Friday, 2011-12-02

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Stskeepsseems like my obs is finally behaving again06:56
dcthangwhich packages for playing mp3 ?07:00
Stskeepswe don't support that out of the box, you need to manually compile those yourself or set up DSP07:00
Stskeepsbecause of legal reasons07:00
dcthangokay, good reason for manually build07:01
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niqtStskeeps: i should write on wiki info for newbie, example use of obs, where is correct page ofor write it?07:27
Stskeepsyou can start out in a User:niqt/ page i guess, get reviews, then post eventually to a major page07:30
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SageI think I'll add picocom to CE:Utils07:51
Sageso far I have used minicom in many cases, but picocom is much better without all the extra stuff :P07:51
Stskeeps screen /dev/ttyUSB0 11520007:54
Sagewell... that is not nice either at times. Anything that graps the whole screen is a problem at times.07:54
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dcthanganyone here who built oFono package?08:34
Stskeepsveskuh: PMO bug 240023 and 236714 sounds like our n950/n9 tearing bug08:34
w00t236714 I have definitely seen08:36
veskuhStskeeps: Hmm.. yes, I though we should have all major components newer than that..08:37
Stskeepsveskuh: not xorg-x11-drv-fbdev-sgx, 240023 is fixed after our version08:37
Stskeepsi'll try to see if i can bring it to PR1.1 level08:37
veskuhStskeeps: yep, nice finding08:38
Sagedcthang: why?08:47
dcthangah I just want to check that if I did some wrong things since now I cannot make a call08:50
dcthangMoreover, after some seconds, it turns off the screen makes me not happy. Finding out the way to prolong that time..08:54
Stskeepsyou can adjust that in MCE gconf, i think08:56
w00ti think there's actually a bug there08:58
w00ti've had the screen turn off right after a press a few times08:58
w00ti can't pin it down though08:58
veskuhw00t: yep, seen similiar kind of things09:01
dcthangStskeeps:  how can I try it with mce gconf? actually donot know where to find it atm09:03
Stskeepsdcthang: gconf2-tool -R / or something09:04
Sageour mce and dsme are so old that we should update those :/09:04
Sagehowever there is quite a lot patches on those that needs to be rebased.09:04
* Sage creates bugs about those09:05
dcthangah ok. tnx Sstskeeps.09:05
Stskeepsdcthang: gconftool-2, i mean09:06
dcthangyep, only that tool in my system09:06
w00tSage: "can't wait" ;)09:10
Sagew00t: ^ you want a challenge ;)09:10
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w00tnot today at least, maybe if i get some time09:12
dcthangbtw I have this error when trying to call a number: modem is not available or power down09:13
dcthangdoes it have a problem with ofono?09:13
Stskeepsdcthang: from normal dialer?09:13
StskeepsSIM PIN?09:14
dcthangbefore this, I still make call normally09:14
Sageand dsme bug
Stskeepswell, get the ofono tests and see what status is09:14
dcthangit has this suddently09:14
StskeepsSage: how do you feel about a forked xorg-x11-server in our hardware adaptation?09:15
SageStskeeps: what can be the reason for that?09:16
Stskeepswell, let me just check some things first.09:16
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Stskeepssee the dri2* patches?09:20
Stskeepsthat's required to upgrade our xorg-x11-fbdev-sgx09:20
dcthangsimple solution for that case is to unplug SIM and plug it again -> work09:20
SageStskeeps: I though those patches are in upstream09:21
StskeepsSage: haven't been able to find them in git, but, it seems like they were sent just before feb11.. and then not pushed to get integrated09:21
SageI though I checked that alraeady at some point and we found them09:22
Sagefrom some upstream thing09:22
Stskeepswell i found them on mailing list09:22
Stskeepsbut no "merged" signal, or in git09:22
Stskeepsas they completely change the ABI for DRI2 drivers i'm not sure i want them in core09:23
* Sage is thinking what hell feels like09:23
Stskeepssomething like this09:23
Stskeepsi'll check old logs about the DRI2 patches09:24
SageI though we found those from somewhere09:25
Sagewell, maybe not then :/09:25
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niqtw00t: i have installed mobility contact, today writing a little  example to try all09:39
w00tniqt: ok09:39
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Sageniqt: mobility contact? The mkcal organizer thing?10:25
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niqtSage: yes10:27
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niqti need for qmlcalendar10:27
Sageok. Let me know how it turns out.10:27
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veskuhStskeeps: jp-support fo Makoto? :-)12:10
Stskeepsveskuh: well, for example, but good CJK support is essential for handsets12:11
Stskeepsat least if you want to go into areas where you might actually make money12:11
Stskeepsso i'm happy to see stuff like that oss :)12:11
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xruxaLooks like one-man show and comes with input dictionary. Lovely.12:13
Stskeepsit's amazing how nice plugins come out when you have a input framework that is usable many places and well, not shit - ie, requiring special closed source plugins to even have basic functionality12:14
Stskeeps(hildon input method framework)12:14
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Stskeepsi will dearly wait for the klingon input method12:15
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* xruxa is trying to make bubble faster. Go bubble, go!12:49
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w00txruxa: :)12:59
xruxayou might be laughing now but just wait ...13:00
w00tno, no laughs13:00
w00ti fully support your work :)13:00
w00tdid you get maliit sorted out by the way?13:01
w00tStskeeps: yeah, hildon IM was a big shame13:01
w00tand was -really- hard to use ...13:01
xruxaw00t: send a merge request. Have bad experience with those dusting around for a bit.13:02
w00txruxa: don't worry, the maliit guys are pretty responsive :)13:02
xruxathey might be, I'm not. That merge request stretched my GIT skillz to the limit13:03
w00tif you need help, just poke13:03
* w00t has been busy of late, but can try take time out to offer some pointers13:03
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veskuh_Nice we have now tasks on Nemo bugzilla also14:46
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* xruxa is done torturing bubble for today, still too slow for N900 :(15:04
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Stskeepsevening marquiz_16:12
Stskeepsmarquiz_: those DRI2 patches in xorg-x11-server, were they ever included in upstream xorg?16:12
Stskeepsran into them today again :)16:12
marquiz_hmm, let me try to remember...16:12
marquiz_Stskeeps: for xorg-x11-fbdev??16:13
Stskeepsyes, the ones that enabled us to upgrade fbdev-sgx16:13
marquiz_i mean upgrading that to the harmattan version?16:13
marquiz_ah, k16:13
marquiz_i guess they were never merged upstream16:13
marquiz_but, iirc, they all are found on the mailing lists16:13
Stskeepsi think it was somehow feb11 related that they never got pushed much after thatb16:14
Stskeepsbut at least we have them for 1.10.1 thanks to your work16:14
marquiz_iirc (again), there were some changes in the dri2 api, so in that sense they were a bit intrusive16:14
marquiz_k, where did you find them?16:15
marquiz_internal obs, prolly?16:15
Stskeepsyour home project on :)16:15
marquiz_ah, there, i have always hated cleaning up ;)16:16
Stskeepsjust wanted to check if you had the same understanding that they were never really merged, so we remembered right :)16:17
marquiz_yeah, that's how i remember it16:17
marquiz_and yes, i guess the reason might be loss of motivation after "black friday"16:18
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mbbjkany body here?16:21
mbbjkcan u help me how to run nemo on n90016:21
mbbjki try google youtube but ther is not video how to install nemo16:22
mbbjkdo u have any idea?16:22
Stskeeps (please read all the warnings) together with an release image16:22
mbbjkmeego and nemo are same?16:23
mbbjkcoz i got this
veskuh_yes same instructions work16:23
mbbjkgood ty16:24
marquiz_Stskeeps: for the past week i've taken a look into moslo (and made major modifications to suit my needs)16:28
Stskeepscool, what are the new things?16:29
marquiz_i had previously missed a very important bit there: the source code for reboot2 -> now i'm able to dual-boot harmattan in secure mode16:29
marquiz_works very well (with fb_text2screen)16:30
marquiz_now i'm implementing automatic repartitioning of the emmc16:30
Stskeepsi guess this is n950 specific16:30
marquiz_hmm, don't know, really, not necessarily16:31
marquiz_depends on the nolo on n916:31
* Stskeeps goes take a look at reboot216:31
marquiz_if i just had a n9, i could test ;)16:31
Stskeepsyeah, i should really buy one.. :P16:31
marquiz_so, if reboot2 works on n9, then nothing is n950-specific16:31
Stskeepsso, you're installing your own moslo in that area i presume16:32
marquiz_my heavily modified moslo16:32
mbbjkis ther any new flash player for n900 ???16:33
Stskeepsmbbjk: nop, sorry16:33
marquiz_now loading (cpio) initrd works too, though16:33
Stskeepsmarquiz: and with reboot2 you can then signal somehow to NOLO to load the harmattan kernel instead of moslo at startup16:33
marquiz_so one can also load-only16:33
marquiz_Stskeeps: yep16:33
Stskeepswell that's clever16:33
marquiz_Stskeeps: when calling reboot2 nolo always loads the kernel mtdpart, without examining nolo partition16:34
Stskeepsunsure if that exists in the n9 stream, but for n950 that's quite nice16:35
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Stskeepshow do you flash your moslo anyway?16:37
marquiz_Stskeeps: yeah, i really don't know if it works for n9 :(16:37
marquiz_Stskeeps: with flasher16:38
marquiz_Stskeeps: if reboot2 doesn't work for n9, kexec might be the only option16:39
marquiz_and it is, actually, for secure boot16:39
Stskeepsi think the problem is more on the point of view that there's no moslo partition in NAND to my knowledge16:40
marquiz_ah, that ruins it :(16:40
marquiz_doesn't anybody in our (or your) team have one? ;)16:41
Stskeepsi guess we could ask jukka to volunteer possibly, but let's see16:42
Stskeepshaving it for n950 would be a huge benefit at least16:42
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aapoHi, I'm still running pre-released firmware on N950. Should I upgrade or test Nemo?19:11
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veskuh_aapo: Well, Nemo is still work in progress, and not yet exactly ready for daily use.. For hacking and occasional use it is ok, but still some phone basics missing19:34
veskuh_current bug list give quite good idea what is missing:
aapoveskuh_:that sounds actually good enough. Any thoughts about official firmware? I'm not upgraded yet because I want 'root'='super user'19:36
veskuh_aapo: good question. You cannot flash moslo (that is needed for Nemo) on top of just any version. and afterwards you cannot necessarily downgrade back to any version as there has been some changes on boot loaders and such.19:39
veskuh_unfortunately I do not have answer for you. I have done Nemo on top of 34-2 and that worked, and I think I also did it on top of 39-5, but that was our internal release if I remember correctly.19:41
veskuh_I haven't tried if I could still get 34-2 back to the device19:42
veskuh_aapo: one more thing, earlier marquiz said that he has been working on dual boot solution, that might be one thing to check.. see logs for details..19:43
dm8tbrIIRC you need beta2 for moslo19:43
dm8tbrit will not work/screw up on beta119:44
aapoveskuh_: Truly speaking I hate Aegis so much that I'm not using Harmattan until it is totally hacked out19:44
veskuh_aapo: :)19:44
aaposo can I install newest nemo straigth or should I do some upgrading/flashing?19:45
dm8tbrI would be very very surprised if that won't happen even on PR1.2 ;)19:45
veskuh_aapo: it is like dm8tbr says, you need to have at least 34-2 first on device19:46
veskuh_aapo: so flash that first, see that it boots and then you can put Nemo on it.19:46
dm8tbrgoing back from 39-5 aka beta3 should not be possible AFAIK19:46
veskuh_dm8tbr: unfortunately true19:47
dm8tbrunless you have RDC, but that's not for mere mortals.19:47
dm8tbrI'd love to have that on my black N950 :D19:47
aapook, at this moment I have 22-619:50
veskuh_aapo: yep, that is quite old. Surely you cannot go back to that if you flash something on it.19:51
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aapoveskuh_: yeah, but maybe it is time to step to the presence (or even future)19:52
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