dm8tbrthere might be the occasional slowness with that server as it's somethimes quite busy15:14
*** M4rtinK has quit IRC15:22
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*** vgrade has joined #nemomobile15:33
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lbtphaeron: did you get anywhere on integrating git/mount --bind/osc build17:02
*** crevetor has left #nemomobile17:10
*** xruxa has joined #nemomobile17:16
phaeronshort answer : no17:22
phaeronlbt: but now that I wrote an osc plugin I could give it a shot17:33
*** KaziKluBey_N900 has quit IRC17:36
lbtI'm doing while !bored( git commit -am"hack"; git archive ... > osc-dir/tarball; cp spec osc-dir/; osc build ; )17:37
lbt!bored doesn't last long17:39
MerBotlbt: Error: "bored" is not a valid command.17:39
the-bosslbt: Error: "!bored" is not a valid command.17:39
the-bosslbt: Error: "bored" is not a valid command.17:39
lbtdamn ... SSD buildroot ... it is done already17:40
lbtqrc:/main.qml: File not found17:40
* lbt looks for w00t17:41
*** xruxa has quit IRC17:44
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lbtw00t:  so I can buld the community client and I have a main that looks like yours. the client doesn't use qrc files so file:18:10
lbtbut it doe import a C++ object18:10
lbtso the meego-launcher would have instantiated that somehow18:11
lbtand I guess I need to replicate it18:11
*** ronoc has quit IRC18:12
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lbtw00t: it's beyond me ... sorry18:17
*** ronoc has joined #nemomobile18:20
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*** HenriqueMattos has joined #nemomobile18:55
w00tlbt: hmm... ok, I'll take a look18:59
w00tmaybe I missed something18:59
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lbtw00t: http://pastie.org/pastes/2940248/text19:30
lbtI think the easy win is to focus on the community client19:31
lbtI also noted that it packages the qml externally (which I like since it lets users hack a little easier)19:32
lbtrather than in a .qrc19:32
w00tlbt: pycage is online19:34
w00tmaybe you could drag him in here and discuss?19:34
w00tbut yeah, whichever is easier i guess19:34
w00tbtw, I usually have a bit of a hack in my more complex apps: if (QFile::exists("main.qml")) { viewer.setSource("main.qml"); } else { viewer.setSource("/path/to/qml-or-qrc-path"); } so that I can have easy deployment of a single file, as well as easy development19:35
lbtpinged him19:36
lbtyeah I got that going just using a file:19:36
lbthe's on his way "soon"19:37
dm8tbrlbt: any infrastructure needing monitoring? not necessarily even obs19:39
lbtdm8tbr: yeah - I should get you a VM and get that going19:39
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pycagelbt, ping20:02
lbtso I could do with some help getting community client going20:04
pycageyou have the gitorious link?20:05
lbtyep - and I've hacked at it a bit too20:05
lbtit builds and runs as an app20:06
pycagethat's great. how's the UI on nemo? i assume you use the Harmattan UI as it would fit best20:06
lbtthat's the problem :)20:06
lbtI can't get the qml to run due to the import20:07
lbtI need to emulate the meego-qml-launcher20:07
lbtin main()20:07
pycagewhat's the problem with that?20:08
lbtI'm guessing I need to somehow register some classes to satisfy import MeeGo.App.AppsClient 1.020:08
lbtand this is my first qml code20:08
pycagewait, there are two versions of the apps client on gitorious. i think you got the ancient unsupported one ;)20:09
pycageyes, that's the wrong one20:11
pycagewait a sec20:11
lbtwell, that's good20:11
lbtand it was educational :)20:11
pycagethis is the current one20:12
pycageit moved some months ago20:12
lbtOK - so does that need the qml-launcher?20:13
pycageno, it has a main.cpp20:13
pycageyou may have to add configuration for nemomobile in the .pro file20:14
pycageHarmattan UI with packagekit backend20:14
lbtOK - that's great - thanks.20:15
pycageyou're welcome20:15
* pycage should wipe the outdated project carcass at gitorious.org ;)20:16
pycagenah, impossible. the gitorious.org website crashes with 503 on deleting :(20:19
lbtpush a delete all commit?20:19
pycagethanks. I'll try this. but it wouldn't delete the project itself20:20
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pycagelbt, i have the nokia qt sdk. is it possible to build for nemo with it? or will I need the meego SDK instead?20:28
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